Pipedrive CRM Review

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Managing customer interactions is critical for every business. That’s why many enterprises use dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) software to support company requirements. This Pipedrive CRM review gives you an in-depth perspective that showcases this popular solution’s features. 

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Best for: Small and mid-sized businesses

Strengths Easy to use
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Strengths Good mobile app
Strengths Email synchronization
Weaknesses Limited customer support
Weaknesses Significant learning curve
Weaknesses Integrations need improvement
Weaknesses Limited reporting functionality

What Is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive Inc was founded in 2010 by five entrepreneurs; Timo Rein, Urmas Purde, Ragnar Sass, Martin Tajur, and Martin Henk. In 2011, the company graduated from AngelPad, a renowned startup incubator.

While starting out in Tallinn, Estonia, the company relocated its headquarters to New York.  The change helped tap into the US’s bigger market for customers and venture capital.

The Pipedrive platform helps businesses manage their engagements with customers. You can also monitor your sales and gain valuable business insights, among other features. 

Many Pipedrive CRM reviews from long-time users boast that it is an effective CRM tool. And with over 100,000 businesses currently using Pipedrive, it's no wonder why it’s one of the most popular CRM platforms worldwide.

Pipedrive Features


Running a business involves many necessary but mundane and repetitive tasks that you can tire of quickly. Such tasks include collecting leads, answering emails, and scheduling meetings.  The good thing is that Pipedrive lets you automate these types of tasks.

You can create automated workflows to handle specific tasks on Pipedrive. For example, you can set the app to send a personalized email once a deal closes automatically. You just have to set the format and parameters, and you can send the email to multiple customers. This process is far easier than writing separate emails for each client.

Another example of an automated workflow is creating a deal pipeline once you add a new contact. This visualization of your sales process is one of Pipedrive’s core features. In this example, you can set Pipedrive to automatically create a new pipeline for each contact representing a potential customer.

A Pipedrive sales assistant powered by artificial intelligence often suggests which tasks to automate for maximum gain. It accompanies you throughout the CRM dashboard, providing performance tips, recommended features and app integrations, and other helpful information.

With its automation capabilities, smart contact data is one of the best Pipedrive features. It lets you enter a contact's email address and retrieve their public data to build detailed profiles. The public data comes from sources like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, web listings, and other online sources. The goal is to help you know more about potential customers and how to engage with them effectively. 

Automation takes a lot of burden off staff and lets them focus on driving sales. It also helps reduce human errors when chasing sales and interacting with clients. This advantage can translate into closing deals faster, which is excellent for any business.

Pipedrive Chatbot

Perhaps, you’ve built a good website for your business and made it live. And many people may even visit the website. But in the end, only a small number become customers. This number divided by the total number of visitors is called conversion rate, a critical metric. One of the best ways to boost your conversion rate is by using chatbots, and Pipedrive lets you do just that.

A chatbot is an automated program that uses text, and occasionally voice, to converse with customers in a friendly manner. You can customize your chatbot extensively and make it as human-friendly as possible. 

The trick is to predict the kind of conversations a visitor will likely initiate and provide automated answers for them. Visitors that receive appropriate chatbox responses are more likely to convert to paying customers. Research shows that conversion rates increase between 10% and 100% when businesses utilize chatbots.

The chatbot tool on Pipedrive is available as part of the add-on LeadBooster.

Pipedrive LeadBooster

This Pipedrive add-on provides four main features; chatbot, live chat, web forms, and Prospector. We’ve already discussed the chatbot above, leaving the other three to cover. 

Thanks to this program supplement, you can exploit a live chat tool on your business website that connects directly with Pipedrive. You can strategically pair this feature with the chatbot if a customer lands on your website and makes a query that your chatbot can't correctly answer. A human representative for your business can quickly take over and provide an appropriate reply.

The Pipedrive live chat tool also comes in handy when your chatbot identifies potential high-value leads. In such situations, it can quickly transfer conversations to sales representatives. You can configure the live chat tool to notify leads that they’ll connect with an actual person. Likewise, you can add an offline message for when no representative is available, so you won’t leave visitors hanging.

Your reps can chat with customers directly from their Pipedrive dashboard on the web interface or desktop and mobile apps. 

Another feature that LeadBooster offers is creating web forms, which help collect information from leads. You can create a Pipedrive web form and embed it on your website. Any information a customer inputs on the form automatically registers on your CRM dashboard after submission.

One of the best things about this feature is that it’s very flexible with numerous fields like large text, single option, multiple-choice, text fields, etc. You can also tailor your submit button and require reCAPTCHA verification before submission.

Additionally, you can generate insights from the web form replies. These insights can guide you toward making better decisions.

The last feature under LeadBooster is Prospector, a searchable database of people and companies to help you find outbound leads. Information on this database originates from public sources under approved privacy laws.

The Prospector tool is available to every Pipedrive user, but you need to purchase credits to get contact details. Depending on your business requirements, you can buy credits in batches of 10, 50, 200, and 2000.

The first step to getting contact details is building the personas of your target customers using filters. They include job title, location, industry, total addressable market, etc. Afterward, you can pay with your credits to receive a list of contact details matching your filters. 

These contact details of potential customers include email addresses, phone numbers, etc., making them ideal for sending pitches. However, ensure you send original ones, so you don’t get flagged for spam.

Pipedrive Reporting

One of the features Pipedrive CRM reviews often highlight is sales reporting. You can use the software to produce thorough reports that give you a clear picture of your business. These reports can be for individual employees or a team.

Individual sales representatives can see visualizations that provide a real-time performance overview. These reports help managers determine areas for improvement and observe their teams’ progress over time. 

Moreover, you can also access administrator reports concerning your workers’ collaborative sales output and compare them against KPIs. These reports can help you know where to offer assistance or delegate additional work.

Another noticeable feature under Pipedrive reporting is revenue forecasting. The CRM platform can help predict future revenue by analyzing company stats. The data-driven forecasts are often accurate. They make it easy to prepare for future business environments, whether positive or negative. 

Pipedrive Scheduling

Scheduling meetings at a convenient time with customers can often be challenging. The CRM software offers a dedicated scheduling tool to help this process.

You can automate the scheduling of meetings on Pipedrive in two ways. The first is to set and share regular availability time slots. The second is to allocate and send specific, one-off proposals.

You can schedule your availability by selecting your preferred meeting length and the times and days you're free. You may also add a note, links, or any extra fields for the recipient to complete. Afterward, the app saves the schedule as a template with a shareable link. Share the link with your contact, and they can select any time slot that suits you.

Once your contact selects a time slot, the CRM software sends an automatic confirmation email. It also removes the booked times for anyone who receives your invite link.

The other way is to send specific meeting proposals to a contact, which they can accept or reject. This method is best for users who don’t have regular schedules or much free time. 

PipeDrive Integrations

One of the best features discovered when developing this Pipedrive CRM review is its third-party app integrations. Over 350 apps directly integrate with the CRM tool to provide extra functionality. You can get these apps from the official Pipedrive marketplace - some are even free.

Examples of apps available include DocuSign, Trello, and QuickBooks.

DocuSign lets you create documents and sign them electronically. This feature is handy if you have customers in remote areas where delivering physical documents is prohibitive. You can easily send a soft copy for a digital signature in such situations. Often, electronic signatures are legally binding, so you can use this feature to sign critical documents. 

Trello is a task management tool where you can create cards, boards, and lists to plan and follow your schedule. With the Pipedrive-Trello integration, you can make these planning tools directly from your CRM dashboard. 

QuickBooks is an accounting software platform often used by small and medium-sized businesses. Thanks to its Pipedrive integration, you can import financial data into your CRM dashboard to help speed up your sales processes. For example, you can pull invoices from QuickBooks to send to your clients from your CRM dashboard.

These are just a few examples of Pipedrive integrations. You can access many more from the Pipedrive marketplace. We noticed recurring customer complaints that many apps don’t work well with Pipedrive. Be sure you check user reviews to inform your decisions. 

Mobile app

Though Pipedrive is primarily a cloud-based tool, you can conveniently access it through a mobile app. You can download the official mobile app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

The Pipedrive mobile app makes it convenient to use the CRM platform. Your employees can access it from anywhere and interact with customers. One of the app’s primary advantages is that it lets you work offline, unlike the web-based interface.

Pipedrive does not offer a desktop app.  

Privacy and Security

Security is a vital concern with every app. And it’s even more imperative for a CRM app containing sensitive business data. As such, Pipedrive uses numerous security protocols to protect customers' data. 

For example, you can enable two-factor authentication for your employees. This way, they must verify their identity in more than one way before accessing their CRM dashboard. A username and password are the first means of identification, and the second is a unique verification code.

Likewise, you can set unique user permissions for your employees. This feature can block users from accessing specific data sets to prevent leaks. You can also keep records of every user’s login and IP address for auditing purposes. 

Pipedrive must adhere to strict GDPR protection laws due to its sizeable European user base. This allows you to export your data or demand deletion at any time. 

Cloud infrastructure from Rackspace and Amazon Web Services (AWS) host the Pipedrive software. These two cloud hosts have solid reputations concerning security.

Email Inbox

Sending emails is an inseparable function of sales, and Pipedrive provides tools to assist you in doing it. 

You can create a personal email address with the @pipedrivemail.com domain and use it to engage with leads or clients. You can use a Pipedrive email template to craft meticulous emails that increase the chances of getting a response. 

We found navigating the platform’s email interface easy, and you likely would too. 


The CRM platform offers a caller tool that makes sales calls directly from the web. Simply connect your existing phone number, and click on a contact's number within the app to call them. The hands-free calling option makes it easy to take notes and check details while speaking to your connection. 

Pipedrive Email Tracking

Sales staff often worry if leads ever open the emails they send them. Similarly, they often want to know if or why a lead opens an email and never replies. Typically, there’s no way to know, but not with this Pipeline tool. 

The CRM platform lets you see if a contact opens an email you send. It does this by adding a tracking pixel to the email that activates if the recipient opens it. This pixel can also let you know if the recipient clicks on any link within an email. 

The Pipedrive email tracking feature doesn’t work if the recipient has disabled images or HTML in their email client. 

Ease of Use and Interface

We found Pipedrive intuitive, beginning with registration. You can use your work email or existing Google or LinkedIn accounts to sign up. The latter options make signing up considerably faster.

Before creating an account, the Pipedrive software asks a few compulsory questions. These questions include your company role and the objective of using the software. In doing so, the platform automatically suggests valuable features for you. 

Business owners are usually the first ones to create an account. Afterward, the account owner can easily add users. All you need is their email. You can ask them individually or in bulk for up to 100 addresses.

The dashboard is easy to navigate. It has a modern interface with distinct menus housing different groups of features, making them easy to find. For example, you’ll find all email-related features in the Mail menu or reporting features in the Insights menu. You can also access many additional functionalities with the Pipedrive CRM add-ons

The CRM platform offers sufficient tools to help business owners manage and support their employees. It also lets managers delegate deals to specific employees, so they’ll know where to focus. 

And at any time, you can see the number of currently active staff devices. You can also browse the device login history for up to 60 days. Similarly, you can explore all security-related events to ensure compliance and prevent malicious activity.

Customer Support

You can access Pipedrive customer support through email and live chat. The email support team often responds within 24 hours, according to user reviews.

Otherwise, you can access live chat support directly from your CRM dashboard. The support team often replies to chat inquiries within minutes.

A Knowledge Base, user forum, and video tutorials are also available for those who prefer to self-learn. 

The Knowledge Base contains extensive articles about using and troubleshooting the CRM platform. The forum lets you interact with other users and exchange solutions to problems. You can access video tutorials on a dedicated website called Pipedrive Academy.


Pipedrive is a strictly paid app with no free version. You can choose from the following four subscriptions:


$11.90 per user per month

This plan provides access to the lead, deal, calendar, and pipeline management features. It also includes 24/7 support and access to third-party app integrations.


$24.90 per user per month

It includes all features of the Essential plan plus full email sync, group emailing and tracking, and workflow automation.


$49.90 per user per month

This pro plan includes all features of the Advanced plan plus one-click calling, document creation, e-signature, and sales forecasting.


$74.90 per month

It provides increased security preferences, unlimited user permissions/visibility settings, and all the Professional plan features.

You can use the 14-day Pipedrive free trial to test all the platform’s features. 

The company doesn’t provide any refunds on its paid plans. 

Pipedrive CRM vs. Freshsales CRM

Freshsales is one of the best-known competitors to Pipedrive. It’s a CRM platform developed by the Indian tech company Freshworks Inc. Let’s examine some core differences between both platforms.

The Pipedrive CRM’s cost is slightly more affordable than Freshsales. The former costs $11.90-$74.90/user/month, while the latter costs $18-$83/user/month. However, the latter has a longer free trial period of 21 days than the former’s 14 days.

Both CRM platforms permit third-party app integrations. However, you’ll find many more apps on Pipedrive’s marketplace than on its competitors.  

It takes considerable time to court developers to integrate their apps with any platform.

Launched in 2016, Freshsales is a much younger CRM app, so it understandably lags behind Pipedrive in this race.

Both CRM apps have in-built email functionality. However, we consider Pipedrive’s email interface easier to use. Both platforms also have in-built calling functionality. But, a significant difference is that Freshsales lets you buy local and toll-free phone numbers. While Pipedrive only allows you to connect to an existing phone number. 

Pipedrive CRM vs. Monday.com

Monday.com is an Israeli software specializing in cloud-based business software. Its products include its sales CRM platform, one of the most popular Pipedrive alternatives. It’s also considerably more affordable than the Pipedrive sales CRM. 

Monday.com CRM costs between $10 and $24/user/month, while its rival charges almost double that range. Both apps offer a 14-day free trial period. 

The two platforms also share third-party app integration capabilities. But, Monday.com offers more than its competitor. It also seems to have a friendlier relationship with third-party app developers, translating into more apps on its marketplace and additional user-functionality.

Regarding ease of use, both platforms have modern interfaces, but we consider Monday.com more interactive and the better choice. 

Another area where Monday.com excels over its rival is in collaboration. The platform makes it easier for multiple users within a company to interact compared to Pipedrive


After extensive research and product testing, we assure you that the Pipedrive sales CRM is reliable. It provides many features to help your business effectively engage with customers. 

The app is easy to use, a plus for non-technical users. It is also cost-effective relative to the provided features.

With that said, we think Pipedrive should do a better job with its third-party integration capabilities. Another disadvantage is its considerable learning curve if wanting to use the app’s more complex features. 


Can Pipedrive be used as a CRM?

Yes, Pipedrive is a dedicated CRM platform. 

How popular is Pipedrive?

This CRM platform has over 100,000 paying customers across the globe, making it pretty popular.

Is Pipedrive easy to use?

Yes, the app has a user-friendly interface that makes navigating simple.

Who owns Pipedrive?

Vista Equity Partners, an American private equity firm, owns a majority stake in Pipedrive Inc

Is Pipedrive secure?

Yes, the platform is highly secure. It has numerous security protocols to protect user data from unauthorized access.

Can I use Pipedrive for free?

No, there’s no free version of the app. When researching this Pipedrive CRM review, we observed that this was a recurring complaint amongst users.


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