ULTATEL Review - Is it Worth It? [2022]

Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Sep 12, 2022

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ULTATEL streamlines your business communications with access to management dashboards on any device. In this ULTATEL review, you’ll learn how you can use it to manage your phone, SMS, live chat, and even fax.

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ULTATEL Review - Is it Worth It? [2022]

MINIMUM PRICE $9.95 per month

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Best for: Remote Working

Strengths Cross-platform app
Strengths Excellent customer support
Strengths No additional hardware required
Strengths Stable 99.99% uptime
Weaknesses Integrations locked behind tiers
Weaknesses Somewhat confusing pricing plans
Weaknesses Web portal feels dated

ULTATEL is a comprehensive cloud VoIP service that helps small and large businesses manage both their customer and workforce comms. This includes an internet business phone system, Microsoft Teams direct routing, and a cloud contact center.

The Herndon, Virginia, company launched in 2016 and has grown to service big brands like Lidl supermarkets, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Guttman Energy. 

There are several plans based on the size and scope of your organization, with three tiers for both the VoIP system and contact center. 

There’s also a powerful Microsoft Teams SBC integration plan and a scaled-back “Ignite” service for smaller organizations. If you can’t find the precise solution for you, its services are fully customizable. Just call for a quote.

Native integrations include the likes of Salesforce and Zoho, so you can keep your customer relationship management and other business workflows running smoothly.

ULTATEL prides itself on providing “unlimited everything” on any device, giving you and your staff access to online dashboards via the web or its dedicated desktop and mobile apps.

Services and Features

For this ULTATEL review, I took a deep dive into all its core features. Let me show you how they can benefit your business.

Cloud Phone System

ULTATEL’s flagship solution is its cloud phone service, allowing your organization to communicate across traditional phones, mobile, desktops, and more. This greatly benefits remote work setups, multi-site organizations, and international corporations. 

For those who are unfamiliar, you make calls over the internet using the VoIP protocol. This removes limitations and reduces costs associated with traditional business phone systems like international charges and expensive hardware.

You can use any laptop or computer with a mic or headset. Alternatively, a VoIP desk phone can mimic the traditional experience, though it’ll add to your costs. Smartphones simply need the ULTATEL app to make and receive calls.

ULTATEL lets you keep your personal phone number private by masking it with a new VoIP number. Alternatively, you can also maintain existing business numbers via a porting mechanism that takes just a few weeks.

To make use of VoIP, all parties require an active internet connection, regardless of whether it’s an office network, home Wi-Fi, or cellular data plan.

From the mid-level premium plan, you get voicemail drop, call recording, and call monitoring features.

VoIP Phones

ULTATEL sells a variety of VoIP hardware to use with its systems at discounted prices. These range from $54.99 for a standard IP phone to several hundred dollars for color displays, USB ports, HD voice technology, and other advanced features.  


Depending on your plan, you can send and receive text messages between staff and customers. Moreover, automation allows for post-call confirmations and follow-up surveys

Not all cloud phone systems include SMS despite it being a more engaging and personal option than email.

Text messages (SMS) option

Voicemail Drops

ULTATEL lets you automatically drop a pre-recorded voicemail if the recipient doesn’t answer their phone. Alternatively, you can send a pre-recorded voice message directly to someone’s inbox without having to call and wait for an answer. 

Music on Hold

Instead of leaving callers in silence,  you can play music or relevant messages while they’re waiting on hold. 

Video Conferencing

Unlike traditional phone services, ULTATEL allows HD video conferencing from the app. There’s no additional hardware requirement and no limit to the conference’s length. It supports between 20 and 100 participants, depending on the plan. 

Online Faxing

Many industries still require faxing. With ULTATEL, you can do this in a modern way by sending faxes over the internet via email or mobile app. So, there’s no need to buy and maintain fax machines in-office.


ULTATEL uses a virtual receptionist that prompts callers and/or automatically directs them to the correct department. You can save money on a manned desk and let the system run outside of office hours.

Moreover, some plans feature incoming call and voicemail transcriptions, which you’ll receive via email. 


The HUB app delivers all conceivable notifications, including: 

  • Incoming calls 
  • Chats
  • Texts 
  • Faxes 
  • Upcoming meetings 
  • Reports 

And more. 


You get one toll-free number, so no customer or employee is charged for calling your business.

Call Monitoring and Whispering

On higher tier plans, you can listen in on an agent’s call and give guidance without disrupting the customer’s side of the experience. This is ideal for on-the-job training and performance monitoring.

Call Recording

Higher tier plans also let you record and store calls as audio files on the cloud. You can later use them for training, quality assurance, and legal purposes. 

SIP Trunk

If you have an existing PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system that you don’t want to replace, ULTATEL will meet you halfway with its Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking service. This routes your calls through the internet, bringing all the cost benefits mentioned above.

ULTATEL gives you access to local numbers in the US, Canada, and 72 other countries.

Cloud Contact Center

The cloud-based contact center integrates your VoIP plan with email, live chat, social media, and other platforms. It lets you manage your entire range of customer communications from a single on-demand dashboard

You access it from any device with an internet connection, your browser, or the mobile app. This lets employees operate remotely, which is particularly important at a time when working from home is gaining popularity. 

Moreover, whenever you expand or move to new facilities, the cloud call center makes it easy to take the technology with you since it’s not hardware or location reliant.

This offers many other advantages over conventional call centers, including cost reductions. That’s due to zero setup costs and no real expertise needed. Additionally, there are no maintenance expenses for the system.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

If your organization already uses Microsoft Teams, ULTATEL’s native integrated solution permits direct calling through your Teams app. I.e., you don’t require ULTATEL’s own apps.

Being a certified SBC and Teams partner, the service allows seamless replacement of your current PBX system.

You may use all PBX voice calling features with Microsoft Teams, which makes both internal and outgoing calls easy. Moreover, ULTATEL assists you in transferring your existing DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers after setting up Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. This allows you to maintain your current phone numbers or add new ones.

Ultimately, you can continue to enjoy all of Microsoft Teams’ excellent features. You’ll be able to customize your team chat, manage groups, create video conferences, and benefit from advanced security. 

Additional Integrations

ULTATEL integrates with other common tools to streamline your cloud stack and customer relationship management. The drawback is these are only available on the priciest Ultimate plan.

  • Microsoft Dynamics – The seamless connection of your ULTATEL system with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform will improve your CRM capabilities.
  • Google Contacts – Unify your Google contacts with ULTATEL, so you don’t have to manually jump between tools to find the person to dial. 
  • Zendesk – Activated with a few clicks, ULTATEL will show up on your Zendesk account. You can then call contacts, clients, or leads directly from Zendesk. It syncs data in real time between the two tools.
  • Zoho – You can now optimize your productivity without losing track of call scheduling, call logs, or new leads, thanks to Zoho’s automation capabilities. You can manage calls within Zoho and make use of its powerful analytics.
  • Pipedrive – This integration lets you assign routing rules, so you can answer calls using Pipedrive. You can also call leads and customers within Pipedrive and benefit from its call record-sharing feature. 
  • Salesforce – Salesforce’s powerful CRM platform lets you contact customers and manage your marketing efforts, sales, and company reports in one place. Once integrated with ULTATEL, it includes productivity tools like click-to-dial, real-time call records, and automations. You can make calls and video conferences within Salesforce from any device with a single click or tap. Plus, you can engage your customers better through the platform’s local number AI feature.

Analytics and Reports

ULTATEL collects and displays all the data you need to make informed business decisions

You can view real-time call logs, as well as individual and team performance. Common reports include call durations and times and inbound or outbound call stats by date or extension. You’ll also get color-coded graphs for answered/unanswered and inbound/outbound calls.

Inbound/outbound calls graphs

Call flows show the route of a call when made to a specific number. 

Custom reports let you choose the data sets you find most important. 

Reports are more advanced the higher the pricing tier. Similarly, if integrated with a CRM tool, you can use that software’s own analytics.

Ease of Use and Interface

You’ll mostly be using the HUB app as a “softphone”, which is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. This allows deployment on virtually any device with an internet connection. It’s very straightforward to use, with a uniform interface across devices.

Using the HUB app as a “softphone”

The design elements are like what you’d find on your mobile phone’s contacts and messaging apps. Simply click or tap between calls, contacts, messages, chats, and video meeting tabs. You can also add new contacts or users, new phone numbers or lines, and set up meetings in an instant.

Everything is clean and intuitive, with a large dial pad and buttons to suit all screen sizes. You can also switch between light and dark modes to suit your preferences.

As long as your internet connection can handle it, audio and video are crisp and clear in HD, thanks to the H.264 and VP8 codecs.

There’s also a web portal giving managers and agents more control over the system. This is a bit more dated in its look and feel but still easy to navigate. 

On the left is the overarching menu, with links to SMS, Reports & Monitoring, and all the other features of your plan. 

In the top right is the profile tab, which gives you links to edit your profile, contact support, view your full contacts directory, etc. Browsing the directory gives you quick links to communicate with each contact

Meanwhile, the blue headset symbol at the bottom right takes you straight to the active dialing pad. This is present on every page for quick access.

Overall, ULTATEL offers a great user experience with everything where you need it. You can even work within one of its supported integrations if you prefer.


ULTATEL customer support is only a click or call away. You can contact staff 24/7 directly via email at support@ULTATEL.com or phone at 800-930-9912. Users also get a live chat support option, though you won’t be kept waiting when using one of the other methods.

The company boasts an average 20-second answer time and solves your issues during the first correspondence in 94% of cases.

In addition to direct support options, you can get in touch on Facebook and Twitter for less important queries.

New customers also receive a dedicated project manager to ensure onboarding goes smoothly. This includes working towards an activation date, a custom deployment plan, and free training, even on-site!  

On the ULTATEL website, you’ll find extensive help FAQs covering general questions, installation and migration, and billing. The VoIP term dictionary is great if you’ve never used internet-based phones before. Moreover, there are several resource pages to help you with integrations and other areas of the system.

The ULTATEL blog includes news, guides, and business-related tips.


ULTATEL’s pricing is spread across its Business Phone System, Microsoft Teams SBC, and Cloud Contact Center plans. If you use Microsoft Teams, you don’t need the business phone option as you’ll manage everything via Teams. On the other hand, Teams SBC is included in the contact center plans.

Business Phone System

  • Professional: Yearly contract at $16.95/mo per user (1-9 users) to $13.95/mo per user (100-1,000+ users), or a monthly contract at $23.95/mo per user (1-9 users) to $20.95/mo per user (100-1,000+ users).

Includes no user limits, auto-attendants, and 20 video conference participants.

  • Premium: Yearly contract at $20.95/mo per user (1-9 users) to $17.95/mo per user (100-1,000+ users), or a monthly contract at $27.95/mo per user (1-9 users) to $24.95/mo per user (100-1,000+ users).

Includes 100 video conference participants, call queuing, and voicemail drop. You also get call recording, monitoring, and whispering, as well as custom reports.

  • Ultimate: Yearly contract at $30.95/mo per user (1-9 users) to $27.95/mo per user (100-1,000+ users), or a monthly contract at $37.95/mo per user (1-9 users) to $34.95/mo per user (100-1,000+ users).

Includes post-call automated SMS messages and surveys, all CRM integrations, and single sign-on (SSO).

Cloud Contact Center

  • Contact: Yearly contract at $40.95/mo per user (1-9 users) to $35.95/mo per user (1,000+ users), or a monthly contract at $43.95/mo per user (1-9 users) to $38.95/mo per user (100-1,000+ users).

Includes cloud-based PBX, Microsoft Teams SBC, phone and email management, port up to 20 numbers, up to 100 video conference participants, voicemail to email transcriptions, and 100 toll-free minutes ($0.03 thereafter).

  • Plus: Yearly contract at $43.95/mo per user (1-9 users) to $38.95/mo per user (1,000+ users), or a monthly contract at $46.95/mo per user (1-9 users) to $41.95/mo per user (100-1,000+ users).

Includes porting for up to 50 numbers, 2,500 toll-free minutes ($0.03 thereafter), full SMS messaging, voicemail notifications, voicemail drop, advanced reporting, call scoring templates, and more. 

  • Ultimate: Yearly contract at $46.95/mo per user (1-9 users) to $41.95/mo per user (1,000+ users), or a monthly contract at $49.95/mo per user (1-9 users) to $44.95/mo per user (100-1,000+ users).

Includes porting for up to 100 numbers, 10,000 toll-free minutes ($0.03 thereafter), all CRM integrations, queue callback, and more.

Microsoft Teams SBC

  • SBC Only: 36-month contract at $1.55/mo per user (10-99 users) to $0.80/mo per user (500+ users), or a yearly contract at $1.80/mo per user (10-99 users) to $1.05/mo per user (500+ users), or a monthly contract at $2.40/mo per user (10-99 users) to $1.65/mo per user (500+ users).
  • SBC + Calling Plan: 36-month contract at $10.55/mo per user (10-99 users) to $9.80/mo per user (500+ users), or a yearly contract at $10.80/mo per user (10-99 users) to $10.05/mo per user (500+ users), or a monthly contract at $11.40/mo per user (10-99 users) to $10.65/mo per user (500+ users).

Includes unlimited minutes in the US and Canada.


$9.95/mo with a 14-day trial and no contracts.

Scaled-back app-based communications system aimed at small businesses. Includes voice, SMS, chat, video, and fax.

ULTATEL Review – Verdict

ULTATEL provides a competitively priced cloud phone solution with all the bells and whistles. It certainly saves you money over traditional telephony setups with expensive upfront hardware and service provider costs. 

Moreover, its cross-platform app makes it easy for even the most disparate and complex workforces to communicate with each other and your customers with ease. 

While understanding what its numerous plans offer takes some scrutiny, ULTATEL is definitely worth considering, especially if you already favor platforms like Microsoft Teams. 


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