10 Best Electric Bikes for 2022

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Updated: October 05,2022

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We went looking for the best electric bikes and found the 10 leading models for 2022. 

We focused on:

  • Price
  • Style
  • Battery range
  • Speed and power
  • Additional features

Read our overview, guides, and reviews, so you can find the best electric bike for you!

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Best for: Best rated electric bike for 2022
Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL 2020 Carbon Electric Road Bike
At A Glance






Premium carbon

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Looking at the S-Works Creo SL, you wouldn’t think it was anything more than a well-designed endurance road bike. However, hidden behind its aerodynamic and stylish frame is a luxury e-road machine that packs 240W of power and can reach speeds of 28MPH! This helps make it our pick for the best all round ebike on the market. However, it does command a price tag of $13,500, so it’s not for everyone’s budget.

The frame uses Specialized’s 11r FACT grade carbon, making it extremely lightweight and durable but also comfy to ride. Moreover, the Futureshock 2.0 stem on the front increases comfort and has a dial that lets you choose the amount of compression. Adjust it tight for straight tarmac or let it loose for gravel and bumpy surfaces, resulting in a smooth experience whatever the environment. 

The frame also gives the wheels lots of clearance and you can go up to a 42mm wide tire in a 700c, along with 650B wheels. In other words, you can ride comfortably on any surface. Sizes range from small to XXL. 

There’s one gear at the front and 11 at the back, thanks to Shimano’s top-end DURA-ACE Di2 groupset, with an XDR rear derailleur. The gear range is wide enough for off-roading and practically any purpose.  

The DURA-ACE 9170 shifters provide excellent grip and ergonomics. They are attached to the S-Works hover bar, which is slightly higher than the standard. This forces you into a more upright position, adding to your overall comfort. 

DURA-ACE’s hydraulic disc brakes ensure superior stopping power considering the extra weight from the Specialized SL 1.1 motor. You get a range of roughly 80 miles, depending on the mode. However, the included extender helps you further the range, giving you another 40 miles before you need to charge. 

You control everything using a simple panel at the front of the frame – below the handlebars and the stem. There’s an on/off switch, a battery-life indicator, and you can choose from three different modes. They match 35%, 60%, or 100% of your input at the top setting. This bike is perfect for hill climbing and is equally enjoyable and steady on the downside. 

The S-Works Creo SL is definitely up there as one of the best-rated electric bikes 2022 has to offer. If you have the budget, this model holds strong. Our only nitpick is that the electric motor can be a little noisy.

Best for: Electric bicycles for off-roading
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Handling and traction




Battery range


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Cannondale markets the Topstone Neo Lefty 3 as a gravel bike, and it does perfectly on rough and gravelly terrain. It’s one of the best off-road electric bike options.

It absorbs impacts with air-sprung 30mm telescopic forks. Moreover, you can dial in the rebound to your liking, which is off-limits on most competitor models. You also get 30mm of Kingpin flex at the back. This makes it a full suspension class, and it can handle pretty much anything coming its way. On the other hand, you can lock out the suspension if you’re riding on the road. Then, if you go over something too bumpy, it will automatically reengage, which is a nice safety feature.

This lightweight electric bike has adopted the Topstone frame to accommodate a 500W/hour Bosch motor system. It has great battery range, and you can expect to use about 40-50% of the battery over 40 miles. Even more exciting is its 28MPH top speed – the ebike legal limit in the US.

This high torque will help you scramble up those steep off-road inclines. However, the assist can feel a bit unnatural if you’re used to pedals.

With this much power, the bike gets fast quickly. Adrenaline junkies will appreciate this acceleration, while those who prefer a relaxing country ride might feel like they’re losing control. Nonetheless, the GRX brakes will always handle the weight. 

It also rocks four power modes: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo. Power increases through each of these respectively. 

Tour may be the best option for those who want more pedal control and less kick from the motor. Turbo allows you to let the motor do the work on easy climbs, like a straight tarmac hill. You’ll still benefit from it on off-road hills, but Sport and Tour modes give you more precision. 

Everything – from the motor to the chain and components – is surprisingly silent for a gravel bike. 

The Lefty 3 comes with 650B wheels and can fit up to 700C. However, the stock wheels and tires are a bit on the flimsy side for an off-road electric bike. At the very least, you might want to get some wider tires than the 42mm Cannondale provides. 

You can pick it up for $4,250 brand new. Its carbon frame and Bosch motor are mostly what bumps up the price.

Best for: Commuter ebike
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Battery range


Perfect for


Build quality


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The E+ Pro 2 from the Giant FastRoad series is one of the best electric bikes for commuters. It allows you to improve your health and complete your journey smoothly. Furthermore, if you get tired or face a difficult incline, its motor is powerful enough to handle it.

It also comes with a light aluminum frame and hydraulic disk brakes, keeping you safe and stable without being needlessly weighty.

The stock tires have plenty of give and can withstand a bit of off-roading. However, the fork is very firm, and there’s no springy suspension to help you on the trails. Giant designs it for road use, and this is one of the best hybrids for speeding down the tarmac.

Style-wise, it’s gray, and we find it rugged and handsome. It hides the battery and motor nicely within the thick curve of the underframe. Furthermore, it uses a Giant SyncDrive Pro motor with an integrated lithium-ion battery, capable of 250W of power at 375Wh. This results in a top speed of 15.5MPH from the throttle – the legal limit in the UK. You can travel over 70 miles on a single charge when set to Eco mode.

This top electric bike gives you high-quality Shimano shifters and a compact chain system with zero clanking. Furthermore, the wide cassette at the rear offers plenty of gears to tackle the hills when coupled with the 80Nm of torque and 360% of tunable assist.

Assist kicks in via PedalPlus 6-sensor technology, which detects the amount of assist you need in relation to how hard you seem to be pedaling. Is it perfect? No, but when pedaling on flat surfaces, you won’t feel much of anything. Hit a steep incline or even headwind, and you can clearly feel the boost in energy. It’s a great feeling to get the heart pumping, but overdoing it on the way to work might not be ideal.

The transition is also really smooth. You won’t notice it on either side as the power evenly jumps in and out. Your average cheap electric bike can be quite abrupt in this aspect.

Instead of a panel on the frame or bar, you get an LED RideControl One remote. It’s a small keypad that switches modes and shows you the battery life. You can glean even more info from the accompanying smartphone app. It includes maps, pedaling cadence, average speed, etc. However, this probably isn’t something you should be playing with while riding. 

The E+ PRO 2 has a solid wheelset with Maxxis Re-Fuse 700 x 32c gravel tires, so you can get a bit of country riding in without trouble. Moreover, traction is good, whatever the weather. 

The sport-style saddle may not fit everyone’s taste, but you can easily change it to a more comfortable alternative. 

If you’re looking for a fast and stylish hybrid commute, you can purchase this for around $4,000.

Best for: Electric city bike
Electric Bike Company Model Y
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Town bike look






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Even though the Model Y is essentially a town cruiser, it’s quite powerful. It tucks the hub motor securely within the gearing of the rear wheel, producing 1,000-watts peak power. It does all the hard work, so you don’t have to. At this capacity, it’s one of the best value ebike options. You can pick it up for less than $2,000.

It’s a pedal-assist with a throttle, effortlessly taking you to 20MPH. The throttle then cuts out, and you can go over 20MPH with pedaling. However, EBC didn’t design it for fitness fanatics and the swept-back frame and thick wheels aren’t for going off-road. You get Schwalbe Fat Frank tires in black or brown trim color options. They’re a soft 26 inches with a 2.35-inch width, giving some good clearance. However, there’s no fork give at all, so keep it on the tarmac or flat trails.  

It cleverly hides the battery under a traditional front basket, which can hold up to 50lbs of cargo. The weight dispersion from the motor in the rear wheel to the battery in the front, makes for a well-balanced experience. You also get a traditionally low frame that takes little effort to step over.

There are several levels to the throttled pedal-assist. Level One will take you up to roughly 11MPH, Level Two jumps to 13MPH, Level Three is about 15MPH, four is 18MPH, and five takes you to 20MPH. 

Considering all that power, the 5 Star hydraulic disk brakes have excellent stopping ability. Moreover, the aluminum alloy levers have adjustable reach.

The Model Y allows you to choose between a single or dual-battery setup, so you can really extend your range for those long town or beach cruising days. As standard, you get about 80 miles before you need to charge. 

What makes it stand out the most is the customizable options. Colors alone are endless, and you can choose all combinations for each component. Have a bright red rear rack, yellow frame, and blue rims if you really want to. It’s simply one of the coolest ebikes we’ve seen.

The wide cruiser-style handlebars are adjustable. You can raise or lower them to change the angle for the natural position of your arms. You also get a wide, spring-loaded padded saddle – arguably the most comfortable seat available on an ebike. The company even makes it from real leather. Moreover, you can upgrade to a suspension saddle post for even more comfort.

Another standout feature is the real wooden chain guard and fender options. If you go for a good color combination, it wouldn’t look out of place on an East Village film set. 

The LCD in the center of the handlebars works equally well in bright and low-light environments. It displays the remaining battery, current and average speed, and traveled distance. 

It’s not a touchscreen, but the power controls are just on the left handlebar. You must hold down the bottom arrow to turn the pedal-assist on, which eliminates the risk of lurching forward when you first get on the bike. 

In conclusion, the Electric Bike Company Model Y is a fun, highly customizable ebike, and our pick for the best electric bike with throttle for town riding.

Best for: Folding electric bike for 2022
Charge City Electric Bike
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Universally appealing

Great for the city




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The City version of Charge’s electric bike range has a modest look with wide appeal. At a top speed of 20MPH, you can stay safe on those busy city roads, thanks to the 160mm rotor disc brakes.

Furthermore, it provides pedal assistance with a throttle, front and rear lights, and its removable lock-in battery lasts 50 miles on a single charge.

You will need to assemble the bike yourself, but the company ships it in 100% recyclable materials, and it only needs one tool, which is in the box. The folding handlebars and pedals make it perfect for storage in tight spaces.

Once on the streets, it’s a pleasure to ride. You feel in control, and the high-end features like the puncture-resistant Goodyear tires and Shimano shifters give you that added luxury you won’t find elsewhere. The easy-to-read display is on the left handlebar. It shows the battery life, speed, trip distance, and current mode. It has simple “plus” and “minus” buttons and a main “power/ok” button for the menu. 

Our main gripe is that the foldable pedals feel slightly unstable and spongy. Furthermore, other electric bikes reviews point out that gear shifting is sometimes unreliable. That can be an issue when you suddenly need the pedal-assist and easy uphill gears. 

Extras include mudguards, a luggage rack toward the rear, and a handy kickstand. Altogether, the lightweight aluminum frame and components only come to 45lbs, while the bike itself can withstand riders with luggage up to 300lbs. Watch out for those fenders, though – they tend to rub on the tires and make some noise.

If your main goal is to get from A to B, you might as well use the throttle at the highest setting when on flat city tarmac. Crank it down if you want to do more work yourself. On the other hand, if you aren’t used to riding, going uphill full throttle can still be a battle for your legs. That “get there and back, no sweat” marketing moniker might not be quite accurate. However, it will have you riding hills you wouldn’t even attempt on a normal bike, so it’s still worth it. 

To conclude, the Charge City is a good all-rounder and our pick for the best folding electric bike. Only a few hiccups keep it from the top of the rankings. Its MSRP is $1,699.

Best for: Performing lightweight ebike
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Very light


Understated look


Great for


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The SL 4.0 has one of the best ranges on our list. You get 80 miles out of its 320KWH battery, which you can extend to 120 miles with an upgrade. However, it’s not the fastest, reaching barely 15MPH, despite the name “Turbo”. 

With this reliable commuter, you’ll look good as you ride to work. Its cabling routes through a lightweight aluminum frame. You also get a rear derailleur to stop the chain from rattling around. Despite the lightness, you always feel in control, thanks to the 38C tires from Pathfinder Sport and the Shimano Dura gearing system. Moreover, its Tektro hydraulic disc brakes have 160mm rotors and lots of stopping power

On the road, it’s nice and maneuverable, and you still feel in control if you go over the limit and the motor cuts out. At just 34lbs, it’s one of the best electric bikes 2022 has to offer in terms of lightness. 

At first glance, the steep seat angle looks like it might be uncomfortable, especially for those of us with short arms. However, it keeps good posture and forces you into the perfect position for steeper inclines. 

The bars are 680mm – not so wide that you feel like a cruiser and not so narrow that you want to stand on the pedals. They also navigate equally well in crowded cities and out on the road.

As a top electric bike, it gets a custom-made Specialized SL 1.1 motor that supports three modes. You set them via the handlebar controls or a second unit on the top of the frame. The former is easier to access – you only need to flick your thumb. 

Eco mode gives 35% of assistance, which is great for flat surfaces or when you need some exercise. Sports mode boosts assistance to 60% and is a good all-around mode for commuting. You’re not completely coasting, but you’re also not going to work up a sweat. Turbo provides 100% assistance. 

Regardless of the primary mode, when you face an incline, you can hit Boost to get that extra kick from the motor and reach the peak without having to pedal hard. 

One feature worth mentioning is the headlight. While many bikes come with lights, this one is particularly bright. It’s 210Lumens and will easily light up the road and warn drivers of your presence at night. 

The SL 4.0 also comes with the Specialized Mission Control mobile app. This lets you track tons of stats like your average speed, distance traveled, the average percentage of motor assist, battery level, and more. You can also track your journey with maps. The standout feature is the ability to custom-tune each mode. I.e., if you find Sports’s 60% assistance too much, you could lower it to 45%. On the other hand, auto mode will provide just the right assistance for your preset journey, so the battery doesn’t run out.

Overall, the SL 4.0 is an excellent lightweight option, but at $3,600 it’s not the most affordable electric bike.

Best for: Ebikes in 2022 for speed and range
Delfast Top
At A Glance

Pedaling necessary



Up to 50MPH

Braking system


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Ukrainian manufacturer Delfast’s flagship Top bridges the gap between an ebike and a traditional scooter or motorbike. It handles well in a high traffic city and also off the road. It’s powerful enough to forget about pedaling, and couriers use it all day in different environments. 

When we say all day, we mean it. Delfast currently holds the Guinness World Record for ebike battery life, and the latest 3.0 model can give you up to 230 miles on a single charge

It’s also one of the highest-rated electric bikes for speed, reaching 50MPH by throttle alone. At a price of just over $6,000, it’s in the range of an entry-level European motorcycle, and in many ways, it performs like one. 

The first thing you’ll notice is its unique look. It draws inspiration from combustion engine dirt bikes but is light and trim like a mountain bike. It comes in matte black, white, orange, red, and racing blue. 

It’s just 154lbs and can carry up to 300lbs. This ability to withstand weight extends to its overall durability. Delfast manufactures it from high-strength tubular steel, fully securing the battery unit. You could drop it on its side or give it a good boot, and it’s not going to dent.

Delfast engineers everything for durability and safety. There’s more than enough stopping power in the 203mm hydraulic disks provided by Tektro. It holds up the front end with a set of fully adjustable DNM Volcano inverted 8S forks, which provide 8 inches of give. It eats potholes, curbs, and rocks for breakfast and can easily handle going downhill on a dirt road. The raised front fender is reminiscent of a motocross bike. Of course, if you’re in an urban environment, it does just as good at protecting the wheel from the rain.

You get a DNM Burner RCP-2S downhill racing shock absorber at the back end. Next to it is the motor – housed in the wheel hub. It’s a QS 205 V3, with a class-leading peak power of 6000W with a steady supply of 3000W. It’s also certified IP54, making it resistant to dust, rain, wind, and temperature extremes.

Pedaling on the Delfast Top is more about assisting the motor at the beginning than the motor assisting your pedaling. You help it reach a few miles per hour, then the motor takes off, and you’ll forget the pedals are there. It becomes a fully electric bike. In mode five, you don’t even need to pedal to start at all. The carbon driving belt further reminds you this is not a bicycle, as do the motorcycle tires.

The controls and handlebar setup are immediately familiar to motorcycle riders too. From the blinkers to the horn, they’re exactly where you’d expect. It also has bunny ear mirrors to let you know what’s happening around you.

The five different power modes equate to the amount of acceleration you desire. Keeping it in mode five turns it into an actual motorbike. There’s even a regenerative braking mechanism that gives charge if you find yourself in the red zone. 

In conclusion, the Delfast Top is a fast, powerful, and durable ebike – a one-of-a-kind model that brings everything together in a great-looking build.

Best for: Electric bike for the money
Aventon Aventure
At A Glance

Top speed


Battery range


Value for money


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You can pick up the Aventure from Aventon for $2,000, making it our pick for best ebike for the money. It comes in three sizes to suit short and tall adults and is easy to assemble, including the required tools in the box. It only takes a few minutes of screwing and mounting to get everything in position.

It has one of the best color LCDs on any ebike, sitting prominently in the center of the handlebars. It displays your speed, battery life, trip distance, and current mode. Toggle through to see how much CO2 you’re reducing and how many trees you’re saving by traveling electric. It’s not a touch screen, though, with the menu buttons on the left handlebar. 

By default, these popular electric bikes top out at 20MPH, but you can change the settings to 28MPH, making it a class 3. The 750W rear hub motor has more than enough power to get you going. You can either use the pedal assist with 5 different modes or go full throttle once you reach 7MPH. The main criticism is that throttle mode is too fast for some hard-to-navigate trails, so you can end up using the pedals in off-road scenarios.

Nonetheless, the default “fat” tires keep you stable on rough terrain, along with the thick, durable frame and front suspension fork. It absorbs 80mm, so you can handle inner-city curbs or off-road bumps. You can even lock out the suspension if you want a stiffer experience on a flat tarmac surface. 

Its front and rear fenders stave off bites and dirt while commuting. Moreover, you can add a rear cargo rack and a front basket at an extra cost.  

The Ah battery is 48 volts that fits securely into the bike’s frame and can only be released with a key. If you use multiple modes and lots of throttle, you can expect lower than the advertised 45-mile range, but its performance is still impressive. Plus, you can ride in manual pedal mode if it ever conks out on you.

The Aventure also includes a front headlight and a rear light on the side of the frame that doubles as a braking light. It’s the only model in our top 10 electric bikes to have this feature.

You can connect to the bike using your smartphone and the accompanying app. This provides even more details on the bike’s status and logs previous data. You can even share photos directly through the app. 

One drawback compared to other electronic cycles is its weight which comes in at 73lbs. There’s no carrying it up any stairs, and it doesn’t fold away.

To conclude, we recommend the Aventon Aventure for anyone who needs a good value ebike that’s comfortable and durable. It can easily transition from the road to the trails if you’re willing to do some pedaling when you get there.

Best for: Midrange all-rounder
Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus
At A Glance



Top speed




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One of the best utility ebike models, the first thing you’ll notice about the RadRunner Plus is its long bench. This makes it ideal for riders with long legs, but also suits passengers and comes with a full kit to support them. It includes an extended fender to protect the passenger’s legs, plus foldable footrests. It accommodates a single adult passenger or a couple of small children. However, make sure to check your local laws regarding bike passengers.

The Plus model introduces a front suspension fork to absorb curbs, bumps, and mild off-roading. The low frame design doesn’t quite suit “mountain biking” but it has a wide puncture-resistant 3.3-inch tire base that can handle easier trails. You can cut across parks while commuting or take on light gravel roads and dry dirt tracks, no problem. 

The display is front and center between the handlebars. It features an odometer, your speed, mode, current power usage in watts, and battery life. The 674Wh battery unlocks from the frame to charge separately or while in place. You achieve between 25 and 45 miles on a full charge depending on how much you rely on the motor.

At $1,899, it’s one of the best value electric bikes we’ve seen, considering its high build quality and capabilities.

Further design features include a kickstand, a fender set to keep things clean, a front headlamp with side visibility, and lots of mounting spots for additional accessories. These include everything from a covered storage trunk to a child safety seat. 

The 750W hub motor in the back wheel helps get you up to 20MPH, even with passengers and a weight of up to 300lbs. It has an easy hand throttle, and standard pedal assist, with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain. You can cruise around, tackle hills, and set the assist low to improve your fitness. Furthermore, you’re safe in the hands of the Tektro Aries 180mm disk brakes. 

If there’s one criticism, that’s the weight, but you can expect that from a “utility bike” with lots of features and a big battery. It also has a vintage look, with a lower frame, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Overall, it’s a good multi-tasker that appeals to everyone except the most enthusiastic off-roaders.

Best for: BMX riders
Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike
At A Glance


Chunky off-road

The leading electric BMX



Over 18MPH

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The EB-6 Bandit is the most popular electric bike among BMX enthusiasts. It’s small and compact, like a regular BMX, and has chunky 20 x 4-inch tires suitable for going off-road. Moreover, the lack of a suspension fork helps absorb bumps.

In a regular riding stance, an adult’s knees will be higher than the handlebars, making it less than ideal for commuting. Of course, it’s possible, but you’ll get more out of it when navigating difficult trails that require fast weaving and standing up on the pedals. Its small size also makes it a good option for older children and teenagers who may already be interested in a BMX.

Our main gripe is the poor stock saddle. It’s just not comfortable, and you’ll probably want to replace it with something more padded.

The EB-6’s motor is 350 watts and can reach a top speed of 18.6MPH. We like that you can accelerate via a twist-grip throttle or through a “pedal to go” mode. Then, once you get up to speed, the assist kicks in. 

It features a seven-gear push-button system from Shimano and an MF-TZ21 freehub for coasting after you’ve stopped pedaling. Although the best electric bikes on the market tend towards hydraulics, you can still adequately come to a halt via the dual lever-actuated disc brakes.

It encases the battery between the seat stem and the back wheel. The frame holds it in place, preventing damage if you lay or drop it on its side. Moreover, the battery won’t shake loose or get in the way if you do tricks or go airborne. 

The bike’s 20-mile range when using the throttle alone is also not bad at all. An indicator shows the remaining battery life, and you can charge it in position or by itself. If you have lots of juice left, but your phone doesn’t, you can hook the device up to the battery via USB to give it a boost. 

Other features include a kickstand, classic bell, and a single power button. There’s also a small display on the right handlebar, which tells you the current speed along with the battery life. 

To conclude, the Swagtron EB-6 Bandit has cornered the BMX/ebike market, and at just $999 it’s also the best budget electric bike model on our list.  

What Are the Benefits of Ebikes?

The benefits of riding good electric bikes are innumerable. Here are the most obvious and some you might not have expected:

Healthier than motorcycles

Traditional motorbikes and scooters still have their place, but you’re missing the cardiovascular benefits unless you’re putting foot to pedal at some point along your journey. In short, an ebike is better for your health and fitness, which is one of the many reasons to give one a go.

Good for the environment

Not only is an ebike healthier for you, but it’s also better for your carbon footprint and the environment as a whole. Yes, you might need a charging outlet, but this pales in comparison to the emissions your average motorbike or car produces. You can be more environmentally conscious by making the switch to an electric-powered cycle. 

Cheaper than a motorbike

Even the best ebikes are cheaper than the average motorcycle. So if you’re looking to switch to two wheels, it makes more financial sense to go for an ebike than a motorbike. Furthermore, you’ll reap all the health and environmental benefits as well.   

Less physical endurance required than a regular cycle

Although you can get a good pedaling in, not everyone has the physical capabilities to do it everywhere they go. Cycling to work seems like a good idea, but you might turn up exhausted and sweaty if the journey is too strenuous.  

An electric bike will allow you to rest during your journey and rely on the motor instead of your efforts. By the same token, replacing a traditional cycle with an electric one might encourage you to take trips you otherwise wouldn’t due to the amount of energy required. 

Self-charging is emerging 

It used to be a bit of a myth that electric bicycles were self-charging or would charge while you pedal. This still isn’t the norm for the best ebikes of 2022, but it’s becoming more common to feature regenerative systems. E.g., the regenerative braking on the Delfast Top, which prolongs battery power.

However, the standard way to charge an ebike is to remove the rechargeable batteries and use the supplied adapter to charge it via a standard wall outlet. Therefore, it’s still not renewable energy. Just better than the alternatives. 

You’ll now find a charging station in many cities.

They don’t look weird anymore

For a long time, electric bikes were chunky and impractical, not the kind of cycle you’d see an enthusiast zooming down the road on. In 2022 that’s all changed. You can find designs for commuting. There are models for country road racers and mountain bikers. And even the most casual riders have ample options. Ebikes are lighter and better looking than ever.


The best cycling spots are not always near your home, and you sometimes have to travel to your riding location. Fortunately, many ebikes are light, foldable, and easily portable, so you can put them in the trunk of your car or store them away without taking up too much space. 

Electronic Bikes Rules and Regulations

Over the years, there has been some controversy around the battery powered bike. How should it be classified? Should the rider obtain a license? Fortunately, most electric bicycle laws have fallen into place, though they differ slightly depending on the jurisdiction. 

In countries with clear regulations, there’s typically a power/speed cut-off point where the bike falls into a traditional motorcycle category. In such a case, it will require a license, insurance, and following the appropriate highway codes. Those that meet the ebike category are treated as regular pedal bikes but require displaying the power output and voltage.  

United States

The United States federal law says the maximum speed an ebike can reach by motor is 20MPH, though there is no federal limit when combined with pedaling. I.e., the rider can use pedals to surpass 20MPH even if a motor helps them to 20MPH. This refers to the manufacture and sale of electronic bikes. I.e., their physical capabilities. Meanwhile, the state sets on-the-road laws. 

In 44 states, there are now distinct classifications for ebikes, all of which permit the rider to use traditional bicycle facilities like cycle lanes. 

  • Class 1 – The motor only assists the rider and disengages whenever the bike reaches 20MPH.
  • Class 2 – You can use the motor without pedaling, but it disengages at 20MPH.
  • Class 3 – Provides pedal assist up to 28MPH and has a speedometer. 

This makes some of the top electric bikes, like the Delfast, illegal unless you have a license. 

In states that recognize ebike classifications, bikes must simply signify the class they belong to with a sticker. Furthermore, only 25 states have rules mandating protective gear like helmets. 

Bikes with motor power above these three categories fall under the regulations of a more powerful moped or motorized vehicle. These require licensure and insurance

The only states that classify all ebikes under these stricter existing motorized vehicle laws are Alabama, Alaska, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, and North Dakota.

European Union

In 2021, the EU passed a provisional agreement to formally exclude electronic bikes from requiring insurance. The EU defines an ebike as a cycle with electric pedal assistance and a motor. It must only have a maximum continuous 0.25 kW rate of power, which cuts off if the bike reaches 25 km/h (16MPH). The law classifies these bikes in the same category as manual bicycles. 

United Kingdom

In the UK, ebike rules state those 14 or older can ride “pedelecs” without a license, tax, or insurance. The motor must be no more powerful than 250 watts and should stop assisting when the bike reaches a speed of 15.5MPH. The government permits these bikes to travel anywhere a regular cycle can.

It classifies bikes exceeding this power and speed as electric motorcycles or mopeds, which must be registered and taxed.

What Speed Can an Ebike Reach?

The top speed of an electric cycle depends on its power, usually measured in wattage, and any limiters the manufacturer applies due to regulations. In general, the fastest bike you will find is the Delfast Top, which can reach speeds of up to 50MPH. However, this classifies it beyond the scope of an ebike by most countries’ laws. On the other hand, some bikes top out at 10MPH.

You should also factor in your pedaling ability regarding average and top speeds. Electric bikes still have pedals, and good old effort can get you faster than you might anticipate when combined with a throttle and pedal assist. 

What Should I Know Before Buying an Electric Bike?

Buying new electric bikes can be a headache if you don’t understand their features, capabilities, and how they work. 

Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know before you buy one in 2022:


The price of an electric bike falls between the lower end of a motorcycle or moped and the higher end of a traditional bicycle. You can expect to spend from $1,000 all the way up to $13,500 for the likes of the S-Works Turbo Creo SL. 

However, this model is a bit of an anomaly, with most ebikes rarely going over $4,000.


Before parting with your cash, you need to consider what you’re hoping to gain from going electric. Are you a commuter or someone who cycles around town and wants some extra assistance? A mid to lower-priced ebike with moderate power and a neutral design would make sense for you.

Do you go off-road or tackle a lot of hills and trails? You might consider more power, or at the very least, an off-road or even a BMX design, with fat tires. 

Professional couriers probably want something like an all-rounder with a long battery range. If you don’t want to be pedaling all day, a throttle that works regardless of pedaling is a must. 

Weight and Handling

The top-rated electric bikes are getting lighter, but their extra components still make them heavier than their manual counterparts. This weight can affect handling. And, just like any pedal bike, overall design can affect it too.

Thin, lightweight, and aerodynamic bikes are perfect for high speeds and relatively flat roads. Weight and shape are less of an issue for shorter or slower journeys, like in the inner city, where you have to stop a lot. However, a smaller design improves maneuverability.  

Other Features

If you’re carrying shopping or cargo, look for baskets, racks, and storage boxes. Even if these don’t come as standard, they may be available as additional accessories. 

Other useful extras we tend to overlook are lights to help nighttime visibility, kickstands to comfortably park your bike, and fenders to keep rain and dirt at bay.

One increasingly common feature is a mobile app. It can track your journey, distance, and speed and even allow you to control the bike’s settings. If biking is part of your fitness regime, an app with lots of stats can help you monitor your progress.

Battery Life/Range

An ebike’s motor gets power from a battery, so it’s important to consider battery life. This is the range or the distance the bike can travel before you need to charge it. Fortunately, the top ebikes for 2022 can go tens of miles before draining. Moreover, even if you do go out, most let you pedal like a normal bike anyway.

Still, the range might be important if you are out all day as a courier, in the wilderness, or otherwise traveling long distances. 

Manufacturers might display the battery’s “watt hours”, i.e., 300WH. Coupled with a 250W motor, that would drain in just over an hour running at full throttle.

However, not to wallow in math, each model will clearly display the range in some form. It will show you the average miles or kilometers the bike can travel on a full charge. While it’s better to underestimate the range, most ebikes will last for days.

Furthermore, some bikes have regenerative features that prolong battery life, such as pedaling or braking to convert energy. 

Controls and Modes

Even the most affordable electric bikes will give you throttle/power controls and riding modes. You’ll typically find them on the handlebars or on the frame. Some also have displays with various indicators.

Modes commonly have names like “Eco” or “Sport” but usually refer to the underlying amount of assistance from the motor. In other words, you should be able to set how much power you’re getting from the motor and, therefore, how much effort it takes to pedal.

If you already cycle and/or fitness is important to you, a lot of control over the assist is beneficial. You can pedal with minimal assist on flat surfaces but then use help from the motor on difficult hills. However, if you want the easiest time possible, choose a model that can rely on the throttle with little to no pedaling. 

Speed and Laws

The fastest electric bikes on the market are always enticing. However, it’s important to note that most countries regulate the top speed a motor can provide. 

Wrap Up

Electric bikes are a growing mode of transport, and we hope this page has given you insight into their benefits and the way they work. Our ebike reviews for 2022 will help you choose the most suitable option for you!


Which is the best electric bike to buy?

In terms of build quality and raw performance, our pick for the overall best goes to the Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL Carbon. It reaches the highest legal speed in the US and is light and durable, with great handling.

For those on a cheaper budget, the Aventon Aventure or RadRunner Plus are good all-rounders in the $1,000 to $2,000 range.

What is the most dependable electric bike?

To quantify dependability, we looked at build quality, consistent speed, power, battery life, long-term performance, and electric bikes reviews from other users. 

Based on these criteria, the most reliable electric bike right now is the Delfast Top. On the other hand, if you don’t need something that fast and powerful, the Turbo Vado SL 4.0 reaches 15MPH and has top-end components and lots of extras.

Which ebike is the fastest?

The Delfast Top is the fastest electric bike we’ve come across in terms of power and top speed, reaching 50MPH. It’s the closest electric replacement to a moped or a small motorbike. In fact, in most jurisdictions, you’d need to purchase the restricted speed model to adhere to ebike regulations. The best electric bike for speed in US class 3, is the 28MPH S-Works Turbo Creo SL.


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