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Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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This contact manager has gotten better. But is it worth the money? Find out in this Cardhop review.

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Best for: Contact management for Mac

Strengths Many new features
Strengths Free version available
Strengths Free trial
Weaknesses No refunds
Weaknesses Requires payment info for the free trial
Weaknesses Charges different prices by region

What Is Cardhop?

Cardhop is a contact management app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad made by Flexibits, the company behind the award-winning calendar and task manager Fantastical. Don’t confuse it with CardHop, a birthday card subscription service.

Cardhop is cross-platform software. Like Fantastical, it started as a Mac app only where it sits on the menu bar. Later on, Cardhop became an iPhone and iPad companion.

This app has been around since 2017. Despite this, you won’t find a single Cardhop review on G2, Capterra, and other popular user-based software review sites.

Stuff, TapSmart, and MacStories published an individual Cardhop review of the app in 2019. But none of them has posted a testimonial of this innovative address book since Flexibits rolled out Cardhop 2.

Keep reading this Cardhop review to find out what it does and whether it’s worth the money. 

Cardhop Features

Cardhop has a comprehensive set of functionalities. Some of which are free even if you’re not a current Fantastical subscriber.

This isn’t strictly a Cardhop review of the iOS app, though. Instead of focusing on a single version, we wanted to cover what it can do across Apple devices.

Now that we’ve got this disclaimer out of the way, here’s a rundown on the Cardhop’s capabilities.

Operating System Compatibility

Cardhop works with iOS versions 14 and 15. Likewise, it runs on the following macOS iterations:

  • 10.13.2 (High Sierra)
  • 10.14 (Mojave)
  • 10.15 (Catalina)
  • 11 (Big Sur)
  • 12 (Monterey)


This iOS and Mac contacts app enables you to add and edit contacts using natural language. As an all-around parser, it can detect the appropriate fields for the text you enter.

Just type all the information about someone in the search bar. Then, Cardhop puts them in the right places on a contact card. On top of that, you can edit existing contact details in the same way.

Cardhop displays the most recent people you add at the top of the list. Of course, you can tag some of them as favorites too.

In addition, you can import and export contacts as vCards. Transferability of contact information is useful when you want a backup.


Cardhop isn’t just a contact database for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It also lets you interact with any person or group on the list.

To trigger an interaction, type an action like “call” and then a name of an existing contact like “John.” Cardhop will detect that the first word is a verb and the second is a noun. As a result, it can figure out your intent.

For example, the app would recommend contacts that match the name “John” and display the dial icon.

Cardhop is that you don’t always have to enter any text to engage with your contacts. It has Quick Actions, which allow you to perform everyday tasks on contact cards with a few clicks.

Also, the contact management app supports free-form interactions. You can interact with contacts not saved in your database. If you type an action and any other contact information, Cardhop will help you carry out the task.


Customizable widgets are one of the new features that have come with Cardhop 2.

Using them, you can view your chosen contacts on your device’s home screen or in the Notification Center. As a result, these widgets can help you perform actions more quickly.

Birthday Notifications

Cardhop can remind you of the upcoming birthdays through a dedicated widget in Notification Center. This is a helpful feature, especially if you’re big on greetings.

Home Screen App Icon Customization

It’s possible to choose from various alternative Home Screen app icons and customize their look on your device.

Contact Template Customization

If you don’t like the default set of fields in the Cardhop contact card, you can make your own custom template.

Image Attachments

The release of Cardhop 2 has made it possible to attach images to contact cards. In addition, iCloud automatically syncs the attachments across all of your Apple devices.

Gravatar Image Detection

These macOS and iOS contacts apps can check whether your acquaintance has a Gravatar public profile. Then, it will grab the image and automatically use it.


You can segment your contacts and interact with multiple individuals all at once. Furthermore, it’s possible to manage all of your contact groups in Cardhop directly.

Small Groups

This advanced feature enables you to set the criteria for grouping contacts automatically.

You can configure it manually on macOS and synchronize your custom smart groups with your mobile devices. Alternatively, the iOS contact groups app lets you select from many pre-made sets of criteria.

Notes With Timestamp

With Cardhop, you can add details about your contacts that don’t usually fit into any standard contact card fields. The extra information can come in handy when you need an important reminder of something about someone.

If you want, you can use the Add Timestamp button to accompany your note with a date and a time.

Business Card Scanning

Cardhop 2 can turn your iPhone or iPad into a scanner.

The app’s mobile version can analyze the data printed on a physical business card with your device’s camera. Then, it can use the scanned information to create a new contact card instantly.


You can sync Cardhop with Google Workspace, Office 365, and Exchange. This functionality enables you to view your contacts from the said sources in the iPhone, iPad, or Mac contacts app.

With this premium feature, you can keep your personal and business address books separate.

Apple Contacts Synchronization

Any changes you make in Cardhop automatically apply to Apple Contacts. The same goes with and any other contact accounts you link with it.

Cardhop can create a consolidated contact database for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. But it doesn’t directly store contact details. Instead, data from other sources stay where they are.


Since Flexibits rolled out Cardhop 2, the app has illustrated the personal and professional relationships between contacts. In addition, it can take cues from specific fields to connect the dots.

Fantastical Invitations

This brand-new feature lets you set up an event in Fantastical via the Mac, iPad, and iPhone contact manager.

You can do so by typing Fantastical or invite. Afterward, enter the name of a contact or group to add one or more people as invitees automatically.

Digital Business Cards

You can create your own contact card and make a digital business card out of it. Because it uses a QR code, it’s easy to share it with your peers, acquaintances, and prospective clients.

Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Bluetooth Calling

You can dial calls straight from this contact management app. The app uses your Mac’s Continuity, an active Wi-Fi connection, or your iPhone’s Bluetooth to pull this off.

Shortcuts Support

Cardhop can talk with Shortcuts, an iPhone or iPad app.

This integration enables you to interact with your contacts with a few taps or by asking Siri. You can take advantage of Shortcuts’ more than 300 built-in actions to accomplish more with less effort.

Clipboard Detection

Cardhop knows when you copy text to the clipboard. When it does, it will offer to parse it for you.

Customer Support

Flexibits extends email support to all Cardhop users. With the premium plan, you will get priority over non-paying customers.

In addition, Flexibits provides multiple self-service customer support options.

Its Help Book shows you the basics of the macOS and iOS contacts apps. There’s also a FAQ page you can consult.

If you’re a visual learner, you’d love Flexibits’ Cardhop instructional YouTube videos.

Likewise, the company has a knowledge base consisting of tips and keyboard shortcuts to use Cardhop to maximum effect.

License Retrieval

If you forget your license code, you’ll be able to retrieve it with a simple email request. Flexibits has a license retrieval tool on its Support page.

Ease of Use and Interface

Aesthetically, we have nothing against this Mac, iPad, and iPhone contact manager. You can switch between dark and light themes. But it’s easy on the eyes either way.

However, usability is this contact manager’s strongest suit. Natural language parsing is in Cardhop’s DNA, which is why it’s extremely forgiving. It can understand how you intend to interact with your contacts with your own words.

You don’t need to use a mouse or a keypad to use it. You can prompt any action with shortcut keys or execute a command with your voice.

It supports multiple languages too. It has localized versions for native speakers of the following tongues:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

During the early days of this app, its performance was disappointing to some users. On the Mac App Store, the lowest Cardhop review app ratings were because of its bugginess. But the number of such negative comments has gone down over time.

Kudos to Flexibits for listening to user feedback. You can verify that its development team has done its best to respond to concerns and criticisms over the years.

Cardhop Pricing

The Mac contacts app version comes in two editions: free and premium.

As a freemium app, its functionality is limited. But you can do enough to experience it meaningfully. If you’d like to get all the bells and whistles, you need to buy Flexibits Premium.

The pricing is:

Free Plan


Offer includes: contact storage, contact search, contact management, interactions with contacts, birthday notifications, widgets, and standard email support.

Flexibits Premium for Individuals

$3.33/month (annual subscription)

Offer includes $4.99/monthly payment option, all Fantastical and Cardhop features, iPhone and iPad compatibility, and priority email support.

Flexibits Premium for Families

From $5.42/month (annual subscription)

Offer includes $7.99/monthly payment option, for up to five people, includes all Fantastical and Cardhop features, iPhone and iPad compatibility, and priority email support.

These prices are much lower than what Flexibits used to charge. You can find at least one one-star Cardhop review app rating due to the subscription’s previously steep price.

Sadly, these prices may not be available to you if you live in the wrong part of the world. Flexibits uses geo-blocking and charges paying users differently based on location.

Flexibits doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee yet. But each of its premium plans comes with a 14-day free trial. Unfortunately, it requires credit card information before signing up. If you don’t want to keep it, you have to notify Flexibits about it at least 24 hours ahead of the free trial’s expiration.

Flexibits plans auto-renew. If you cancel it halfway through the current term, you can use the paid license until the next billing date.

Flexibits Premium for Individuals and Families is available for personal use only. But if you want Cardhop macOS and iOS contacts apps for your organization, you can contact the Flexibits team. The company may give you a quote for a personalized plan that would suit your enterprise.

Cardhop Review - Verdict

Cardhop wasn’t without its problems when it first came out. But it got better over time.

With the release of Cardhop 2, you can enjoy many new features. It still has a free license, so you can test it out with no risk. And with multiple customer support options at your disposal, it’s not hard to master.

The biggest drawbacks to Cardhop are price-related.

Its free trial is a good opportunity to experience it to the fullest. But you have to provide payment info first. There’s no money-back guarantee either. If you live outside of the US, you may even pay more.

But the big takeaway from this Cardhop review is that it is worth trying. As long as you’re cautious, you shouldn’t have any billing problems.


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