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Nero Peña
Nero Peña

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Nimble is packed with robust automation, centralized communication, and all the CRM essentials. It’s also surprisingly cheap. Is there a catch? Let’s find out if the software fits your business in this Nimble review.

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MINIMUM PRICE $25/user/month

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Start a Free Trial

Best for: Lead generation and sales productivity

Strengths Excellent contact management
Strengths Multichannel communication
Strengths Great lead generation tools
Strengths Multi-purpose pipelines
Weaknesses Limited email functionality
Weaknesses Lackluster customer support
Weaknesses No autoresponder feature/integration

What Is Nimble?

Nimble is a handy and affordable CRM tool that leans more towards social sales and team productivity

Developed by Jon Ferrara, the father of GoldMine CRM, this cloud-based program is designed to go far beyond the realm of contact management. It can perform a vast array of functions, including:

  • creating an organized database of customers
  • delegating tasks and setting follow-up reminders 
  • sending trackable emails to targeted recipients 
  • setting up a calendar of activities
  • enhancing customer service through a unified communication channel
  • managing multiple pipelines at once 

And many more.

One of its greatest assets is that it integrates well with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. With this capability, it’s easier to manage your leads, tasks, and workflows in one place!

Many Nimble reviews are particularly praising the program for its rich feature suite and usability. Is it that good?

Let’s take a look.

Nimble CRM Features

From sales and advertising teams to business consulting groups, the Nimble workspace is designed for a wide range of users.

In terms of relationship management, these are the things you can do with the program:

Contact Management

Storing contacts in a massive database is the backbone of every CRM software. 

With Nimble, the process is easy! The Contact List section is where you can add, view, and filter all your contacts. Here’s what it looks like:

contact list

As you can see, your contacts can be properly categorized into various sections. You’re free to reorganize the items to your liking. 

On the same dashboard, you can view and edit individual information. You can even add each one to a particular workflow by modifying the lead type, status, user access, etc.

You can add your contacts one by one or upload them at once through file imports. Nimble can also sync contacts from other platforms, but I’ll get to that later.

Import Wizard

If you have an existing client database, you can use the Import Wizard for quick uploads. Just make sure your spreadsheet is in CSV format.

The beauty of it is that the program detects matches. That way you don’t get duplicates or overwritten contacts. Also, it automatically maps fields – no more manually customizing field names!

Aside from CSV imports, you can also add your contacts from:

Nimble CRM lets you export your records just as easily, too. Just select the items and hit the Export button. 

But heads up – exports are done via emails. You have to wait for the file in your inbox, then you can download it from there.

Contact Capture

Nimble has two lead management features that make it easy to deal with prospective clients. 

There’s the Email Signature Capture, which automatically parses data from email footers. This is where the program’s Gmail and Outlook integrations come through. 

The other one is the Business Card Scanner. Using the mobile app, you can take a photo of a client’s business card. Artificial intelligence will automatically capture the data and create a new contact for you.

With these, adding and updating contacts is a breeze!

Contact Record View

In addition to the Nimble contact management features above, this all-in-one record view is a convenient point of reference for your team.

contact record view

When an authorized user clicks on a contact, the program opens up a dedicated window of information. Here, you get to view customer analytics in greater detail. Everything is listed – including interactions, data fields, workflows, files, and so on. 

You can also directly add notes, tasks, and deals from this section!

List Segmentation

Grouping your leads into segments is a power move in targeting. 

Once you’ve uploaded your contacts to the Nimble CRM database, you can sort the data by creating tags. These are labels you can add to each contact to properly separate them into categories. It can be based on demographics, customer behaviour, and whatnot.

This trick will come in handy when it’s time to roll out your email campaigns or send targeted messages to an audience. Segmented lists will make it easier to search for particular contacts, too!


The Nimble CRM software lets you track all your important processes in one place. 

It basically works like a sales pipeline, but in this case, a multipurpose one. It displays your team’s progress in dealing with your leads and contacts. You can choose between the standard List view or a Kanban board. Something like this:


You can create and configure a workflow from scratch. Or, you can just choose from the premade templates like Marketing, Investing, Networking, Real Estate, and many more. You’re free to replace or add stages and fields to the pipeline as needed.

Unified Inbox

As I’ve said earlier, Nimble is focused on relationship management


Like a call centre of sorts, it has a central hub of communication.

You can drive all your engagement channels into this main inbox. Once connected, you’ll receive messages from your email, Twitter account, and other supported platforms. All interactions are recorded and accessible to authorized users for review. 

Unfortunately, Facebook and LinkedIn are out of the picture, since they no longer support CRM platforms.

Social Media Signals

Aside from messages, you can also view your contacts’ latest posts since your last interaction. 

This section displays your social streams from your business Facebook Page and Twitter feed, too. They are consolidated into one central location, so you can easily engage with important contacts.

Group Messages

Yes, you can send mass emails to your contacts directly from the software. And even better, Nimble has templates you can use for faster sendouts!

Unlike most email marketing software, though, all messages are sent over your personal email server. That explains the 100-email cap per user, per day. Although the daily limits vary from one provider to the other, this is the case for Gmail and Outlook.

On the plus side, this will make your emails look more personalized. Some customers prefer receiving tailored messages.

Email Tracking

Nimble has the email tracking basics covered. It shows your entire inbox – sent items included. It also tracks your mass mailouts and delivers actionable reports and insights.

What it lacks, though, is proper email organization. You can’t access or email folders or group them just the same. You’ll be forced to switch between the software and your email program for filing emails.

Task Delegation

Team building is one of this program’s strengths.

On the Activities Tab, you can set the work schedule and assign certain duties to your staff. It can be a task, event, meeting, or any custom activity.

task management

The Agenda page is the main Nimble activity tracking module. Here, you can view all of your tasks and events. They are lined up in chronological order, according to the scheduled day and time. Way to boost your team’s productivity!

You can also use its Calendar Management function in organizing events and calls. There’s a built-in tool for this. But if you’re using Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, you can sync your calendars with the program.

Deal Tracking

With Nimble, pipeline management is easy, detailed, and organized. 

On the Deals Tab, you’ll find the different stages of your sales pipeline and see which deals are under them. 

deal tracking

You can use the default fields like Qualification, Decision-making, and Negotiation, among others. But, you’re free to customize the dashboard by adding or removing a stage and indicating its duration. 

Just like the contact view, you get a dedicated window of information when you click on a deal. It displays all the relevant Nimble CRM data such as interactions, activities, attachments, etc.

And here’s the best part – every new deal gets automatically added to your contact record!

Ticket Management

While it has no dedicated section for customer service, you can still take tickets from the main inbox. You can link them to tasks and assign them to your team. Since the program logs all inquiries, any authorized user can visit the contact record and address the ticket from there.

Analytics & Reporting

The scope of Nimble reporting is quite extensive.

There’s a general analytics dashboard, which displays key information on your pipelines. That includes the following:

analytics and reporting

In addition to these figures, the program also shows the numbers on forecasted deals. You can view a graphical representation of your weighted revenue and deals won.

You can also track your sales performance in the Deals History section.


There are hundreds of Nimble CRM integrations for enhanced functionality and automation. As previously mentioned, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are two key applications that complement the program’s core features.

Here are some other great integrations:

  • ConstantContact
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho CRM
  • PandaDoc
  • Evernote
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Podio

You see, it’s easy to turn this program into an automation powerhouse. With the Nimble CRM and Freshbooks integration, for example, you can organize your billings, proposals, and contracts in one platform. 

The possibilities are endless!

It would have been a home run if there was an autoresponder option available, though.

Nimble Mobile Apps

The program’s mobile functionality is great for on-the-go productivity. You can download the app on your iOS or Android device for free. It’s linked to your account, so all you have to do is sign in to access your dashboard.

It’s a stripped-down version of the web app, but it’s still loaded with the core features. Deal tracking and creation are just one of them!

mobile app

Other mobile functions include: 

  • contact management
  • business card scanner
  • Agenda page
  • calender management
  • task delegation
  • email tracking. 

Nimble Browser Extensions

As an added functionality, the program has a pair of extension tools that are truly impressive. 

One is the Smart Contacts app, which is a plugin that works with Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. When you click or hover over a contact’s name on a website, it extracts all retrievable and relevant information for you. Automatically! It also prompts you to save the captured data as a new contact. 

Another great Nimble automation extension is the Prospector app. It’s a website tracking tool that can instantly extract all contacts available on the site. However, you’re only allowed to use it up to 10 times. 

Ease of Use and Interface

Nimble’s interface looks like your standard CRM software, and that’s a compliment. It’s clean, intuitive, and straightforward. 

Not to mention the app is web-based, so no need to download and install the app on your desktop. And thanks to cloud computing, the app works seamlessly across multiple devices.

Despite its jampacked and complex feature set, the program is easy to use and very much beginner-friendly. It’s also good that Nimble CRM has a demo section on the interface, right above the contact view. There, the program provides a checklist of tasks to get you warmed up.

The ‘Today’ dashboard also provides a quick overview of your daily progress.

Nimble interface

Here, you can quickly check the status of your important deals, messages, tasks, and even your sales funnel.

Customer Support

This is the part where the company falls a bit short.

Currently, Nimble CRM offers support via email only. The website indicates that their Customer Success Team is available Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM PT.

I tried to reach out within that schedule, and I received a reply after eight hours. On the bright side, the representative was able to answer my multiple queries sufficiently.

In terms of DIY support, the website has quite an extensive knowledge base filled with helpful articles. These are mostly explainers and feature walkthroughs, though. It would have been nicer to see troubleshooting guides and other problem-solving manuals.

It’s a good thing that the company offers a daily webinar that discusses onboarding and best CRM practices.

Nimble CRM Pricing

One of the most attractive qualities of this software is the price tag.

One, it’s relatively cheaper than most solutions on the market. Also, it offers a simple and straightforward pricing structure.

A Business subscription costs $25/user/month. No tiered offers, add-on features, whatsoever. The package includes:

  • 25,000 contact records
  • 1,000 custom fields
  • Unlimited email message syncing
  • Unlimited saved search segments
  • 2 GB storage/user

You can, however, increase the storage space by 10 GB for an additional $10 per month.

Like most subscription-based programs, Nimble CRM offers a lower cost if you pay on an annual basis. For this, the price is set at $19/user/month.

There is no free version, unfortunately. Still, you can take the software for a spin within the 14-day free trial.

Nimble CRM vs HubSpot

HubSpot CRM is one of the most popular CRM contenders on the market. Just like Nimble, it revolves around the whole customer experience with its all-encompassing feature suite.

They share similar abilities like:

  • efficient contact management
  • deal tracking and sales pipeline
  • unified, multichannel inbox
  • task management and meeting scheduler
  • in-depth and easy-to-digest analytics

So, where do we draw the line?

If you’re looking for a free solution, HubSpot is definitely among the best Nimble CRM alternatives you can consider. Although some of its advanced features are locked behind a paywall, its core functionalities are free forever.

HubSpot is also slightly more well-rounded than the other. It provides access to its Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Operations Hubs on the same interface.

Nimble Review - Verdict

Nimble is a software that’s truly loaded with smart and convenient CRM functions.

It’s good enough to compete with the best CRM software in terms of:

  • advanced contact management 
  • enhanced team productivity
  • multichannel communications
  • extra marketing and customer service functions

Add to that its affordable price tag and user-friendly interface. Anyone with a CRM background will instantly connect with Nimble’s modern-looking and streamlined feature suite.

The Smart Contacts and Prospector extensions are also great bonus features. With these, it’s ten times easier to get leads and prospects before initiating conversations.

But just like every software, Nimble CRM has pros and cons. The major downside is its limited email filing capability and poor customer support. It’s hard to recommend it over other tools like HubSpot CRM that’s free and complete.

But considering HubSpot’s quite expensive subscription plans, Nimble is a little easier on the pocket. If you simply want to focus on relationship management and lead generation, this is a great tool to consider. 


Is Nimble a good CRM?

Yes, Nimble offers a rich feature suite that is surprisingly cheap. For a good price, users can benefit from powerful abilities like unified inbox, extensive contact record, lead capture, and many more. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use!

Based on my firsthand experience and tons of Nimble user reviews, I’d say that the program is among the industry’s best CRM solutions.

What does Nimble CRM do?

Here’s what the program can do:

  • create a database of customers
  • manage tasks and give reminders 
  • drive all communications into one inbox
  • send trackable emails 
  • set up a calendar of activities
  • manage multiple pipelines 
  • closely monitor deal progress

Who owns Nimble CRM?

Jon V. Ferrara owns Nimble CRM. He is widely recognized as one of the early pioneers of CRM and sales force automation, having developed GoldMine Software Corp.

Is Nimble CRM HIPAA compliant?

Nimble does not comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). So, it might not be a viable solution for healthcare providers. 

If you want to know which type of user fits this program, you can go ahead and read my Nimble review above.


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