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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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If you’re looking for the best project planning software in the market, then you should definitely give Teamwork a try. We’ll discuss the software’s features, pricing, ease of use, and customer support in a detailed Teamwork review.

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Teamwork Review

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Best for: Businesses looking to improve their collaboration strategies.

Strengths Easy to use
Strengths Impressive selection of features
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Strengths Allows for account customization
Weaknesses Only allows for individual subscriptions
Weaknesses Gantt charts can't be viewed on mobile
Weaknesses May occasionally be buggy or be faulty/malfunction

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is one of the products of, an Ireland-based company, specializing in web-based productivity software. It is a great solution for all types of businesses. 

The Teamwork project management software was designed to eliminate the complexity that comes with team collaboration. Some of its features, e.g. the personal dashboards, promote better work visibility by allowing people to see what everyone is working on at a time, and what needs special attention. 

You can also manage your time with the Teamwork timer app, as well as billing, invoices, and portfolios. You can even communicate with other team members using the Teamwork chat app


For this Teamwork review, we put the following features to test:

Project management  

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the Teamwork software is the project management function. It allows you to plan and schedule your projects. 

The Teamwork Gantt chart helps greatly for that. This convenient chart allows for easy project planning so that you can efficiently execute tasks.

In addition to this, the software comes with an overview tab or dashboard that shows you a breakdown of the progress on all the tasks and milestones within your project. 

Task management  

You can create tasks directly from your account or your email. This is the only project management software that allows you to make assignments for more than one team member at a time. 

You can also schedule recurring tasks on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. Each time one of them is marked as complete, a new one automatically replaces it. A fun tool that we quite enjoyed using when writing this Teamwork review.

You can appoint start dates, due dates, and estimated completion times. You can also log time for tasks and sub-tasks. The latter can be allocated their own start and end dates, and even to a different team member. 

Time management 

Are you guilty of losing track of time?

The Teamwork desktop app allows you to install a timer directly to your Windows or Mac device.

Once downloaded, the timer is automatically displayed in full or compact view. Log in to your account, choose the project and task you’re working on, and start logging your time.

The feature also comes with an auto-pause feature that stops the clock any time when you’re inactive. 

Portfolio view  

For the Premium and Enterprise subscription options, the Teamwork platform offers a portfolio view. Members can get an overview of several projects at the same time using a Kanban-like board.

We did notice when trying it for our Teamwork review, that the portfolio isn’t automatically generated. You would need to create your own columns. Then you can add the projects to the board. The overview includes metrics like activity trends, tasks, time spent, milestones, and breakdowns of each team members’ responsibility. 

Advanced Features                      

Some of Teamwork’s advanced features include:

Integrated chat

The software offers its own integrated chat option. This allows you to communicate with your team members in real-time.

What makes the Teamwork chat app special is that it integrates with the project tab. This means that you can text your team members within a specific project and discuss things like tasks or issues without having to switch tabs on your desktop. 


Another thing that stood out to the people behind this Teamwork review is the billing feature. 

Using the billing tab on the dashboard, you can create invoices. You can also set fixed prices or rates for any logged billable time for each of your team members. The software automatically calculates everything. 

But there's more!

Your completed invoices can then be exported to payroll tools like Xero, QuickBooks, Harvest, FreshBooks, Blinksale, or Excel.


The Teamwork platform allows you to send status updates to your team, so you can let them know where you are or what you’re doing at any given time. You can also indicate whether you’re available for a meeting or a phone call. 

You can view the status update of your entire company or team on one timeline. To top it all, you can even request people to update their status. This feature is particularly great for virtual teams.           


Using the calendar, you can invite or notify your team members about an event. Anyone invited to one can edit the calendar to include details like time and location. You can also create recurring events and schedule them on specific days. 

The tool syncs to your Outlook calendar, Google calendar, and iCalendar.

Client users

On the Pro subscription and above, Teamwork allows you to add clients to your projects without attracting any additional costs. Clients are granted similar permission options as standard users at a project level. However, they are limited in making edits or additions to a project. 

Email integration

The Teamwork app allows you to respond to updates, reminders, and comments directly from your email. It even allows you to forward non-Teamwork emails to your account for viewing. Additionally, you can add up to three other addresses to your account.

This project management technology software also stores your email signature attachments so you can use them again in the future. 

Document editing

You can edit your documents directly from the platform. The editor app works on a variety of document types including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Excel, LibreOffice, etc. Once you are done editing the document, you can upload it to Teamwork.

Teamwork Integrations and Apps

When using this project management software, you can connect the tools that you love and are most familiar with. 

You can integrate Teamwork with up to 69 different tools and applications. Some of the more popular tools include Apiant, Slack, DropBox, Hubstaff, HubSpot, Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Chrome and Drive, Outlook, and OneDrive.

Teamwork also allows you to import all your data from other project management software, including Asana, Trello, and Basecamp. We tried this with Asana for this Teamwork review and it was as easy as a breeze.

Ease of Use

The Teamwork software is incredibly user-friendly - you don’t need to be a tech genius to figure out how to use it. 

The tool has great time- and energy-saving features that allow for a seamless user experience. The dashboard comes with tabs that are straightforward and easy to understand, allowing you to navigate your way around the platform.

You can also track your time, get automatically generated invoices, and use the Teamwork app whenever on the go.

Customer Support

The Teamwork software offers customer support, however, they highly recommend that you go through their knowledge base first.

The knowledge base is an impressive collection of information. You can find information about how to get started on the Teamwork app, how to manage the settings, how to integrate apps, how to plan and manage your work, and a plethora of other info. You can even find helpful tips such as how to resolve email notification issues and how to share saved files at project level.

The Teamwork knowledge base is incredibly rich. It covers almost any question or concern you may have, and it even includes a set of video tutorials. 

If that’s not enough, you can contact customer support via phone and email. There is no live chat option. The team is available Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 12 am GMT. You can also email them - they’ll respond during their working hours, with some limited availability during the weekends as well. When we contacted them with questions regarding our Teamwork review, they were very competent and willing to help. 

Teamwork Pricing

The Teamwork pricing will depend on the plan you choose. Options include:

Free forever


Includes a maximum of 5 users, 100 MB of storage, and 2 projects. 


Min. price: $10/User/Month

$12.50/month or $120/year per person - includes project templates, time tracking & invoicing, agile view with workflows, workload capacity, integrations.


Min. price: $18/User/Month

$22.50/month or $216/year per person - Includes everything in Pro plus: resource scheduling, workload resource management, project time budget, custom fields, project portfolio view, integrations.


Quote-based - Contact representative

Includes everything in Premium, plus: unlimited projects, customer success manager, onboarding and training, enterprise-class security, single sign-on (SSO), priority support.

If you want to test out the software, Teamwork also offers a 30-day free trial.  

Teamwork Review - Verdict

Teamwork is truly an impressive collaborative project management platform. It is great for both large and small scale project management and can help with project scheduling and even a little bit of human resources

There are many amazing features, from the chat app that allows for seamless communication, to its Gantt charts for easy project planning. The timer and task management options made breaking down workloads and tracking working hours all the more convenient. You can also integrate your favorite tools and apps into the software! 

The app even allows you to work alongside your clients. You can add them to projects and grant them standard access to view and comment on progress. This allows for better business-client communication and relationship. And once the project is done, the Teamwork software has a billing feature which groups your billable hours and expenses into invoices. 

Curious about what else the software has in store? Try it now - for free!


What is Teamwork project management?

It’s an app that helps you manage the different stages of a project from start to finish. It has great features for collaboration, comes with a timer, an incredibly functional dashboard, and even allows you to include your clients in the process.

How do you use Teamwork?

The software is extremely easy to use. Its simple interface allows for intuitive navigation. The knowledge base has a wide array of tutorials to help you and in case you want human help, you can always contact the support team. More on that in our Teamwork review above.

How much does Teamwork cost?

Teamwork offers four different subscription options. There are the Free Forever plan, the Pro plan which costs $120 per year, and the Premium plan which costs $216 dollar per year. They also offer an Enterprise subscription which requires you to contact them directly.


Deyan Georgiev

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