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Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Jul 26, 2022

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Searching for Appointy reviews to learn if it can get your booking management under control? You’re in luck, I got hands-on with the latest incarnation. In this in-depth Appointy review, you’ll discover all its key features and how it compares with its closest competitors.

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Best for: Small and medium-sized businesses

Strengths Deep automation
Strengths CRM and Marketing Tools
Strengths Excellent interface
Strengths Endless integrations
Weaknesses Lacklustre mobile app
Weaknesses Limited dashboard customization
Weaknesses Monthly billing costs more

What Is Appointy?

The Appointy booking software is a powerful solution for businesses and organizations to efficiently handle their appointment scheduling process through automation. It covers a lot of extra ground, including: 

  • marketing
  • CRM 
  • payments 
  • staff account management 

It’s a cloud-based system that you can access through any web browser. You can also use dedicated apps for Android and iOS.

It integrates with any website, your social media accounts, and endless other online business services through Zapier.

Appointy founder Nemesh Singh launched the service in 2006, and it now boasts over 100,000 active users. It serves everything from the local beauty salon to government departments.

Appointy Features

Features vary between plans, but here are individual reviews of the key areas to give you an idea of what to expect:

Automatic Scheduling

Appointy scheduling is the software’s main feature. You can schedule appointments and make bookings online from anywhere. Staff can use it internally, taking customer info face-to-face or over the phone. Alternatively, clients themselves can self-schedule via integration with your site and social channels. 

It stores everything within the system based on staffing, available dates, and times. In addition, it handles everything automatically from thereon.  

Recurring Bookings

One useful aspect of Appointy automation is recurring bookings. If you see a client once a month, there is no need to manually schedule this every time. Likewise, clients themselves can schedule their own recurring appointments and later times according to their schedules.

Automatic reminders

Appointy reminders work both ways, and, best of all, they’re automated. You and your staff receive alerts and emails to remind you of an upcoming appointment. You can send out emails, SMS text messages, and push notifications to customers and clients, so they don’t forget either. 

You can predefine the content of the message depending on the type of appointment and your industry. With a bit of tinkering, you should be able to create messages for the most conceivable scenarios and then leave it on autopilot. No more wasting time replying to one by one. 

Viewing Appointy notifications as an admin is easy, simply click the bell icon at the top right of the dashboard.

Synchronization with Calendar

The Appointy calendar sync feature syncs to your staff’s favorite personal calendar. Even with the free plan, appointments will auto sync with Google Calendar in real-time

On the other hand, staff who add events to their Google calendar can sync this with Appointy. So, their availability is blocked out, and they cannot be scheduled for that period of time. This reverse calendar feature is only available with the Pro plan or above.  

Time Zones

If you provide bookings to clients in multiple time zones, the Appointy time zone setting lets you automatically detect the correct time to display to them. Note, that this is not turned on by default.

Multi-Location Management

Appointy multi-location support is available with the Enterprise plan. This means you can manage businesses with multiple branches/locations from a single dashboard and clients can make bookings for their location of choice.   

You can assign staff to specific locations. So, if a service is contingent on a specific staff member, there will be no booking confusion. 

Resource Scheduling

Appointy resource scheduling takes the same impressive scheduler and applies it to your utilization of resources. Whether you need to book facilities, equipment, or contractors, you can automate the process in the very same way.

For example, you have a conference and need to allocate rooms, booths and tables, projector screens, and guest speakers. 

Built-in Marketing tools

More than just appointment scheduling software, its built-in marketing tools help you target customers directly and entice them to make an online appointment

Appointy website integration is as simple as embedding some premade code into your desired booking page. The variety of widgets available is impressive and you’re sure to get one that fits perfectly with the look of your site. Appointy on WordPress is just as intuitive thanks to a dedicated plugin for you to add booking forms and other content.

As well as booking pages, you can also create special offers and promotions that go to your booking landing pages. You can even track your marketing campaigns to see which are the most successful and which need tweaking or scrapping altogether. 


Appointy Facebook integration lets you take bookings via your business page and track conversions. Simply go to the Facebook section of the integrations tab in the dashboard and link your account. This will then automatically add a ‘Schedule Now’ or ‘Book Now’ call to action button to your page. 

Appointy also helps you post promotions and other marketing content to Facebook without having to open the Facebook app.


There are many other Appointy integrations to help promote your business and streamline your backend tasks. For example, Appointy Zoom integration lets you schedule staff Zoom conferences and automatically share conference links with participants.

You can also list your business on Google Reserve to appear on Google Maps and get a convenient ‘Book Now’ button that syncs with Appointy and your calendars. 

However, the power of integrations really shines with the Appointy Zapier connection. Zapier integrates over 1,000 web services, many of which your business will already rely on. Setting up ‘Zaps’ takes nothing more than a few clicks within the dashboard but will sync data across all services. This is especially useful when handling customers, financials, and all your other workflows.

It’s the perfect solution for businesses aiming for an entire cloud stack of software.

Although this won’t affect most users, there isn’t an Appointy API, so developers cannot program their own integrations. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

One of the most useful Appointy features is its customer relationship manager. The data collected by the platform doesn’t just end in a vacuum. It is fully databased for you to look up, edit, and export. I.e., you can sort and search for names, phone numbers, email addresses, еtc. You can also add notes to a scheduled appointment.

Moreover, each customer gets a profile that will be remembered if they return, and their full booking history is logged.

When you factor in its marketing tools and integrations, Appointy becomes a powerful CRM solution.

Reporting and Statistics

The report and analytics tools help you gauge customer satisfaction, staff performance, and campaign success. Additionally, you can track every aspect of your web presence. The Appointy Google Analytics integration also provides a familiar method of tracking your online business.

Common reports include: 

  • appointments
  • sales and revenue data 
  • email and SMS stats. 

All can be sorted and filtered to gain all kinds of valuable insights.

Payment Gateways

Of course, a lot of businesses that offer appointment-based services also need to get paid for those. That’s why the software supports several leading gateways.

Starting with the free plan, you can process Appointy point of sale bookings via Square. Web payments can be taken via PayPal. Stripe integration is supported from the Growth plan onwards.

Mobile Apps

Admins and staff members can access the dashboard via dedicated apps for Android and iOS, though there is no customer-side app. The apps work across devices, not just smartphones. I.e., you can use iPad and Android tablets too.

Unfortunately, this is one area Appointy could improve. Not all the features are present and there are a few annoying design issues, such as no screen rotation. Some users report random crashes too.

The iOS app only has a 2.2 rating on the Apple Store, so it’s best to stick with the browser version. In fact, the web dashboard is optimized for mobile and, arguably, better than the apps themselves.  


Appointy security is assured by encryption. Its servers are hosted by Google Cloud. It holds ISO 27001:2013 certification from the International Standards Organisation, for Data and Information Security.

Ease of Use and Interface

To get started with Appointy, you can first sign up for free to get a taster. All you need is your name, email address, and country. All countries are supported and there are 27 languages. A wizard walks you through the setup process, which can be completed in minutes.

You can run the software as an individual, business, or a multi-location business with an Enterprise plan. Each has slightly different features, but the general layout is the same. Appointy customizations are limited when it comes to arranging the dashboard to your liking, but there’s nothing that screams out for altering in the first place. 

Overall, it is very straightforward to use and has separate profiles for staff and an admin permission level. The main window gives you the option to view appointments for the day, the month, or a tabular ‘agenda’ layout. 

Everything is organized by icons down the left-hand side, allowing you to manage appointments and clients, view statistics, create marketing links and embed codes, and change settings.

There are over 50 settings, many accommodating different business types. There are common options for: 

  • beauty 
  • health and wellness 
  • professional services 
  • retail 
  • education and charities 
  • medical, government and public sector
  • finance

My free Appointy account worked extremely fast, taking no longer than a couple of seconds for any page to load.

Customer Support

Appointy customer service is on hand 24/7 to answer any of your questions before and after you become a user of the software. Contact can be made via live chat at the bottom of any page on the site. 

You can send a direct email to or via the email web form. Moreover, if you pay for the Pro plan, you get a dedicated support manager.

Appointy support can also be found in the extensive knowledge base. This includes getting started guides, an FAQ, and endless articles about features. The search function is particularly helpful to find information quickly.

Staff is also active on Facebook and Twitter.


Appointy pricing is based on the number of appointments you require each month, access to advanced features, and the number of permitted staff accounts.

There is both a free forever version and an Appointy free trial that you can use for 14 days on any of the premium plans below. This does not require a credit card. While an Appointy demo account would be useful for a quick look at the dashboard, you can find videos and screenshots in the knowledgebase on the site.

Here’s how each plan compares:



One staff member, 100 appointments/mo, Zapier integration, automatic reminders, mobile apps, POS via Square, Google bookings.

Appointy Growth

$29.99/mo ($19.99/mo billed annually)

Unlimited appointments, live chat & email support, customization, Google Calendar syncing, Stripe and Paypal Appointy payments, and all advanced booking features.

Appointy Professional

$59.99/mo ($49.99/mo billed annually)

5 Appointy staff accounts, gift certificates, resource scheduling, and dedicated support manager.

Appointy Enterprise

$99.99/mo ($79.99/mo billed annually)

Unlimited staff, multiple locations, SMS texts, remove Appointy branding, custom developer services.

Appointy vs

One of the closest Appointy alternatives is Both get the job done well, with automation, self-scheduling, and calendar syncing. Nonetheless, there are some differences worth exploring.

Firstly, Appointy limits the number of staff accounts, even restricting it to 5 on the Pro plan. has no such restrictions at any level, making it more appealing to businesses with a lot of staff that need to be able to take bookings.

On the other hand, Appointy allows you to make 100 bookings a month for free and unlimited thereafter. only gives you 50 for free and unlimited is restricted to the most expensive plan.

For comparative plans, Appointy pricing offers more value for money until you hit Enterprise. It costs $99.99/mo ($79.99/mo billed annually), compared to Simply’s $59.90/mo ‘Premium’ plan. 

In terms of integrations, Appointy has more native integrations, though they both support Zapier. Developers might prefer Simply because it gives API access.

Both are very user-friendly, but SimplyBook gets the edge for providing a client-side mobile scheduling app

Where Simply is slightly let down is mediocre support. A broad aggregate of Appointy user reviews suggest it goes above and beyond to help its users where Simply has been negatively reviewed at times. 

In conclusion, Appointy is the best option in terms of features, integrations, and value for money. might still be your choice if you need a lot of staff accounts and prefer API access to regular integrations. Pricing is not vastly different for it to be a consideration for most businesses or organizations. 

Other Appointy like software include:

  • Calendly 
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Setmore. 

Appointy Review – Verdict

In conclusion, this is top-of-the-line software that provides exactly the solution small and medium-sized organisations need to streamline appointment management. It has a generous free plan, affordable premium options, and is easy for anyone to pick up.

While it would be nice to see some improved admin mobile apps and a mobile app for clients, the web-based platform is flawless.

With few Appointy competitors, any business that needs to allow staff-side and client-side bookings should give it a shot.


Is Appointy HIPAA compliant?

Yes it is, thanks to the full control it gives you over user data and in-built security. This includes SSL encryption, secure logins and passwords with timed logouts, and server-side security. Moreover, it performs daily backups, and employees can sign NDAs.

Ultimately, it is still up to you to handle health information accordingly, but the mechanisms are there to be compliant. 

Appointy is also GDPR compliant. If you’re in doubt, you can contact the company’s Data Protection Officer at for guidance.

Does Appointy have an app?

Yes, the Appointy app is available for iOS and Android devices at the admin and staff levels. You can access these from the Apple App and Google Play stores respectively. 

The web dashboard itself is also mobile-optimized.

What is Appointy used for?

Appointy is a cloud software service for professionals and businesses to automate and manage their scheduling needs. Whether you run a restaurant or in healthcare, it provides the front and backend features needed for an efficient booking service. This includes payments and customer retention management. 

Who uses Appointy?

In getting hands-on in this Appointy review, it’s clear the platform is suited to small and medium businesses and organizations of almost any kind that take bookings. From your individual mobile hairdresser to a large chain of doctor’s offices, the platform is infinitely scalable if you have the budget.  

What does Appointy integrate with?

Depending on your plan, the software natively integrates with Google Reserve, Google Calendar, as well as payment gateways like Stripe, Square, and PayPal. The Appointy Wordpress plugin and the various embed codes easily let you take bookings on your website.

Using it with Zapier opens up thousands of other integrations to suit your online stack and workflows. 

Check out the features section above for Appointy reviews of key integrations.


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