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Selma Citakovic

Updated · Oct 09, 2022

Techjury is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. is a dynamic project management software that will keep your team right on track. But, which of its many plans is suitable for you? 
This guide will cover all the pricing options and help you choose the best one for your company.

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Free Trial


Ease of Use


Customizable Templates


Time Tracking



Up to 25 000/month

Data Visualization Tools

Timeline, chart, map, calendar, and kanban

Suitable for

Project, sales, marketing, and HR managers


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Best for: Managing remote teams and optimizing productivity

Strengths Code-free automatizations
Strengths Extensive integrations
Strengths Easy to customize templates
Strengths Advanced reporting and analytics
Weaknesses Cluttered UI
Weaknesses Limited choice of seats
Weaknesses Complex pricing scheme is a project management software that will help you navigate your and your team’s workflow and progress. It lets you keep track of your work via collaborative spreadsheets on your phone or web app

The Monday project management platform’s main features are:

  • Integrations — connect with your favorite apps, like Zoom, Slack, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and more
  • Automations — automate repetitive actions, like notifying your teammates when a stage is completed
  • Templates — hundreds of templates you can customize and tailor to your project
  • Visualizations — picture your data as a timeline, chart, map, calendar, and kanban.

For a more in-depth look into its extensive capabilities, check out our review

The Monday pricing options are equally extensive — thus this guide! It covers all the plans and details to consider before committing to this solution.

Let’s see if this app is the right fit for your team. Pricing Plans

So, let’s break it down. 

There are five plans in total, including a free one. If you opt for yearly billing, you’ll get an 18% discount. There’s also a 14-day free trial if you’re curious about some of the more premium options. 

The total cost of will greatly depend on your team’s size

But, you can’t calculate it based on the precise number of your teammates. You will have to select one of its fixed seat options: from three to 200+. 

As you can probably guess, that can lead to a tricky situation! We’ll deal with this issue a bit later in the guide.

Let’s begin with what each plan has to offer.



This is the free plan that covers up to two seats. It’s a pretty simplified set-up that provides you only the barest necessities. You can use: Unlimited boards and docs  iOS and Android apps 200+ templates Over 20 column types. As this option houses only two seats, it’s unsuited for team projects.



A bit more attractive, the Basic plan costs $8/seat/month (billed annually) or $10/seat/month (billed monthly). The minimum required team size is three seats. It includes everything from Individual, plus: 5 GB file storage Dashboard creation — based on one board Unlimited free viewers Unlimited items Prioritized customer support. Standard  The Standard Monday pricing plan is the most popular one. It costs $10/seat/month (billed annually) or $12/seat/month (billed monthly). It introduces new things like:  Automations — 250 per month Integrations — 250 per month Guest access Timeline and Gantt views Calendar view Dashboard creation — combine up to five boards. Naturally, you’ll also get all of the features from the cheaper plans.



The Standard Monday pricing plan is the most popular one. It costs $10/seat/month (billed annually) or $12/seat/month (billed monthly). It introduces new things like:  Automations — 250 per month Integrations — 250 per month Guest access Timeline and Gantt views Calendar view Dashboard creation — combine up to five boards. Naturally, you’ll also get all of the features from the cheaper plans.



The Pro plan takes collaboration to the next level. It costs $16/seat/month (billed annually) or $20/seat/month (billed monthly). It includes everything from the previous pricing plans, plus: Time tracking Private boards and docs Formula column Dependency column Chart visualizations Automations — 25 000 per month Integrations — 25 000 per month Dashboard creation — combine up to ten boards.


On request

The Enterprise plan is Monday’s biggest package yet. There’s no fixed price for it. You’ll have to contact the sales team and calculate the cost of together. You’ll get everything from Pro and more: Advanced reporting and analytics Multi-level permissions Tailored onboarding Automations — 250 000 per month Integrations — 250 000 per month Dashboard creation — combine up to 50 boards Top tier security and governance Premium support.

How To Choose the Best Pricing Plan for You?

Now you know what each plan entails. The question is — which one is your best fit? 

Your decision will depend mainly on two factors: your number of seats and the features you need.

The Number of Seats

As mentioned previously, the Monday app limits your choice as you’re signing up. All plans except the free one require signing up with a team of three people minimum. The numbers rack up to 200+, with some options standing quite far apart from each other. 

So, as you’re choosing the seat number that’s your closest match, watch the margin. If your team counts 55 people, you’ll still have to select and pay for 100. There's no in-between option!.

That fact alone will determine whether it’s worth giving this app a shot. If the margins are too wide, you’re better off looking up alternatives to

The Features

The features progressively scale with the plans, starting from the lowest and simplest Individual plan. 

It’s intended for, well, individuals that want to keep an eye on their work. It’s basically a glorified to-do list without the handy integrations, automations and visualizations.

The number of items or rows you can use on your boards is also limited. And since only two people can use it, it’s not suitable for teams. However, it’s free!

The Basic plan is more team-appropriate but still pretty minimalist. The Monday software allows up to 5 GB of storage so you can keep your files at hand. You can use as many items as you want, and you can visualize and analyze your data. 

Your data insights, however, are limited to one board only. Guest users also can’t edit your data — their access is read-only

All in all, this plan could work for smaller teams with lighter workloads, but that’s it.

The Standard package turns Monday into a proper project management software. It rectifies a lot of the previous shortcomings.

It supports integrations and automations (250 per month), guest access with editing rights, and new visualizations. Now you can track your progress and watch out for deadlines with visual calendars, timelines, and Gantt charts.

Bigger companies will definitely struggle with the limit on automations and integrations. However, mid-sized and smaller teams should be content with this option.

If you need to optimize your team processes further, the Pro package might be for you. 

This pricing plan introduces a time tracking feature that’s essential for remote work. Furthermore, it has private boards, new chart views, and new columns for your data calculation. 

You can connect even more apps and automate even more actions — 25 000 per month! That boost will benefit teams with more seats and intense workloads.

The Enterprise plan includes enterprise-scale features for organizations.

Everything’s bigger and better: security, analytics, and support. You can control every level thanks to a series of permissions. Moreover, you streamline the onboarding process. The app offers tailored training for all newcomers to your team.

Is the Right Solution for You?

The Monday project management software is fit for various situations. Let’s check them out and see if anything sounds like your company could use it!

Work Planning

Developing a step-by-step worksheet is a universal constant, regardless of the industry you’re in. Specify your goals, objectives, tactics, and also strategies with Monday’s customizable work plan templates

Project Planning

A detailed project plan will ensure your energy and resources don’t go to waste. This software contains: 

  • general overview
  • resource management
  • budget planning
  • timeline layout
  • risk assessment templates.

Team Management

The Monday team management platform will help your employees communicate effectively. It will also help increase productivity. Keep everyone on the same page with the weekly team tasks template.

Task Management

You can execute all tasks in time with the Monday task management features. You can set due dates, time-track each task, prioritize items, and assign new tasks — all in one place.

Sales Management

A sales management software can aid you in onboarding customers, tracking leads, managing sales pipelines, and closing deals. With this app’s set of tools, you can build a sales team knowledge base and automate repetitive marketing tasks.


Monday’s managing capabilities can also benefit marketing teams. They can analyze real-time data and customize forms to oversee incoming requests. 

HR Management

Gain valuable insight on your employees with the included HR templates.  You can use various trackers for applicants, recruitment, engagement, and more.

Wrap Up

The Monday app has a lot to offer to anyone looking to improve their workflow, no matter the size of their team. 

The best part is that you can simplify and automate your work process. This platform lets you bypass the tedious email chains and monotonous everyday actions.

But, to calculate its costs, you will have to do some serious mental math first. Your priority should be to check the seat options and see if they align with your numbers.

If it’s a relatively close match, then the Monday software is worth giving a try


Is free for personal use?

Yes, Monday does have a free plan suitable for personal use. Up to two users can share the aptly named Individual plan — completely free of charge and for an unlimited time.

How long can you use for free?

The Individual plan is free forever. But, there’s also a 14-day free trial if you want to test the premium options.

What is the difference between and Microsoft Teams? and Microsoft Teams seem pretty similar at a glance. After all, there is a significant overlap in features

But, is overall more focused on collaboration than communication. Unlike Microsoft Teams, it doesn’t support instant messaging, conferencing, call routing, and call transfer.

Also, the pricing is a bit more complicated, but that’s what you have this guide for!


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