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Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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Managing organization members and dealing with administrative tasks doesn’t have to be hard. Software like Wild Apricot helps you to grow and involve your membership base with ease. Many Wild Apricot reviews praise the service, so we’ve decided to test it out for ourselves.





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Wild Apricot Review

Minimum Price: Free

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Best for: Associations, startups, and organizations

Strengths Easy to use
Strengths Excellent customer support
Strengths Template-based website design
Strengths Flexible system for clubs and associations
Weaknesses Alerts need fine tuning
Weaknesses Tricky formatting pages
Weaknesses Ineffective blogging platform

What Is Wild Apricot?

Wild Apricot software is a top-notch online membership management platform. It is a good fit for community organizations, nonprofits, clubs, professional associations, and enterprises.

If you are looking for an application to help you create and maintain your membership database, the Wild Apricot platform is for you. The software is capable of effectively managing members’ directory, funds, and events. 

The app allows you to create straightforward online registration for events. You can send mass emails, and your members can join, pay, and access information without any hassle. You can also use the Wild Apricot membership management to attract new members.

Let’s take a look at what else this platform offers and what benefits you’ll enjoy while using it.

Wild Apricot Features

Wild Apricot comes with a large number of fantastic features, including:

Membership Applications

The Wild Apricot membership software fully automates the member application process. You can cut out any paperwork with web-based, mobile-friendly forms and customize the documents to reflect your organization.

The platform lets you offer multiple membership plans and discount codes. Setting up automated emails to welcome new members once their application gets approved is another customizable feature we enjoyed.

The platform enables you to offer group participation for families, teams, and companies. You can assign a class administrator to help you manage a smaller number of people.

Automated Membership Renewals

You can automate membership renewal, reminders, and invoices with the Wild Apricot recurring payment plans. This self-service feature cuts down your administrative work as users can update their profile, register for new events, and pay fees from their desktop or mobile phone. Many other user-written Wild Apricot reviews agree that this is one of the most loved features.

Online Member Database

The Wild Apricot database lets you share and update membership data in real-time. The platform saves your members’ information on the cloud, allowing volunteers and board associates to access it on the go.

Members-Only Pages

Keep your team engaged with exclusive content on member-only pages, like networking forums and specialized blogs. You can customize them to allow access to only certain membership types and levels. It only takes a few seconds with the Wild Apricot WordPress integration.

Membership Directory

This feature allows you to set up searchable online member directories, helping your team connect with each other or the general public

Whether it is a team only or a public directory, you control what people see. Additionally, even if you don’t want to use the Wild Apricot website template, you can embed mobile-friendly website directories to your site.

Membership Widgets

The Wild Apricot widget feature gives you the opportunity to embed membership functions on your website. As it is connected to your database, it will always stay up-to-date. 

Easy Online Payments 

Wild Apricot online payments are fast and secure. The software effectively deals with receiving and tracking funds while making it easy to manage your association’s finances. Members can pay fees online, and supporters can use the same medium to make donations.

Setting up recurring payments is time-saving and straightforward. By setting up multiple sales taxes or VAT, you can instantly apply them to all transactions. 

Wild Apricot security uses certified Level 1 PCI DSS programming, meaning they adhere to the highest payment protection standard to keep everything safe and secure.

Supported Payment Systems

The platform lets you pick the payment processor that is best for you. You can select the one supported by your location and accept credit card deposits.

Wild Apricot payment options integrate with Square, letting members pay fees from a mobile phone. The software supports different currencies and merchant locations.

Automated Online Invoicing

The app makes processing payments effortless by automatically generating invoices and receipts for online transactions. You can trigger other actions, including the activation of memberships, donation confirmations, and welcome emails.

Self-Service Account

The Wild Apricot payment system lets your members handle due management, membership renewal, event management, and donations by themselves. Individuals can sign into their accounts, view their financial history, and pay any outstanding fees with just a few clicks.

Financial Reports

Wild Apricot software gives you a complete picture of your organization’s finances and does away with unnecessary spreadsheets. You can record cash and online payments, gathering all your money data in one place.

It shows you the summary of donations by payment type and enables the tracking of outstanding debts. If you want to create custom or manage your reports, you can export them to Excel or Quickbooks.

Online Donations

The platform makes it easy to collect online donations, turning your website into a remarkable fundraising tool. You can even create individual fundraisers or multiple campaigns and track your team’s efforts with a progress bar.

Events Creation

Wild Apricot event management allows you to monitor your events with ease. It only takes minutes to create a detailed activity listing with descriptions, images, and an online registration form.

Once created, the event will automatically get listed in a calendar on your Wild Apricot site. It keeps you from reentering information, and your members can view the entry online from their computer or mobile phone.

Custom Registration Forms

Customize your event registration by adding early-bird discounts, coupon codes, members-only pricing, and costs for additional sessions. Wild Apricot software reviews show that users love this feature because it allows them to get very specific and utilize email marketing.

Automated Event Emails

Wild Apricot email hosting helps in automating your event promotion through email marketing. You can schedule and customize emails for current members, past attendees, and focus groups.

Mobile App for Site Administrators

As a site administrator, you can manage events and your mobile contacts with the Wild Apricot app for Android and iOS. You can also register, add, and check-in with attendees.

Contact Database

By uploading and managing your contacts with the Wild Apricot database, you can view the record of everyone who interacts with your organization. This includes their membership status, event registration, amount donated, and more.

This feature allows you to perform and save detailed searches in your database. The advanced inquiries make it easy to identify any member issues and find the exact data you need.

Email Blasts

You get to create and send unlimited emails and newsletters with Wild Apricot, enabling you to use a single software for both. Additionally, you can send emails to the target recipients based on specific criteria.

Integrated Online Store 

The online store feature allows you to manage your sales from the Wild Apricot platform. You can list products and accept payments without having to set up a complex ecommerce site. Transactions are dealt with through the Wild Apricot payment processing system. 

The component helps you to stay on top of stock levels, order payments, and taxes, among other things.

Unlimited Product Catalog

The Wild Apricot API (Application Programming Interface) makes it possible to list and sell unlimited products. You can add images, descriptions, and tags for clients to easily find them via the search bar.

Website Gadgets

The software helps you customize the online customer experience and increase sales. You give clients the option to view product catalogs, add items to their carts, and pay online using the secure Wild Apricot payment options.

Website Builder Software

Wild Apricot is an excellent alternative to WordPress. By taking advantage of Wild Apricot themes, you can build a stunning website with ease.

If you already have an existing website, you can add Wild Apricot widgets with just a few lines of code. If you use WordPress, you can embed tools to show member-only content. 

Wide Range of Mobile Apps

The Wild Apricot team designed a wide range of apps, including different apps for admins and members. Admin apps help with administrative work, while apps for members make it easy to access any information, register for events, or make payments.

Ease of Use and Interface

There is not one Wild Apricot API, but two. One for admins to update and retrieve data and one for administrators to create apps for members.

The website has a user-friendly interface with a white background. Understanding the app’s interface and navigating it does not require any special skills. You can manage your contacts, track members’ interests and activities, process payments, send emails, and much more with a few simple clicks.

Many user-written Wild Apricot reviews join us in applauding its design, keeping it the number one membership management solution.

Wild Apricot Integration

Wild Apricot comes with many integration options, including LinkedIn, WordPress, Zendesk, Twitter, and Facebook. There is also a Wild Apricot Quickbooks integration available. 

You can even add 230+ apps without coding using Integromat.

Wild Apricot Pricing

Wild Apricot is flexible and affordable. There is a wide variety of plans available, including:



Add up to 50 contacts



For up to 100 contacts.



For up to 250 contacts.



For up to 500 contacts.



For up to 2,000 contacts.



For up to 5,000 contacts.



For up to 15,000 contacts.



For up to 50,000 contacts.

All plans come with a 30-day free Wild Apricot trial. Committing to an annual plan gives you an additional 10% discount, and when signing up for two years, you get a 15% discount. When comparing it to other membership and event management software, our Wild Apricot review found the pricing is on the low side.

To top it all, the company is currently running a promo, so you get an Amazon gift card if you renew your account for three months.

Wild Apricot Review - Verdict

After highlighting all the benefits of this software, we can confirm that it is one of the world’s best. From the time spent using the solution and reading opinions from several other Wild Apricot reviews, we can say Wild Apricot offers a flexible and reliable system.

You can expect excellent customer service. With the template-design feature, it’s easy to create the website you want. While there are no significant Wild Apricot issues, there are a few things we’d like them to improve on.

One of them is the ineffective blogging platform, and another is tricky formatting pages. The intuitive alert also needs finetuning, but everything else works perfectly. 

From storing and editing information to communication and membership renewals, Wild Apricot makes it easy. Give it a try, and share your favorite part with us in the comment section. 


What is membership management software?

Clubs and organizations use this type of software to manage their members. It usually involves storing and editing information into the association’s database. 

The programming also allows you to create, upgrade, renew, and downgrade membership plans. Furthermore, it lets you communicate with your customers, organize events, and sell your products online.

How much does a membership website cost?

The cost of membership software varies greatly depending on your needs. Most sites cost between $210 to $11,200 per year.

What does Wild Apricot do?

Wild Apricot is the number one membership management software. You can use it as a single, unified communication point to grow your community and attract more members. The platform makes room to automate tedious administrative tasks, increase event attendance, and makes volunteering easier. Find out more in the Wild Apricot review above.

Is Wild Apricot free?

There is a free Wild Apricot version, but you have to upgrade to a paid plan to add more than 50 contacts. The price ranges from $48 to $720 per month, depending on the number of contacts you want to include. You get discounts for signing up for the annual or bi-annual subscription.

Does Wild Apricot integrate with Quickbooks online?

Yes, you can integrate Wild Apricot with Quickbooks. The Wild Apricot Quickbooks integration provides you with an export feature for transferring invoices, payments, refunds, and donations.


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