10 Best Web Conferencing Software for 2022

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Updated: October 13,2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought some changes to the way we work. Web conferencing solutions are getting a record number of subscribers and downloads. 

We have analyzed and reviewed the contenders for the best web conferencing software to help you pick the best one. 

On this page you will find the top 10 web conferencing software solutions of 2022 plus:

  • The key features of a good conferencing
  • The benefits of using such a tool
  • A guide on how to find the most suitable software for your needs
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Best for: Large businesses

1. GoToMeeting

  • Meeting recording
  • Mobile conferencing
  • Microsoft and Google plugin
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Best for: Webinars

2. ClickMeeting

  • Polls and surveys
  • Reports and analytics
  • Customizable plans and pricing
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Best for: Collaboration
Microsoft Teams

3. Microsoft Teams

  • Increased visibility
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Guest access to Teams
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Best for: Offices
RingCentral Office

4. RingCentral Office

  • Easy setup
  • CRM integrations
  • Internet fax
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Best for: Education

5. Zoom

  • Breakout rooms
  • Virtual background
  • Waiting room
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Best for: Small teams
Zoho Meeting

6. Zoho Meeting

  • Polls
  • RSVP scheduling
  • Raise hand feature
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Best for: Ease of use
CyberLink U Meeting

7. CyberLink U Meeting

  • Breakout sessions
  • Background blur
  • Secure and highly encrypted
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Best for: Businesses looking for smooth web conferencing software
Cisco Webex

8. Cisco Webex

  • Call-in audio
  • Recording transcriptions
  • Customizable Webex site URL
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Best for: Value for money
Google Meet

9. Google Meet

  • Affordable
  • Live English captions
  • Free plan available
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Best for: Audio conferencing

10. Join.me

  • Single sign-on
  • Meeting lock
  • Premium support
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Best for: Large businesses

1. GoToMeeting

Meeting recording

Mobile conferencing

Microsoft and Google plugin

GoToMeeting is an excellent online meeting and video conferencing solution, especially for businesses. There are three pricing plans, and the Enterprise plan is great for those who need to host meetings with up to 3,000 participants. GoToMeeting has received many awards and it is used by Gainsight, Make-A-Wish, Marketo and many more.  


Here are some of the key features offered by GoToMeeting:

Video Meeting

GoToMeeting offers both a voice over IP and dial-in conference call service. In addition, participants can join the meeting using their phone.

The number of users that can take part in video conferencing depends on your plan. Keep in mind only 25 participants can share their webcam. 

Meeting Recording

Business and Enterprise subscribers can record their meetings and store them locally or in the cloud (where they stay for one year). Easily one of the greatest additions to a web conferencing software – you can replay the meetings as many times as you need, if you’ve missed something.

Drawing Tools

With the GoToMeeting Spotlight screen drawing tool, you can highlight, underline, sketch or annotate. It’s not only useful but fun too.

One-Click Meeting

With the GoToMeeting Microsoft or Google plugin, scheduled meetings can be integrated into your calendar and shared with participants. You’ll no longer need to write down dates or worry you’ll forget about a call. 

Smart Meeting Assistant

This feature is available in English only. If the option is enabled, meetings will automatically be transcribed. Quite useful, if you’re one of those people that love watching Netflix with subtitles.


You can create public and private chats, and if there is a need to – you can launch a meeting with a single click. It’s extremely easy to navigate.


GoToMeeting boasts having reliable HD video quality. If you have a stable internet connection and a device that meets the system requirements (4GB or more of RAM is recommended), then you should have no issues with the audio and video quality. 

We downloaded the app to test the quality of this web conferencing software – the picture was great and we had no complaints when it came to sound. 


GoToMeeting has the following security and privacy features:

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption in transit
  • AES-256 bit encryption 
  • SOC2 Type II + BSI C5 certification
  • TRUSTe Verified Privacy
  • Risk Based Authentication (e.g. login from an unauthorized device)
  • GDPR compliant
  • CCPA compliant
  • HIPAA readiness


If you prefer to test out multiple web conferencing solutions before you make your final purchase, you will be happy to hear that GoToMeeting offers a 14-day free plan

The free plan allows you to use basic features of the web app, such as hosting a 40-minute meeting, screen sharing and chat messaging.

To unlock the advanced features, such as dial-in audio, recording your meeting, hosting a longer meeting with more than three participants and even downloading the desktop app, you would need to upgrade your plan.

GoToMeeting has three pricing plans: 

  • Professional – $14/month (150 participants)

The Professional plan offers only the most basic video conferencing features: meetings with no time limits, screen sharing, messaging, Office 365 Plugin, etc. Customer care is included in this and all plans.

  • Business – $19/month (250 participants)

Besides the basic online meeting features, with the Business plan, you can unlock the meeting recording, transcription, drawing and keyboard and mouse sharing.

  • Enterprise – custom rate (up to 3,000 participants)

The Enterprise plan is more suited for companies that need to host meetings with a bigger number of participants. This plan also offers the option to connect the web conferencing software with an existing conference room system. And lastly, the sales team can offer bundle savings!


GoToMeeting seems to have it all. Great features, easy to navigate, affordable plans – what more can you ask for?

The meeting recording and mobile conferencing are definitely a big plus. Participate in calls while away from your laptop and rewatch them later, in case something remained unclear. 

What we’d like to see are more file-sharing options.

Another downside is the fact that a maximum of 25 participants can share their webcam simultaneously. If sharing your webcam is not important in your meetings, you can overlook this restriction. 

GoToMeeting has diverse plans, so you can choose what works best for you. Even their free trial version has everything you may need from an online meeting software. 

And if you are planning on hosting a webinar with up to 3,000 participants, you can get a custom rate and a bundled plan.

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Best for: Webinars

2. ClickMeeting

Polls and surveys

Reports and analytics

Customizable plans and pricing

The plans and features offered by ClickMeeting are great both for hosting online meetings and for webinars. You can create Q&As, polls, stream your live events to YouTube or Facebook, and even give out certificates of attendance. If you need to host a webinar to remember – ClickMeeting is your best bet.

But don’t let the webinar-oriented features fool you. ClickMeeting is a cool option for online meetings, too. 


Here’s what you’ll need for a great online meeting:

Video Meeting

With ClickMeeting you can host online meetings and webinars (paid and automated). Participants can also dial in using toll free phone numbers.

Only 25 participants can share their webcam in an online meeting. For webinars, the number is limited to 4 users.

Meeting Recording

A webinar hosted on ClickMeeting can be recorded, downloaded and shared. The recording storage varies depending on the plan you have chosen.

Drawing Tools

A whiteboard or drawing tool is a useful feature to look for in a webinar conferencing software. ClickMeeting boasts one of the best on the market. 

Polls & Surveys

To get feedback from your audience, you can run polls and surveys and then analyze the results. That way you can measure the success of your webinar.


You have the option to moderate a Q&A and have a private chat. Simultaneous chat translation is available in 52 languages! You won’t have to worry about misunderstandings due to language barriers ever again.


ClickMeeting offers HD video quality powered by WebRTC technology. For the best performance, you need a stable internet connection and at least 2GB of RAM, though 4GB are recommended. 

We didn’t encounter any glitches during the test for this best web conferencing software list.


ClickMeeting has implemented the following security and privacy measures:

  • 256 bit Secure Socket Layer
  • GDPR compliant
  • PCI Data Security Standard compliant


ClickMeeting has a fairly flexible pricing model. Besides offering three paid plans and a free version, plans can be customized depending on the number of attendees (upwards of 25 attendees).  

  • Live – starts at $25/month

With the Live plan, 25 participants can share their webcam at the same time. This plan includes some must-have web conferencing software features, such as screen sharing and a whiteboard. There are some extra perks, such as polls and surveys, Q&As, private chat, Facebook or YouTube streaming, integration of PayPal, Dropbox, Slack, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook etc. 

  • Automated – starts at $40/month

The Automated plan offers more file and recording storage. In addition, there are some automated features such as streaming to YouTube or Facebook, emails, as well as certificates for attendance. 

  • Enterprise – custom rate

The Enterprise plan includes all the features from the Live and Automated Plans with some extra services, such as: account manager, onboarding and training, branding services etc. 

The free online meeting tools are a mix of the features included in the Live and Automated version, and you can test them out for 30 days. 


ClickMeeting offers a variety of outstanding features and various integrations: PayPal, Slack, LinkedIn, Dropbox, YouTube, Facebook, you name it. You can stream your live event on the biggest social media platforms and even add your company logo and brand colors. 

The main drawback is the lack of support outside their business hours.

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Best for: Collaboration

3. Microsoft Teams

Increased visibility

Custom backgrounds

Guest access to Teams

Initially, Microsoft wanted to either purchase Slack or improve Skype for Business. However, launching their own meeting software turned out to be the best decision ever made. Microsoft Teams is now among the most popular online meeting software. It can be purchased as part of the Business Basic, Business Standard or Enterprise plan. 


These are the most important features and tools of the Microsoft web conferencing software:

Video Meeting

Online meetings and video conferencing meetings can be hosted with up to 300 participants. Only Office 365 E3 users can host online events with up to 10,000 participants. 

Meeting Recording

Meetings can be recorded and stored in the cloud. They are also transcribed automatically. You can always go back to the recordings if you need to refresh your memory. 

Drawing Tools

The Whiteboard can be made available to all participants, and everyone can sketch or write. A both fun and useful feature.

Custom Background

Working from home has one main drawback – you have to find a fitting setting to have a video call. You can exactly have your cat cleaning itself on the pile of laundry in the background, can you? 

Microsoft has you covered. The software allows users to blur their background or replace it with a more professional one

Raise Your Hand

This useful feature can eliminate all interruptions during a meeting: participants that want to ask a question or contribute to the meeting can raise their virtual hand up. 


For the best audio and video experience, you need a stable Internet connection and a device that meets the hardware requirements

Some users have complained about the video quality. However, this can be attributed to the increased usage of Microsoft Teams due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, there’s currently a boom in the popularity of web conferencing software.


Microsoft Teams has implemented security and privacy measures, such as: 

  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • eDiscovery (producing information needed for a lawsuit or investigation)
  • HIPAA compliant


Microsoft offers a 30-day trial of the paid versions, as well as a free version with limited features.

  • Microsoft Teams – Free

Users of the free version can have online audio and video calls, share their screen and chat. However, they cannot host online video or audio conferencing meetings or record them. Still, it’s one of the free web conferencing software options worth considering.

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic – $5 user/month

Users of this plan can host video conferencing meetings for up to 300 people. There also some additional security features and phone support is available round the clock. 

  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard – $12.50 user/month

The features of the Business Standard plan are more or less the same as those offered in the Basic plan, with the exception that this plan includes additional business apps (Bookings, MileIQ, etc).

  • Office 365 E3 – $20 user/month

The Office 365 E3 plan is the only one where users can host online events for up to 10,000 participants. 


Microsoft Teams is a service included in the Microsoft 365 package, and it is a good deal for companies that already use other Microsoft products.

The Raise Your Hand and Custom background features are great both for company meetings and educational purposes. They make the online meeting a bit more professional and eliminate interruptions of the speaker.

Lastly, if you are only looking for a free online meeting software, you can try out the standalone Microsoft Teams free version. All you need to sign up is a Microsoft email account. The features are limited, however, you can upgrade to a paid version anytime you want.

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Best for: Offices

4. RingCentral Office

Easy setup

CRM integrations

Internet fax

RingCentral Office is a business communication software which offers business phone numbers, audio conferencing, video conferencing, internet fax and phone rental options. 


These are the key features of the RingCentral Office business conferencing system:

Video Meeting

Video conferences are available in all plans, except the Essentials one. The other three options include unlimited audio conferencing. The Standard plan allows up to 100 participants per meeting, whereas the Ultimate allows up to 200 per video meeting. 

Meeting Recording

The Premium and Ultimate plan have automatic recording, while the Standard plan offers it as an on-demand feature. As it is quite a useful one, especially for businesses, we recommend adding it to your plan.

Drawing Tools

Users can open multiple Whiteboard pages in a meeting, and use the tool to draw, annotate, etc. 

Auto Attendant 

The Auto Attendant is a virtual receptionist that welcomes callers and can be set up to direct calls. You can use the default recording or record your own greeting. It’s a nice little twist to an overall great web conferencing software.


RingCentral offers HD audio and video quality. The good call quality is praised by customers in their RingCentral reviews. We were also extremely satisfied with it when testing the software.


RingCentral implants the highest level of security measures:

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption
  • Firewalls
  • Multiple authentication levels
  • HIPAA compliance


There are four RingCentral plans:

  • Essentials – $29.99/month

The Essentials plan is the most basic plan offered for business calls and messages, but you aren’t getting any video call bonuses. Not the best option, if you’re looking for a web-based video conferencing software. It is also only available for up to 20 users.  

  • Standard –  $34.99/month

The Standard plan has everything featured in the Essentials plan, plus unlimited audio conferencing and video meetings with up to 100 participants. There is also the option to integrate RingCentral with Slack, G-Suite and Office 365.

  • Premium – $44.99/month

The Premium plan includes all the features from the Standard plan, and then some. You can hold video meetings with up to 200 participants. The call recording is automatic, instead of manual, and you have the option to integrate RingCentral with Salesforce, Zendesk, etc. 

  • Ultimate – $59.99/month

The most expensive plan comes with unlimited storage, device status alerts and device status reports.

RingCentral offers a 33% discount for annual payments. There is also a discount for the Standard, Premium and Essentials plans if you purchase a plan for 100+ users.


RingCentral is a great all in one cloud video conference software, for both small companies and enterprises. It is easy to set up and use and can be integrated with the most-used business apps. Add some great features and diverse plans to the mix and you have some of the best options on the market.

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Best for: Education

5. Zoom

Breakout rooms

Virtual background

Waiting room

Breakout rooms, screen sharing, a whiteboard, a virtual background…these are only some of the free online meeting tools that make Zoom one of the best free web conferencing software solutions. If that’s not enough to convince you, then you should know that Rakuten, Okta, Nasdaq and Logitech are some of Zoom’s most notable clients. 


The following are the top video conferencing tools offered by Zoom:

Video Meeting

The number of participants able to attend a meeting depends on the plan and ranges from 100 to 1000+. The duration of the meeting is 40 minutes in the free plan. 

Meeting Recording

Users of the Basic (free) plan can only store their meetings locally. Pro and Business users have 1GB of cloud storage, and Enterprise users have it unlimited. 

Drawing Tools

The host of the meeting can share a whiteboard, and participants can annotate if they are allowed. You can also share multiple boards if you have dual monitors enabled.

Breakout Rooms

The Breakout Rooms feature is what makes Zoom one of the best video conferencing solutions for classes. The host has the option to split the participants into separate groups, which is perfect for group assignments or projects. 


There is a reason why Zoom is the most popular web conferencing software – it offers reliable and quality audio and video.  Zoom has a low latency rate and up to 720p resolution. 

For the best performance, make sure your device meets the system requirements


Zoom has recently been under fire due to security issues. Just these past few months, it turned out that anyone could join a private meeting, or that end-to-end encryption was only available in the paid plans. Fortunately, those problems have been fixed.

Past issues aside, here is how Zoom performs in terms of security:

  • Meeting passcodes
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 
  • SOC 2 (Type II) certificate 
  • GDPR, CCPA, COPPA, FERPA and HIPAA Compliant 
  • 2-Factor Authentication


Zoom offers a few services:

  • Zoom Meetings
  • Zoom Phone
  • Zoom Video Webinar
  • Zoom Rooms (30-day free trial)

For the sake of this review, we’ll focus on the Zoom Meetings plans:

  • Basic – Free

Using this plan is sort of like an unending trial. You can use the basic online meeting services, though the features are restricted. For example, you can host a meeting for up to 100 participants, but the meeting can last 40 minutes maximum. After which, all the participants will need to reconnect. 

  • Pro – $14.99/month/license (1-9 licenses)

With the Pro plan, you can use most of the Zoom Meetings features. The meeting duration is no longer limited, you can record, stream to social media, etc. You can also dial in with a traditional telephone, however, you will be charged by your telephone plan. Toll-free dial-in needs to be purchased as an add on. It’s maybe the best web conferencing software option for most people.

  • Business – $19.99/month/license (10-99 licenses)

A Business plan license costs $19.99 per month, however, you need to purchase a minimum of 10 licenses. The Business and the Enterprise plans are the only plans where phone support is included. Some additional features included (but not limited to) are cloud recording transcripts, branding, etc. 

  • Enterprise – $19.99/month/license (100+ licenses)

With the Enterprise plan, you can host meetings with up to 500 participants (1000+ with Enterprise +). The plan comes with unlimited cloud storage and a dedicated customer success manager. 


Despite certain restrictions in the Basic plan, Zoom Meetings is among the best and most used free meeting software solutions. Getting a 40-minute meeting with 100 participants is definitely a bargain. Even the paid versions are fairly affordable.

The only drawback to Zoom is the security issues. Although fixed, they still remain a sore spot. Larger companies may want to consider a different virtual meeting software.

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Best for: Small teams

6. Zoho Meeting


RSVP scheduling

Raise hand feature

Zoho Meeting is the best web conferencing software for small business teams. Its collaboration and online meeting tools are extremely affordable. Teams that only have 10 members will benefit from the free plan. The paid ones, for bigger teams, won’t break the bank either.


These are the most important meeting features offered by Zoho:

Video Meeting

Depending on your plan, you can host meetings with up to 100 attendees or webinars with 25-250 attendees. All of the participants in an online meeting can share their webcam, whereas webinar attendees will be in view and listen mode.

Meeting Recording

Subscribers of the Meeting plan have storage space for 10 meetings, and subscribers of the Webinar plan have storage space for 25 webinars. Storage space for 200 sessions costs an additional $20 per month. 

Moderator Controls

The host of the meeting can lock the meeting, mute and remove participants, and enable sound notifications. Quite useful, if there are people disrupting the peace.

Engagement Tools

You can create polls and Q&As, to raise engagement levels. Another great thing is that participants can raise their hand if they want to speak during the session. 


If you have a stable internet connection (8Mbps recommended for audio, video and screen sharing), and your device meets the system requirements, you shouldn’t have any issues with the audio and video quality of this online meeting software. 


ZohoMeeting has the following security measures and certificates:

  • TLS 1.2 transport security with AES-256-bit encryption
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • SOC 2 Type II compliant
  • GDPR compliant 


Zoho Meeting offers free video-conferencing software with limited features, as well as a 14-day trial. 

You can choose between the following plans:

  • Free

With the free version of ZohoMeeting, you can host meetings with up to 2 participants and webinars with 10 participants. If you are using the trial version, you can host meetings and webinars with up to 25 participants. You will have some basic meeting options, such as muting and unmuting the participants, sharing your screen, creating polls, etc. 

  • Meeting – $10/host/month 

The maximum number of attendees for online meetings and webinars with this plan is 100. You have access to the most needed features in a collaborative software. In addition, subscribers of this plan can record up to 10 meetings. Recording storage for 200 sessions costs an extra $20 per month. Toll-free numbers also cost $20 per month, in the Meeting and Webinar plan. 

  • Webinar – $19-79/host/month

The cost of the Webinar plan ranges from $15-63 if you are paying annually, and $19-79 if you are paying monthly. You can choose a Webinar plan for 25, 50, 100, or 250 webinar attendees. Zoho Webinar can be integrated with Zoho CRM,  Zoho Calendar, and Zoho Campaigns.


At first glance, Zoho Meeting seems to offer one of the most affordable web conference software. However, toll-free numbers and/or additional recording storage will set you back $20 per month. So, if you do need these features, you may find a better deal from one of the other web conferencing services. 

Other than that, we think Zoho Meeting is the best online video conferencing software for smaller teams.

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Best for: Businesses looking for smooth web conferencing software

8. Cisco Webex

Call-in audio

Recording transcriptions

Customizable Webex site URL

Cisco Webex offers a free version and affordable paid plans with extra features. It’s one of the best options if you’re looking for a tool that won’t break the bank. The free plan is great for smaller teams. Businesses, on the other hand, may want to upgrade to the paid plan so as to have access to customer support. 


Here is a short description of the most basic Cisco Webex features:

Video Meeting

You can host meetings with HD video quality with 100 or 200 participants (or more with the Enterprise plan). As for the audio, you can use VoIP or a dial-in number. 

Meeting Recording

You can record your meetings locally or on the cloud. However, the cloud storage available depends on your plan. 

App Integrations

You can connect Cisco Webex Meetings with a wide variety of apps. They include:

  • Google Calendar 
  • Microsoft Calendar
  • Slack 
  • Facebook Live
  • Box

And more. 


The Cisco Webex Meetings doesn’t let down in terms of audio and video performance. For a high-quality video, the attendee needs to have a stable Internet connection otherwise, the video from their webcam stream will have lower quality. 


Cisco Webex Meetings is compliant with :

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation, 
  • California Consumer Privacy Act, 
  • Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and Personal Health Information Protection Act.

Cisco Webex Meetings also has the following certificates:

  • ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018
  • SOC 2 Type II Attestation, SOC 3,+ C5
  • FedRAMP


Cisco Webex has a free version and four paid plans: 

  • Free

The free Cisco Webex is a pretty decent conference software, which may even be enough for your needs. You can host 50-minute meetings with up to 100 participants. Most free online video conferencing solutions have a 20 or 40-minute limit. In addition, you can record meetings, chart, raise your virtual hand, create polls, use an interactive whiteboard, etc. You only get online support – though throwing in phone support would make this free plan too good to be true. 

  • Starter – $14.95/month/host 

The Starter plan has all the features included in the Free plan, and then some. The duration of the meetings is not limited and you can also get 5GB of cloud storage. You also get 24/7 support and some additional features, such as calendar integrations, advanced meeting controls, user management, etc. 

  • Plus – $19.95/month/host

The extra features in the Plus plan are a customizable Webex site URL, administrative portal, analytics and troubleshooting options, etc. 

  • Business – $29.95/month/host

The Business plan is targeted at larger teams and businesses, as you can host meetings with up to 200 participants. You also get 10 GB of cloud storage, branding and customization and some other features. 

  • Enterprise – custom rate 

The Enterprise plan is customizable and has more options. To get a rate, you would need to contact the sales team. 


Cisco offers a fully functional free web conferencing software – with only a few limitations when compared to the paid plan. If you don’t mind the 50-minute cap, then you can hold a meeting with 100 participants, share your screen, chat, and even create polls. Frankly, it offers more than many of the other free options we tried.

By upgrading your plan to the paid version, you get access to 24/7 support and can hold meetings that last up to 24 hours. There are other additional features in the paid plan that you may want to use, however even the free plan will provide you with the most basic functions you need from a virtual conference software.

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Best for: Value for money

9. Google Meet


Live English captions

Free plan available

Google Meet (formerly Google Hangouts Meet) is a video conferencing software that can be purchased as part of G Suite Essentials or G Suite Enterprise, which are Google’s business plans. Google also offers a specialized plan – the G Suite for Education, which is one of the best web conferencing solutions for education. Then again, you can use it for free – if the limitations are not an issue.


The following are the Google Meet features that stand out the most: 

Video Meeting

With Google Meets you can make high quality audio or video calls with up to 250 participants. You can join a call using the app or by calling the dial-in number. 

Live Streaming 

This feature is only available to G Suite Enterprise users. You can stream a live event in your domain to 100,000 viewers. 

Live Closed English Captions

Live captions are only available for English speakers. If you record the session, the captions won’t be featured in the recording. It’s a bit disappointing.

Noise Cancellation 

This is another feature that is only available to G Suite Enterprise users. When this feature is enabled, background noise that isn’t speech will be filtered. A very neat addition.


The noise cancellation feature in Google Meets increases the audio quality. Google Meet also adjusts your network speed, to increase the quality of your calls. 

If you are experiencing any issues on your calls, Google has a troubleshooting guide. Paid subscribers can also contact support to resolve their issues. 


Some security features are included in the free plan too, however the G Suite Enterprise plan offers the most security features (encryption in transit and at rest, two factor authentication etc).

Google is SOC 1/2/3 certified, GDPR compliant, and has other security certificates. 


Google offers one free plan and two paid plans:

  • Free

You can hold one hour meetings with up to 100 participants. There aren’t a lot of features available, besides the most basic video conferencing services: sharing your screen, inviting external users and live english captions. 

  • G Suite Essentials – $8/active user/month

The G Suite includes Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets and Google Drive. The maximum number of participants is 150 and you can dial in with a US or international number. You also get 24/7 support and 100 GB per user storage in Google Drive. 

  • G Suite Enterprise – custom rate 

G Suite Enterprise users can hold meetings with up to 250 participants. This plan comes with additional features, such as intelligent noise cancellation, live streaming, plus extra security and privacy features. G Suite Enterprise users are the only ones with priority support (1 hour for critical issues). 


The good thing about G Suite is that you can pick your plan depending on your needs. The G Suite Essentials and G Suite Enterprise are targeted at businesses. Yet, Google also has two specialized products: G Suite for Education and G Suite for Healthcare. The education suite also includes the Jamboard – an interactive whiteboard.

It is an affordable video conference app for 100-250 participants.

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Best for: Audio conferencing

10. Join.me

Single sign-on

Meeting lock

Premium support

The most affordable Join.me plan can only be used for audio conferencing with up to 5 participants. It’s a great option for smaller teams that don’t need to video chat. The other plans offer web conferencing services allowing up to 10 webcam streams, cloud storage and toll-free numbers.

Join.me is one of the few solutions that offer special discounted pricing for non-profit organizations. So, if you are one, you just might be a match made in heaven.


These are the conferencing tools that Join.me can offer: 

Video Meeting

Lite subscribers can only hold audio conferences however, Pro and Business subscribers can share their webcam. Mobile conferencing is an option, and you can join the meeting as a guest. 

Personal Link and Background 

You can customize your personal link and instead of sending a meeting ID made up of numbers, it can represent the name of your company or the topic of the meeting. The custom background allows you to add a brand logo, or something creative. It’s a really nice way to personalize the experience.

Meeting Lock and User Management 

The Meeting Lock and User Management features give you more control over who can join the meeting – making it more secure.


Join.me subscribers can use toll-free numbers or VoIP to join the meeting. 

You need a stable internet connection for a good quality call – and if you are experiencing issues, you can try turning off your camera. 


Join.me boasts of using 256-bit TLS encryption and keeping your data as secure as online banks. 

Pro and Business users also have access to some additional security features, such as meeting code (random code assigned to each user) and meeting lock (participants need to ‘knock’ to join the meeting). 


You can choose between the following three plans of Join.me:

  • Lite – $10/user/month 

The Lite plan is not exactly a video web conferencing software – meeting participants cannot share their webcams. With this plan, 5 participants can join a meeting using VoIP or their phone. Basic meeting features are included, such as screen sharing, messaging, file sharing, remote mouse control, etc. Subscribers also get premium customer care (phone and email). 

  • Pro – $20/user/month

The Pro plan gives users access to all the Lite features, plus toll-free numbers, the option to record meetings and store them on the cloud (50GB storage), Outlook and Google plugins, and the option to draw on the shared screen. With this plan, you can hold meetings with up to 250 participants and have 10 webcam streams. 

  • Business – $30/user/month

The Business plan is targeted at larger organizations. Users can control the features available for users, import users by uploading a .CSV file, and they also get 1TB of cloud storage.

Join.me offers special discounted pricing for non-profit organizations:

  • Pro – $13/user/month 
  • Business – $20/user/month 


Both Join.me and GoToMeetings are communications & collaborations softwares from LogMeIn, fit for remote meetings. The features and the pricing plans are similar however, Join.me works better for smaller teams.

The Lite plan is for audio conferences only, though users can share their screens, send files, and lock the meeting. 

To unlock the extra features that would turn Join.me into a great web conferencing platform, you would need to upgrade to the more expensive plans.

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What Is a Web Conference Software?

A web conference software is a product that allows people to hold a virtual web conference. Participants can connect to an online conference or meeting using their computer (VoIP) or by telephone.

What Are the Key Features of the Best Web Conferencing Software?

The most basic feature you need from a remote collaboration and communication software is obviously the video conference call. The number of participants that can attend the call and share their webcam depends on your needs. For example, if you need a conferencing system to hold a webinar, you don’t have to have all the attendees share their video. 

Putting aside need-specific features, here are the must-have features of the best video conferencing systems:

In-app chat

A private and a group chat can come in handy for attendees that are experiencing technical issues. The group chat is great for sharing links and files related to the meeting.  Most solutions should also offer the option to have a private chat with certain attendees, which is indispensable both for companies and online classes. 

Screen sharing

Most online meetings are held with the purpose of sharing information. Look for screen sharing, virtual whiteboard and the options to annotate or underline the shared information – they are must-haves for any good collaboration software. 

Meeting Recording 

Important meetings require a virtual trail – where all of the key points mentioned in the meeting can be accessed and shared with the participants. 

Ease of access 

How easy it is to join a meeting? Can guests join the meeting using your link? Is the software browsers based or an app? Can participants join the meeting using a smartphone? If the meeting is mandatory, a virtual meeting that is hard to access will frustrate your employees or students, but a voluntary webinar that is hard to access can cost you, attendees.

What Are the Benefits of Web Conferencing Software?

These are the main benefits of using a conferencing solution:

Saves money on travel

Business travel can be almost eliminated for certain industries. Companies can save money on flights, accommodation and expenses. Not to mention, people won’t have to leave the comfort of their cities.

Saves resources 

Some companies don’t have a big conferencing room on their premises where they can hold large meetings or trainings. And those that do, sometimes have scheduling conflicts. Furthermore, conference rooms require hardware in order to conduct meetings and training. 

Improves training 

With all the collaborative tools offered by conferencing solutions, virtual training has become even better in some aspects than traditional training. This is especially true if you need to train employees on how to use a certain software – they will be able to follow all steps on their screen. 

Improves team collaboration 

If your company has offices in multiple locations, then a web conferencing software can allow your employees to communicate and collaborate in a convenient way.  Some companies also have employees that work remotely, so a meeting tool can help with communication.

How To Choose the Best Web Conferencing Software?

Here is a simple guide on how to find the best video conferencing software for your needs:

Consider the number of participants 

Each plan has restrictions on the number of participants that can attend a meeting and share their webcam. Consider the number of employees, students, or members that need to attend your meeting, before choosing a plan.

Find out what type of devices you are using 

Are the members using company computers running on Windows or macOS? Do you need to reach your employees on their work phone? Find out which OS works best for all participants. 

Consider your budget 

Plans can be billed monthly or annually, and some even offer a discount if you pay annually. However, not everyone needs a separate plan – certain participants can only use the free online meeting tools. Some conferencing solutions allow you to send the link to guests. Find out how many users will need a paid plan and what’s your budget for all users. 

Make a list of your key features 

What are the must-have features you are looking for? Do you need a virtual whiteboard? Do you need 24/7 support or support during business hours? Make a list of everything that is non-negotiable. 

Read web conferencing software reviews

Check out customer reviews that aren’t featured on the official website of the company, for unbiased opinions. And also, have a look at a list of web conferencing software solutions made by expert reviewers.

Wrap Up

The best web conferencing software for you is the one that meets your individual requirements. We have made a curated list featuring only the best of the best – yet in the end, it is best to use it as a buyer’s guide and test out the products on your own, before reaching a final decision. 

And if you have your eye on one of our suggested tools – give them a try. Most offer a free trial, usually long enough to impress you.


What is the most popular video conferencing software?

The most popular web conferencing software solution is Zoom. In a blog post in April 2020, Zoom stated that they surpassed 300 million daily meeting participants. As a comparison, in the same month Microsoft Teams had 200 million daily meeting participants.

What is the best free video conferencing software?

We have included several of the best free video conferencing solutions of 2022 in our list: Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Google Meets. All three of these products allow you to host 40 to 60 minute meetings with up to 100 participants.

What is the easiest video conferencing software to use?

An easy to use software would be one with a simple interface, or one that you recognize. So, for example, if you use G Suite frequently, then you would find that Google Meet is simple to navigate for you. 

For beginners, we would say that the best web conferencing software would be GoToMeeting and Join.me, as they are intuitive enough. Both of these are LogMeIn products. U Meeting by CyberLink is also easy to use, as the interface is minimalistic.

What is the safest video conferencing software?

The safest and most secure web conferencing software solutions are those that offer an Enterprise plan. We have included several on our list, such as GoToMeeting, ClickMeeting, RingCentral, Zoho Meeting and Cisco Webex.


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