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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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If you’re looking for an all-around time tracking app, we’ve got the solution. Time Doctor is a software that records working hours, monitors employees, provides productivity reports, and more. Let’s see how it lives up to our expectations in this Time Doctor review.

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Best for: Businesses with remote or work-from-home staff.

Strengths Numerous integrations
Strengths Idle alerts and offline monitoring
Strengths Screenshot and video capture
Strengths Flexible web productivity ratings
Weaknesses Clunky mobile app
Weaknesses Report’s format isn’t great
Weaknesses Tracking requires portal and desktop app

What Is Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is an employee time tracking app designed for remote businesses. Since launching in 2012, it has steadily become a time tracking software trusted by many. More than 83,000 companies use Time Doctor globally, including Better Business Bureau, Verizon, and Thrive Market.

Our Time Doctor software review will show you all its fantastic features to discover how it performs against its competitors.

Time Doctor Features

Aside from recording working hours, Time Doctor offers various practical tools that can help you keep an eye on your remote employees. We tested it ourselves to show you the ins and outs.

Project Management

Time Doctor lets you create projects and assign tasks in a few clicks. You can limit access to each project by selecting a specific employee, user group, or company. For even more control, the tool allows you to monitor who works on which project and the number of hours they work throughout the day.

Employee Time Tracking

While testing the tool for this Time Doctor software review, we discovered that it uses a separate desktop app for time tracking. Tracked hours are listed separately for each task, while the total number of hours is displayed above the app. You can hide the activity bar and add notifications when tracking starts.

Offline and Inactivity Monitoring

Because Time Doctor records your activities offline, you can still work if your internet is disconnected. Your tracked time and screenshots will automatically sync once you’re back online. It reminded us of Hubstaff, since it offers the same functionality.

Time Doctor deletes inactivity too. The time tracker automatically stops when there are no keystrokes or mouse clicks during a certain period. You can take a break by manually pausing the timer or setting a time interval between tracked hours.

Idle Alerts and Editing

With the Time Doctor software, you can set alerts and reminders to increase your productivity by specifying a time limit where you can be idle. Once exceeded, you will receive a popup asking if you’re still working. If there’s no response, the timer will stop recording after 60 seconds.

If this feature is enabled, you can click “Yes, I was working” to convert recorded idle time to manual work hours. This time will appear yellow in the reports.

Although it seems like a great feature, we prefer to disable it. Users can manually alter all their working hours, which can lessen the credibility of their monitored time.

Screenshots and Activity Levels

This tool captures the user’s computer screens at random. The time interval can be set to 3, 15, or 30 minutes. Screenshots can be blurred and provide mouse and keyboard activity levels.

Time Doctor screen recording is available for Premium users. The software takes videos of your monitor and displays the recordings in three-minute shots. Users can delete their screenshots, but the associated work time will be removed as well.

Web Monitoring

By tracking your employees’ website activities, you can identify time wasters. Time Doctor records which websites and pages are visited, which shows you if they visit any unproductive pages while on the clock.

The best part is that you can set different productivity ratings per user. Every other user-written Time Doctor review agrees that this is one of its best features. The project manager can rate a site as Productive, Neutral, or Unproductive, which can be applied on different levels:

  • Global - Applies to all companies using Time Doctor
  • Company - Applies to one company
  • User Group - Applies to one specific group
  • Individual - Applies to one specific user

Being able to do this is ideal for employees who use social media for digital marketing. You can rate Facebook as “Productive” to them while remaining as “Unproductive” to the rest of the company.

Productivity Reports

Time Doctor offers daily and weekly summary reports containing hours, tasks, projects, and website usage breakdowns per user or team. Overall, this allows you to easily spot areas you can improve and implement better time management habits

Time Doctor reports include:

  • Activity Summary - Total work hours and percentage of idle, manual, mobile, and unproductive websites
  • Hours Tracked - Total work hours per user with different date periods
  • Projects and Tasks - Breakdown of tracked hours spent on specific projects and tasks per user
  • Timeline - Tracked hours are displayed chronologically, including start and end times, online users, and the last time an employee was working
  • Web and App Usage - Breakdown of computer activity monitoring. Total hours spent on both productive and unproductive sites based on the assigned productivity ratings 

When generating these reports for this Time Doctor review, we experienced two issues. The formatting was poor, and it can only be downloaded as CSV or XSL files.

Client Access

Time Doctor is the best timesheet app for showing work progress to your clients. Premium users can provide white-label access to customers at no extra charge. You have the full authority in choosing what your clients can view, including Time Doctor screenshots, reports, and tracked hours.


You’re able to convert all tracked hours into payroll timesheets automatically. It lets you assign hourly rates per employee with flexible payroll periods. This feature supports all currencies and common payment methods like Paypal and Payoneer.

After setting it up, you can export it into CSV files and upload it for bulk billing and batch payments. If you use a payroll other than Gusto and ADP, make sure to import CSV documents.

Time Doctor Apps and Deployment

The mobile app is designed solely for Android and can only track working hours. Its performance isn’t great, and it doesn’t accurately sync data most of the time. Overall, we don’t recommend using it.

Luckily, the desktop app is much better and is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux OS.  

There's also a Time Doctor Classic version, that may fit your needs better despite its outdated interface. It includes:

  • Mobile app for iOS
  • Distraction alerts for non-work related websites
  • Attendance settings and reports
  • GPS tracking
  • Webcam shots

Time Doctor Integrations

Tracking hours across different programs is no hassle as Time Doctor has 60 third-party app integrations. Most are well-known business tools, such as:

  • Project Management - Asana, G-Suite, Office 365, and Trello
  • Payment and Invoicing - PayPal, FreshBooks, and TransferWise
  • Help Desk - Freshdesk, Zendesk, and Phabricator
  • Communication - Slack, Zoho, and Zapier
  • CRM - Salesforce, and Pipedrive

The Time Doctor Chrome extension is another option for flexible integration. For example, after you open a Google document, Time Doctor will automatically sync the tracked hours and file name to the portal.

Other programs also work with Time Doctor, as. its API includes both read and write requests. This gives you the freedom to manipulate Time Doctor by making extracting or adding data possible.

Time Doctor Privacy and Security

Time Doctor has multi-layered protocols and compliance policies. All data is protected by robust SSL encryption and stored in high-end servers located in secure data facilities. The service provides daily backups, giving you a reliable recovery in case of any accidents.

Screenshots activation is optional and will only capture activity during the time intervals. Nothing will be tracked if you’re on a break or not in working mode. Access to data is only provided for troubleshooting support.

Time Doctor doesn’t store your credit card information. All transactions are completed through Stripe’s secure encryption. Moreover, your account is protected by a strong password policy and two-factor authentication.

The company is ISO 270001 certified and has extensive internal company policies. It complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), HIPAA protocols, and has a third-party partner who regularly conducts security and penetration tests.

Interface and Ease of Use

This employee tracking software has a simple interface, but it’s hard to navigate. While it’s feature-rich and customizable, it’s not intuitive enough and takes a long time to lead. The tabs are placed at the top with drop-down bars for sub-tabs, but its main feature (time tracking) is hard to find.

The way it presents data is complicated. The horizontal display with a scroll bar at the bottom makes the page longer and overwhelming. The reports are illustrated mostly as percentage bars without many visuals like line or bar graphs.

The desktop app could have been a lifesaver. It has a more modern design, yet you can only use it for time tracking. The task flow and time management could be more fluid if it had the same features as the console. Sadly, adding and editing projects are only possible on the portal.

Both versions are helpful and highly functional, but you will need time before you get used to it.

Customer Support

Based on our experience and other user-rated reviews, Time Doctor’s customer support is average at best. Some users received quick responses, while others got slow and confusing email replies.

When contacting the support team for our Time Doctor review, we could only get in touch through email and live chat. As expected, live chat is much faster, and we were assisted the same day. The agent even offered to jump on a Zoom call to help us. These services are available 24/7 from Monday to Friday.

Time Doctor also has a Help Center containing extensive guides and comprehensive video tutorials.

Time Doctor Pricing

Even though there is no Time Doctor free version, there is a 14-day free trial.

Time Doctor’s paid plans vary depending on your team’s size. Subscriptions for one user are priced at:

  • Basic - $7/month, including activity tracking and one-month storage
  • Standard - $10/month, including payroll, 60+ integrations, and six months storage
  • Premium - $20/month, including payroll, integrations, video screen capture, and unlimited storage

From there, prices will increase when adding more users. For example, the plan with 50 users costs:

  • Basic - $390/month
  • Standard - $490/month
  • Premium - $990/month

There's also a pricing calculator on the company's website.

Time Doctor Review - Verdict

Overall, Time Doctor is a great all-in-one time tracking software. It lets you see who’s working on which project, how much time they allot for each task, and view their productivity rate. Plus, it’s also a reliable project management app.

However, in our next Time Doctor review update, we would love to see improvements in its interface and mobile app performance.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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