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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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RescueTime helps to increase productivity. Tracking time, setting goals, blocking distractions, and more: it’s an excellent asset for personal and business use. In this RescueTime review, we’ll determine whether it lives up to our expectations.

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Best for: Companies looking to increase employees’ productivity

Strengths Great UX
Strengths Tracks time on apps and websites
Strengths Highly customizable
Weaknesses No project management
Weaknesses No team monitoring
Weaknesses Expensive pro plan

It can be hard to stay focused when working remotely, but RescueTime is here to help. This award-winning tool boosts productivity by removing overwhelming distractions, analyzing your time, and giving detailed reports. Let’s take a look at its features in more detail.

RescueTime Features

Computer monitor programs are essential for remote companies. RescueTime Premium gives you everything you need to improve your employees’ workflow, including these fantastic features:

Automatic Time Tracking

RescueTime automatically tracks time spent on apps and websites, increasing productivity by discouraging distractions. All visited websites will be listed in a detailed report, allowing you to keep track and observe the workforce’s habits.

Time & Productivity Reports

This employee tracking software tracks how many hours are spent working on different tasks and how much activity has been recorded. You can discover how productive your team is on a specific day and how much time they spent on distractions. You can use this information to analyze behavior and learn how to prioritize tasks better.

Smart Goals

Creating goals is a great way to improve focus. Users can set specific goals and let RescueTime track whether they’re meeting them. All they have to do is choose a task and a timeframe. As soon as the task is completed, an alert will be sent out.

Custom “Work Hours” Filter

Filter helps maintain a better work-life balance for employees with unusual working hours. Users can set their work hours to get focus optimization when they need it. This way, they know exactly when to work, which helps them avoid doing extra work outside of their set hours.

The features we mentioned so far in this RescueTime review are available on the free version. The following tools also work on Premium.

Project and Document Time Tracking

This feature shows how much time is spent on a particular project or document. You can set alarms per activity and receive notifications once the status changes.

Offline Time Reporting

If you want to know how you or your employees spend time, you can take a look at their whole day. With RescueTime, users can set up offline time and notify the app about what they’re doing when stepping away from work for a phone call, a walk, or other activities.

Keyword Filters

By customizing categories with keywords, you can follow specific projects and tools. This way, you know exactly how much time has been spent per task.

Focus Time Distraction Blocker

If you’re worried that your employees are wasting time on particular websites like social media, you can block them. During a Focus Time session, team members won’t be able to access distracting websites. If anybody tries to visit anyways, they’ll see a message, “You’re focusing on meaningful work.”

Combine this feature with a calendar, and you can schedule Focus Time sessions in advance. 

Daily Highlights

RescueTime software shows users how much they’ve done for a specific task or what jobs have been completed. It keeps track of all accomplishments and motivates them to keep working hard.

Unlimited Historical Data

You’ll have access to unlimited history for as long as you use the software. In that way, you can observe how your team’s productivity and focus improves over time.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Reports

Apart from the basic time reports, this feature emails you weekly, monthly, and annual reports for a quick overview of any process.


Being a SaaS product, RescueTime has solid recovery plans and offsite backups. It leverages Amazon’s EC2 service, providing incremental backups. This service stores point-in-time snapshots of what’s changed after the most recent images were taken.

RescueTime Mobile

Mobile devices have become an integrated part of life, but they are also a source of distraction. Luckily, the RescueTime Android and iOS app automatically track time, enable users to set goals, and block websites and apps that can disturb the user. Unfortunately, RescueTime can’t log calls and web details.

RescueTime Integrations

To get the most out of RescueTime, users can use the following integrations: 

  • Google Calendar: You can create your calendar, see any logged time, summarize daily goals, and monitor time in meetings.
  • Foursquare: Logs your visits to favorite coffee shops and other places.
  • Slack: As many teams use Slack to communicate, you can download RescueTime for your organization and let it update statuses and notifications automatically.
  • Git and GitHub: Tracks the time you spend coding and keeps a log of your check-ins.
  • Evernote: Send summaries to your Evernote to store all you need in one place.
  • IFTTT and Zapier: Connect data and feature events to more than 300 services.
  • Others: The RescueTime app can even integrate with, Zenobase, or Gyroscope accounts to keep track of your productivity and fitness data.

RescueTime Security

RescueTime maintains a high level of personal data protection. Users can delete accounts and data whenever they want, and the collected information is protected with the best SSL configuration encryption during transit. All storage has volume encryption, and the company maintains ongoing vulnerability scanning and responds to security advisors. 

Recorded information includes application names, URLs, window titles, start and end time of use, device log-in name, device name, and IP. RescueTime never collects keystrokes, form inputs, screenshots, or window or page body content, and URLs are trimmed to a website name or the top-level directory.

Interface and Ease of Use

Before downloading the software, you’ll need to create an account. Once logged in, you can customize the software by setting working times, inviting team members, add rates, and more. 

You can find all the information on the main dashboard. You’ll notice that the interface is straightforward and easy to use. Many other user-written RescueTime reviews join us in praising its usability.

Customer Support

RescueTime’s customer support can help if you’re facing any difficulties with the software. The knowledge base is a great place to start, as it answers the most common questions. If you need more help, the best way to reach customer support is via the contact form. The team will usually be in touch within a few hours.

Alternatively, you can get in touch via phone or email. Many other RescueTime reviews state to have a positive experience with its customer support, and we have to agree.

RescueTime Pricing

RescueTime has a free Lite version that gives you access to some of the main features. If you’d like to try the additional tools, you can try the Premium version. Pricing for these plans are:

  • Premium: $12/month or $78/year
  • Premium for teams: $6 per user/month

Both paid plans come with a 14-day free trial, but the company doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee.

RescueTime Review - Verdict

Our RescueTime review concludes that it’s an ideal software to increase the productivity of both remote and local employees. You can use it as a website blocker and focus booster tool. Detailed reports help you understand habits and improve organization and time management.

The downside is its price, especially if you have a bigger team. We also didn’t like that you can’t use it as a screenshot tracking software for PC. It can’t show you what your employees are doing, meaning you may need an additional monitoring tool.


How do you use RescueTime?

Before downloading this employee tracking software, you need to create an account. After downloading it, you can start tracking time. RescueTime is also available as a browser extension and mobile app.

Is RescueTime secure?

Yes, it is secure. To work, RescueTime does collect some data, but it’s well protected with SSL encryption. The software will never collect sensitive data, such as keystrokes. It also won’t access your camera and microphone.

Is RescueTime premium worth it?

Yes, it is worth it for organizations. While it doesn’t include classic screenshot monitoring, RescueTime’s tools will improve your team's productivity and minimize distractions. RescueTime reviews are very positive and state that it has made a big difference to their companies.

How much does RescueTime cost?

RescueTime Lite is completely free to use but comes with minimal features. The Premium version unlocks all tools and costs $12/month or $78/year. RescueTime Premium for teams costs $6 per user/month. Even though the free version sounds, our RescueTime review shows that the premium edition is way more powerful.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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