11 Best Press Release Distribution Services for 2022

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Updated: October 10,2022

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This article will guide you if you’re searching for the best press release distribution tools to increase your brand awareness. 

The market is brimming with options; hence it’s hard to find one that perfectly suits your needs. 

But don’t worry:

I’ve prepared this piece to make it easier for you to pick the ideal provider.

In here, you’ll find:

  • Ten enlightening press release distribution services reviews
  • The best uses of the platforms

Informative answers to your frequently asked questions


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Best for: Small businesses on a tight budget

1. eReleases

  • Large distribution
  • Measurable results
  • Targets specific industries
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Best for: SEO + editorial news coverage

2. Sitetrail

  • Journalistic support
  • High DA editorials
  • Google news indexing
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Best for: Businesses of all sizes
24-7 Press Release

3. 24-7 Press Release

  • Transparent & affordable pricing
  • Real-time metrics
  • Intuitive interface
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Best for: Up to 50 releases/year
Newsmatics logo

4. Newsmatics

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Global reach
  • Up to 50 releases
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Best for: English or Chinese Releases
Linking News

5. Linking News

  • White label service
  • Responsive customer service
  • Unlimited word count
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Best for: Small businesses on a budget

6. NewswireJet

  • Excellent customer support
  • Affordable tool
  • PR guidelines
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Best for: Targeted distribution lists
Globe Newswire

7. Globe Newswire

  • Customized distribution lists
  • Global distribution
  • Customized pricing
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Best for: Wide distribution
PR Newswire

8. PR Newswire

  • Wide distribution
  • Tracking and monitoring PRs
  • Culture and demographic targeting
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Best for: Robust reporting

9. PRWeb

  • Cheap press release
  • Targeted audience
  • User-friendly
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Best for: Journalist choice

10. Newswire

  • Easy to use
  • Journalist search function
  • Fast runaround
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Best for: Investor relations
Business Wire

11. Business Wire

  • Fast and efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Copy reviews
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Best for: Small businesses on a tight budget

1. eReleases

Large distribution

Measurable results

Targets specific industries


This PR release service has over 20 years of journalism experience. It has a curated team of experts to handle writing, editing, and content distribution.

With eReleases, your documents will rank higher in search results, thanks to its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options. That means that a bigger percentage of readers are likely to come across it as per keyword queries. 

The site also offers detailed reporting that shows engagement, audience, and traffic reaching your announcement. This way, you can measure your PR’s performance at the click of a button.

eRelease is one of the best press release distribution companies because it gives you two options:

  • Submitting a ready document 
  • Using an in-house writer

It also comes with an editor to polish up your work!

Once eRelese sends out your document, it’s custom partner, PR Newswire will distribute it nationally. It will reach over 4,700 databases of websites and blogs, 3,000 newsrooms, and about 150,000 journalists.  That includes Yahoo and GoogleNews.


The PR also goes into a searchable database for permanent storage. Here, it serves as a research tool for 90,000+ writers, reporters, and journalists.  


eRelease has three pricing tiers, namely:

  • BuzzBuilder – $299 for 400 words in 1 industry
  • NewsMaker – $399 per 500 words in 2 industries
  • PR Pro – $599 for 600 words in 3 industries

eRelease is one of the top companies for press release distribution. It has an extensive network to ensure that your document gets in front of the eyes of millions of readers. The best thing is that they send links for you to test, as proof.

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Best for: SEO + editorial news coverage

2. Sitetrail

Journalistic support

Google news indexing

High DA editorials


Looking for well-crafted and captivating PR pieces?

This press release wire can help. 

It has a curated team of in-house copywriters, some of them ex-journalists. They understand the ins and outs of the industry. The result? An authentic piece that ranks well. 

Unlike other PR firms that submit duplicate content to distribution channels, this one writes unique copies for each client. 

If you prefer writing your own content, no problem. Sitetrail will allow you to do that and only come in once you submit it. 

On to the goodies.

This company has a press release service like no other since it embeds DO-follow links on high DA sites like:

  • Forbes
  • CNBC
  • MarketWatch
  • Bloomberg
  • Yahoo Finance

In addition, this press service allows you to publish as many news articles as you want. Moreover, it indexes them on Google News! 

There’s more:

The Sitetrail press release company has also cut a niche for itself by offering social media account verification –  an exclusive. It does that for networks like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Authenticating your socials can help boost your notability. It can also assure your customers or fans that they’re not dealing with a pseudo.


Sitetrail doesn’t have a free trial or version. However, it has several plans, which are worth considering:

  • News – $199/month. Own news writing & publishing to only two Google sites.
  • Business – $299. An inhouse 700-word editorial news article, a press release for the same word count + distribution to unlimited international channels.
  • Popular – $999. Two inhouse editorial news and one press release +distribution to countless channels globally. 
  • Premium – $2950. Three inhouse editorial news and two press releases + unlimited distribution internationally.
  • Social media verification – $2500 
  • SEO and digital marketing – $660 -$10000

This press release distribution service allows embedding of images and videos. It only limits their pieces to 1000 words. But that’s still more than others in the industry allow. 

Besides, its qualified staff and huge distribution list make it a sure bet to help you reach a broad audience, especially on top-tier sites.

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Best for: Businesses of all sizes

3. 24-7 Press Release

Transparent & affordable pricing

Real-time metrics

Intuitive interface


This press release service has been around for more than 15 years. It publishes to popular search engines like Google and Yahoo as well as reaches 30,000+ journalists and bloggers.

It also offers almost instantaneous reports. They’re statistical documents showing things like traffic, the number of shares, or how users interact with your piece. 

If you prefer a professional to craft your piece, you’re in luck. 24-7 has in-house writers to help you – one of the reasons it’s one of the best press release distribution services.

24-7 has the latest social media sharing tools for networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. That means that it’s easy for your piece to go viral if it’s engaging enough for readers to want to share.

The company has more than 3000 newspaper databases and 1500+ magazine repositories. It also has a media desk for bloggers, reporters, and journalists to pick up your PR. 


24-7 offers a cheap press release distribution. Its pricing is as follows:

  • Mass Media Visibility – $389/release+10 industries+200 premium news sites+250 placements
  • Integrates Media Pro – $139/release+10 industries+125 premium sites+125 placements
  • PR Network Plus – $89/release+8 industries+80 premium sites+80 placements
  • visibility Boost – $49/release+5 industries+50 premium sites+50 placements
  • Simple Post – $19/release on the company’s site only

24-7 is not only affordable but is also useful in PR distribution.

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Best for: Up to 50 releases/year

4. Newsmatics

Reasonable pricing

Global reach

Up to 50 releases


Newsmatics is among the best press release distribution services to expose your announcement to the world. It allows up to 50 releases in a year, and its word limitation per piece goes up to 2500.

For SEO, the site allows up to 3 keywords with title and meta tag optimization.

Newsmatics distributes PRs to over 50 industries in its Newsdesk publications. The site also indexes and posts to significant search engine news sites like Yahoo, Bing, Google, and Ask.

That’s not all.

This website’s US broadcast includes 17 news and radio channels. Around the world, your content will reach readers in various regions, namely:

  • Africa
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Australia
  • Middle East
  • Russia and CIS
  • Asia Pacific

There’s more:

Newsmatics made it to my list of best press release distribution companies because it also posts to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can book a time slot or same-day distribution depending on the package that you choose. 

The service also sends you reports to show you how your PR is performing in:

  • Search engines
  • Social media
  • Newsmatics distribution service
  • World Media Directory


You can get a free Newsmatics account. However, sending a PR requires a subscription to its paid plans. Its press release packages are as follows:

  • Basic – $49.95 for one release
  • Pro – $249 for five press releases
  • Pro+ – $399 for ten press releases+2 free
  • Corporate – $999 for 50 press releases

Newsmatics is a dependable service to distribute your PRs. It’s also incredibly affordable and has a global reach.

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Best for: English or Chinese Releases

5. Linking News

White label service

Responsive customer service

Unlimited word count


This company offers one of the best press release distribution services because of its white-label facilities. That means that your piece will go out without Linking New’s branding. That’s not something you see often.

The service has a vast distribution network of 750,000+ journalists, 300,000+ publications, and 90 million influencers. It also gets backlinks for your business websites.

And not just any backlinks:

The company targets high PA and DA sites with the best authority and quality to improve your ranking. So with Linking News, you don’t have to worry about getting links to low-quality websites.

Another advantage of using this press release distribution solution is that it takes your article to top tier outlets. Examples include CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, Associated Press, and USA Today.


Here are Linking News paid plans and their rates:

  • Basic Plan – $159/ release and publishes to 100 sites
  • Standard Plan – $369/ release and publishes to 400 websites, including Market Watch
  • Silver Plan – $869/release and publishes to 400 websites, including Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News
  • Gold plan – $1680/release and publishes to 400 sites, including international yahoo sites, namely; Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand

Linking News can help automate your press release process. It allows unlimited links, images, word count, and exposes your PR to leading media services.

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Best for: Small businesses on a budget

6. NewswireJet

Excellent customer support


PR guidelines


Newswire is another one of the best press release distribution sites that give you access to over 100,000 curated journalists. Once you sign-up, you appear in top publications like USA Today, ABC, The Business Journals, The Huffington Post, and NBC.

Across the US, the company sends your content to about 4500 sites and blogs. Not only that, but Newswire will also help you connect with different trade magazines in your niche. 

The company also provides press release writing guidelines in the form of tutorials. The rules will enable you to produce professional documents to represent your brand.

Your piece has to go through an approval process before sending it to the masses—nothing major, though.  Just to check for things like grammar or if it follows PR writing rules. 

Note that this isn’t a writing service; rather, feedback on your mistakes for correction.

NewsWire Jet is one of the best press release distribution networks since it offers a PDF report. The document shows how links in the various submission sites are performing.

As for social media, Newswire has a global reach. It distributes to top networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 


Newswire Jet has three pricing options, and they’re as follows:

  • News Power – $59 for distribution in 250 media sites
  • Buzz Maker – $99 for distribution in 420 guaranteed placements
  • Buzz Maker Plus – $149 for distribution in 420 guaranteed placements+professional writing

The website also has monthly plans starting from $110//month for two press releases to $526/month /4 press releases. 

Newswire Jet is the one if you’re a small business on a budget and looking for a dependable PR website.

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Best for: Targeted distribution lists

7. Globe Newswire

Customized distribution lists

Global distribution

Customized pricing


This press release company allows you to target your audience by offering industry-specific distribution lists. You can instantly post to a global audience in the following regions:

  • Asia
  • The US -Regional or national
  • Europe
  • Canada – nationally or regionally
  • Africa
  • Latin America
  • Middle East

As a top press release siteGlobeNewswire has disclosure and regulatory filing experts. They help with XBRL, EDGAR, SEDAR, and European Transparency Directive

Globe Newswire also has a large variety of multimedia options that you add to your PR. The alternatives include videos, audio, infographics, and image carousels

To measure your piece’s performance, the service offers post-release reports. They show visibility, how the audience engages with it, and how many readers it has reached. 


There is no pricing information on the GlobeNewswire websites. The company offers customized quotes based on the services that you require.

For instance, a business that needs a fast turnaround will not pay the same rates as one that wants to publish in a few days. Other determinants of costs are the size of the distribution channel and access to writing or editing services.

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Best for: Wide distribution

8. PR Newswire

Wide distribution

Tracking and monitoring PRs

Culture and demographic targeting


PRNewswire is one of the best press release distribution services to share your news around the world. It has a large network globally, comprising 3000 media outlets, 400 websites, and 500+ news content systems.

According to the company’s website, it attracts 20,000, unique visitors daily. The handpicked journalists have the expertise to offer a direct pipeline to leading outlets worldwide.

Not only that:

Quality best press release distribution services offer mobile access, and PR Newswire is no exception. When you use the company, your piece will be available to readers using 76 mobile apps. 

The site’s syndication network includes New York Magazine, NewsNow, CNBC, Reader’s Digest, Newsweek, Yahoo Finance, CNNMoney, and Business Journals. 

The company exposes your piece to 50,000 Twitter followers. If you’re looking for specific handles, PR Newswire has industry-specific ones in health, tech, pets, policy, and travel. 

You can also target different demographics by age, race, gender, lifestyle, and religion.


The company doesn’t display rates on its site. However, there’s a Cision guide for PR Newswire press release costs that you can access here.

PR Newswire is the company you should choose when you need more leads via broad distribution.

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Best for: Robust reporting

9. PRWeb

Cheap press release

Targeted audience



If you’re in search of the best press release site to give you performance metrics, PRWeb is a good option. It monitors your document’s online coverage and gives you a breakdown of:

  • Traffic generation
  • Audience location
  • Engagement

PRWeb helps boost engagement via hyperlinks, videos, photos, call-out quotes, and attachments. It also automatically optimizes content to help it reach a wider audience. 

According to information on the site, it receives about 12 million visitors per year. The traffic helps amplify your PR’s visibility.  

The best press release services have a considerable distribution network size. PRWeb reaches about 1200 websites


The service drives recognition by major search engine sites like Google or Yahoo News. It also connects you with the right influencers and journalists in over 20 industries. 

You’ll get share buttons on your content, allowing it to go viral. Your business’s social media Twitter handle will be visible, too.  

PR Web pricing

Here are PRWebs rates and packages:

  • Basic – $99/release for visibility on major search engines
  • Standard – $189/release for basic+posting on partner websites
  • Advanced – $289/release for standard+coverage by influencers
  • Premium – $389/release for advance+distribution to Twitter feeds

PRWeb is a useful all-round service that caters to businesses with any budget.

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Best for: Journalist choice

10. Newswire

Easy to use

Journalist search function

Fast runaround


This platform has a vast database with about 1.8 million media contacts. It offers powerful filtering tools for you to sift through the different profiles.

With Newswire services, you can search the company’s repository for a journalist of your choice. You can work with a person that you’re comfortable with for the best results. 

This solution has the necessary tools to generate interest regionally, nationally, and intentionally. Your content will appear in various top business journals, newsrooms, print media, radio, blogs, and websites.

Press release companies should not only distribute but should also offer media watch services. Newswire does just that. You can monitor coverage and discover trends to show you what works and what doesn’t. You can check out the news feeds internationally and measure sentiments too.

The company also offers analytics to help you make better decisions in the future. The reports show media values, key channels for performance, and overall performance like:

  • Views
  • Click-through rates
  • Engagement


The company’s rates are as follows:

  • Newswire digital – $199
  • Newswire digital Plus -$499
  • Newswire State – $499 includes social media targeting
  • Newswire National – $799 targets 50 states

Newswire is a dependable site for publishing your press releases with its top-notch tools.

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Best for: Investor relations

11. Business Wire

Fast and efficient

Easy to use

Copy reviews


Business Wire is one of the best press release distribution tools because it covers 219 industries and categories. It has a global presence and is available in 20 countries. 

Believe it or not, it gets better.

Business Wire displays your brand colors, logo, and links to your website.

Talk about brand exposure!

Readers can share content through the free links that BusinessWire adds to your PR. These are available for significant sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, amongst others.

Business Wire will distribute your press release in some of the leading channel networks – Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, Associated Press, Bloomberg, and Agence France Presse. 

You’ll be able to make use of the investor relation tools, disclosures, and annual reports. Examples include US, Canadian and European disclosures, Workiva, and IPO services. 

With this solution, you can target your audience via geographic locations or industry. You can be sure that your release will reach the right people. 

Business wire also sends you reports to measure metrics like:

  • Views
  • User engagement


Business Wire hasn’t put up pricing on its website. However, the company’s online reviews point to $760 per release for 400 words. Anything above that attracts $195 per 100 words. 

Although Business Wire is one of the top press release sites for the USA, it also allows you to market overseas. It delivers an excellent job when it comes to press release distribution. It’s got lots of features that any business would find useful.

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Wrap Up

Press release websites are essential for boosting brand awareness. They have the right connections, databases of contact lists, and the expertise to make it all happen. The services work by improving SEO and spreading the word in print media, news channels, social media, curated websites, and blogs. 

So if you need to take your brand to the next level, don’t hesitate to choose one of the solutions on my list!


What is a press release distribution?

Press release distribution is the passing of the pieces to media outlets for more traffic and leads.

How do you distribute a press release?

You distribute the best press releases by contacting a reputable company. Such organizations will accept your document, check it for compliance, or offer writing services altogether.

The companies have lists of websites, blogs, social media, print, TV, or radio waiting to make your document go viral. 

Are press releases worth it?

Yes, press releases are worth it. They expose your brand to audiences that would be impossible to reach by yourself.

How do I distribute a press release for free?

Some companies don’t charge to distribute press releases. One of the best free press release distributions on our list is 24-7 Press Release.

How many press releases do companies distribute daily?

PR companies distribute millions of press releases per day.

Why do companies issue press releases?

Organizations issue the best press release distribution services to achieve instant exposure. The process helps increase traffic to business sites, as well, which translates into gathering more leads.

What are press releases suitable for?

Press releases are a good strategy for public relations. In other words, they are excellent for improving a brand’s image.

How long should press releases be?

According to the Guardian, the ideal length of a press release is 300 to 400 words. Any word limit more than that is a waste of time because readers do not like longer documents of this nature.

What are the critical elements of a press release?

Here are the critical press release distribution tips:

The piece should:

  • The piece should address; the where, when, what, who, why, where, questions
  • Be newsworthy
  • Have killer headlines
  • Be meaningful
  • Be grammatically correct
  • Be short

Where to submit press releases online?

The best places for press release distribution on the web are:

  1. eReleases
  2. 24-7 Press Release Newswire
  3. EIN Presswire
  4. Sitetrail
  5. Linking News
  6. NewswireJet
  7. GlobeNewswire
  8. PR Newswire
  9. PRWeb
  10. Newswire
  11. Business Wire


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