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Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Oct 11, 2022

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Say goodbye to glitchy and boring webinars. In users' ClickMeeting reviews it's often compared to industry giants. We decided to see how the platform will handle our tests.



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Minimum Price Free for 30 days

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Visit Website

Best for: Scalable video conferencing with automation

Strengths Offers a free trial
Strengths Has expansive automation capability
Strengths Enables live streaming on social media
Strengths Supports up to 10,000 webinar attendees
Weaknesses Provides no phone support
Weaknesses Doesn't make live chat available 24/7
Weaknesses Offers less than two dozen integrations
Weaknesses Needs to soup up its ClickMeeting Android app

What Is ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting is a digital platform for hosting webinars, meetings, training sessions, and online classes

The possibilities are limitless with this web conferencing software. The most popular use cases include: 

ClickMeeting’s headquarters are in Gdańsk, Poland. It has an office in Wilmington, Delaware, too.

It started off as an all-around webinar solution for small and large businesses made by GetRespons - a premier email marketing platform with a big customer base.

There’s inconsistent information about its genesis. But its site says that it was founded in 2011. The cloud-based app took on a life of its own and in 2016, it spun off from its parent company and became a separate entity.

The company has about 70 employees. The ClickMeeting reviews on Capterra and G2 are glowing. It has also won the Stevie® Award for the Best Online Collaboration Solution multiple times.

Some of ClickMeeting’s notable users include Arturo Tedeschi, Brand24, Clustaar, Jellyfish, Nest Bank, SUBWAY Russia, Woolmark, and Yondr.

ClickMeeting Features

Here’s an overview of the software’s user roles and functionalities.

Web Conferencing Essentials


The host is the omnipotent manager of a ClickMeeting online account. They can launch and close events, gain control over account settings, and buy add-ons. Irrespective of the plan, only one person can have ClickMeeting hosting privileges.


A presenter is a user who has access to all features necessary to begin, manage, and end an event. Account settings are off-limits to presenters. Except for the custom plan, all standard subscriptions allow just one presenter.


Rooms refer to the video conferences where your content streams. They could be digital meetings, webinars, online classes, product launches or demos, or large-scale gatherings.

Supreme Audio/Video Quality

With advanced WebRTC technology, you can expect excellent ClickMeeting quality of audio and video.

Webinar Recording

With the ClickMeeting record webinar, you can make your content available for reviewing, downloading, and sharing. With convenient distribution, your recordings can enrich your online portfolio and boost your brand since they can go viral on social media.

Recording and File Storage

On the platform, you can save recordings with the drag-and-drop option. If you have a Dropbox account, you’ll be able to import and export your videos with ease.

This software supports all popular file extensions (42 formats to be exact), so you can use any supplementary documents and videos in your presentations. An antivirus program protects ClickMeeting data in storage, so your files are safe from malware.

Storage capacity varies from plan to plan, though. You’ll learn more about it in the ClickMeeting Pricing section.

Webinar Timeline

This feature helps you create new events and duplicate previous ones. It likewise provides you a quick view of your historical and scheduled webinars along with salient statistics. 


They represent the number of people that can appear on the screen and be heard simultaneously during a ClickMeeting webinar or meeting. You can have up to 25 people during webinars and meetings, respectively.

Online Meetings

This video conferencing software can serve as your virtual meeting room or classroom. You can set up an unlimited number of sessions immediately or for later dates.

Changing the screen layout, assigning presenters, adding, blocking, or logging out participants, and running private chats are just some of the things you can do.

Live Webinars

You can schedule a live event at a specific date and hour or permanently create a conference room. During a live webinar, you can engage with your audience in real-time.

Hugh Virtual Events

If you choose the Enterprise plan, you can host scalable events and accommodate large audiences of up to 10,000 people.

Breakout Rooms

This new feature lets you break your digital event into smaller interactive meetings. Available to standard subscription, you can create up to 20 ClickMeeting breakout rooms with a maximum attendance of 25 participants each.

The collective audiences you can accept should be within the attendee limit tied to your chosen plan.

Waiting Room

Before your event starts, you can prepare your audience for what to expect from your webinar. The waiting room is a good place to introduce your presenter and share resources with the participants.

Audio and Video Modes

A presenter can control webinar interactions through four audio modes: Listen Only, Q&A, Meeting, and Private.

You can also dictate the look of the video conference. If you don’t want your audience to see your face using your hardware’s camera, you can upload a photo or use an avatar instead.


You can use a set of tools such as a pointer, lines, shapes, and text boxes to illustrate your thoughts and engage with your audience in a more interactive fashion. You can save notes for distribution or review later on.

Screen Sharing

With ClickMeeting screen sharing, your virtual attendees can view your full or partial desktop screen. It’s useful when you want to demonstrate a process or walk participants through documents.

Screen Control

This feature goes hand in hand with ClickMeeting screen sharing. It lets you remote control a participant’s screen.

Presentation Mode

In this mode, you can use multi-media files to supplement your words with striking visuals and make your webinar more engaging and effective.

Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

You can display a CTA button with a unique message at any point during your event. It can drive more traffic to your site, generate you more leads, or increase your sales outright.

Polls and Surveys

If you want to gather the opinions of your attendees on any topic, the ClickMeeting webinar app lets you launch a poll or a survey during the event.

Moderated Private Chat and Q&A

This feature provides your attendees the means to interact one on one with confidentiality, share feedback, and ask for clarification without interrupting your event to go out of hand. You can manage real-time reactions and save conversations for future reference.

Simultaneous Chat Translation

This software integrates with Google Translation. We tried the chat translation as part of the research for our ClickMeeting review. It wasn’t perfect, but it was satisfactory. 

User Access Management

If you integrate a payment processing solution into the ClickMeeting platform, you can charge participants for joining your event.

Email and SMS Invitations

You can invite your prospective participants to your webinar through email or text messaging. You can choose from email templates and customize the invitation with your brand colors.

Address Book

This Rolodex of sorts helps you keep your contacts organized through segmentation and simplifies data import and export. This contacts manager likewise enables you to send invitations and follow-up communications to specific people.

Registration Page

This page can set the tone for your event. You can collect critical information about your participants through well-thought-out fields, promote your presenter’s qualifications, and filter registrants.

Registration Customization

You can customize the entire process. You can tailor the registration page to your targeted audience, set up email notifications, and direct your prospective participants to a ClickMeeting landing page.

Event Access

The app allows webinar access in three ways: unprotected or open to all, password-protected, and token-protected.

Dial-In Participation

This software lets attendees join your webinar over the phone. Interested parties can do so using a regular phone call. But ClickMeeting provides toll-free numbers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Canada, and Russia to encourage participants to take part without getting charged.


Event Landing Pages

Everything can be a landing page - your profile page, registration page, waiting room, webinar room, etc.

Profile Page

You can use this to introduce your brand to your audience and generate interest in your events. With proper customization, you can include downloadable resources and make your profile sharable.

Webinar Email Marketing

This web conferencing solution makes it easy to launch email marketing campaigns to promote your events. ClickMeeting reviews point to the company’s ties with GetResponse.

Custom Branding

You can customize your landing pages to reflect your brand or change the ClickMeeting background with a free stunning photo from Unsplash to suit your domain.

Event Recording Layouts

You can choose from ClickMeeting recording layout templates to decide how your webinar will look like.

Social Media Sharing

You can send webinar invitations to your contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Event Record Sharing

Every recording can be shared on social media or through email as part of your thank-you message.

Embedded Events

If you have a site or a blog, you can display your webinar room there.

Facebook or YouTube Streaming

The ClickMeeting app lets you extend the reach of your live event beyond your webinar room. You can only choose between Facebook or YouTube as your third-party streaming platform, though.


Doing everything manually can be a drag. ClickMeeting has you covered.

Automated Recurring Webinars

These events run on autopilot. To create one, you just need to upload your ClickMeeting recording, video, survey, and CTA button, and then pick a date and time in your webinar timeline.

On-Demand Webinars

These events are pre-recorded and viewable anytime, anywhere. You can make your webinars free for all or adopt a pay-per-access model.

Other than monetization, on-demand ClickMeeting webinar content is also useful for lead generation. If you link a supported customer relationship management (CRM) tool into the software, you’ll be able to seamlessly export your new contacts.

Automated Workflows

If you have the right subscription, you can automate repetitive (but critical) tasks to boost your efficiency and productivity.

You can set the software to: 

  • stream every live event on social media
  • publish every recording on your profile page 
  • upload every webinar on your YouTube channel 
  • save your recorded content on Dropbox
  • direct attendees to a thank-you page after the event.

In addition, you can program the app to distribute invitations to your contacts for your future events and reach out to contacts who didn’t join your webinar with a follow-up email.

Attendance Certification

If you intend to use ClickMeeting for education, you can give away certificates to participants at the end of your online course or training session as proof of their attendance.


Extra Parallel Sessions

Normally, you can run one event at a time on ClickMeeting. But if you wish to simultaneously host multiple webinars, meetings, classes, or other online events that overlap each other, you can. You’ll just have to pay extra. 

Multi-User Management

As a paying customer, you can let more than one user log into the ClickMeeting account without sharing your power to control billing and other non-event-related aspects of your business. This helps ensure consistent branding and credentials across the board.


They act like branches of your main account, giving subaccount managers the ability to host separate events.

Purchasing subaccounts can be useful and practical when you have a growing organization whose members and partners need to run webinars on their own.

Recording Archive

With this add-on, you can store recordings that you don’t need to see frequently (but don’t want to erase for good) in the cloud. Your saved content will be retrievable easily anytime.

Extra Recording Storage

When you run out of storage space, you can easily buy some more in order to make room for new files. This option can come in useful when you don’t wish to delete old recordings that make you money or enhance your online portfolio. It’s something users rave about in their ClickMeeting reviews.

Extra File Storage

The file storage capacity isn’t bottomless. To continue using bigger, higher-quality files in your events, this add-on is the way to go.

Extra Attendees

If you plan to hold a massive webinar and expect more than 1,000 participants, you sign up for the Enterprise plan and get a personalized quote.

Extra Presenters

If you’re planning an event that requires at least two presenters, you can purchase extra seats from - a standard subscription allows just one.

Video Streams

You can buy three additional video streams if four aren’t enough for your event.

Username Change

If you wish to change your username due to changes in your organization, you can replace your existing one with another for a one-time fee. We personally didn’t feel the need to, when we were using the platform for our ClickMeeting review, but it’s a useful option nonetheless.


Webinar and Attendee Statistics

The platform generates actionable data to help you assess your webinars and learn about your participants. You can pull basic and advanced reports and download them in Adobe PDF.

Performance Rating

You can proactively ask your attendees to rate your event in hopes of validating your efforts and learning about the weaknesses you may not be aware of. Such ratings can help you fine-tune your webinar strategy over time.

Feedback Analysis

The app can help you glean insights from the pieces of written feedback sent by your attendees.

How To Set Up a Meeting With ClickMeeting?

To create an online event, go to Dashboard. If you click the Create Meeting button and then select Meet Now, a window will pop up. This is the room where your event takes place. Hit Join to get started.

On the window, you can test your mic and camera to make sure everything works before joining the event. If you tweak the settings, apply the changes and start your stream.

As a host, you’ll be able to see a toolbar on the left side of the screen. You can add attendees by entering each one’s email address and find the chat pod on the right side. The gear icon at the bottom of your stream unlocks more audio and video settings.

The dimensions of your video stream are adjustable by dragging the right side of the panel. At the header, you can find the recording setting and more.

ClickMeeting Integrations and Apps

ClickMeeting provides 21 integrations.

Here’s the list:

  • Apple iWork
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook Pixel
  • GetResponse
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Tag Manager
  • HubSpot
  • iCal
  • Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Moodle
  • PayPal
  • PayU
  • Pipedrive
  • Slack
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • YouTube
  • Zapier

On paper, it’s respectable but not exactly enviable. But the trump card is the ClickMeeting Zapier integration. Zapier allows workflow automation by helping more than 2,000 web apps to connect.

Currently, you can link 369 apps to the software through Zapier. Some of its automations, called Zaps, may be redundant, though, since ClickMeeting already has native integration options.

When it comes to usability, there’s no ClickMeeting for PC—or at least any desktop app developed by the company itself. Either as a host or an attendee, you can access this video conferencing platform through a web browser or a mobile app.

However, during the course of this ClickMeeting review, we discovered that the Android app is no match to its cloud-based counterpart, functionality-wise. Creating automated webinars, viewing your event timeline, checking stored recordings, and managing your address book are some of the things you can only do when you’re on a web browser.

Ease of Use

Despite the noticeable differences in accessible features, both the ClickMeeting mobile app and the browser-based version have excellent design and commendable responsiveness. If you’re just running an instant live event, you’ll be fine with either.

With some practice, it shouldn’t take you long to familiarize yourself with the advanced functionalities. If anything confuses you, reach the support team.

But due to the mobile app’s scarcity of live chat support and self-help options, you could only email the company if you need some assistance.

When it comes to language and payment options, ClickMeeting lets you translate its default English content into Polish, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese and accepts major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Knowledge Base and Customer Support

The platform has an impressive knowledge base. Its design is praiseworthy too. Its resources are well organized. It provides links to answers to common questions and a search bar for scouring the database for more information.

Apart from its FAQ section, this knowledge base features a glossary, a collection of infographics, and a selection of video tutorials and webinars. The ClickMeeting Academy is an e-library with a wide array of printable manuals and other resources in Adobe PDF.

If you’d like to talk to a live person, you can reach the company’s Customer Success team via live chat (but not phone) as long as you have an active account. They aren’t available around the clock, though. But you can also submit a support ticket or email ClickMeeting directly.

The most common complaint in ClickMeeting reviews is the lack of 24/7 support.

ClickMeeting Pricing

ClickMeeting is available in four plans, two of which are subscriptions with pre-determined pricing and a fixed set of features

The standard packages are called Live and Automated. You can expect:


  • Three users
  • Four webinar cameras
  • 25 meeting cameras
  • Recording storage capacity for 6 hours 
  • 1GB file storage capacity


  • Three users
  • Four webinar cameras
  • 25 meeting cameras
  • Recording storage capacity for 10 hours
  • 2GB file storage capacity
  • Automation capability

Seating primarily dictates ClickMeeting prices, so the cost of your subscription will depend on the maximum number of attendees you choose.

There is a huge variety of pricing options depending on the number of seats. The lowest tier is for 25 and it can go up to 1,000. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect as pricing:

25 attendees

  • Live: $30 monthly or $300 annually
  • Automated: $45 monthly or $480 annually

1,000 attendees

  • Live: $309 monthly or $2,868 annually
  • Automated: $359 monthly or $3,348 annually

There are numerous add-ons you can purchase, but you can get all detailed pricing on ClickMeeting's homepage and tailor a plan that will suit your needs perfectly.

There’s a test drive for how ClickMeeting works. But it’s not a trial of any standard package. Rather, it’s a plan of its own. It’s good for 30 days and requires no credit card, so it’s completely risk-free.

Although it’s not all-inclusive and not without deficiencies, we found during the tests for this ClickMeeting review that the free trial plan may actually be better than the Live subscription. It offers:

  • 4 webinar cameras
  • 5 meeting cameras
  • Up to 25 attendees
  • 5 email invitations per event
  • Daily limit of 100 invitations, reminders, and thank-you messages in total
  • Recording storage capacity for 30 minutes
  • 500MB file storage capacity
  • 15-minute automated recurring webinars
  • Breakout rooms
  • Automation capability
  • No paid webinars, dial-in participation via a toll-free number, ClickMeeting integrations for PayPal and PayU, and add-ons

The Enterprise plan provides more than just a personalized quote for an attendee limit of 1,001 to 10,000. As a VIP customer, you can gain access to any of the exclusive ClickMeeting features below.

  • Dedicated account manager service
  • Individual onboarding and training service
  • ClickMeeting live streaming with multiple professional cameras and mixing software
  • Custom branding services
  • White labeling opportunity
  • Reseller solutions

When it comes to refunds, the company doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. But if it decides to terminate your account for whatever reason, it will refund the unused portion of your subscription.

ClickMeeting Review - Verdict

ClickMeeting isn’t the only titan in the video conferencing space. But it’s arguably more versatile than its biggest rivals: Zoom and Zoho Meeting

There may not be an option to test any of its paid subscriptions at no cost. The limited-time free edition of its software, however, should suffice to experience most of its functionality, including its unmatched automation and live streaming capabilities.

ClickMeeting’s few negatives were hard for us to ignore, especially the company’s aversion to phone support and round-the-clock live chat service. Its shortlist of integrations was also a bit of a disappointment, but it wasn’t the worst we’ve seen.

The inadequacies of the ClickMeeting Android app were slightly a bummer, but they’re forgivable. The software’s browser-based version was front and center by design, anyway.

Despite our criticisms, we love the platform. And we’re confident that you’ll appreciate its utility too when you get to try it.


What is ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting is a web conferencing platform that can accommodate up to 10,000 attendees. You can choose from four plans, including a free trial.

The software has basic and advanced meeting and webinar features as well as promotion, automation, and reporting capabilities. Likewise, you can choose from over 20 ClickMeeting integrations to expand the platform’s functionality.

How do I join ClickMeeting?

If you want to create an account, you can register on You can use unique login credentials, but you can instantly sign up through your Google account.

If you choose the free trial plan, you don’t have to provide your credit card or PayPal credentials. But you need to make a payment first if you want a standard subscription.

How can I join a webinar?

You need either the URL of the webinar room or the webinar ID.

If you click or paste the former into the address bar of your browser, you’ll be able to go straight to the webinar room.

If you don’t have the former, you can still participate by going to the Join Webinar page on and entering your webinar ID.

What is Webinar ID?

Sometimes called room ID or event ID, the webinar ID is a 9-digit code that’s automatically generated when you create an event. You can include it in your invitations, so their recipients can find the right room and connect to your webinar right away.

Is ClickMeeting safe?

The company uses an SSL certificate to help keep the digital data on all of your landing pages and webinar rooms stay private. Since it’s based in Poland, it has to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Further, many ClickMeeting reviews praise the company for providing a free firewall configuration guide, which every novice computer user can follow and execute properly.

The company’s use of antivirus software to safeguard data in storage from malicious programs inspires peace of mind, which is always worth emphasizing.


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