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Updated: October 05,2022

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Whether you’re a bedroom DJ or a club-hopper, you need the best DJ software to produce sick, bombastic remixes.

Look no further – we found nine outstanding programs with powerful audio mixers!

We looked at:

  • Key features
  • Effect controls
  • Mixing tools
  • Ease of use
  • Price

So, stick around, and we’ll show you how to choose the most suitable option.

Let’s roll.

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Best for: Overall DJ software
Traktor PRO logo

1. Traktor PRO

  • Easy transport controls
  • Automatic beatmatching
  • Comprehensive effects suite
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Best for: Professionals
Ableton Live logo

2. Ableton Live

  • Free for 90 days
  • Powerful warping
  • Tempo Following feature
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Best for: Premium free software for DJing
Pioneer RekordBox logo

3. Pioneer RekordBox

  • Free
  • Cloud library sync
  • Wide hardware compatibility
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Best for: Live and virtual performances oriented
Serato DJ Pro

4. Serato DJ Pro

  • Practice Mode
  • Easy to use
  • 64-bit processing
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Best for: Streamers
VirtualDJ logo

5. VirtualDJ

  • Multiple live streaming options
  • Automatic BPM detection
  • Supports various controllers
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Best for: Mobile DJs
DJay Pro AI logo

6. DJay Pro AI

  • AI-powered tools
  • NeuralMix technology
  • Cross-platform support
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Best for: Top ranking video mixing capabilities


  • Music and video mixing
  • Advanced mixer controls
  • No-latency playback
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Best for: Practicing
MixVibes Cross logo

8. MixVibes Cross

  • Simple & customizable UI
  • Touch screen compatibility
  • SoundCloud mixing
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Best for: iOS users
DJ Player Pro logo

9. DJ Player Pro

  • Totally free
  • Easy to use
  • Supports STEMS format
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Best for: Overall DJ software

1. Traktor PRO

Easy transport controls

Automatic beatmatching

Comprehensive effects suite

Traktor Pro 3 is one of the most popular DJ software, and with its revamped interface, it’s totally worth the hype. 

Best DJ Software - Traktor Interface

It still looks quite similar to the previous versions, but this one looks way more streamlined. You’ll find the effect controls up top, track browser at the bottom, mixer in the middle, and decks on both sides. The Cue, Cup, Flux, and Rev buttons are likely the most straightforward transport controls we’ve seen.

With this simplistic approach, newbie DJs will feel right at home on the program. 

The color-changing tracks are awe-inspiring. They are visually appealing and assist applying every effect you apply to your mixes.

Another thing that makes it an excellent DJ software for beginners is the Sync button. One click, and you get your tracks automatically beat-matched. With this, it’ll be easier to experiment with various genres!

A new interface means innovative tools, and the Mixer FX packs them in. You can add reverb to vocals for smooth transitions. Additionally, you can consider bit crushing, delays, and other club-grade effects. The best part is that they’re all one-touch controls

If you like stunning build-ups, Harmonic Mixing works like a charm on this app. You can pitch up and down and see the resulting key on the deck header. Also, the browser highlights matching tracks, making it faster to find songs that blend well.

But unlike DJ programs like RekordBox, Traktor PRO doesn’t offer these features for free. It has a free demo, but this only allows you to use the program for 30 minutes.

For complete and unlimited use, you need to pay a one-time fee of $99. And if you’re an existing Traktor user, you’ll have to pay an extra $49 for the update. So, it’s quite an investment. But if you’re serious about DJing and want the best computer DJ software, this is a tool worth considering.

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Best for: Professionals

2. Ableton Live

Free for 90 days

Powerful warping

Tempo Following feature

Launched in 2001, Ableton Live is an all-rounder DAW for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering digital audio files – similar to Pro Tools.

But unlike Traktor or Serato, which digitally recreate a vinyl deck, Live isn’t exactly a program built for DJs. So what makes it one of the best DJing software?

It has tools that enable users to trigger loops, samples, basslines, drum kits, vocals, and other sounds in real-time. Performers can also manipulate them by applying clip-based effects and changing specific parameters.

At first glance, the Live interface looks overwhelming, as with any mixing console.

Best DJ Software - Ableton Live interface

But after some time getting used to it, the drag-n-drop workflow is easy to navigate. It also helps that when you hover over a tool, the Info Window displays its function.

Now, here’s why pro DJs love this software.

With the Warping feature, beatmatching is an effortless task. Like Traktor’s beat gridding style, it automatically detects the beat patterns of your track and locks it in with your desired beats per minute (BPM).

The program’s Tempo Following function further complements this. Based on incoming audio, it listens to and instantly adjusts the track’s tempo. With this, you’ll be able to transform the interface into a tempo-synced FX box.

And get this, you can pair it with a DJ controller. The program automatically pairs with external controllers. MIDI mapping has a quick setup, too. Once set, you’ll be able to trigger tracks from your device, including crossfader controls, EQ, effects, etc. 

So, how much does this professional DJ software cost?

Ableton Live comes in three versions: Intro, Standard, and Suite. They share common features, but you’ll get more effects, instruments, audio packs, and more with the latter two.

  • Intro - $99. Includes 16 tracks and scenes
  • Standard - $449. Includes unlimited tracks and scenes
  • Suite - $749. Includes Standard features + integrations

While there is no free version, you’ll be able to test all the features – rendering and exporting included – within the 90-day free trial

If you’re into digital DJing, this software is an easy pick. And the best part? Once you’ve produced tracks, you can integrate them into your DJ sets – without leaving the interface.

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Best for: Premium free software for DJing

3. Pioneer RekordBox


Cloud library sync

Wide hardware compatibility

If you’re looking for a free DJ software for Windows or macOS, you found it! Pioneer Rekordbox offers free performance features on any DJ setup.

You have several options to do live sets here. You can use the digital tools with just your PC or Mac. Or, you can export your tracks to a USB stick and play them on XDJs or CDJs. You can even use external controllers or turntables to control your music.

All this – with just one central library.

This is where its Cloud Library Sync feature comes through. You can import your files on the DJ mixing program and sync them across multiple devices. You can also use the iOS app for control. However, this is only available with its premium versions. Dropbox, otherwise, is the only cloud storage provider supported.

Best DJ Software - RekordBox interface

Aside from your cloud or in-program library, you can mix tracks from streaming platforms! You can work on music from Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, SoundCloud Go+, and TIDAL.

In terms of music control, you can count on all the essentials. You can set up to 16 hot cues, experiment with beat jumps and loops, or pitch up and down with the keyboard. Its track analysis works perfectly as it uses advanced algorithms to detect beats and phrases.

It’s excellent remix software for beginners. Why? Its Related Tracks tool makes it easy to pick ones that pair well with your sets. And its Track Filter option helps you quickly find items based on the tag information you set.

As we’ve mentioned, Rekordbox is a free solution. But if you want more usability, consider a subscription:

  • Core - $9.99/month. Includes DVS control
  • Creative - $14.99/month. Includes Cloud Sync and Video feature
  • Professional - $29.99/month. Include unlimited storage and Edit Mode

You can test all versions with Rekordbox’s 30-day free trial.

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Best for: Live and virtual performances oriented

4. Serato DJ Pro

Practice Mode

Easy to use

64-bit processing

Serato DJ Pro is popular among live DJ performers and other professionals. But it’s also beginner-friendly, as it offers a stripped-down version - Serato DJ Lite.

Regardless of the version, you get treated to a slick interface with simple controls.

Best DJ Software - Serato DJ Pro interface

The interface also uses 64-bit processing for unwavering stability. You can load and mix hundreds of tracks smoothly with minimal CPU effort. 

This provides plenty of room to experiment with your mixes. When used on a computer, the DJ software lets you drag-n-drop tracks to create playlists. On the decks, you get to play with loops, beat jumps, key shifts, rolls, a software sampler, Slip mode, etc.

Like Pioneer Rekordbox, you can also access tracks via music streaming platforms like TIDAL, Soundcloud Go, and Beatport LINK. Note -  you need to be subscribed to those platforms to use this feature.

Its Practice Mode is a competent function for preparing for live sets. Here, you can mix with two decks, a crossfader, hot cues, tempo controls, and access your entire library. And you don’t need to connect any hardware to your computer.

What completes this digital DJ software is its live-streaming capability. When performing a set virtually, you can connect the program directly to streaming software like OBS.

Now, let’s review pricing. 

  • Lite - Free. Includes four cue points and samplers
  • Pro - $9.99/month or $199 (one-time). Includes eight cue points and 32 samplers

The Lite version is excellent for practice, but it lacks most essentials like recording, key analysis, and Slip mode. The Pro version has better functionality and supports professional DJ sets.

It’s also worth noting that Serato DJ only supports hardware from a few brands, including Pioneer DJ, Hercules, and Numark. This means the program lacks full MIDI mapping. Never mind if you have a compatible device.

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Best for: Streamers

5. VirtualDJ

Multiple live streaming options

Automatic BPM detection

Supports various controllers

VirtualDJ is free DJ software packed with features yet super easy to use. It’s a standalone mixer, meaning you can use all its tools without connecting any hardware. 

A Pro subscription is necessary if you prefer to use it with external devices like an analog mixer or MIDI controller. It costs $19/month or $299 (one-time).

Its most striking offer is that you get unlimited performance pads. This gives you lots of space to play with loops, hot cues, loop-rolls, software samplers, slicers, scratching pads, etc. With the Pads Editor, you can even customize your own.

To make mixing even easier, VirtualDJ uses its Real-time Stems Separation technology, similar to what Traktor offers. As the name implies, it separates basslines, drums, instruments, vocals, and other elements of a track for on-the-fly adjustments. This feature lets you create new remixes, transitions, mashups, and other styles like a pro.

If you also plan to live stream your set, this is the top music mixer software we can recommend. You can directly broadcast your session to several streaming platforms.

Best DJ Software - Virtual DJ Live Streaming interface

And here’s the best part – you can add visuals and video skins to your projects. This includes on-screen graphics, camera overlays, real-time screen grabs, etc. However, the radio server broadcast isn’t available with the free plan.

What complements this feature is the video mixing module. You can mix video content on the same interface. It supports full HD and 4K resolution clips. For refinements, you find the studio DJ software packed with preset effects, transitions, song titler, overlays, and other visual elements.

While these features are exciting, professionals may find them limiting due to over-automation. In-depth, advanced tweaks can be harder to execute.

Also, while it’s impressive that VirtualDJ supports hundreds of third-party controllers, this may compromise track quality. Most programs like Serato or Rekordbox have dedicated controllers that give the software optimal performance.

But if you simply want music and DJ software that can stand on its own, VirtualDJ is a cut above the rest.

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Best for: Mobile DJs

6. DJay Pro AI

AI-powered tools

NeuralMix technology

Cross-platform support

If you want an accessible DJ mixing program you can use on the go, DJay Pro AI is your best bet. You can just download the app on your macOS, Windows, iOS, or Android device and go straight to mixing!

It offers a straightforward interface with quick controls and easy navigation. As the name hints, it uses artificial intelligence to handle your mixes, useful for beginners. 

Best DJ Software - DJ Pro AI interface

The AutoMix feature is both handy and speedy. It uses AI to automatically beat-match tracks when mixing different songs and genres. This also enables you to set up automated song queues and playlists for smooth playbacks. 

Additionally, the deejay music software uses NeuralMix technology, similar to VirtualDJ’s Stem Separation. This isolates audio elements on your tracks like vocals and instrumentals in real-time. You can then add effects to individual components like reverb, echo, harmonic filter, etc.

The downside to AI tools like this is that they do almost all the work for you and leave limited space for advanced adjustments.

There are, however, music production tools you can optimize with this DJ recording software. This is great for manually arranging, composing, and mixing tracks. You get:

  • Sequencer - for creating beats on top of songs
  • Looper - for remixing up to 48 loops of music
  • Content library - for producing tracks using 1000+ samples and loops

It lacks a video mixing module, but the PhotoBeat feature makes up for that. When you want to perform a set with visuals, you can display static images in a slideshow format. You can stamp them with effects and add transitions too. Great for events and parties!

These features aren’t free – the app costs $49 per year. But on the good side, this price point is in line with affordable DJ apps for your PC. So if you're on a budget, DJay Pro AI is worth it. Plus, you can test all the features within the 7-day free trial.

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Best for: Top ranking video mixing capabilities


Music and video mixing

Advanced mixer controls

No-latency playback

PCDJ DEX is professional DJ Software for Windows and Mac that can handle music, video, and karaoke mixes.

The workflow and transport controls work a lot like CD decks. The advanced controls will remind you of high-end physical mixers:

Best DJ Software - PCDJ DEX interface

To start mixing, the in-program effects grid is your primary tool for action. You can add one-touch controls on reverb, delay, echo, flanger, etc. You can apply them either one at a time or layered in to produce new and creative sounds. 

Other standard controls on the PC DJ software include wet/dry, beats per minute (BPM) sync, and many more parameters.

In terms of library management, the program has an advanced media file browser. If you have tracks stored in your iTunes library, they get automatically imported into the browser for instant mixing. Additionally, set library filters for fast searches. You’re free to create custom playlists too!

And just like DJay Pro AI, it has an Automix and Shuffle Play option for playback automation.

Video mixing works virtually the same as track mixing on this professional DJ software. You can add on-screen text, images, and video overlays for aesthetics. Just use the Overlay tool to display any visual element over your screen. 

And here’s the best part - they loop automatically! This is great for DJs who perform at live events and want to flash their logo, messages, and announcements on the backdrop. You’re free to save as many custom overlays as you like.

Considering it the best DJ app for PC is easy with all it provides. There is a Lite version you can use for free, but video mixing isn’t available. There are two paid options you can consider:

  • DEX Red Edition - $29 (one-time)
  • DEX Pro Edition - $149 (one-time)

There are no trial versions, so the Lite version is all you can test out.

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Best for: Practicing

8. MixVibes Cross

Simple & customizable UI

Touch screen compatibility

SoundCloud mixing

MixVibes almost lost the software race until the arrival of its newest release – Cross DJ 4. With free and affordable options, this cheap DJ software can cater to beginners and professionals.

You get a simple and intuitive interface that looks like a standard DJ program. And with its flexible workflow customization, you can rearrange the interface to suit your mixing style.

Best DJ Software - MixVibes Cross interface

You can easily switch between a 2-deck or 4-deck layout from the menu bar. Both options have excellent combinations of sampler decks and players. 

Drag-n-dropping tracks is easy, which is why it’s the best DJ program for Windows or Mac. If you have a SoundCloud Go+ account, you can access millions of tracks from its streaming catalog.

Its effect controls are pretty standard but still enough to create a bombastic mix. You can experiment with numerous effects such as reverb, delay, echo, roll, flanger, etc. They are all one-click controls.

Video mixing is this program’s strength, and here’s why. You can quickly load videos from the browser to the decks or just drag videos from the finder. For visual DJs, this software has what you need.

You can add transition effects, image titling, and other on-screen graphics. When it’s showtime, you can just hit the Display button up top. This sends the master video output to an external display.

This feature isn’t available on the free version, though. Some advanced tools are locked behind a paywall too. You will need to purchase either the standard or pro edition for complete functionality.

Here are the versions for comparison:

  • Free - Audio FX + 4 players
  • Cross DJ 4 - $49.90 (one-time). Includes recording feature 
  • Cross DJ 4 Pro - $99.90 (one-time). Includes video mixing and VST support

There are no free trials, but you can download a demo version of this studio DJ software.

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Best for: iOS users

9. DJ Player Pro

Totally free

Easy to use

Supports STEMS format

You can be a pro DJ with just your iPhone or iPad, thanks to this digital DJ software. Like DJay Pro AI, this free mobile app allows users to perform DJ sets with minimal effort. 

It’s flexible enough to be used as a standalone app with all features controlled right on the software. But, it also pairs with external hardware like:

  • mixers, 
  • MIDI controllers
  • vinyl 
  • sound cards

And because it supports timecode vinyl formats, you can swiftly show off your scratching skills!

Although it’s professional DJ software, it’s still light and easy to use. On its revamped interface, you’ll open up a classic view with a standard two-deck layout

Each deck displays the equalizing, transporting, and looping controls when you load a track. You’ll see vital info like beats per minute (BPM), keys, pitch, etc. The level meters are also an excellent addition. 

This streamlined workflow makes mixing easier.

Similar to Traktor and VirtualDJ, this program supports stemming. This separates audio elements of tracks like vocals, basslines, etc. When you mix in STEMS format, you’ll be able to create richer mixes through individual effect routing.

This isn’t the best solution if you plan to mix videos. Playlisting and queuing are also a bit limited on the app. There are several DJ applications for PC and mobile that support such, like Serato or PCDJ DEX.

While if you simply want a flexible and accessible app for mobile DJing, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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Key Factors for Choosing the Right Software

There are many good DJing apps, but how will you spot the best one?

These are the things you should consider:

Built-in Effects

Regardless if you’re a pro or beginner DJ, your software of choice must be equipped with the essential in-house effects. That includes crossfading, cueing, scratching, beatmatching, and music looping. 

If you also plan to create tracks in the future, recording is an extra advantage. The best DJ recording software we can recommend for such are Ableton Live and Serato.

Library Management

Besides transport control and effects, track browsing is vital when choosing the right solution. For example, Traktor automatically imports your computer and iTunes library for instant mixing. You can also set filters and tags so it’s easy to find tracks to play next. 

Rekordbox has a Cloud Library Sync option, which lets you import and sync your tracks via Dropbox.

Additionally, it’s an added advantage to access tracks on music streaming platforms. The best DJ mixing software like PCDJ DEX and DJay Pro AI can access millions of songs from TIDAL, and SoundCloud Go+. 

More track options, more sick mixes!

Video Mixing

Why just mix audio when you can mix music videos, too? Programs like Serato, Virtual DJ, and PCDJ DEX can integrate video into your performances. And just like in video editing software, you can add sequences, transitions, effects, and overlays to your projects.

Live Stream Support

We live in the digital age where DJs can now perform live sets remotely. If headed this way, DJ streaming software is worth investing in. One good example is Virtual DJ. You can directly stream your performance to platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc. 

Difficulty Level

If you want easy DJ software, we recommend tools like Traktor and DJay Pro AI. These automated functions make mixing effortless, especially for beginners.

On the other hand, professional DJing software like Ableton Live and Serato DJ Pro has more advanced tools that let you go in-depth in making track adjustments.


Are you looking for free DJ software? Our top picks for you are Rekordbox and DJ Player Pro. You can also opt for Serato DJ’s Lite version, although it has limitations related to real-time effects.

If you’re on a budget, cheap DJ software like DJay Pro AI is worth considering.

But ultimately, the best premium choices are Traktor Pro or Ableton Live. A one-time fee that costs roughly $100 is a terrific investment, especially if you’re serious about DJing.

Wrap Up

The best DJ programs are the ones that give you complete control over mixing tracks.

As such, they must provide all the essentials, including:

  • a rich mixer FX window
  • sufficient music production and manipulation tools
  • convenient track browsing
  • reliable video mixing
  • seamless live streaming

With these covered, you’ll be well on your way to turning up the party with your amazing remixes!


Which DJ software is the easiest?

Based on test runs, Traktor Pro is the easiest to use. Its Sync button allows automatic beatmatching, a recipe for easy and dynamic remixing. Its one-touch controls on adding effects also make it quick to manipulate each track. 

For our honorable mentions, the best beginner DJ software are Rekordbox and DJay Pro AI.

Why is Serato the best DJ software?

Serato is the most stable program on our list, as it uses 64-bit processing. It also allows users to identify tunes from streaming platforms for remixing. And it has excellent features both as a standalone app or in harmony with external controllers or analog mixers.

What’s the best free DJ software for PC?

Pioneer Rekordbox and Serato DJ Lite are two of the best DJ software you can use for free on your PC.


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