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Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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Are you new to the world of online business? And do you need some help setting up your company on the Web? You’ll be happy to hear that there’s an all-in-one platform that can help you with almost everything. Let’s find out more in this Kartra review.



Page builder feature


Split testing


Video hosting


Plug-n-play integrations


Ease of use


Customer support


Money-back guarantee

30 days


Kartra logo

Minimum Price $1 for 14 days

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Visit Website

Best for: Online business owners

Strengths Perfect for beginners
Strengths Video hosting
Strengths Easy page-building
Weaknesses No dedicated mobile app
Weaknesses Advanced users may find some options limited
Weaknesses Some features are slow

What Is Kartra?

Many small businesses fail even before they get a chance to show what they can do. One of the reasons for this is that they’re not prepared to market effectively.

Kartra offers a solution to this problem. It’s a fully integrated online marketing platform that includes a set of features aimed at all entrepreneurs, especially beginners. From hosting to webinars, it offers everything your business needs to operate online. And as you can learn from many Kartra reviews, it does a fantastic job of it.

It was launched in 2018 by Genesis Digital, the same team behind the popular WebinarJam.

Rookie owners will appreciate how easy it is to use. Even without extra tech knowledge, it shouldn’t take more than a few days to get a grip on it. That’s because of all the premade templates and nifty drag-and-drop interfaces included in the Kartra marketing platform.

On the other hand, seasoned users will have fun playing with complex sales funnels. They can try different options and tailor their marketing campaign to suit their company’s needs.

No matter which group you belong to, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about it.

So far, the platform sounds great, right?

Let’s learn more about it.

Kartra Features

If you’ve ever checked out the platform, you know that there are many features. Covering them all in a single review is impossible. However, we’ll discuss the most important among them to give you a better understanding of how the platform works.

Page Builder

You can’t run an online company without a website. But designing a page is more challenging than it seems. The good news is that the page builder feature is the heart of Kartra.

If you don’t have much tech experience, you can use the many premade templates the Kartra marketing tool offers. These include everything from the homepage to blog sections.

The builder is quite intuitive. In fact, editing already existing templates is pretty much a point-and-click job. Just bear in mind that some actions may take longer to load than you’d expect.

Split Testing

Stepping up your game in the world of online business can be tough. To ensure you make all the right moves, you need to know what your customers need.

Luckily, you can use Kartra for marketing online. Split testing lets you create two variations of a page and show them randomly to your visitors. Then, it’ll keep the one that performs better and discard the other one.

It also gives you flexibility regarding what you want to test. Whether you want to get rid of the video or create a copy of the entire page, the platform can do it.

Products and Carts

The entire point of using Kartra is to help you make more sales. That’s why we also have to mention the products and carts feature.

Even if your products are miles better than those of your competitors, you can’t operate without a quality shopping cart. Well, Kartra has its own shopping cart your customers will enjoy using.

When adding a product to the platform, you can choose to upsell or downsell a product. It will end up being showcased depending on which option you choose.

Like with everything in the Kartra dashboard, setting up this feature is a real piece of cake.


The platform makes it easy to create advanced sales funnels. In fact, no matter what funnel pillars you have, you already have them interconnected within one single ecosystem.

The sequence builder uses a simple drag-and-drop system to make anyone operate as if they were a marketing genius. You can also use IF and THEN automations to plan for all possible scenarios.

All in all, the Kartra funnel feature works flawlessly, and it’s one of the platform's best selling points.

Affiliate Portal

If you opt for the Kartra checkout feature, things get even better once you include the affiliate portal. Then, you can let customers promote your products for you. 

This feature even makes the process of choosing affiliates as easy as it gets. You can screen potential candidates and pick the ones that look the best.

With the size of affiliate marketing in the current market, including it in your operations is a great idea.

Email Marketing

Next, we have the Kartra email marketing feature. This module of the platform is all about offering an alternative to some of the biggest email marketing services.

Firstly, this feature allows you to add leads manually or import them from a CSV file. If you’re moving from another email marketing platform, this can make the entire process a breeze.

Secondly, it also offers a bunch of valuable tools for reaching your customers via email or SMS.

Opt-in Forms

Another Kartra marketing tools new marketers will love are opt-in forms. Like with the majority of other features, there are tons of templates you can use. The best part - you can edit each template to your likings.

Once you design your opt-in forms, the only thing left to do is to start capturing leads.

This feature will also make your visitors’ journey easier. Since it has users everywhere, Kartra can semi-share cookie data for opt-in forms. Visitors can just click on the ‘sign up’ button without having to input all the information. Removing the entire process eventually translates into more leads.

Even if you already have a WordPress blog, you can use the same code and add your opt-in form there.

Video Hosting

Video is the most effective type of content when it comes to selling and engaging with potential customers. Plus, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter prefer it over text and images.

Therefore, any good Kartra review has to allocate some space to the platform’s video hosting feature. Although you can load videos from absolutely everywhere, nothing comes close to the options Kartra offers.

It enables you to include pop-ups, tag leads, and add call-to-actions. These things can often make the difference between a weak and highly effective video marketing effort. 

But there’s more. 

You can even use this feature to deliver your products if you’re selling video courses or similar content.

The player is highly configurable, meaning that you can add your company’s logo and colors. Plus, there’s the watermark tool that makes it easy to protect your intellectual property.

The option to see user activity in real-time and profile your viewers puts this among the best Kartra features. For example, if your call-to-action begins at the two-minute mark, anyone who goes past it will have a “has seen offer” label.


Ensuring your customers stick around is less expensive than acquiring new ones. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to do everything you can to keep them long-term. Kartra’s helpdesk feature ensures you have everything it takes to do that.

It introduces a ticketing system that assigns messages to customer inquiries and routes them to the staff member who has the answer.

Another thing it does is save you time by offering templates for the same questions that keep popping up.

Considering Kartra pricing, it’s fantastic that this feature is also included.


In business, looking for new and different angles for your company to move in is critical. Luckily, that’s something you can do using the marketplace feature.

If you develop a good marketing strategy, this can also be a great way of making some extra money. For example, you can charge other companies that want to implement your assets and save time creating their own.

You can even include extra service in the offer and have them pay you a monthly fee.

Many users who’ve left Kartra reviews online love this feature.

Kartra Membership and Courses

The next thing we have to mention is Kartra membership.

The platform gives you an option to develop ebooks, online courses, or training materials. They are hosted on the membership site, and each purchase amounts to a recurring payment.

No matter what kind of content you produce, you can split it into small chunks and release parts of it every month.

This aspect of the Kartra network marketing platform is a perfect way to create recurring income for your company.

The Kartranaut Training Program is a portal where you can learn more about utilizing marketing campaigns, funnel, and other handy features on the platform. It was previously known as Kartra academy.

Ease of Use and Interface

Now we get to the part of this Kartra review where we talk about the interface.

We already mentioned that this platform is every beginner entrepreneur’s dream. No matter how much of a newbie you are, boosting your business with Kartra won’t be tough.

The interface is incredibly user-friendly. When testing Kartra, we didn’t come across any issues no matter which feature we tried.

The only downside to it is that some tools run slower than you’d expect.

Kartra Integrations

As you have seen in the features section of this Kartra review, the platform does a fantastic job of providing everything in-house. However, sometimes you just can’t avoid using third-party integrations. Kartra has a solution for that as well.

It offers a wide variety of plug-and-play integrations from numerous categories, including payment gateways and hub connectors. Here are a few that you should be aware of:

  • PayPal
  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • SendGrid
  • Postmark
  • Kajabi
  • aMember

We should also mention that you can integrate the Katra marketing online platform with Zapier. It’s one of the most popular tools developers use to create custom integrations between different apps. The system is built on the IFTTT concept - If This, Then That.

The platform also has a hefty set of options, including API, IPN, and a custom app framework.

Kartra Support

The customer support you can get on this platform is excellent.

The Kartra email ticketing system makes sending messages to the company’s agents very easy. You get to choose which department you want to contact to ensure you get the correct answer promptly.

Alternatively, you can request help from the agents through the live chat, available between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM PT. We reached out to them via this channel and got a response in a few moments.

Kartra vs. Clickfunnels

Now’s time to compare Kartra and Clickfunnels.

What separates the two is that the former is built to run your entire organization, whereas the latter is only supposed to build sales funnels. But when you compare them, you’ll come across some apparent similarities.

In terms of what they can do funnels-wise, Clickfunnels is the winner, but the gap isn’t wide. So, rather than choosing the “better” platform, you should think about what suits your company.

When you look at Kartra’s price and capabilities, you’ll see that it’s an excellent option for anyone starting their entrepreneurship journey. It’s cheaper and easier to use than Clickfunnels. But that doesn’t mean experienced owners can’t use it as it offers all kinds of handy features.

Clickfunnels, on the other hand, gives you more flexibility and opportunity to learn. But if you decide to use it, be ready to spend hours figuring out the system. It’s also the more expensive option between the two.

Kartra Pricing

So, how much does Kartra cost?

If you decide to give this platform a try, you have the option to choose between several different plans. Before listing all of them, we should also mention that you can get up to a 25% discount if you choose to pay annually.

With that said, let’s look at Kartra pricing plans:



Up to 2,500 leads, one custom domain, all features limited, Kartra Agency not included.



Up to 12,500 leads, three custom domains, unlimited features, Kartra Agency included.



Up to 25,000 leads, five custom domains, unlimited features, Kartra Agency included.



Up to 50,000 leads, ten custom domains, unlimited features, Kartra Agency included.

But what if you’re unhappy with how it performs?

Well, all Kartra plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But, that’s not all.

If you’ve never used a platform similar to it, you might want to get an idea of what it entails. Although there’s no Kartra free trial, you can get a deal that’s as close to it as it gets. You can test the platform for 14 days for just $1.

Kartra Review - Verdict

Overall, Kartra is a unique all-in-one solution that can take your online business to the next level. It mixes ecommerce with in-depth marketing to help you create effective funnels and campaigns.

It comes with many features, none of which you should have trouble putting into good use. In fact, by utilizing all of them, you’ll open up tons of new opportunities for your organization.

Considering how expensive some other platforms are, Kartra pricing packages look amazing. You can find a deal that suits your business and ensure not a part of your budget goes to waste.

In the worst-case scenario, you can return the product in the first 30 days and get your money back.

While there’s no Kartra marketing free trial, you can also give it a run for 14 days for just $1. With how cheap the trial version is, it’s safe to say there’s no risk involved.


What is Kartra used for?

Kartra is a completely integrated platform that offers everything you need to create and run an online business. From hosting to cart checkouts, it has got you covered.

Is Kartra safe?

Kartra is a popular all-in-one solution for online businesses, and it’s 100% safe to use. There’s nothing you have to worry about security when using the platform.

How much is Kartra monthly?

If you opt for a starter plan, the Kartra price stands at $99 per month. Bear in mind that this plan comes with limited features compared to other pricing plans. If you want unlimited features, you have to be ready to pay at least $199 per month. There are also discounts for those who pay for their plan annually.

Does Kartra have a mobile app?

No, Kartra doesn’t have a mobile app. However, the pages you can create using this platform are 100% optimized for mobile. To learn more about its features, check out our Kartra review above.


Dejan Cvetnarevic

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