7 Best eReaders for 2022

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Updated: October 07,2022

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Attention, bookworms!

I know why you’re here. You’re searching for the best eReader, am I right?

Well, I have great news for you:

  • I found 7 superior devices for eBooks and tested them with strict attention to detail.
  • My eReader reviews focused on each device’s key features, pricing, resolution, battery life, supported formats, and ease of use.
  • I examined the differences between eReaders and tablets to see which device is better for reading.
  • Lastly, I prepared a simple guide to help you find the best eReader to buy.

Very well, onward we go!

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Best for: Affordable electronic book reader
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
At A Glance

Screen size


Battery life



8 GB

See more details

If we’re talking eReaders, Amazon Kindles are the real game-changers. It’s the most popular brand since God-knows-when. And now, they have a new addition to the family – the new Kindle Paperwhite, released in 2021.

Did it live up to the potentials of its siblings? 


It surpassed them.

The best-rated eReader features a sleek, compact 6,8-inch Paperwhite screen with a beautiful 300 ppi resolution. The device makes you feel like you’re flipping through actual pages rather than simply reading text on LCD screens.

To make this work, Kindle Paperwhite has five LEDs lighting up the screen. This way, brightness control is much easier. It also gives that ‘glow in the dark’ feel to it. That makes it the best eReader for night reading, or if you have eyesight problems. 

The display is also layered with a glass surface that protects it from scratches, dents, and dirt. On the back, the matte finish with curved edges makes for an easy grip. One thing I noticed is that the rear picks up fingerprints and grease stains quite easily. But that’s normal for devices with matte bodies. Besides, you can simply wipe those off with a damp cloth. Yes, it’s completely waterproof.

The major Kindle Paperwhite upgrade is the IPX 8 waterproof rating. This feature comes in handy if you feel like reading at the poolside or in a bathtub. Also, it’s not the end of the world if you spill liquid on your eReader. Just don’t overdo it!

Kindle Paperwhite comes with the same storage as the basic Kindles, making it the best Paperwhite eReader so far. The 8GB device can hold up a wide range of ebook formats like MOBI, PDF, AZW, TXT, and other Kindle file format variations. But the star of the show is its Audible support, which gives you access to the audiobook library. There’s no audio jack though, so you’ll need Bluetooth connectivity for that.

Now, let’s head to the battery department. Electronic readers are known for having robust batteries, and Kindle Paperwhite is a testament to that. For a five-hour charging time, it can be used for around ten weeks… if you’re reading for two to three hours per day. It’s a lot better than what you get in older Kindles.

Price-wise, it definitely gives bang for your buck. It’s the cheapest eReader to match Kindle Oasis’s high-end features. You can get the 8GB Kindle Paperwhite for $139. 

If you’re still not one of Kindle’s die-hard fans, then trying Paperwhite might just convert you. The latest generation beats other models in terms of design, resolution, battery life, water-resistance, and lighting system.

One of the downsides of older Kindles is that it was hard to navigate through the display if they get too wet. Amazon took this into account and added the VoiceView feature. With it, you can navigate the new Paperwhite with your voice. 

To top it all, this ereader lets you invert black and white, adjust the font size, face, line spacing, and margins. 

Overall, it’s the leading ebook reader available on the market today. 

Best for: Large eReader with impressive lighting
Kobo Forma
At A Glance

Screen size


Battery life



8 GB

See more details

In the eBook world, the contenders for the crown have always been Kindle and Kobo. The two have completely different ecosystems, and if you choose to live in the latter, then Kobo Forma is your best partner.

The marvelous 8-inch display is one of the biggest I’ve seen so far, even bigger than Kobo Aura’s 7.8 inches. It’s equipped with e-ink Carta, which is the gold standard in electronic paper technology. 

A large screen with 300 ppi resolution is the perfect place to read just about anything, but most especially manga. Being an Otaku myself, I definitely think it’s the best eReader for manga.

Backlight can be a dealbreaker for eReaders, but Kobo Forma has that covered. It uses a special ComfortLight System for optimal light control. It comes with interchangeable light colors, so you can read your books in a warm or cool tone. It’s a useful setting when you’re reading at night. Daytime reading isn’t a problem either, thanks to Kobo Forma’s adaptive brightness.

Have I mentioned it’s water-resistant too? It has an IPX 8 waterproof rating, so it can be the best eReader for the beach or poolside reading sessions if you’re into big screens.

For its size, Kobo Forma is surprisingly light. The textured rear is a unique touch. It looked a bit weird at first but holding it felt more comfortable than I expected. 

Apart from the power button, you get two main buttons at the front. While a full touchscreen is nice, having buttons just makes it easier to turn pages. I also like how the screen was built for both portrait and landscape reading.

Kobo Forma’s integration is quite impressive. I know, the Kobo library isn’t extravagant, but you can get your titles from other providers like Overdrive or Google Play. Of course, we have the multi-file format support to thank for that. Other than MOBI, PDF or TXT, Kobo Forma is the best eReader for epub.

But how does Kobo Forma’s battery hold up?

It’s packed with a 1200 mAH battery, which you can top up for one to two hours of charging time. I dedicated at least an hour to reading per day using the Kobo Forma and I haven’t charged it in two weeks. Neat!

In terms of pricing, Kobo Forma is a bit on the high end. However, it’s been marked down this year. The 8GB reader now costs $199, and the 32GB costs $249.

Clearly, Kobo Forma’s best asset is its display. 8 inches is a huge standout in the typical 6-inch eReader market. Add to that its high resolution and functional backlight settings

The design leaves a lot to be desired. Kobo Forma looks a little cheap. Some users also claimed to have a slow interface, but I have yet to experience that. Overall, Kobo Forma is a great choice if you’re looking for the best reading device with great features.

Best for: Most portable and best eReader for sunlight
Kobo Clara HD
At A Glance

Screen size


Battery life



8 GB

See more details

Kobo Clara HD is the ultimate contender to Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. It’s feature-packed, future-poof, and flexible. I’ll tell you more about it.

Kobo Clara HD is one of the best eReaders if you’re often on the go. The 6-inch screen is tiny, almost like a mobile electronic device. It fits perfectly in all of my bags to a point where it feels like it isn’t even there. I also did the pocket test, and it fit right in.

It’s a small eReader that packs a punch. You wouldn’t think it holds a large 8GB storage, but it does.

For its size, Kobo Clara HD can still outshine other mainstream eReaders – even the Kindle ancients – in terms of performance. The device has now reached the 300 ppi resolution mark, with E Ink Carta to give you a paperlike reading experience.

You can expect the same powerful ComfortLight System in Kobo Clara HD that’s also featured in Kobo Forma. Instead of using backlight, newer generations of eReaders now use front lights to illuminate the E Ink system. This way, you can control the brightness and avoid visual problems. That’s one of the main reasons why it entered our best eReader 2022 list.

One common thing you’ll find in all Kobo eReader reviews is this: Kobo Clara HD is very easy to hold. I can vouch for that – the device is great for a nice grip. The textured back makes the body stick to your palms. It doesn’t help the device design-wise, but what it lacks in looks, it compensated for functionality.

Battery life is not a problem. It comes with a 1500 mAH battery capacity, which is made to the last weeks-long of usage. Mine kept running for a little over two weeks for 1-2 hours of reading per day.

What sets Kobo eReaders apart is integration. Kobo is no match for Amazon when it comes to in-store ebook supply. That’s probably why Kobo now allows users to get their titles from other eReader software like Overdrive. The device can read plain text, HTML, PDF, TXT, CBZ, RTF, etc. It’s also the best epub reader on the market.

As for the price, Kobo Clara HD is in line with the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. See, it’s just hard not to compare these two. The 8GB unit costs $129.99.

So, should you buy it?

Well, if you’re searching for the handiest eReader out there, go for this Kobo. It’s a smaller substitute to Kindle Paperwhite. Just keep in mind it’s not waterproof. The features and pricing of both eReaders are basically identical. But just to be real, it’s not the best-looking eReader here. The Paperwhite also beats it in audiobook support. 

Other than that, Kobo Clara HD is the best Kobo eReader if you want high portability and adaptability.

Best for: Premium ebook reader device
Amazon Kindle Oasis
At A Glance

Screen size


Battery life



8 GB

See more details

I’m not really a fan of splurging on electronic readers, so best believe I was taken aback by Amazon Kindle Oasis’s hefty price tag. So instead of dying of curiosity, I had to see if it’s really worth paying the top dollar.

Here’s what I got:

The original Kindle Oasis has been revamped to a 2019 model – the Kindle Oasis 2. It still has that distinct aluminum body, a lopsided screen with two-page buttons, and a ridged back for easier grip. It does look and feel expensive.

But here’s what’s new. Kindle Oasis has been crowned the best eReader for eyes, but the new version has some more perks. The device now has an integrated lighting feature that lets you adjust your screen’s color tone from blue to yellow. It complements reading in daylight or low light and helps you avoid eye strain. You can set this either manually or automatically.

Kindle Oasis is equipped with E Ink technology that displays text in a crisp 300 ppi resolution. The bigger screen makes it the best eReader for textbooks, or novels with black and white illustrations. Some prefer full-touch, but I find Oasis’s buttons rather helpful if I’m reading with one hand while drinking coffee with the other.

Speaking of coffee, Kindle Oasis is IPX8-certified, so It’s fully waterproof. You won’t be in trouble if you accidentally douse it with liquid. If it gets dunked underwater, the device can withstand up to 2m depth for 60 minutes max.

Like the new Kindle Paperwhite, you can listen to audiobooks in Kindle Oasis. You can access files from Audible – Amazon’s audiobook library – and add them to yours. But heads up; you’ll need a Bluetooth headset or speaker to do that as there is no audio jock.

In addition, Oasis only reads Amazon-supported file formats like AZW, TXT, PDF, etc. Like other Kindles, it’s not an epub reader.

As for the battery life, Kindle Oasis delivers as expected. Three hours of charging time can give you five weeks of usage. Six, if you’re reading half an hour per day. E Ink doesn’t really consume much power.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the pricing. As I’ve said, Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s luxury reader. The 8GB unit costs $250 and the 32GB is $280. Just a side note, the device comes in two colors – grey and gold.

Clearly, it’s not the cheapest option. But if you don’t mind going on a spending spree for the best ebook readers, then the cost shouldn’t be a problem. After all, Kindle Oasis is designed luxuriously, it’s well-lit and waterproof, so it’s worth it. It is the best eReader for seniors, because of the light sensitivity, waterproof design, and audiobook library.  

It just lacks the integration that other eReaders have. The content you get is only limited to the Kindle Store. But considering how rich the Amazon library is, the odds of finding a title you like are pretty high. Although expensive, Kindle Oasis is still a solid option.

Best for: Budget eReader
Amazon Kindle
At A Glance

Screen size


Battery life



4 GB

See more details

Did you know you can get a good e reader without breaking the bank? If you’re heading towards the Kindle route on a tight budget, then the latest Amazon Kindle is your best bet. 

The 2019 Kindle is among the three Amazon eReaders that got a 10th generation update. The device is still clad in that classic all-screen design that’s consistent with earlier models. It’s a little thicker than other popular eReaders, but it’s not dramatically so.

This Kindle is incredibly light, sturdy, and has a steady grip, so it’s the best eReader for kids. 

What I noticed, though, is the embedded screen. It’s like looking at a framed photo. The bezels are slightly raised, which gives you an extra finger grip.

Right off the bat, it’s nowhere near as premium as Kindle Oasis or Kindle Voyage. But, it’s still built with a display that’s good enough to deliver a paperlike reading. The device is powered by Е Ink Carta with a 167 ppi resolution.

For the first time, Amazon infused a standard backlight to its basic Kindle. That’s why when I ran my night reading test, I finished my book without straining my eyes. Clearly, this is the best eReader with backlight in the basic Amazon Kindle lineup.

I used it to study handouts, textbooks and flick through a few novels. Safe to say this Kindle is pretty decent. I wouldn’t recommend it for reading comics or graphic novels though. You’ll need a higher resolution for that. Instead, Amazon Kindle is the best eReader for library books.

In my opinion, having 4GB of storage is sufficient. It’s twice lesser than what you get in Kindle Paperwhite, but it should be enough to store thousands of e-books and a couple of audiobooks. Yes, the device supports text-to-speech (TTS) audio. You can listen to your audiobook library using Bluetooth headphones or speakers since the device has no audio jack.

Like its siblings, Amazon Kindle isn’t an epub ebook reader. But, it still has great file support for Amazon ebook formats like MOBI, AZW, PDF, and more.

In terms of battery life, Amazon Kindle doesn’t disappoint. It promises up to 4 weeks of battery life on a 30-minute daily reading basis. If you’re hopping on a train or taking a plane ride, you can bring your Kindle without fully charging it.

If you’re searching for the best eReader under 100 bucks, look this way. The Amazon Kindle 2019 costs $89.99; just 10 bucks higher than the previous model. It’s the cheapest one in our eReader best list.

If you’re dreaming of a Kindle but are also on a budget, Amazon Kindle is the best choice. The downside is, you’re getting lower resolution compared to the Kindle Paperwhite or Oasis. It also feels less premium, and you get lesser storage. But at the end of the day, you won’t need high-end features for basic long-term reading anyway.

Best for: eReading comics, magazines and newspapers
Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight Plus
At A Glance

Screen size


Battery life



8 GB

See more details

Just when I thought the Nooks were stuck in the 6-inch space, Barnes & Noble surprised me with the Nook GlowLight Plus. It’s the largest in the series so far – roughly two inches bigger than the Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight 3.

It’s almost the same size as a paperback book. Does it also feel like one? Let’s find out.

The Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight Plus plays up a massive 7.8-inch display with high resolution. It showcases a nice 300 dpi resolution that’s completely glare-free. Like the top-tier eReaders on the market, the device uses e-ink Carta to achieve a printlike reading experience. 

A screen this large is a great instrument for flipping through magazines or newspapers. I think it deserves a spot on the Best eReader for Elderly list because there’s enough room for bigger fonts and visuals. Unfortunately, since it’s built with E Ink, it can only display everything in black and white.

With GlowLight technology, you’ll be able to read in any light condition. The device disperses light evenly. On top of that, its light changes to bluish or yellowish hues, depending on the time of day. This puts the Nook GlowLight Plus right in line with Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Forma’s powerful lighting technology.

The device looks simple, and that’s a good thing. If you like holding a big eReader, then this device will suit you. It almost feels the same as the Kindle Paperwhite. But unlike the latter, Nook GlowLight Plus has four-page buttons; two on each side of the bezels to cater to both lefties and righties.

I almost jumped from my seat when I saw an audio jack. But much to my dismay, it can’t be used for audiobooks. Instead, you can plug your earphones or speakers and listen to Barnes & Noble podcasts. It has 8GB storage capacity, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

If you’re a clumsy reader like me, then you’ll be happy to know that the Nook GlowLight Plus is IPX7-rated waterproof. The device can survive up to 30 minutes underwater, so spilling your coffee on it won’t be such a problem.

On that note, the Nook GlowLight Plus can also survive without much charging. Barnes & Noble Nooks are made to last weeks-long of usage, so battery life isn’t an issue. I haven’t charged the device in over two weeks after dedicating an hour per day to using it. It’s perfect for a long drive or an out-of-town vacation.

Based on my eReader comparison, the Nook GlowLight Plus almost touches the high еnd. The unit retails for $200, which can be quite expensive for an eReader.

But overall, it’s the complete package. You get a well-designed device with features that are above standard. And let’s face it, it’s the display we’re paying for here. This is the first Nook that can stand a chance against other popular giants like Kobo Forma. However, if you’re looking for a compact eReader, I suggest looking elsewhere. Also, if you’re an audiobook reader, this might not be the best option for you.

Best for: Studying and working
Sony Digital Paper
At A Glance

Screen size


Battery life



16 GB

See more details

Do you like big screens? The Sony Digital Paper is ginormous. But that’s not all. Apart from its astounding size, its other features stack up pretty well.

The eReader comes in two variants – the DPT-CP1 that’s big, and the DPT-RP1 that’s bigger. Either way, both Sony Readers have the same hardware, performance, and purpose. I took the smaller one for testing.

With its size, Sony Digital Paper might as well be the best eReader tablet. No, it doesn’t work like an iPad, Galaxy or Surface, but it has tablet-like features that can satisfy readers. 

The device rocks a 10.3-inch display, enhanced by an E Ink Carta for a paperlike look. The eReader is well-lit and gives zero glare. Day or night reading, it offers a seamless experience.

It looks thin and stylish, with a corporate feel to it. Smaller bezels give you more display, which is not only a great design touch but also a viewing advantage. It’s lightweight, so you can bring it anywhere without a stretch.

Here’s what sets it apart from the others. Sony Digital Paper is the best device for reading and writing. The product comes with a stylus, which you can use to take notes, solve equations, or write journals. It has two buttons – one meant for highlighting and one for erasing. 

With 16GB of internal memory and 11GB for file storage, the CP1 Digital Paper can store a million pages. It’s the best eReader for PDF. It can only read PDF files, so you can say it’s the Adobe Acrobat of eReader devices. However, this can be a step back if you’re planning to read other formats like EPUB, MOBI, or TXT.

Battery life is superb, but that’s common for E Ink readers. The device can last a week or two before topping up its power. It isn’t as robust as Kindles that can live up to four weeks, but it’s still strong enough.

The 10-inch Sony Digital Paper costs a whopping $599. Maybe that’s because aside from its size and features, you’re getting two devices – the body and the stylus. Apparently, it’s not the best inexpensive eReader. 

So is it worth buying an eReader that costs an arm and leg? It’s ridiculously expensive, which is a little unattainable for the bigger eReader market. The Kindle Oasis is half its price, and that’s already considered luxurious. Plus, it’s an eReader that only reads PDF files, so the price really raises an eyebrow.

However, if you are willing to splurge on an eReader than can do more, then the Sony Digital Paper is still a reasonable purchase. You can both read and write with this device, which puts it way above the rest. Students enrolled in programs such as Architecture, will surely appreciate it.

What To Look For in an eReader – Buyer’s Guide

You’re probably wondering what is the best eReader to buy. It’s a big decision, so here are some factors to consider:


Normally, you will need more than 150 ppi to read sharp text and visuals. Thankfully, all eReaders in this list were able to meet that threshold. Most of them even rock a 300 ppi resolution

Good lighting

Aside from portability and convenience, you should be able to use your eReader in any light condition. While all eReaders above passed my day and night reading test, the Amazon Kindles, Kobo eReaders, and Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight Plus have the best adaptable and comfortable lighting. 


If you’re on the hunt for the best waterproof eBook reader, 4 out of 7 devices here are worth your attention. Thеy are Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, Kobo Forma, and Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight Plus. They all have high IPX waterproof ratings

Battery Life

eReaders are power-frugal. That means you can go for weeks without charging them. Based on my test, Amazon Kindles still have the strongest battery capacity. The Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis can provide month-long usage


If you’re on a budget, the latest model of Amazon Kindle is the best cheap eReader you’ll find. The Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Clara HD have the same price – both sit in the middle. 

But if you’re willing to pay extra, Kindle Oasis, Kobo Forma, and Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight Plus are great high-end choices. If you can take your budget a little higher, you can consider buying the Sony Digital Paper which comes with a stylus. 


All eReaders on this list have WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. A necessity – you’ll want to access ebook stores or listen to audiobooks. 


An 8GB device like Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble Nook should be enough to store thousands of ebooks. Even if you’re a book hoarder, there’s enough space for a huge collection. I wouldn’t recommend buying the more expensive 32GB ones. You don’t really need that much storage capacity since an average eBook only weighs 1-3 MB.

Content Library

Amazon has the best library with millions of ebooks and audiobooks. Barnes & Noble is a close second. Kobo’s eBook store isn’t that rich, but its integration with Overdrive and Google Play lets you buy books outside Kobo.

eReader or Tablet for Reading?

The debate between eReaders and tablets lives on. Which device wins? Let’s find out!


Tablets are multifunctional, and their ample size and resolution make them qualify for e-reading. Apple Inc’s iPad, for example, is the best tablet for reading. Its eReader extension – iBooks – has similar eReader navigation, design, and an independent iBookstore. 

Android tablets are also a great counterpart. They have the best eReader apps that support an Open Publication Distribution System for public library browsing.

However, using a tablet isn’t the best for your eyes. It lacks the optimal lighting system that dedicated eReaders have. It also uses a normal display, so it just looks like you’re reading text on a screen. In terms of battery life, it’s miles away from catching up to a Kindle reader that can last for weeks.


Meanwhile, an eReader really captures the essence of reading books conveniently. After completing my eReaders comparison, most devices now use e-ink technology. It gives a solid print-like experience, and it makes reading very easy on the eyes. 

Unlike a tablet computer, eReaders let you read text from any angle or position without glare or distortion. An eReader can also adapt to any lighting, which tablets have yet to achieve. The downsides of eReaders is they only display black and white.

Tablet vs. eReader

In my opinion, even the best tablet for reading can’t compete with dedicated e-book devices. An eReader is really made for reading, while a tablet only has that as an added feature. Overall, eReaders have better reading displays, lighting technology, and battery life. Best of all, they’re much cheaper.

Wrap Up

We’ve come so far from the very first eReader, the Rocket eBook.

The plain, bulky, and short-lived device walked, so the best eReaders could run. Now we have reading gadgets that are slimwell-litwaterproof, and made to last a long time.

The 7 reader devices in this list offer everything you might need. I am certain you’ll find your next reading companion in them.

So… what will be the first book you’ll get on your new eReader?


Which ebook reader is best?

For smaller screens, the Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Clara HD are the best picks. If you want bigger displays, the Kindle Oasis and Kobo Forma get extra points because of their wide screens.

Is Kobo better than Kindle?

Kobo eReader vs Kindle is a rivalry that’s been around for ages. The Kobo Clara HD and Amazon Kindle Paperwhite are almost identical, but they beat each other out in two aspects. Kobo is more compact and packed with file integration. Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof and has a richer ebook library. Overall, Kindle is the better candidate.

Are eReaders still popular?

Very much so. Even with the rise of tablets and smartphones, there’s still a massive reading population that prefers eReaders. Amazon Kindles and Fire HD tablets share the top spot in Amazon’s electronic bestsellers.

Which is the best eReader UK?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the overall best eReader in the UK. It ranks the highest in Amazon UK’s eReader bestseller list with a stellar 4.5 rating from over 20,000 users.

Which is better, Kindle, or Kindle Paperwhite?

The best Kindle eReader to buy is Kindle Paperwhite. It’s the complete package - bigger storage, higher resolution, and better design. Plus, it’s waterproof. The glare-free display also makes it the best eReader for visually impaired individuals.

What is the best Kobo to buy?

Kobo Forma is so far the best eReader from Kobo, with a massive screen, solid resolution, and water-resistant capability.


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