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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 18, 2022

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Viral Launch is a valuable software suite for Amazon sellers. It provides analytics and market intelligence to help identify the best products to sell. Reflecting its popularity, over 10,000 Amazon sellers adopted the platform.

But, it is a complex tool with many features and is often challenging for novice users. Fortunately, this Viral Launch review provides a comprehensive understanding.

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Best for: Amazon third-party sellers

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Weaknesses No money-back guarantee

What Is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is a market intelligence and analytics platform that provides information about competing brands and the broader markets. Sellers can draw upon tools like the Viral Launch FBA calculator to estimate future sales margins, revenue, and net profit. Such insights allow sellers to identify strategies to better position their brands. 

The American entrepreneur Casey Gauss founded Viral Launch in 2014 as a platform to help Amazon sellers optimize sales. He remains its CEO and operates the company from Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Viral Launch raised over $8 million from venture capitalists, including Mentors Fund, Tenfore Holdings, and UpOver Ventures. As a well-funded and growing platform, there is little hint of a slowdown.

Viral Launch Features

The platform provides many features for sales optimization, including:

Market Intelligence

This feature provides market intelligence and research tools for Amazon sellers. This feature supports higher sales through estimations based on historical data. Sellers can identify products with maximum estimated returns vs. expenditures with crucial details. 

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Viral Launch Market Intelligence sources its market data from Amazon. The platform scours the website for trends such as best-selling items, most-researched keywords, etc. These trends help accurately predict how potential products fare on the market. 

Viral Launch works with thousands of Amazon brands representing virtually unlimited data sources. And it can help you replicate the successful strategies of these brands.

This feature is simple to use. Type in the search bar any product name, and the software will generate a rating. The rating, based on 5-stars, is determined by Viral Launch’s brand experience. And for the skeptical, its sources are available for review. 

Using this feature, you can also check sales data of competing products to determine your competition. And users gain access to general market trends that help direct product ideas. And if your concept gets a low rating, you can use the platform to source better ones. On the other hand, if the platform gives you a good rating, you can comfortably proceed with launching it.

Keyword Manager

Keywords are essential to every Amazon seller. Every prospective buyer likely uses the Amazon search bar to find what they want. There’s tough competition to be listed on every search’s first and second pages. Every successful Amazon seller must optimize for KW search, and Viral Launch helps achieve this.

It sources KW data for Amazon sellers. Sellers can identify trending keywords and add them to their product listings for higher rankings. Viral Launch generates a priority score for every KW, so you’ll know the ones to pay attention to. You can also determine the average cost-per-click for specific KWs.

Viral Launch uses the proprietary technology, ASIN Relevance and Conformity Search (ARCS), to analyze up to 100,000 keywords. Users can run automated index checks, search volume trends, and track advertising rankings. An index check entails reviewing which KWs Amazon indexes for your products. You can also run this check on competing items. 

Likewise, you can review search trends on Amazon. Knowing the most en vogue KW will help keep your product description fresh. You can also use the Viral Launch Keyword Manager to gain insight into what KWs advertisers are vying for. Knowing such helps you set efficient advertising budgets.

Listing Builder

Viral Launch offers a Listing Builder that works with the Keyword Manager feature. It’s a tool for stress-free product listing curation. Once you've selected the proper KWs for your product description, you can import them into Listing Builder to start writing. While composing your description, this feature indicates whether or not you're using the correct keywords. It also ensures your content meets Amazon’s requirements.

Using the Listing Builder is straightforward. You input your product’s primary seed keyword in the menu bar. The platform uses algorithms to generate suggested secondary KWs. You may also select from previous searches. Viral Launch lists the relevant ones in a tabular format, which you can sort by Volume, Priority, or Opportunity

  • Sorting by Volume presents the most searched keywords first. 
  • Priority sorts by volume and relevance to your seed KW. 
  • Opportunity shows the KWs that make your product likely to rank higher above competitors. 

You receive rankings based on these three factors. 

As you type the words from your keyword suggestion bank into the product listing fields, they’ll cross off automatically. This helps prevent the repetition of previously used ones. When writing product listings, you should prioritize the KWs with the highest scores, mainly in the title. Also, ensure your listing is easy to read and understand.

The Viral Launch Listing Builder shows an optimization score for draft product listings. Once satisfied with a draft listing, you can upload it to your Amazon page.

Listing Analyzer

This feature evaluates your draft product listings and compares them with competitors. You’ll get improvement tips if you score low. This Viral Launch tool has three components:

  • Competition Analysis shows how your product listings compare to the market average. 
  • Content Evaluation highlights opportunities to improve your listing’s content. 
  • The Keyword Section automatically determines your listing’s essential KWs.

These tools help identify KWs that assist customers in finding your products.

You must grant Listing Analyzer access to your Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) and Seller Central accounts. These accounts provide the necessary details for successful analysis. Giving authorization is easy and takes just a few minutes. 

After allowing access, the tool automatically loads your Amazon product catalog. Activating analysis is simple with the click of the analyze listing button under each list. The data review can take several hours because of the massive amounts of data it pulls. It could take up to 24 hours if you have numerous product listings. Viral Launch Pro subscribers can run a maximum of 50 analyses a month, and Pro Plus subscribers up to 100. 

When the analysis concludes, two new buttons appear under each product, Results, and Keyword Manager. The results button takes Viral Launch users to the listings analysis page, where you receive product competition scores. The platform calculates your score from various factors and explains how to improve your ranking. 

Kinetic PPC

This feature helps Amazon sellers automate their advertisements. It’s called Kinetic PPC, PPC denoting pay-per-click. Amazon offers a pay-per-click advertising system where third-party sellers bid on keywords. The sellers with the highest bids win the auction. Whenever a customer searches for a particular product, the product ads of the winning bidders are what they'll see.

Viral Launch Kinetic PPC helps sellers automate their Amazon pay-per-click ads. You can create automated rules surrounding your advertising budget, like, don't exceed $50 or $100. These automated results control your advertising budget round the clock. You can also receive keyword suggestions for your advertising campaign. Once you deploy an advertisement, you can monitor its performance. 

For a successful campaign, Viral Launch extracts statistical outcomes. It displays critical metrics like clicks, impressions, click-through rate, and conversion rate in a simple format. These metrics provide a clear understanding of ad performance. If the metrics are positive, you can set Kinetic PPC to automatically run.

Kinetic PPC is a complex tool that first-time users may find challenging. Fortunately, Viral Launch provides a free setup call. You can dial in a trained specialist that helps set up your first five automations. Afterward, you should be familiar enough with the platform to take it from there.

Managing Amazon's PPC can be complicated and time-consuming. Hence, many big brands outsource that function to marketing agencies. On the other hand, Kinetic PPC helps small brands manage their PPC campaigns effectively and economically.  

FBA Calculator

FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon, a program through which third-party sellers ship goods through Amazon. Amazon handles inventory, shipping, and customer service for third-party sellers for a fee. These costs vary depending on the type or weight of goods and are often challenging to estimate. 

Viral Launch provides an FBA Calculator to help sellers estimate Amazon fees. You can also estimate potential sales of your product ideas based on various data points sourced from the Amazon marketplace. This information lets you calculate how much to invest in product development while making realistic sales projections.

Product Discovery

Amazon's marketplace is highly competitive, and products are constantly vying for the top spot. Viral Launch’s discovery tool for Amazon sellers helps identify items most likely to generate sales. There are specific product trends to observe, like, increasing demand for camping gear during the summer months. Viral Launch Discovery helps you identify these opportunities and act on them.

You need to hop through several steps to get results from the discovery tool. First, you specify a keyword for your prospective product. Then, you select a category, like, home appliances, automotive, or pet supplies. You also determine the potential product’s price range and monthly sales projections. The feature combines all this information and displays high-performing product ideas. The suggestions are usually best-selling products that meet your requirements. 

Once you identify a viable product idea, you can pin it on your dashboard and monitor it. Amazon’s marketplace rapidly changes, so it’s essential to keep tuned in. 

Split Testing

One of the best features found when researching this Viral Launch review is Listing Dojo split testing software. Split testing entails testing different variations and settings for a product to see which one performs best. Many factors affect the volume of sales for any Amazon product, for example, product names, descriptions, and photos. Split testing lets you test different variations to determine which brings the highest sales. Knowing such allows you to proceed with confidence using the best product listing. 

Viral Launch’s Listing Dojo provides detailed analytics for split tests. It displays their data visually with graphs and charts, making for easier understanding. You need first to select the product you want to split test. Then, pick up to seven elements you want to test. Common ones include price, images, title, and description. Lastly, add the new listing information you want to try the elements against. 

A higher-quality image, a simpler sentence, or a slight price reduction could be the difference between low and high sales. Listing Dojo helps you identify what works best for your Amazon products. The tool is entirely free, which is a great advantage. 

Reverse ASIN Lookup

Viral Launch provides an ASIN lookup tool that helps Amazon sellers peek into their competitors’ insights. ASIN refers to Amazon Standard Identification Number - a unique 10-character identifier Amazon attaches to every product. You can find the ASIN for any Amazon product on their listing page or through the URL. Once you have the ASIN, you can run it through this feature to gain intelligence on any product. 

With ASIN lookup, you receive insights on competing products, including their top-performing keywords, search volumes, customer sentiment, etc.

Chrome Extension

It’s also accessible through Google Chrome with the Viral Launch extension. Simply open a product’s URL and click on the extension toolbar. You will receive insights into the products of your competitors.

Ease of Use and Interface

Viral Launch has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate. Keep in mind that some tools require significant learning for effective use. 

Viral Launch interface

viral launch keyword research tab

Supported Marketplaces

Viral Launch covers numerous Amazon marketplaces, including:

  • United States of America (USA)
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • China
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • India
  • Mexico

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch offers three pricing plans: Essential, Pro, and Pro Plus Ads.


$69 per month

This plan gives access to all the basic Viral Launch features, including product filtering, keyword search, and the browser extension.


$99 per month

This plan includes all the Essential features plus competitor monitoring, SEO optimization, rank tracking, and product listing health analysis.

Pro Plus Ads

$199 per month

This plan includes all the Pro features plus detailed advertising analytics, automations, and 24/7 campaign monitoring.

If you pay yearly, you receive a two-month discount. There’s a 14-day Viral Launch free trial period for every plan, but you must provide payment details first. The platform doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee, which is a disadvantage compared to rivals.

Customer Support

Viral Launch for Amazon offers quality customer service through live chat or telephone. Comprehensive learning resources are available on its website to help you navigate the platform.

Viral Launch vs. Helium 10

Most Viral Launch reviews don’t compare it to its closest competitors, but we’re doing just that. 

Helium 10 is a popular Viral Launch alternative. And unlike the latter, it supports’s third-party sellers alongside Amazon. Let’s further explore their similarities and differences.

Product Research

Viral Launch and Helium 10 have extensive product research and discovery tools. The latter’s product research tool is called Black Box. And similarly to Viral Launch Discovery, you can filter product ideas by multiple factors, including review rating, weight, price, images, category, etc.

Keyword Research

There’s a keyword research tool on Helium 10 called Misspellinator. It lets you find the most relevant KWs for any product category, just like you can on Viral Launch. 


The Helium 10 app has inventory safeguards to prevent customers from buying all your new products. On the other hand, Viral Launch doesn’t have a similar tool.

Listing Optimization

You can import listings or old listing drafts from your Amazon account into the Helium 10 for optimization. The app ensures you have the proper keywords for customers to find you. Viral Launch offers similar tools for their customers.

Ease of Use

In the criterion of user-friendliness, both apps have similar scores. But, Helium 10 is noticeably more accessible, having both cloud-based platforms and mobile apps for iOS and Android. On the flip side, there’s no Viral Launch mobile app.

Customer Support

The customer support Helium 10 offers is poor compared to Viral Launch. There’s no option to get in touch with a live agent on the former. You’ll have to rely on FAQ pages and tutorials on its website.

Viral Launch vs. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is another well-known Viral Launch alternative. The latter is a more affordable tool than the former but offers more precise data and analytics. A major distinction between both platforms is that Jungle Scout is accessible as a Chrome extension, while its counterpart isn’t.

Product Discovery

There are extensive product research and discovery tools on Jungle Scout. Its discovery interface is strikingly similar to Viral Launch. The app scours Amazon's database and assesses thousands of listings in a relatively shorter time. It comes with filtering capabilities for product discovery. You can filter by weight, rating, sales, revenue, review, etc., as you can do on Viral Launch.

Keyword Research

Just like Viral Launch, the Jungle Scout app offers comprehensive research tools. Just type a seed KW and select a few categories, and the app automatically generates a list of relevant keywords for you. 

It also provides metrics attached to every KW. These include Exact Match Search Volume, Broad Search Volume, Recommended Giveaway, Exact PPC Bid, HSA Bid, and Ease to Rank.


Amazon sellers have access to inventory management tools on Jungle Scout. There’s no similar functionality for Viral Launch users.

Ease of use

Jungle Scout has a user-friendly interface, just like the Viral Launch tool


Viral Launch fees are significantly higher than what Jungle Scout charges. The latter costs $39 to $99 monthly, while Viral Launch costs $69 to $199 per month.


Viral Launch is an excellent platform for Amazon sales optimization. It offers many tools, including, Viral Launch Product Discovery to help sellers succeed. The platform is intuitive and offers extensive learning resources to help familiarize users. However, it has some drawbacks like being relatively expensive and offering no refunds.

We made much effort to provide you with one of the most detailed Viral Launch reviews. And hopefully, our intentions support Amazon sellers in picking the best optimization platform.


Who owns Viral Launch?

Viral Launch, Inc is the owner and is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has raised millions of dollars in venture funding.

Does Viral Launch work in the UK?

Yes, the UK is one of the many Amazon marketplaces Viral Launch supports.

Is Viral Launch reliable?

Yes, it is a reliable platform for Amazon sellers to optimize their products for higher sales.  You can access it through the online dashboard or the Viral Launch Chrome extension.

It offers many helpful features, including the FBA calculator. Read this Viral Launch review in full to learn more about its beneficial capabilities.


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