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Nero Peña
Nero Peña

Updated · Jul 25, 2022

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Looking for unbiased Square Appointments reviews? We made a comprehensive one just for you! In this piece, we explore the software inside out – from its powerful appointment automation to its extensive business management features.





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Best for: Startup service businesses

Strengths Free booking website
Strengths Integrated POS system
Strengths Automated appointment alerts
Strengths Efficient client management
Weaknesses Limited live support
Weaknesses Somewhat limited customization
Weaknesses Processing fees

What Is Square Appointments?

Square Appointments is a scheduling program that streamlines the online booking process on both ends. It provides an all-in-one solution for:

  • Managing client appointments
  • Putting up various booking channels
  • Setting up payment gateways
  • Nurturing customer relationships
  • Marketing service offerings
  • Tracking progress through detailed reports 

What’s more, the system is infused with financial service tools at the point of sale (POS). This way, merchants can access a business loan and manage their cash flow in one place.

And best of all – this cloud-based tool has a free version!

With its wide range of tools and services, the program is designed to support every business entity. From entrepreneurs and startups all the way to enterprise-scale firms with complex operations.

Indeed, the Square ecosystem is packed with excellent tools for running a busy kitchen.

But how good are they?

Let’s dig into our Square Appointments review for the answers.

Square Appointments Features

The program works as a flexible scheduling system for your team and an accessible booking gateway for your clients.

Check out the tools that make it possible:

Online Booking Channels

Self-scheduling makes it easier for clients to book appointments with you. There are three ways to do this: 

  • A simple online booking website 
  • A full-service website with ecommerce features
  • An embedded widget or button on your existing website
  • A button integrated into your email campaign
  • A digital QR code

If the first one speaks to you, Square Appointments provides a booking site template for instant use.


As seen above, you’ll be able to modify elements like the content, colors, and visual assets. You can add your logo and images, too, for a nice branding touch!

Appointment Configuration

Once you’ve put up your chosen booking channels, it’s time to set up your preferences.

Here’s the beauty of this software – you’re free to review each requested online appointment before accepting it. Manually. 

Or, you can just let Square Appointments handle automatic appointments to save time and effort!

On the Square dashboard, you can configure settings such as:

  • Customer time zone options
  • Reservation guarantees
  • Advanced booking requirements
  • Cut-off times
  • Multiple service bookings

For this to work, be sure to indicate important business information like your brand name, contact details, operating hours, and location. 

To ensure efficiency, you can go on a dry run and launch a test appointment on your dashboard.

Booking Calendar 

Similar to other popular appointment scheduling software, Square provides a calendar view of all your bookings:


This is also a great tool if you like to do things manually. 

If you’ve used a notebook planner before – that’s how it works. By hitting the Create Appointment button, you can add upcoming events to your daily schedule. Just fill in the required information fields to optimize them.

Square Appointments has a calendar sync feature, too. If you have an existing one, say, Google Calendar, you can easily integrate it into your Square workflow. All it takes is a button click!

Syncing, however, is only available on the paid versions.

Client Management

Want to impress new customers or maintain a solid client base?

Square Appointments offers CRM features you’ll find useful. They’re all accessible in a separate Customers window. That’s where you can update your clients’ information, previous appointments, market your services, etc.

You can even send attachments like contracts, waivers, and other important documents.

Among the most important features here is the client directory

If you have an existing customer database, you can use bulk imports to upload leads directly into your dashboard. 

If you don’t, you can create client profiles by manually adding them. You can also invite them via marketing campaigns, but we’ll get to that later.

If you need such data for a different purpose, Square Appointments can export it to a spreadsheet.

Staff Management

If you have multiple people or departments handling your bookings, here’s how you stay organized.

You can create staff member profiles and set the following parameters:

  • Availability
  • Calendar access
  • Notification settings
  • Location assignments

Square Appointments’ staff management dashboard also lets you track your team’s hours. Using the Square Timecard Reports feature, you won’t need to calculate working times and run payroll.

Additionally, you can set up tiered commission rates based on performance or tenure. By incentivizing your team, you can boost sales and overall productivity!


On your booking channel, clients can also indicate the service they wish to avail via a drop-down menu.

To set this up, you just have to add your offerings one by one to the Service Library section. You can also choose which staff member handles a particular service. Here’s an example:

service library

What about pricing?

There are various options for setting your prices. You can either choose a Fixed or a Variable Price to present your offers on a case-to-case basis. You can also offer a Display Price, which will appear next to the service during online booking. 

Multiple Locations 

Square has many multi-location management features that keep all your stores in perfect harmony.

Everything is manageable from a single dashboard!

First, you can create individual business profiles for each location. You’re free to indicate their own business hours and contact details. You can also add their corresponding bank accounts or tags to differentiate fund transfers.

With Device Codes, you can even manage the devices in use per location!

Keep in mind, though, that there’s a 300-location limit per account. Also, when you create a new location, it cannot be undone. Once built, it will remain visible – even if it gets deactivated.


You can avoid getting stood up by your clients by reminding them about their bookings.

There are two ways to send Square Appointments alerts – via SMS and email. And here’s what’s great about it. If a customer hasn‘t confirmed by the time a reminder is sent, the system will resend the confirmation request within the reminder message.

No more no-shows!

If you’re planning to send out email reminders, you can just use the message templates available on your dashboard. Don’t worry, you can still change their content. You can even add a personalized touch, like a greeting. 

Here’s an example:

email template

Square Assistant

Square Appointments provides an assistant that can do basic appointment automation.

You can integrate it into your booking channel to give your clients a hassle-free experience. Among its other functions, clients can use it to confirm, cancel, or change their appointments by replying directly to Square text messages.

Marketing Campaigns

If your startup needs more leads, email marketing is key!

On the same interface, you can create email newsletters or invitations to increase your subscribers or client base. 

Just like in most email marketing platforms, users can take advantage of premade templates for instant rollouts. Many Square Appointments reviews, however, have pointed out that the templates look a bit basic. See for yourself:


The good thing is most email components are customizable!

Online Payment Gateway

Square Appointments can process payments for bookings, too. That’s right – you can charge your clients for their bookings straight from the app.

With the Review and Check Out feature, site visitors can simply add retail items to their total and pay via:

  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Check

You’re allowed to save their credit card info for future orders.

You can also put up a cancellation policy to ensure you don’t waste time or resources. Be sure to indicate the corresponding fees that come with canceling an appointment past your cut-off time. This will be visible to your clients during the entire booking stage.

POS System

To manage your sales better, you can maximize the integrated Square Appointments POS System on your account. 

Some of its useful features include:

  • Professional invoices with automated reminders 
  • Installment payments via Afterpay
  • Discounts for special events, services, or customers
  • Virtual gift cards

Don’t worry – taking payments using this system is secure, with no hidden fees.

Analytics and Insights

From tracking sales progress to the overall business growth, Square Appointments delivers reports with actionable insights.

All the facts and figures you need are displayed on your dedicated Reports page.

Here’s one:


Aside from the daily gross sales above, you can view individual transactions by a weekly, monthly, or yearly breakdown.

For a more in-depth synthesis, you can also look into other analytics like:

  • Sales trends 
  • Item sales
  • Team sales
  • Transaction status
  • Preferred payment methods

And more!

You can also create custom reports by adding your chosen metrics or removing the ones you don’t need.

Square Appointments Integrations

The Square ecosystem, by itself, is already armed with many tools for growing your business. For example, the Customers and Ecommerce platforms are native add-ons you can use to enhance the app’s functionality.

Still, you can power up your Appointments interface with lots of great third-party integrations.

Some of the good ones include:

  • WordPress
  • Quickbooks
  • TaxJar
  • Gravity Forms 
  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Homebase

The list goes on!

Square Appointments Security

Online booking gateways are convenient platforms, but they can also expose you to various cyberattacks. That’s because they deal with sensitive user information.

So, how secure is this program?

Thankfully, the Square Appointments system protects its account holders and their customers via zero-knowledge encryption

Additionally, it follows all the required PCI standards to ensure safe credit card transactions. And since the software itself is PCI-compliant, account holders don’t need to go through the same validation process. That covers the processing, storage, and transmission of credit card data.

Square’s privacy policy also states it never sells users’ information to third-party vendors.

Square Appointments App

Mobile functionality, check!

Aside from the web-based program, you can also access the scheduling system on your iOS or Android device.

But is it the same?

While the mobile app is a scaled-down version of the web interface, the core features are still present. On your smartphone, you’ll be able to:

  • Add or track upcoming events with the calendar
  • Get 24/7 online booking convenience
  • Set automatic appointment reminders
  • Enable seamless payment processing
  • Access your client profiles and directory

Ease of Use and Interface

One of this software’s strongest assets is the light and intuitive interface

Its web-based deployment means it’s universally compatible. Save for the mobile app, there’s no need to download and install an application on your desktop. All it takes is a quick signup on the website, and you’re good to go.

Thanks to the Square Appointments demo upon arrival, new users can instantly familiarize themselves with the system. 

There’s also a quick setup wizard that’ll get you started by accomplishing core tasks:


Once you’re all set up, it’ll be easier to add all your Square Appointments customizations. All the tools that require it, like the email and site builders, are also just as user-friendly. Their one-click configurations make everything a breeze!

Customer Support

Square Appointments offers support via the following channels:

  • Live chat
  • Email 
  • Phone
  • Knowledge base
  • Automated support assistant

It’s a good thing the company offers multiple options for reaching out and getting assistance. Unfortunately, it usually takes a long while to connect with a live agent.

The live chat option isn’t always available. From our observation, it follows the same availability as the phone support. That’s Monday to Friday, 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM PDT.

The knowledge base is great for DIY support, though. It’s rich with guides and articles explaining the software inside out. 

Plus, the automated chatbot is responsive and will direct you to the right resources. 

Square Appointments Pricing

So – how much does the software cost?

It’s available in three subscription-based versions. Here’s a quick comparison for your consideration:


$0 (for a single location)

Includes all the core features, including custom availability, automated reminders, payments, team management, Square Assistant, recurring appointments, multiple time zone management, etc.



Includes all Free features, multiple locations, processing time, multiple staff appointments, Google Calendar sync, no-show protection, daily appointment limit, etc.



Includes all Plus features, resource management, custom permissions, tiered staff commissions, contract automation, team sales vs. labor reporting, multiple wage rates, etc.

Want to test a plan before purchasing it? You can try the Plus or Premium versions for free for 30 days.

Square Appointments Review - Verdict

The final question stands – is it worth it?

The program is, indeed, great for budding businesses that want an all-in-one scheduling solution.

Combined with Square’s massive collection of integrated ecommerce tools, Square Appointments makes online booking management a breeze. It contains just about everything a startup needs to get organized and grow. 

Through simple booking channels, collaboration modules, and payment gateways, the program packs the essentials and more. Add to that an integrated POS system for efficient sales management. 

Not to forget its light, accessible, and highly-intuitive UI

The only weak spot for Square Appointments is the customer service. Although it comes in many forms, the limited availability and inaccessibility of its live support can be a setback. Its saving grace is the information-rich knowledge base that offers good DIY resources. 

But if we’re solely judging on features, ease of use, and app functionality, Square is definitely worth considering.


Does Square have a scheduling app?

Yes. Square Appointments is an app dedicated to managing online bookings and bringing services closer to customers. 

Its built-in calendar works as a dashboard for tracking your previous and upcoming appointments. On the paid versions, you can enable Google Calendar Sync to integrate your appointments into that platform.

Is Square good for online booking?

Most definitely. It provides a handful of online booking channels to make self-scheduling easier for you and your clients. 

Those include:

  • A simple online booking website 
  • A full-service website with ecommerce features
  • An embedded widget or button on your existing website
  • A button integrated into your email campaign
  • A digital QR code

Can you customize Square Appointments?

As stated in many Square Appointments reviews, the program’s booking tools are customizable. For example, you can modify certain elements of your booking website like: 

  • Availability
  • Bookable services
  • Business hours
  • Headers and content
  • Visual assets
  • Branding aspects

And so on!


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