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Georgi Karaivanov
Georgi Karaivanov

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Are you looking for an alternative to Zoom for your business webinars? In this Demio review, we dissect this marketing-focused meetings app. Let’s find out if it does any better than its competition?

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Best for: Business webinars

Strengths No download needed
Strengths Interactive polls
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Strengths Integration support
Weaknesses Pricey
Weaknesses Max 5 people on stage
Weaknesses Limited settings

What Is Demio?

Nowadays, webinars are in high demand.

And while we’ve all grown accustomed to using Zoom over the past few years, it’s not the only option.

Demio is a web service specifically designed for business webinars. It was founded in 2014 and proclaimed itself as a “hassle-free” option. But is it?

It has much of the same functionality as Zoom but is capable of slightly different things. For instance, the Demio app is entirely browser-based and requires no downloads. And it has several features that Zoom doesn’t, like interactive polls and analytics to track engagement.

So what else makes Demio different, and should you consider it? Read on and find out.

Demio Features

Demio software primarily targets businesses of all scales that rely on conferencing to generate leads. As such, the program has specialized tools to maximize engagement and ensure the best possible experience.

Interactive polls

Adding interactive elements to your sessions is a classic way to boost engagement.

During the meetings, you can create a poll for your attendees to fill out. Polls are fully customizable, and you can develop any collection of questions and answers. The questionnaire then gets dropped in the chat, where everyone can participate.

Answers become visible immediately and have numbers and percentages attached.

As such, you can monitor how many people answered your poll. You can also share the results with your Demio webinar attendees or keep them private.


Want to know how your webinars are doing?

With the Analytics feature, you can evaluate your audiences’ engagement. You can access these details in your Schedule tab, under View Insights. You can see how many people registered for your events and how many attended them.

Need minute-by-minute stats?

It’s all here.

It’s no wonder the Analytics tab is a highly praised feature in many Demio reviews.

You can even check how many viewers paid attention to your webinar. If participants have the tab open, they count as Focused attendees. You can then see what portion of your total attendees were attentive.

You can even compare attendees against your list of registrants and determine who the no-shows are.

You can then export the data to a CSV file and download it to your computer.

Screen recording

Demio recording happens automatically. You don’t need to hit a record button or worry about forgetting.

The recording begins when your event goes live and ends upon completion. 

How do you access it?

When reviewing your events on the platform, you will see a complete list of your past and upcoming sessions. Click on the one you wish to see the recording of, then head to Past Sessions. When you click on the orange arrow button, you see a link to the recording.

Demio screen recording

And here’s some excellent news, there is no limit on the number of recordings your account can store. Every session you’ve ever had is automatically archived, regardless of how long ago it was.

Screen sharing

Demio can share your screen with attendees and let them see what you’re doing like any other conferencing app.

When you “go on stage,” you start broadcasting your webcam and microphone to the attendees. That’s when the Share screen option will become available. You can share a specific window or your entire screen - it’s up to you.

The neat thing is that you can share your webcam and screen simultaneously.

When sharing your screen, your webcam window remains visible at the top. No longer do you have to choose between one or the other.

Presentation materials

Before your Demio webinar begins, perhaps you wish to share files with the group. 

You can do that.

By heading over to Customize and then Room, you can upload files for your attendees to access. These materials can either be slides or a video.

What file types does it support?

For slides, you can share PowerPoint files, DPS, ODG, and PDF. As for video, the app supports 19 file types

Demio presentation materials

There are, though, some restrictions.

For instance, you can’t share a video shorter than 20 seconds or larger than 5 GB. Also, PowerPoint slides convert to images, which means no animations. And speaking of images, you cannot share pictures


Using Demio integrations, you can access external tools to assist with email marketing. The current list of supported software is:

If you don’t find your preferred platform here, don’t worry. Demio states that they are constantly working on updating and adding more integrations.

And managing your integrations is easy.

Simply navigate to the settings menu and click on Integrations. There, you will find your dashboard through which you can set up whichever web service you want.

But it doesn’t end here.

Demio supports Zapier, and with it, you can connect your meetings to over four thousand different apps without any coding

For instance, you can automatically keep track of your registrants via Google Spreadsheets. Or connect to Gmail and send customized emails to your webinar’s no-shows. There are countless customization possibilities.

Ease of Use and Interface

Using Demio is relatively straightforward.

Your main dashboard is divided into Schedule and Events, making it easy to keep track of your webinars.

Demio interface

You find everything neatly organized under these two sections. Each section sub-divides into events, and each event splits into sessions. It’s a pretty clear order, and you can quickly discover what you’re looking for.

If I had one complaint, it’s the occasional reliance on drop-down menus.

For instance, you would never know where to look if you want to delete a specific Demio webinar recording. That’s because it’s hidden under an unmarked pull-down menu. The only way to know it’s there is to stumble upon it.

But that is the only real hangup - everything else is as straightforward as possible

Demio Alternatives

All these features sound great, but let’s get down to brass tacks - should you consider Demio over your current conferencing app?

We’ve stacked Demio against a few popular alternatives to see how it compares.  

Demio vs. Zoom

This is the comparison that everybody wants to make. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has become something of an industry standard. But is it better?

There are plenty of things it provides that Demio doesn’t. For example, breakout rooms. 

Zoom also allows more people to be visible and heard at once. And it has a free version.

But you should consider Demio.

First, it automatically records sessions and stores the videos on your account. That’s perfect if you mainly rely on recordings and don’t want to forget about clicking the button. Second are the many interaction options, including polls, presentation materials, and analytics.

All of these make Demio a more suitable platform for seminars than Zoom.

Demio vs. WebinarJam

Another popular online seminar platform competitor is WebinarJam.

And the two are very much alike - both have integrated chat, polls, scheduling dashboard, and all that jazz. But WebinarJam has a few tricks up its sleeve.

For instance, it has a landing page creator.

With Demio, you’d need to integrate the program with another web service for marketing funnels to connect the two. But the former has native support, meaning you don’t have to pay for extra services.

However, WebinarJam is generally more expensive than Demio, and its sessions are more time-constrained. Furthermore, its user interface is less than optimal and can leave you frustrated.

If you’re looking for a smoother and more affordable experience, Demio meets the grade.

Demio vs. EverWebinar

EverWebinar is a platform meant for creating evergreen webinars. This is in contrast to Demio, which is all about real-time video conferencing. So these two services are quite different from one another.

Who is EverWebinar for?

It’s for businesses relying on landing pages with pre-recorded seminars. It is not so much about scheduling events and then interacting live with your attendees. This app specializes in webinars where you don’t need to be present during the session.

On-demand seminars fulfill a very different role than the real-time sessions Demio targets. So if that is more up your alley, EverWebinar is preferable.

The downside is its cost.

EverWebinar is much more expensive. You also receive limited pricing tiers. So if you’re a small business looking for an affordable solution, Demio is a better choice.

Demio Pricing

Let’s say you go ahead with Demio - what will it cost you?

The good news is there is a free trial. It lasts for 14 days, and you don’t even have to input your card details during signup.

Unfortunately, there is no free version. So after the two weeks are up, you must pay to continue using the software.

The Demio pricing plans are:



Suitable for small businesses and entrepreneurs, accommodating a single host, with a limit of 50 attendees and sessions capped at three hours.



Appropriate for mid-scale businesses with up to five hosts, a maximum of 150 attendees, and eight hours per session.



This ultimate Demio package boasts unlimited hosts, up to 1,000 attendees, and ten-hour sessions. You also gain access to beta programs and receive priority support and comprehensive white-glove service.

Now, what about a money-back guarantee?

Luckily, Demio offers a 30-day cancellation period, during which you can request a refund.

Furthermore, you can upgrade from a lesser plan to a higher tier at any time.

Demio Review - Verdict

By now, you should realize that Demio has the potential to be a great conferencing app. And there honestly are very few negatives about it.

Sure, the price could be more affordable, and the customization options could be better.

But overall?

We are looking at software that is even better than Zoom in many ways. That is if you are a business hosting regular webinars. Its intuitive user interface, interactivity features, and analytics ensure it stands out from the competition.

So why not give it a go? The first 14 days are free.


What is Demio software?

Demio is a webinar app similar to Zoom. In fact, many Demio reviews compare the two. But in reality, Demio is more focused on webinars and generating leads. If this is within your sphere, it’s worth checking out.

Can you record on Demio?

Yes, you can! Not only that, every session is automatically recorded and saved. Every webinar recording is available for viewing from your dashboard, with no restrictions.

Is Demio legit?

Based on my experience for this Demio review, the app is more than reliable. It is in contention for the best webinar platform, with numerous features and integrations.


Georgi Karaivanov

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