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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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Organizing your day-to-day activities can seem like a herculean task if you don't have a to-do app. But fret no more - we bring you a task manager that will change your life! In our Todoist review, we’ll discuss all the benefits of this app and why you need to get it now.

Ease of use


Free trial








Integration with other apps


Number of projects

Over 150 million

Number of tasks completed

Over 1.5 billion


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Todoist Review

Minimum Price Free

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Best for: Тeam productivity and personal work

Strengths Personalized to-do list
Strengths Free plan and affordable pricing
Strengths Useful for managing weekly tasks
Strengths Improved communication and organization
Weaknesses The free version is limited
Weaknesses Heavy premium advertisement
Weaknesses No time tracking and micro-scheduling

If you've ever found it hard to manage both your work and home life without a practical task manager, then this Todolst review is for you. This software’s main goal is simple - making your life easier. You can count on it to effectively manage your workload.

Read on to find out why we think this is the best task manager for 2021.

What is Todoist? 

Todoist is a project management software designed to help you effectively manage your daily tasks. With the task management app, you go from being overwhelmed in one minute to feeling on top of the world the next.

The tool helps you improve workflow. Making progress at work and home has never been easier! 

Todoist has existed since 2007, and in that time, it has helped millions of people complete over 1.5 billion tasks in over 150 million projects. Amazon, Facebook, WeWork, and Disney work management teams have used the to-do list manager

Features of Todoist

For our Todoist review, we tested the following features:

Email Addition

If you are a fan of Google Mail, then you will love the Todoist Gmail integration. With this feature, you can easily convert your emails into tasks. However, it has a downside.

You can only use this feature when with Gmail or Chrome. The good thing is that it’s available for both iOS or Android devices.

It allows you flexibility with your tasks as you can add them from anywhere at any time. Doesn’t matter if you’re using a desktop or a mobile device - Todoist works great on both.

Additionally, you get to manage your incoming emails without switching tabs or apps

But that’s not all:

Articles and Websites Addition

There is so much web-based information that it is mentally challenging to keep up. This Todoist extension feature is here to help. 

With this function, you can add articles or website URLs to your to-do-list with ease. For example, if, while researching for work, you find a website you'll want to revisit, you can save it for later on.

When you want to save a page on the Todoist desktop version, you'll need to do these two things:

  • Click the Todoist icon in the extensions bar. Then click the + button, add the website, then include any additional detail before hitting "Add task."
  • Use the right-click button to complete the action. The task will instantly get into your Todoist inbox with the name of the linked site, allowing you to visit it when you want. 

Templates for Recreating Reusable Project Checklists

So, we know that it is easy to duplicate tasks within a project, but imagine being able to do that with your entire activity. The Todoist templates are a great way to do it. 

With it, you can create, refine, and share tasks checklist daily if you so desire. The templates are also good for new feature launches, blog posts, onboarding of new employees, and more

Some of the template’s library options are for tracking your team's workload. With the goal tracker, you can document the plans for the year and follow the progress. Other available templates are campaign trackers, blog post articles, meeting agendas, and a content calendar

When creating templates using the task list software, you can include relative due dates. This helps you rearrange complex projects within seconds. 

Email Forwarding

If you have an essential email that you want to read, you can forward it rather than add it, as this option is faster. Forward it into a project or an existing task comment. 

A quick way to do this is by getting a unique email address for your Todoist project. Once you do, send mail to the newly created domicile. It automatically creates a new task.

The email's body will be in the task's comments, and you can add any attachment under 25MB. Another way to forward email notifications is by including them directly into a specific project.

Copy and Paste Multiple Text Lines to Create New Task

Suppose you have a list of things you want to accomplish - meeting agendas, work tasks, and personal notes. You can transfer them by copying and pasting them into the Todoist app. You can create a separate task in seconds

We found this an effortless process when we tested it for our Todoist review. Copy and paste the task lines to your clipboard, and then open a new one in the software. The task app will ask if you want to create a new project for the copied words. 

Once you give consent, the same task gets created automatically. This feature works well for writers who want to translate outlines into Todoist projects. 

Tasks, Sub-Tasks, and Sections

The first thing to note here is that this feature is for those using Todoist Android and iOs mobile devices.

It's easy to add tasks, subtasks, and sections. You can drag them whenever you need them. 

All you have to do is press and hold down the + button in the bottom right and pull it to the spot on the list where you want to create the new task. To make a Todoist subtask, drag the icon a little to the right underneath an existing project. 

If what you want to create is a subsection, pull the + icon to the far left. 

In order to follow the workflow better, you can emphasize crucial points with bold or italics. You can use emojis to communicate an assignment's tone.

You can also add links to web pages you want to visit. When you copy and paste a URL into a taskbar, the software will instantly convert it to the page title. You don’t need to format anything.

Note: project names do not support special text formatting, and emoji keyboard shortcodes don't work. Thus, use your phone's default emoji keyboard. 

On Todoist for Mac, use the keyboard's shortcut control plus command plus spacebar to select from the emoji menu. If you are using Todoist for Windows, you can access the emoji console on any device. 

Todoist Calendar

Todoist boasts of being the best to-do app with smart calendaring software. And for good reason! 

The Todoist recurring task feature allows you to recognize any saved repeating due dates. Additionally, you get to set a due date based on when last you finished a project. 

Add "Every" to regular tasks that you don't intend to do on a specific date. If you balance your accounts every third Monday, it is better to use the day, not the date, as the latter changes monthly. 

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the Quick Add feature. It recognizes due dates and provides you with shortcuts to specific projects, including labels, scheduling, task prioritizing, and assigning projects to teammates. Todoist reviews show that it's a greatly appreciated feature.

Customizable Swipe Gestures 

Whether you are creating Android or iPhone to-do lists, you can take advantage of the touch screens' swipe gestures. 

You’ll be able to customize when to swipe left or right while working on a project without resorting to the direction buttons. You can use this feature to either schedule, complete, or select a task

Plus, it comes in handy when performing multiple functions at once on the project management software.

Auto-Sync with Android and iOS Device’s Dark Mode

Do you find the white background of most apps a little too bright for your liking?

The Todoist personal task management app has a dark mode. You can either switch it on manually or sync it with your device.

Once your phone switches to dark mode, your Todist app will automatically do the same. However, make sure to turn on the auto function. After doing this, you can say goodbye to the blinding white screen. 

Voice Command

With the voice command, you can add new functions within seconds, no matter where you are. Todoist works with the likes of Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa

One beautiful aspect of this feature is that you can use voice commands to set due dates. Just ask your voice assistant to remind you to buy bread at 6 and voila, it's done. 

Voice control also works on Apple Watch and Android Wear

However, Todoist reviews show some users couldn’t integrate the app with Google Assistant. We didn’t have any issues, but it’s worth keeping in mind.


With the double hashtag syntax, you can put your projects and subprojects in one place. For example, if you split your work tasks into subtasks like “Design” or “Meetings”, you can filter them by hashtags.

That way you can see all the work slated for the day.

Note: hashtags are a premium feature, and you can get them for $4 per month. There is no yearly subscription. 

Track Delegated Tasks

Todoist ensures you don't have to worry about others missing their assigned tasks. It's easier to share your team's workload when everyone knows their assignment. 

The "Assigned to" feature lets you know who to follow up on for a task, and the "Assigned by" provides insight on who should supervise. You can also color-code tasks. 

Automatic and Location-Based Reminders 

What should the best task management app do? Make you never forget anything, of course!

By default, Todoist reminds you of any due assignment at the appropriate time. No need to manually set them.

You can customize the duration before receiving a reminder

Another thing you can do is create location-based reminders. With this feature, you will receive an alert when you are at a place where you need to perform a task. 

Project Calendar Feeds

With the calendaring software, you can import your projects from the calendar feed into any app you choose. The Todoist Google Calendar integration allows your changed tasks to reflect on the application instantly

You'll be able to toggle them whenever you want and see your upcoming projects without visiting the best task management app. Also, you can share your assignment feeds for teammates to track in their calendar

Vacation Mode 

Ordinarily, the Todoist Karma system checks your productivity by awarding points for what is accomplished daily. If you fail to meet a deadline, you lose points

It is a fun and useful way to track your progress and keep you committed to meeting your goals. 

However, there are times factors beyond your control will prevent you from meeting targets. 

When this happens, you can turn on Vacation Mode and preserve your goal streaks. You won't have any points deducted until you return and continue your tasks. 


Todoist Kanban boards help you see the big picture. They are interactive in nature and a powerful, flexible way to organize your projects. You can drag tasks between sections, invite teammates to join, and visualize your progress

Todoist Integrations

Todoist allows you to connect and access your data on other apps easily. Some of the applications you can integrate with are HourStack, Spark, Newton Mail, Jira, Exist, TaskEdge, Dropbox, PomoDone, and Pleexy. You can also use it with Zendesk, Toggl Track, Zoho Mail, Momentum Dash, and Fantastical. 

The software can also connect with Google Assistant and Calendar, and there's Todoist Chrome extension. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

When you visit the Todoist desktop version, the task tracker will present you with the option of searching for integrations. You'll then have to choose from the available categories. 

They include email, planning, time tracking, communication, file management, productivity, and automation. Once you pick an app, you'll receive the option to add it to Todoist. 

Ease of Use and Interface

Most people find the time tracking software easy to use. When we tested it ourselves, we found it simple to understand and navigate.

The Todoist interface is modern and sleek, and the UI is top-notch. It is easy to add tasks, track them, and set deadlines. The web and desktop versions have a two-column layout

The right column has all the tasks organized in nested lists and color codes. It contains information on the projects team members are working on and the assignments of each person

The left column allows for easy accessibility of different groups and tasks finished within a specific time frame. It contains filters for more advanced options. 

We encountered no difficulties while using it for this Todoist review.

Todoist Pricing

Todoist prices are as follows: 



You receive up to 80 projects, and you can only add up to five people per project.

Premium pro

$3 monthly (annual subscription)

Or $4 month-to-month. If you choose the Todoist premium plan, you'll have access to up to 300 projects, with 25 people per task. You also get reminders, comments and file uploads, labels and filters, and productivity trends. 

Business for teams

$5 monthly

Or $6 month-to-month. The features you get include 500 projects per user with 50 people per task, team inbox, admin and member roles, team billing, and priority support. 

Todoist offers discounts for students, educators, and non-profits organizations. If you fall under the first two categories, you get up to a 70% discount on the standard Todoist pricing. All you have to do is create an account and share your occupation.

If you already have an account, convert it to a Todoist Business page, and sign up for the 30-day free trial. Then fill out the application for a discount, and you'll get a response within 10 days. 

Non-profits eligible for a discount get 50% off their payments. The application process is the same as that of students and educators, and it takes the same time frame for you to get a response.

Todoist vs. Asana

Todoist and Asana are the project management softwares most often compared. 

Asana offers you powerful collaboration features for easy assigning and reporting of tasks. Its work breakdown structure allows users to follow tasks, and it's free for up to 15 people. With Asana, the task workflow within a project can be filtered "Today," "Upcoming," and "Later." You can indicate whether you have completed the work or if it is still in progress. 

The software boasts a polished interface. Teams can make their projects private or public. When it is the former, only those working on the task can view it, and for the latter, anyone in the group can.  

The other benefits of using this work management tool include easy filtering of tasks, Kanban support, list views, and well-thought-out keyboard structures. On the downside, Asana will not provide you with a calendar in its mobile version, and it cannot manage multiple workspaces.

The Asana free version does not allow for task dependency, and you cannot use list and board views for the same project. The UX design makes it hard to customize workflow

Conversely, Todoist has a minimalist UI design that allows efficient use of the interface. It supports natural language input like "Next month," "In two weeks," etc. There are multiple ways to organize your tasks with the Todoist app, like sorting them into nested lists, dragging and dropping them, or through keyboard shortcuts. 

You can categorize assigned tasks using labels, colors, codes, priorities, and projects. When it comes to search and filtering functionality, Todoist trump Asana. It allows you to carry out advanced queries when looking for overdue assignments.

Users can combine different queries, remove specific results, and create statements if they desire. You can save questions as filters for easy access and color-code them. Todoist allows for sharing and collaborating on projects.

It rewards you with points for achieving your goals and deducts them when you fail to meet your deadline. Another highlight of this to-do app is that there are no ads in the free version

Unlike Asana, the Todoist native widget is fully functional and editable without opening the app. With Todoist Premium, you can add and edit your project list on your mobile phone's lock screen

Another thing you can bet your money on with this project management device is the template feature. You can save and import the ones you want, and you also get visual scheduling

Although the app does not listen to user suggestions, it has one of the best integration features and sends you reminders based on your location. 

So who’s the winner in this Asana vs. Todoist comparison depends entirely on your needs.

However, Todoist ranks higher than Asana on the Best Getting Things Done (GTD) apps list, and it's number one on the best to-do list app ranking

Todoist Review - Verdict

The Todoist app has everything you would expect a task manager to have and more. It is highly effective for managing weekly tasks and for allowing you to personalize your to-do list. Constant updating of the software ensures improved communication, productivity, and organization of projects

We admit that there's heavy advertising when you use the premium plan, and the free version has limitations. But the benefits outweigh those two shortcomings, and Todoist reviews show you have more to gain than lose. 

Ready for a more organized 2022? Get Todoist now!


How does Todoist work?

The project management software helps users navigate their day-to-day tasks. Users can create tasks and subtasks based on their needs and integrate them with other apps. It sends you reminders on due dates and uses location-based hints. The app categorizes your projects into personal and work, and a karma system to ensure you meet your goals.

Is Todoist safe?

Todoist has one of the best security policies in the to-do app industry. Whether it is confidential business proposals or personal home projects, Todoist assures users of their information's privacy and security. They prevent unauthorized access, support continuous monitoring for potential vulnerabilities, embrace ongoing proactive improvement to stay on top of the latest safety tools and threats.

Is Todoist free good?

The Todoist free version is good. With it, you can organize and plan your day with ease. It works better for personal use because of its limitations. Businesses with not more than five employees can use it also.

Still, we recommend using the premium plans. More on that in our Todoist review above.

How much does Todoist cost?

Todoist pricing is quite flexible and allows you to pay monthly or yearly. There's a free plan for starters, and you can remain on it for as long as you like. The premium version is available for business teams and professionals, and the price ranges between $3 to $6 monthly.


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