16 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022

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Updated: October 10,2022

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Video production requires advanced skills — not anymore

We’ll prove that with the best video editing software for beginners.

‘Cause if the pros can do it, so can you!

Just for you we: 

  • Picked 14 stand-out programs and reviewed each one.
  • Listed their top features, pricing, strengths, weaknesses, and why they’re the easiest video editing software.
  • Created a buyer’s guide to help you pick one.

Shall we begin?

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Best for: Professional video editing
Adobe Premiere Pro

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Plenty of tools
  • Intuitive workspace
  • Basic and advanced features
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Best for: Editors on a budget
Wondershare Filmora

2. Wondershare Filmora

  • Stunning filters
  • Affordable
  • Great presets
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Best for: Free video editing software
HitFilm logo

3. HitFilm

  • Free to use
  • Numerous tutorials
  • User-friendly UI
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Best for: Editing 4K clips
VideoProc Vlogger

4. VideoProc Vlogger

  • Fast and easy
  • 4K video support
  • Multiple video features
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Best for: Beginner-level video editing
TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor logo

5. TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor

  • Lightweight and fast
  • Slick interface
  • Abundant templates
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Best for: Marketing promos

6. Lumen5

  • Automatic editing
  • Rich content library
  • Fast and accessible
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Best for: Video slideshows
Corel VideoStudio Pro

7. Corel VideoStudio Pro

  • Smart editing
  • 4K display
  • Clean UI
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Best for: Home video editing
Movavi Video Editor

8. Movavi Video Editor

  • Easy special effects
  • Simple navigation
  • Nice filter sets
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Best for: Social media videos

9. FlexClip

  • Free to use
  • Exports fast
  • Royalty-free content library
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Best for: Simple and quick edits

10. Clipify

  • Free version
  • Easy to use
  • Runs on slower PCs
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Best for: Full-length films
Apple Final Cut Pro X

11. Apple Final Cut Pro X

  • Renders files fast
  • Optimal performance
  • Clean interface
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Best for: Windows offline editing
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2021

12. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

  • Various templates
  • Clean workspace
  • Fast editing process
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Best for: Brand promotions

13. Vimeo

  • Customizable templates
  • Instant file sharing
  • Great organization
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Best for: Making videos for blogs

14. InVideo

  • Free
  • Various templates
  • Easy to use
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Best for: Automatic video editing
Adobe Premiere Elements

15. Adobe Premiere Elements

  • Automated edits
  • Contains media library
  • Simple UI
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Best for: Vlogging
Apple iMovie

16. Apple iMovie

  • Clean workspace
  • Solid transitions
  • Beautiful themes
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Best for: Professional video editing

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Plenty of tools

Intuitive workspace

Basic and advanced features

It won’t be a good ‘Top 10 Video Editing Software’  list if we don’t mention Premiere Pro. 

First, it’s an Adobe product, so the name says it all. But that’s hardly all.

There’s a mix of things you can do in a single Sequence. With the Media Browser, you can easily import video clips, photos, and music to your project. Double-clicking or drag-and-dropping works too!

In the simplest video editor, you have a massive set of tools to work with. But unlike rocket science, it doesn’t get too complicated. The Razor Tool is every YouTuber’s best friend, responsible for those snappy jump cuts in vlogs. The Text Tool lets you add titles and captions at full ease. 

Plus the iconic Pen Tool is here, which you can use to draw and animate shapes, paths, and objects. 

If you’re using it just to shorten a video, then you’ll love its Top and Tail editing feature. You can cut both ends of a clip through simple shortcut keys. You also don’t have to manually remove the ripple, which is the blank region left by the cut

Now, what’s an easy to use video editing software without presets and templates? Along with the Effects tab, you’ll find folders that contain filters, special effects, and audio/video transition options. They are all customizable, and you can save them as your own templates for later. 

All these things, assembled in a neat, intuitive, and responsive workspace. It’s cloud-based too, so it keeps your files secure and works seamlessly with other Adobe apps like After Effects. 

So what’s the catch? Premiere Pro is a paid video editor. And it isn’t cheap. Using the platform will cost you $21 per month, with no perpetual license. You can try it for free within the 7-day trial period.

High price aside, its features certainly pack a punch. It’s still a great investment. If you’re launching a vlog channel, this is the best video editing software for YouTube. It’s also a great program to use if you’re editing films or video essays.

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Best for: Editors on a budget

2. Wondershare Filmora

Stunning filters


Great presets

Wondershare Filmora, as the name goes, offers many wonders. It’s an easy video editing software where you can produce great-quality videos at a low price. 

Whether you’re on a Mac or PC, this video editing software works smoothly. You can import files from your gadget, memory card, or hard drive all at once. After that, the possibilities are endless. 

From full-length films to short ads, Filmora’s toolsets are more than enough. Using a linear video editing style, you can simply arrange your clips in a sequence and add one-click visual enhancements. That’s what makes it an easy to use video editor

You have a hundred transitions to choose from. They come in Basic or Fancy variations, depending on your mood. With the filter presets available, you don’t need to mix and match either. Your colors, tones, and lighting styles are already set. It isn’t hard to apply a vintage look or futuristic effect to your overall aesthetic. 

Audio settings work like a charm, too. Its background sound removal is the key to a clearer sound for your video. If you’re editing interview footage with an annoying overlapping sound, you can use the Denoise Tool to fix that. Careful not to overuse it though, as it tends to create a muted sound effect if the settings are too high. 

Now, Filmora isn’t a free video editing software for beginners, but the price is modest. Plus, there’s a package that comes with a perpetual license. And it comes with a 30-day free trial! Here are your options: 

  • Subscription Plan - $44.99 per year
  • Perpetual Plan - $69.99 one-time fee 

If you want to try it out, there’s a downloadable free version that lets you edit 10 videos with a Filmora watermark.

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Best for: Free video editing software

3. HitFilm

Free to use

Numerous tutorials

User-friendly UI

Artlist’s FXHome makes it possible for everyone to tell their stories through visuals. It offers two pieces of software – HitFilm and Imerge – for video and photo editing, respectively. The former lets you pick up the basics of video and VFX editing regardless of your budget and skill.

The software has built-in tutorials that ensure you can create fantastic content from the get-go. Whether you want to use a green screen or sync audio and video, it’ll guide you through the entire process.

Artlist has conveniently placed all guides in a special Learn panel that comes with an on/off switch. So, once you master the editing process, you can simply remove it from the screen.

FXHome’s website offers even more guides that show you how to make Mortal Kombat or Avengers-style videos.

HitFilm’s interface suits every beginner’s needs, with simple drag-and-drop functions and presets.

Additionally, there’s an array of ready-to-use customizable template designs that you can utilize in your creations. Those for typography and presentations are available for premium users only, but there’s also a section with free designs.

Things like editing, compositing, tilting, and 3D tools may sound intimidating when starting out, but with FXHome, they’re all in one place and readily available.

Moreover, the software offers plenty of free music and sound effects. It’s all built directly into the platform, and you can access it with just a few clicks.

Similarly, HitFilm offers stock footage you can include in your videos.

The free FXHome version gives you plenty of room to develop your skills. And once ready, you can pick up a paid plan and enjoy additional, more advanced tools.

Here’s how the pricing structure looks (if billed yearly):

  • Free
  • Creator – $6.25/month
  • Pro – $9.99/month
  • Custom

HitFilm’s free version supports exports up to HD. If you’re working with 4K or 8K video, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans. They also include the Imerge software, which can come in handy if you want to master image editing as well.

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Best for: Editing 4K clips

4. VideoProc Vlogger

Fast and easy

4K video support

Multiple video features

There are two video editing myths that scare a lot of beginners. One - it’s difficult, and two - it makes your computer act up. Well, that’s not the case for VideoProc Vlogger at all. Its editing features check all the boxes for novice users. 

First, it uses hardware acceleration technology to make sure your app runs seamlessly on any device. That’s also the reason why the program is a strong processor of high-definition video clips in 4K or 8K quality.

It's the most user-friendly video editing software. You can edit videos on your GoPro, smartphone, Mac, or PC. Whichever it is, the app works consistently. Basic editing functions such as cutting, cropping, converting, and adding effects can be executed at full ease.

VideoProc Vlogger has all the essential editing tools. You get to:

  • cut
  • merge
  • rotate
  • split
  • zoom in/out
  • reverse
  • add music
  • adjust volume
  • apply filters

And so much more.

If you’re a green screen fan, you’ll appreciate the Chroma key feature - it lets you remove it in one click. In addition, you get 28 preset motion effects to create cinematic camera movements. The built-in audio editor allows you to apply sound effects and edit the video to the beat automatically.

VideoProc Vlogger boasts with fast export, to the GPU hardware acceleration tech. You get to export videos with original quality (up to 4K/120 fps). Furthermore, you can customize the aspect ratio to fit different platforms and devices. 

The best part - no watermarks. At all. Which makes it basically limitless.

If you’re looking for a simple video editing software that’s good with large-format clips, then choose VideoProc Vlogger.

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Best for: Beginner-level video editing

5. TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor

Lightweight and fast

Slick interface

Abundant templates

This video editing software for beginners makes video editing a walk in the park. The best part - although beginner-friendly, this app still offers all the important tools such as cutting, cropping, rotating, transitions, filters, and split-screen.

We especially loved the silence detection feature that automatically detects and deletes silent parts when adding a video to the timeline. It’s why we put the tool among the best video editing software for YouTube beginners and novice vloggers.

It also has a wide variety of advanced features. You’ll be able to enjoy: 

  • freeze frame 
  • keyframing 
  • screen recording 
  • animations
  • chroma key 
  • voiceover  

Another great thing about this software is that it comes with its own stock library. In addition, the program has over 100 customizable text templates. And with over 300 free-to-use stock stickers and over 200 sound effects and royalty-free music, you’ll never run out of ways to enhance your content.

You’d expect an app with all this to require a powerful machine, but that’s not the case with TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor. Even if you have a low-end PC, you’ll still be able to run it without crashing. 

Like with many similar programs, you can edit videos in the TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor free trial version, but they’ll have a watermark on the screen. To remove it, you have to pick up one of the paid plans: 

  • One-month plan - $19.95
  • One-year plan - $39.95
  • Lifetime plan - $59.95

If you don’t like how the program performs, there’s a 5-day money-back guarantee for the monthly plan. For yearly and lifetime options, it lasts 30 days.

Overall, if you want video editing software that’s easy to use and doesn’t require a top-end machine, TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor is for you.

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Best for: Marketing promos

6. Lumen5

Automatic editing

Rich content library

Fast and accessible

Talk about video editing, minus the editing. Sounds ridiculous, but we’re dead serious! Lumen5 is the easiest video editor for brand videos, ads, campaigns, and anything in between. We’ll tell you why. 

It’s a web-based platform with a bunch of online editing features. Its text-to-video feature simply works like magic. If you have written content and you want to make that into a video, you can just insert the link and the digital video creator will give you a storyboard. Visuals, music, transitions, and all. Power of AI technology, everyone.

Add a few steps, and you can call it your own. You get multiple branding options along the post-production process. You get access to branding presets where you can just emblazon your logo, tagline, watermark, and color scheme. You also have a neat selection of font choices or upload your own font files.

Have I mentioned it also has its own media library? If you want to create a company profile for your brand but don’t have enough resources for content, fear not. This editing program has heaps of stock footage, music, and still images you can add to your storyboard. And they’re all royalty-free!

If that’s not the best video editing software for beginners, I don’t know what is. 

Now, is it budget-friendly? If you’re looking for a quick fix, you can use this easy video editing software for free. But if you’re planning to use this for a couple of projects, there are paid annual subscriptions you might want to consider: 

  • Starter - $19/month (10 videos)
  • Premium - $59/month (15 videos) 
  • Business - $149/ month (20 videos)
  • Enterprise - Contact Sales

The free version is a bit too basic though, especially if you’re making videos for marketing purposes. And it stamps your video with a Lumen5 watermark, which won’t look good for branding. Otherwise, it’s a good editing software with impressive automatic functions.

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Best for: Video slideshows

7. Corel VideoStudio Pro

Smart editing

4K display

Clean UI

Like how the technology works, Corel is in a constant state of development. And in the video editing world, the latest version of VideoStudio Pro offers vision mixing features that will satisfy editing newcomers.

Let’s start with the essentials. 

The program has all the qualities of basic editing software. Quick Imports can be done via hard drive, memory card, or straight from your camera. Once you’re ready to enter the actual video production, you’ll get tools that make editing as simple as it can be.

Basic corrections are done in a few clicks, which is why it’s among the easiest video editing software. It doesn’t take skills to cut, split, or rotate your clips. You can also use its instant adjustments to remove red-eye, fisheye, or visual distortions.

Now, let’s move on to the special effects department. This panel gives you 150+ transitions and animations for visual choreography. There are also premade layouts for doing a split-screen edit, in case you want to feature two points of view. If you’re a fan of great filters, its all-new LUT Profiles let you add cinematic filters way easier.

Speaking of new features, VideoStudio’s Smart Slideshow Creator and Highlight Reel take the center stage here. With this tool, you can just upload and sequence all your files at once. Next thing you know, you have the best parts of each clip chosen for you. 

Navigation isn’t a problem either which makes it the best video editor for beginners. You’re simply manipulating three tabs — Capture, Edit, and Share. Switching between these panels is like flicking through pages.

In terms of pricing, VideoStudio isn’t the cheapest, but it’s attainable. You can purchase it for $79.99, and it’s yours forever. Plus, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is it worth the bucks? Sure is, if you’re looking to produce slideshows or short films without much technical work. In other words, basic editing. You can’t layer videos for multiple exposures, since it only has one video track.

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Best for: Home video editing

8. Movavi Video Editor

Easy special effects

Simple navigation

Nice filter sets

If you think video editing is a scary and challenging task, then it’s time for a reset. Movavi Video Editor makes it like a 20-minute child’s play. 

It’s a beginner video editing software with quick filters, transitions, and basic video manipulation. You can swiftly import your files from any source you can think of. And the cool thing is, you can plug your device and use the program while capturing a scene. After that, you can head straight to post-production!

That process is easy, thanks to its revamped interface that looks cleaner and slicker than the previous version.

But other than its looks, what makes it the easiest video editing software?

You can start arranging your content in a sequence, through linear video editing. All it takes to trim videos is to drag both ends of each clip. Its audio track is perhaps too simple since pretty much the only thing you can do with it is to make some cuts. Its Transition Wizard is pure magic — it automatically applies transitions and filters to your sequence.

If others have split screens, this one has a picture-in-picture setting. Imagine you’re Facetiming someone; that’s what it looks like. With this, combining multiple videos for optical illusion isn’t that hard to pull off!

Now, if you’re in search of cheap video editing software you can use for life, Movavi is a great pick. It comes with a 7-day free trial, in case you want to take it for a spin before buying it:

  • Video Editor - $30 
  • Video Editor Plus - $45, includes animation features

If the features mentioned above are enough for you, then it’s definitely a good choice. However, if you wish to incorporate more special effects, we suggest going for the Editor Plus, since the first plan might be too basic for you.

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Best for: Social media videos

9. FlexClip

Free to use

Exports fast

Royalty-free content library

Even if you lack the slightest clue about how video editors work, you can still create stunning videos with your eyes shut. Well not really, but you get the gist.

FlexClip is a great example. It’s a web-based video editing software for beginners! That means you can just open a new tab on your browser and create a video within minutes.

And it’s totally free

On the website, you’ll find different sections for editing or making videos from scratch. If you simply want to shorten a video, you can upload it to the FlexClip Video Trimmer and do your fast cutting just by dragging both ends. There’s also a Video Converter section where you can change the video format to MP4, WAV, MOV, etc.

But the real star of the best simple video editing software — the Video Maker. It’s a simple process; import your clips, images, or music to make a storyboard. If you don’t have enough resources, there’s a massive library of royalty-free stock footage you can use. 

You can add moving text, graphic icons, and transitions to your storyboard. You can also adjust the speed if you want a flashforward or slow-motion effect. The best thing about it is that you can add these elements in just one click.

Aside from that, the real reason why it’s the right video editor for beginners is the amount of Flex templates you can find. Neatly categorized, you can just pick a ready-made storyboard of a Wedding Video, Tech Explainer, and more. Just do some minor edits and you’re set. 

As mentioned, FlexClip is the best free video editor for beginners. However, if you’re eyeing long-term usage, there are paid plans that are apt for bigger projects:

  • Free - 12 projects
  • Basic - $8.99/month - 50 projects
  • Plus - $15.99/month - 200 projects 
  • Business - $29.99/month - 1000 projects

Those are decent price points, especially if you want simplicity and great flexibility. Overall an impressive video editing software that’s good with short videos. Since it has a video duration limit, this wouldn’t be ideal for film editing. So if you’re just making quick videos, this editor is a perfect choice.

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Best for: Simple and quick edits

10. Clipify

Free version

Easy to use

Runs on slower PCs

Some video editing software can be quite sophisticated. But what if you just need a simple program for some quick home editing?

Well, that’s a hole Clipify fills rather easily. Its user interface is easy to navigate, and overall reminiscent of the old Windows Movie Maker. Except with more features!

So, what can it do?

It lets you cut video clips, add sounds and visual effects, as well as play around with filters and transitions. So far, all standard stuff. 

But Clipify also has a library of over 200 royalty-free tunes you can use for your video. Need some background music? You’re guaranteed to find the right fit.

But here’s the real kicker:

Clipify has what is called a video wizard.

What’s that?

It is an automatic video editor that lets you put together clips with just a few clicks. 

Here’s how it works:

Upon starting, the program will ask you to upload your content. Then, you have to pick a starting and an ending screen – essentially like a credits scene. Finally, you choose the music. You can either upload your own or select one from the library.

And there you have it!

Your video is ready. Of course, you can still edit it manually if you want to make adjustments.

The best part is that Clipify’s automatic video editing software is free to download, and it’s compatible with all Windows versions from XP onwards. It is very light on system resources, which makes it perfect for older computers.

Okay, so what’s the catch?

Well, the software does offer a paid version, which it reminds you of quite frequently. Many features and effects are locked behind a paid license, including the audio library. The good news is, however, that it’s a one-time purchase.

  • Standard Version – $29.40
  • Deluxe Version – $39.90
  • PRO Version – $59.50

Luckily, the video wizard feature is available on a free license. So if you are looking for a free automatic video editor for PC, Clipify is worth considering.

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Best for: Full-length films

11. Apple Final Cut Pro X

Renders files fast

Optimal performance

Clean interface

Mac users, look no further. Here’s a basic video editing software you can use for any kind of video. Personal or professional, Final Cut Pro X can be your everyday editing partner.

That goes without saying this software is a power-importer of multiple file types. And the genius behind it? The smart video tagging. After uploading your footage, the program places automatic tags to your clips based on shot type, angle, etc.

Speaking of angles, the app’s Multicam feature is like a gift from the editing gods. This easy video editing app lets you view up to 64 different formats, points of view, or frame rates — all at the same time. This way, choosing from your master shot list is no hard task. You don’t even have to plan out your storyboard anymore.

Now if you want to add digital on-screen graphics to your project, you can do so in the same workspace. Here you can insert eye-catching 2D and 3D special effects like moving titles, transitions, synchronization, and more. The all-new Flow Transition also bridges the tiny gap between each jump cut for a smoother finish. No more blank spaces!

It’s the easiest video editing app, but it’s also a pro-grade software. Needless to say, it has a chunky price tag. You can purchase it for a one-time fee of $300. That’s a bit steep, especially if we’re talking simple video editors.

However, it does come with a generous 90-day trial period. That should be enough to warm yourself up to all of its tools and decide if they’re a great fit. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, this is definitely a great place to start.

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Best for: Windows offline editing

12. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

Various templates

Clean workspace

Fast editing process

If you’re a PC user, then you’re probably searching for the easiest editing software other than the very basic Windows Movie Maker. In that case, we have a great match. Feature and performance-wise, the best option would be MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2021.

From the get-go, the clean and straightforward interface won’t make you feel out of place. It’s quite similar to the Premiere Pro workspace, but this is much simpler. You get multiple tracks for inserting video, audio, and graphic blocks that are easy to manipulate.

And unlike non-linear editing systems, you’re just following a three-step process. First, import your media with a drag-and-drop setting. Then, edit your footage in the movie panel. Once you’re done, you can export your project up to the highest 8K Ultra HD quality.

‘Easy Movie Editor’ award winner.

What you can do with the movie panel is simply magic. The program has templates, so you can just select a pre-made project and modify the content elements. The software doesn’t skimp on transition and special effects presets either. Its Multicam editing also lets you connect your camera and do live editing. Perfect for same-day editing in events! 

The question is, does it come with a price? Yes, and it’s somewhere in the middle. You have three packages to choose from:

  • Pro - $69.99
  • Plus - $99.99
  • Premium - $129.99

There’s a downloadable free version you can use for 30 days. As for the paid packages, each one is a good video editing software for beginners. The Pro version already has sufficient tools. However, it lacks the Multicam editing and file organization schemes which are only available in Plus and Premium.

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Best for: Brand promotions

13. Vimeo

Customizable templates

Instant file sharing

Great organization

Vimeo is a web-based, easy to use video editing app and live streaming platform. If you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur or an influencer promoting brands, you can use this to produce captivating stories, vlogs, or ads. And you can share them online with the same tool! 

It requires no experience at all

With thousands of templates and presets, it’s unbelievably easy to make a video out of nothing. Aside from the instant layouts that need minimal editing, the site also has a royalty-free library. Here you can access a variety of stock footage and music for your projects. You can literally walk into this simple editing software empty-handed, and leave with great results.

Templates are categorized into industry-specific groups, so it isn’t hard to find a match. You have ones that are custom-made for fashion, sports, music, animation, documentary, and more.

If you have your content, though, and decide to build from scratch, its video production tools are easy to manipulate. After uploading your footage, you can quickly apply text, icons, transitions, and adjust the color schemes. Or, you can just let its smart editor do the work for you and make some tweaks after. All these elements are customizable anyway!

This easy video creation software can also process videos up to 4K Ultra HD. So if you’re a fan of watching clips with superior quality, go for it. 

But is it free? Yes, Vimeo has a Free Plan that can be used free of charge. However, it also offers paid packages that are fit for bigger projects. Here they are: 

  • Starter- $12/seat/month (billed annually)
  • Standard- $35/seat/month (billed annually)
  • Advanced- $55/seat/month (billed annually) 
  • Enterprise- Quote-based

The first three plans come with a 30-day trial period

The free version might be too simple. Vimeo Basic only has 500MB capacity, which is barely enough to hold a single 4K video. It has a few limitations, but for shorter videos, this is certainly the best easy video editing software.

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Best for: Making videos for blogs

14. InVideo


Contains media library

Various templates

Video editing for beginners has a simple formula. Just use templates, insert content, play with automated tools, and add one-click edits. 

That is what InVideo is all about. 

This online editing platform lets you create videos without actually creating them. There are a bunch of automated features you can enjoy, which saves time if you need instant clips for your website, store, or online portal. 

The program has thousands of templates, which are basically ready-made videos. All that’s left to do is modify the auto-filled content, then insert minor tweaks after. You have two options here. Either you import your images, videos, and sounds, or get them from the site’s in-program media library. No worries, they’re all copyright-free!

It also has an AI-powered text-to video feature. Just like Lumen5, it can bring your written content to life — special effects included. So if you have a blog post and you want to turn it into an engaging marketing video, this solution is great.

While its functions are mostly automated, the video maker is also good for manual creative work. Just head over to the Blank Canvas section. There, you can edit videos from scratch. The tools aren’t as amazing as those in pro-grade video editing software, but it can still support basic functions such as cutting, looping, mixing, etc.

And it’s a good thing you can use this easy video editor without paying! It has a free version with all features available. However, your projects will be exported with a watermark. Business-wise, this probably won’t look good. 

So if you decide to invest in the program, these are your options:

  • Business - $20/month (60 videos)
  • Unlimited - $60/month (unlimited videos)

It’s steep pricing, but it’s still one of the best video editing software for beginners. Its automated features alone can justify that. Just note that the software has a 15-minute video duration cap. It won’t work for longer projects.

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Best for: Automatic video editing

15. Adobe Premiere Elements

Automated edits

Contains media library

Simple UI

If Adobe Premiere Pro is easy, wait until you try Premiere Elements. This basic version of the iconic video program is the best editing software for beginners. And don’t worry, it never loses its ability to create professional-looking videos.

The app uses a step-by-step approach to editing a video. You can choose any template that pleases you and follow its guided edits for a smoother workflow. It’s like a two-part session. You’re learning and editing at the same pace.

But aside from that, what truly makes it the best easy video editor is its Sensei AI toolsets. With quick commands, you can cut, merge, and organize your videos automatically. Its AutoCreations feature also creates an instant montage, supercut, or video mashups out of the clips you import. And it’s equipped with standard transitions like Wipe, Dissolve, etc.

There’s almost nothing left to edit. And that’s a good thing! 

It isn’t the best budget video editing software, but it’s not too expensive either. Unlike most programs in Adobe Suite, it doesn’t require a Cloud subscription. That means you can purchase it for a one-time fee of $99. You got 30 days to try all of its features, for free.

Try this if you’re producing videos in a rush. It won’t blow your mind, since it’s a scaled-down version of Premiere Pro. But it sure gets the work done!

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Best for: Vlogging

16. Apple iMovie

Clean workspace

Solid transitions

Beautiful themes

Are you shooting a short film for a school project? Or maybe you’re compiling videos from your lake trip. Whichever it is, iMovie is the easiest movie editing software you can use. 

It’s a quick editing program that runs on iOS and macOS. It sports a clean, elegant interface that makes for comfortable navigation. Its video production tools aren’t hard to figure out either. You can even leave them alone and they do the work for you. 

It’s a versatile editor that has all the basics. If you feel like creating a Hollywood-style movie, it has a generous amount of templates for trailers and full-length projects. Video montage? Vlog? Documentary? iMovie has all that. You can also use it as a photo slideshow software!

This easy video editor software can pre-fill your timeline with all the essentials. Transition, filters, special effects, and even background music are already incorporated into your project. All you have to do is replace the templated content with your own. 

Whether on your phone or Mac, the app can process any high-definition video smoothly. With modern iPhones in particular, shooting and editing in 4K quality wouldn’t be a problem.

And the best thing about it? It’s completely free. No paid plans, extra charges, whatsoever.

Since it’s free, expect that it also comes with some limitations. It lacks the depth of commercial video editors such as layering, multi-track editing, and so on. But if you don’t need that, iMovie is absolutely one of the best beginner video editing software with impeccable performance.

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What Is Video Editing Software?

You just picked up a new camera, took a bunch of amazing shots and videos. You decide you want to make a moving memory out of them. But how?

Video editing software is the answer. It’s a mobile or computer app where you can edit raw clips, images, and sound to make a video project. It can be a movie, slideshow, advertisement, video diary, travelogue, compilation, or whatnot. To do that, there are tools you can use to cut, split, or merge content and add visual elements like filters, transitions, and special effects.

You’ll need the best and easiest video editing software!

How To Choose the Best Video Editing Software for You? 

Alright, time to make a decision. It’s a tough one, but here’s what you need to consider:

Use Case

What kind of video are you making?

If you’re into film editing, use Premiere Pro, Filmora, Final Cut Pro X, or MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021 Premium. Aside from the multi-track editing, you can also do basic color grading in these software.

Social media videos, brand promotions, and ads are best done in video editing programs for beginners like FlexClip, Lumen5, and Vimeo. 

For home videos, any app on this list will do. 


If we’re being practical, there’s no need to pay for the best video editing software for beginners. iMovie, FlexClip, Lumen5, and Vimeo are free video editors you can use.

Now if you have a budget, there are inexpensive programs that come with better features. That includes Fimora, VideoProc, Corel VideoStudio Pro, Movavi, MAGIX, and Adobe Premiere Elements.

But if you plan to invest in the most powerful editor, go for Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. They’re quite pricey but offer the best value for your money.


Do you like to be in control of your project? Premiere Pro and Filmora are the best easy to use video editing software. But they also offer more tools that allow you to unleash your creativity. These are more detail-oriented.

On the flip side, if you want less work with automated editing and templates, then Premiere Elements, VideoStudio Pro, FlexClip, and iMovie are your top choices.


Nobody wants a video editing software prone to lags and crashes. You want a program that will run smoothly on any video format, quality, or length. Luckily, all solutions we’ve added to this list have solid performance. 

But just to give an honorable mention, Premiere Pro, VideoProc, VideoStudio Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and iMovie are strong processors of the highest video quality.

Wrap Up

Video editors are great tools for storytellers. 

And now that you’ve unlocked the easiest video editing solutions, you start creating! No need to go to an expensive film school or take multimedia courses.

Beginner or not, all you need is the best video editing software.

Add a pinch of creativity and a playful imagination, and you’re good to go!


What is the best video editing software for beginners?

Adobe Premiere Pro and Wondershare Filmora are equal contenders to the crown. These are easy-to-use editing software, but they have more grit than the others. While using their simple tools, beginners can also unlock pro skills at the same time.

Is Adobe Premiere Pro easy?

It looks intimidating, but it’s actually among the basic video editors out there. The overall workspace is pretty easy to get along with. Plus, the most accessible tutorials you’ll find online are mostly on Premiere Pro. So, learning and using it won’t give you a hard time.

Can you buy Adobe Premiere Pro permanently?

Nope. Adobe doesn’t offer a perpetual license for it yet.

How can I edit a video like a pro?

If you’re starting from zero, you can make use of video templates first. That will help you understand how the sequencing works, how to add and replace elements and incorporate special effects

Once you get the hang of it, you can easily sharpen your skills by using video editing software that fits both beginners and professionals. Premiere Pro, Filmora, and VideoStudio Pro are some examples.

Is video editing difficult?

It’s difficult if you have no editing background and you’re using a pro-grade editor. Use an easy video editing software for beginners - like the ones on our list - and it’s a different story.

What do most YouTubers use to edit their videos?

Vloggers and content creators typically use Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X for their YouTube videos.

Where can I make videos for free?

You can use Lumen5, FlexClip, Vimeo, and iMovie to create and edit videos free of charge.

What is the Best Video Editing Software 2022?

Hands down, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best video editing software for beginners and pros alike. The toolsets are not too simple, not too complicated. And it has a lot of room for creativity to grow.


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