13 Best Presentation Software for 2022

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Updated: October 05,2022

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Want to create amazing presentations?

In this guide, we rounded up 13 of the best presentation software. With these tools, you can design and showcase gorgeous decks that’ll keep your audience hooked! 

We evaluated each solution based on:

  • Features 
  • Templates
  • Content library
  • Shareability
  • Ease of use
  • Price

We also made a comprehensive buyer’s checklist to help you choose the one.

Shall we begin?

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Best for: Video presentations
Prezi logo

1. Prezi

  • Interactive slideshows
  • Concept map layout
  • Data visualization
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Best for: Multimedia projects
SlideDog logo

2. SlideDog

  • Supports many file formats
  • Real-time sharing
  • Interactive elements
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Best for: Easy and quick designs
Canva logo

3. Canva

  • Thousands of templates
  • Branded slides
  • Different presenter modes
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Best for: business communication
Slidebean logo

4. Slidebean

  • Pitch Deck Builder
  • Lots of templates
  • Massive stock library
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Best for: Animated content
Powtoon logo

5. Powtoon

  • One-click animations
  • Stock footage library
  • Present from anywhere
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Best for: Students and professionals
Apple Keynote logo

6. Apple Keynote

  • Live video feeds
  • Wide theme selection
  • Cinematic slide effects
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Best for: Versatility
Visme logo

7. Visme

  • Millions of stock content
  • Pre-recorded presentations
  • Data visualization tools
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Best for: Shareability
Google Slides logo

8. Google Slides

  • Unlimited slides
  • Offline access
  • PPT compatibility
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Best for: Collaborative workflows
Zoho Show logo

9. Zoho Show

  • Easy to use
  • Organized library of resources
  • Team-based workflows
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Best for: Design teams
Ludus logo

10. Ludus

  • Fully customizable templates
  • Magic Editing
  • Live collaboration
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Best for: Academic and office projects
Powerpoint logo

11. Powerpoint

  • Free web version
  • Customizable templates
  • Graphic library
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Best for: Educators
Haiku Deck logo

12. Haiku Deck

  • Many templates
  • 40M+ stock images and graphics
  • Live Presentation mode
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Best for: B2B sales and marketing teams

13. CustomShow

  • Custom slides
  • Built-in simulcast
  • Online collaboration
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  • Prezi - Best for video presentations

  • SlideDog - Best for multimedia projects


  • Canva - Best for easy and quick designs

  • Slidebean - Best for business communication

  • Powtoon - Best for animated content

  • Apple Keynote - Best for students and professionals

  • Visme - Best for versatility

  • Google Slides - Best for shareability

  • Zoho Show - Best for collaborative workflows

  • Ludus - Best for design teams

  • PowerPoint - Best for academic and business projects

  • Haiku Deck - Best for educators

  • CustomShow - Best for B2B sales and marketing teams

Best for: Video presentations

1. Prezi

Interactive slideshows

Concept map layout

Data visualization

Prezi is one of the top presentation software offering unique ways to present. Here, you can easily create animated concept maps. Instead of going from one slide to another, you can zoom in and out of blocks to reveal information. And you can present them over video – live or recorded.


The web-based program is divided into three sections – Video, Design, and Present. 

Prezi Video

In this section, you’ll be able to showcase your project in video format. You can face your webcam, record yourself, or do live streaming

And the best part? 

Your viewers can interact with you using emojis, GIFs, and comments.

As for the visuals, you can show on-screen content as you move along. To do this, just import your existing decks. But if you like to start from scratch, there are ready-made video overlays you can customize.

Whether you’re hopping on a Zoom call or attending an academic-conference, this video presentation maker works wonders. 

Prezi Present

This section is where you can create your slides a la Powerpoint. There are templates available – all designed with the Zoom Reveal function. You can add content blocks, insert hidden subtopics, then open them up by zooming in or out.

What about visuals? Easy – just browse through the program’s stock library. You can add visual elements like images, clip art, and more.

Once you’re ready to present, you can feed it to video conferencing tools, share on social media, or set it up for offline viewing.

Prezi Design

Aside from being a presentation app, it’s a great data visualization tool as well. It has a drag-n-drop editor where you can make: 

  • infographics
  • reports
  • dashboards 
  • social posts

Just like in Adobe Photoshop, you can also use image masking to create overlays. If you need to make adjustments, there are one-click filters and effects you can apply. No editing skills required!

And in case you’re wondering, yes – you can insert these elements into the Video and Present sections.


Prezi is free presentation software, but it’s quite limited. If you want to maximize the platform, you can subscribe to the paid versions.

Here are the pricing tiers:

  • Basic - Free (up to 5 presentations only)
  • Plus - $12/month (unlimited presentations and imports)
  • Premium - $16/month (includes analytics and advanced training)

You can test the paid versions free of charge within the 14-day trial period.

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Best for: Multimedia projects

2. SlideDog

Supports many file formats

Real-time sharing

Interactive elements

As the name hints, SlideDog is a slide show program fit for all projects. Anything you can do in Powerpoint, you can do it here – but better. Aside from creating slide decks, you can merge documents, web pages, videos and other types of media. You’re free to combine multiple files into one cohesive presentation.


Although the interface looks a bit dated, there’s more than meets the eye. 

Multimedia Support

Presentations aren’t always limited to slides. If you have multiple visual aids to show, create a playlist! On a single slideshow, you can add various elements and switch between them seamlessly.

The multimedia presenter software supports the following files: 

  • Powerpoint decks
  • Office Suite documents
  • PDF files
  • Prezi presentations
  • Google Chrome pages
  • Youtube videos

Also, don’t worry about formatting. When you import a file, the program keeps the original design. That includes fonts, transitions, animations, and so on. 

When it’s time to present, you can use your mobile device as a remote controller. On the SlideDog app, you can control your slides, edit them, or add notes.

Interactive Elements

Not all presentation platforms have audience engagement tools. Luckily, SlideDog has them. To keep your viewers involved, you can add these widgets to your slides:

  • Feedback - you can prepare questionnaires and users can answer them anonymously.
  • Polls - you can let your audience vote and get the results on your screen.
  • Audience Chat - viewers can discuss with you via live chat.

Real-time Sharing

So, how can your audience view your work?

You can share it by simply generating a link. Send it to them and they can open your slides on any device. So even when you’re presenting remotely, live viewing is possible!

Dual Screen Support 

Need to use a second screen for your presentation? This program is highly optimized for that. You can enter into Presenter View, which opens up a separate screen for your deck. Aside from your playlist, it contains a timer and some notes for your talking points. 


You can download a free version of SlideDog with almost all its presentation tools. Some features are not available though, like the dual-screen support.

If you want to unlock its full functionality, consider these paid subscriptions:

  • Monthly - $19
  • Annual - $99
  • Lifetime - $299

All these plans give full access to two users. It also comes with free software upgrades and offline support. If you’re not ready to purchase yet, you can test it within the 30-day trial period.

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Best for: Easy and quick designs

3. Canva

Thousands of templates

Branded slides

Different presenter modes

Canva is a creative presentation tool you can use for free. It has a massive library of professional-looking layouts, images, and graphics. Within minutes, you can create beautiful presentations – all thanks to its drag-n-drop functionality.


The program is popular for its great graphic design tools. Even non-designers love Canva

But in terms of slide decks, can it satisfy users just the same? Let’s find out.

Ready-made Templates

The real beauty of this presentation application is its wide mix of slideshow layouts. Whether you’re designing a business, education, or medical-related deck, there are many options for every industry. And most importantly – they all look gorgeous.

Once you’ve picked a template, it will only take a few tweaks to finish your slides. If you lack resources for your deck, worry not. Canva has a huge stock library filled with all the graphic content you need.


What makes Canva the best online presentation maker is its branding options. You can upload your own logo, photos, icons, and other visual elements. To make them even more presentable, you can apply one-click animations to your blocks. You can even add background music or video!

The only downside to it is that if you have a slow internet connection, the UI will get laggy. But that’s expected for web-based tools.

Presenter Modes

How would you like to showcase your deck? There are three settings you can choose from:

  • Standard - move between slides at your own pace.
  • Autoplay - set a timed slideshow that runs automatically.
  • Presenter - view your notes and preview upcoming slides.

When you’re ready, just hit the Present button to start the show. Alternatively, you can download your slides in PPT format, if you want to use Powerpoint to present.

Team Collaboration 

What’s a good virtual presentation software without collaboration

Canva lets you share your work with other users. You choose whether they can view or edit your slides. To do this, just click on the Share button and enter the recipient’s email address. Or, you can copy the link and send it to them via SMS or chat.


The program has both free and paid versions. For comparison, check out the subscription tiers:

  • Basic - Free. Includes 5GB storage and 250k+ templates
  • Pro - $12.99/month. Includes 100 GB storage and 600k+ premium templates
  • Enterprise - $30/month. Includes unlimited storage and team workflows

The freeware contains the essential specs, but there are premium features you will miss out on. That includes a bigger cloud storage, stock library, and collaborative options.

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Best for: Business communication

4. Slidebean

Pitch Deck Builder

Lots of templates

Massive stock library

Slidebean is an online presentation maker that caters to startups and sales people. The software is loaded with business presentation slides designed to attract investors. From product demos to sales pitches, it’s the go-to program for professional-looking decks.


This presentation platform taps the power of AI to visualize written content. From there, you can choose from several customization options to refine your slides.

If you’re not the DIY type, its Pitch Deck Builder has ready-made layouts you can utilize.

Pitch Deck Templates

SlideBean has five major template categories for designing business presentations. Each one is filled with more industry-specific templates that offer the complete package. That includes content outline, flow, and design.

You can choose from:

  • Startups - proposals, product demonstrations, launches, etc.
  • Business - company profile, business plans, budget proposals, timelines, etc.
  • Marketing & PR - statistical graphics, influencer kits, market research, etc.
  • Sales - methodology, projections, reports, etc.
  • Academic - story outlines, research, thesis defense, etc.

When it’s time to tweak the templates, you can go straight to the presentation maker on the software. There, you can edit the default images, content, colors, and fonts at ease. You can even add icons and GIFs from its graphic assets library.

If you also want to embed third party content, there’s a specific content block you can use for that. 

Stock Library

If you’re running out of visuals, there’s a stockpile of photos and graphic images you use. And they’re all royalty-free! When working with a template, just click on the image block you want to fill. You’ll be able to browse through its library and insert your selections with one click.

If you can't find one that fits, you’re free to upload your own media


Curious to know what your viewers think about your slides? 

Look at the figures! 

You can open up the Presentation Insights to track viewer activity on your slideshow. You will see how much time they spent per slide, or which parts had the most engagement.


Good news – you can create presentations on this software for free. Just sign up on the website and you’re good to go!

However, you will need to pay for a subscription to export and share your work. 

  • Starter - $8/month. Includes 120+ templates and team collaboration
  • All-access - $19/month. Includes all Starter features plus document templates
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Best for: Animated content

5. Powtoon

One-click animations

Stock footage library

Present from anywhere

Powtoon is the best animated presentation software where users can create interactive content. It doesn’t matter if you know how to do graphics or not. Using the templates, you can make highly engaging videos, interactive whiteboards, infographics, and more.


With a slick and intuitive UI, it’s truly easy to produce video decks on this platform.

Animated Content

There are cool presentation tools you can use to produce your projects. First is the massive template library. You can choose ready-made slides from three categories – Personal, Work, and Education.

Each template is equipped with customizable design and animation. You can even create your own Powtoon, which is a virtual character that can narrate your presentation.

Stock Library

The program is loaded with millions of stock images from Flickr. But that’s not all. Its content library is also filled with royalty-free footage and music. If you want to use your own media, you can upload them from your desktop. Or, you can pull them from cloud storages like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Live Presenting

If you want presentation recording software, then you’re in the right place. There’s a screen and camera recording tool you can use to present from anywhere! You can also enhance this in the editor section with one-click animations.


If you’re working in teams, the program allows simultaneous usage. You can view, edit, or give comments in real-time. Through user permissions, you can also control who has access to your projects.


You can go beyond the program with many plugins and extensions. For example, if you have existing Powerpoint decks, you can easily upload and convert them into Powtoon projects. The Adobe Photoshop extension also allows you to animate your static images.


It’s free interactive presentation software. However, if you want more functionality, you can subscribe to its premium versions.

Here are the plans for comparison:

  • Free - 100 MB storage and up to three min. Video export
  • Pro - $29/month. Includes two GB storage and up to 10 min. video export
  • Pro+ - $69/month. Includes 10 GB storage and up to 20 min. video export
  • Agency - $99/month. Includes 100 GB storage and up to 30 min. video export

All paid plans come with a 14-day free trial. While it’s good that there’s a freeware option, most of the useful features aren’t accessible in that version.

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Best for: Students and professionals

6. Apple Keynote

Live video feeds

Wide theme selection

Cinematic slide effects

Keynote is a slideshow presentations software developed by Apple. Anyone with an Apple ID can use this platform, and it usually comes preloaded into iPhones, iPads, and Macs. It works within the cloud, so you can access your projects on multiple devices. This also makes collaboration quicker and easier.


If you’re familiar with Powerpoint, then it’s easy to get used to the Keynote workflow. It uses the same linear presentation style with a bunch of customization options.


To start creating slideshows, simply choose a layout from the theme catalog. The templates are divided into seven categories, based on use-case:

  • Basic 
  • Minimal 
  • Bold 
  • Editorial 
  • Portfolio 
  • Craft
  • Textured

If you want to start from scratch, you can have a blank canvas. You’re free to design your own decks – from backgrounds to content blocks to page-by-page customization.


The Mac presentation software offers easy animation options to bring your slides to life. Over 30 cinematic effects and transitions are available, and they all look fluid. You can make any boring text attractive, too. There are one-click textures, color gradients, and graphic images you can apply.

If you have an Apple Pencil, you can even draw animation paths for your blocks and objects!

Visual Elements

Need data visualization? 

There are hundreds of Apple-designed figures you can insert into your slides. From basic shapes to statistical graphics like flip charts and graphs, everything is covered. You can even add photo galleries! 

The program doesn’t support embedding third party content yet, though.

Presenter Modes

It’s not just a presentation software for Mac. You can access your projects on your iPhone or iPad too – along with multiple presenters. That’s right, you and your team can take turns controlling the deck from different devices.

If you’re showcasing your slides remotely, you’ll love the Live Video feature. With this, you can set up a picture-in-picture display so you can appear beside your slides.


Keynote is completely free to use on any Apple device. All features are accessible, and there are no premium tools.

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Best for: Versatility

7. Visme

Millions of stock content

Pre-recorded presentations

Data visualization tools

Visme is a web-based application where you can build slide decks at ease. It has tons of fully-packaged presentations that require minimal editing. Aside from slide shows, you can also create visual aids like infographics, flow charts, graphs, and more. The tool is perfect for anyone who wants to make professional-looking presentations fast.


It’s truly one of the best online presentation tools, and here’s why.

HD Templates

If you’re in a rush to make slides for a report, meeting, or business pitch, Visme has thousands of layouts for you. And they’re super fast to edit. Its drag-n-drop interface makes it easy to insert text, adjust the theme, or add visuals. You also have access to millions of in-program stock images.

And if you want to go the DIY route, you can create your own layout and save it as a custom template.

Recorded Presentations

Do you need to tape your slide show for many audiences? This program works as a presentation recording software, too. Just head over to the Presenter Studio and record your video, audio, screen, or all of them. 

Data Visualization

You don’t have to manually create visual representations of your figures. You can present them by choosing from 50+ ready-made visual aids like:

  • Graphics
  • Charts
  • Diagrams
  • Widgets
  • Concept maps

All you have to do is input your data!

Additionally, you can make them more aesthetically pleasing with millions of high-resolution vector icons.


You can add drama to your content blocks and objects by adding one-click effects. You can even upload your own videos, voice overs, and background tracks. For a more interactive experience, you can also embed polls, web forms, and quizzes into your slides.


You can use Visme for free – for as long as you want. But like other free presentation apps, there are premium features locked behind a paywall. Also, you can only create up to three projects on the basic version.

To unlock all of Visme's core features, you can subscribe to the paid versions, billed annually:

  • Personal -  $15/month. Includes 250 MB storage with full template access
  • Business -  $29/month. Includes three GB storage with team features
  • Enterprise: Custom. Includes 25 GB storage with advanced security options

There’s a separate pricing structure for students and teachers, with lower price points. Visme also gives a discount to nonprofit organizations who want to use the platform.

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Best for: Shareability

8. Google Slides

Unlimited slides

Offline access

PPT compatibility

Slides is Google’s native app for presentation. It’s one of the tools you’ll find inside the Workspace, which is a collection of web-based programs identical to Office Suite. This one, in particular, caters to users who want a quick online for creating presentations. 

Anyone with a Google account can use it for free.


From the get-go, you’ll notice that the interface is quite similar to Powerpoint – but way more streamlined. 

Template Gallery

To start creating your deck, just choose from the slide themes available. Now, compared to other programs, there isn't much to choose from. But for a free solution, the library is good enough. Besides, you can always import your slides if you have better themes outside the app.

Digital Presentation Tools 

The editing window provides sufficient customization options. You can add simple content blocks, shapes, and icons. You can also insert images and clips – anything from the Drive. When it comes to transitions and animations, they are quite generic, but definitely a quick fix.

When you’re ready to present, you can choose between two presenter modes – Standard and Presenter View. The latter option lets you view speaker notes and add an audience Q&A portion.


You can share your slides with other users via Gmail, or by sending them a link to your presentation. Multiple users can view or edit slides in real-time. Just like in Google Docs and Sheets, they can leave comments on specific sections of your deck.

Offline Access

The best online presentation maker works offline, too! Yes, even without an internet connection, you can still open and edit your slides. You have to enable this setting on the Chrome browser, though. Plus, you need to install the Offline Chrome extension for this to work.

Powerpoint Compatibility

If you have existing Powerpoint slides, you can import them into the online platform. Similarly, if you want to use PPT for presentation, you can export and download your slides in that format.


As we’ve mentioned, Google Slides is free to use. There is, however, a subscription plan that offers bigger storage.

Here are the two versions for comparison:

  • Personal - Free (15 GB storage) 
  • Business Standard - $12/user/month (2 TB storage per user)

15 GB is more than enough to hold hundreds of files. But, it’s worth noting that this encompasses all the other tools in the Workspace too.

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Best for: Collaborative workflows

9. Zoho Show

Easy to use

Organized library of resources

Team-based workflows

Zoho Show is a free collaborative presentation software you can access online. It's one of the top products by Zoho - a company that specializes in CRM software and other office apps. In this program, you can work with teams in designing professional presentations.


It’s a program that resembles the Powerpoint workflow – but in a more polished and user-friendly way.

Team Library

What makes Zoho the best slide presentation software is its central repository. All users can have access to the main library, which is divided into three sections:

  • Template Library 
  • Slide Library
  • Font Library

Each one contains all the resources you need for building your slides. You can add and repurpose existing templates to keep all elements consistent.


You can set up an organized workflow for your department via:

  • Role-based permissions - you can assign roles like Admin, Editor, or Member to control file access.
  • Link sharing - instead of sending the whole deck, you can generate links for faster access.
  • Feedback - collaborators can leave comments and mark them as resolved.

In addition, you can save different types of presentation files made by multiple users into a single file.

Data Visualization

Need to visualize your facts and figures? There are ready-made templates for shapes, charts, and graphs. All you have to do is fill them up with data. If you like to DIY, you can use the pen tool to draw your own words and visuals.


To add visual choreography to your slides, you can use one-click transitions. Nothing new here – they’re the typical ones you’ll find in Powerpoint. The real magic lies on the animation side. You can turn static tables and flow charts into moving objects. You can even draw moving paths along with your blocks.


You can use this presentations software for free. Just sign up to the website, confirm your email address, and you’re good to go!

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Best for: Design teams

10. Ludus

Fully customizable templates

Magic Editing

Live collaboration

Ludus is an online presentation app developed by creatives, for creatives. It’s an all-in-one tool that provides a single workspace for creating, editing, and sharing content. Its automated features for designing slides are super convenient. There are endless customization options too!


Let’s see what this software has in store:


The web-based platform has hundreds of themed layouts to choose from. And they are all fully customizable. You can get to the nitty-gritty of editing your presentation slides – from colors management to object definition.

The system allows you to define which elements are editable in the template. That’s why it’s one of the best presentation platforms with wide scalability!

Magic Editing

Speaking of customization, this tool lets you do pretty much anything to your content blocks. You can do advanced edits just like how you would in Adobe Photoshop. You can crop, skew, add shadows, or play with the blend modes. 

And the best part? 

You can apply these edits to graphic images and videos too!

Smart Functions

If you have repetitive tasks, you can save time by using these tools – Smart Menu and Smart Blocks. You can save and reuse elements of the same format. That way, you won’t have to create the same blocks over and over.

Live Collaboration

If you work in teams, editing multiple slide show presentations on this software is easy. Several users can simultaneously work on slides. To keep things organized, you can put up Channels. Here, you can create numerous workflows with different user rights to control access.


Ludus has a straightforward subscription plan. The cost is based on the number of users, which you can adjust depending on your needs.

Start here:

  • 1-16 users - $14.99/user/month
  • 16 users and up - You will need to contact a representative for a price quote.

If you want to test the software, there’s a 30-day trial period you can maximize.

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Best for: Academic and office projects

11. Powerpoint

Free web version

Customizable templates

Graphic library

Powerpoint is the famous slideshow program developed by Microsoft. It has some of the best presentation tools for personal and professional projects. Students, teachers, and business people use this to prepare slide decks of all sorts.

It’s one of the top tools in Microsoft 365 – a tech cloud filled with the popular office and productivity solutions we use today.


Being the first program to popularize digital presentations, Powerpoint can give you everything you need.

Customizable Templates

Whether you’re using the web or desktop version, you get access to Powerpoint’s library of templates. Although it only has a few, you can customize them up to the last detail. Each slide is pre-designed with all the content blocks, but you can change things up as you go.

Graphic Library

If you haven’t used the slide show program in a while, then this will surprise you. Powerpoint now has an assets library filled with stock photos, icons, stickers, and more. And that’s on top of the in-program shapes and graphics you can add!

SmartArt and Charts

Speaking of graphics, one way to easily add data blocks is via SmartArt. With this, you can create instant concept maps, lists, or matrixes in style. There’s also a separate selection of charts, graphs, and maps you can add. 


This part is pretty basic – you can add typical slide transitions and animations to any block. Just click on an object you want to animate and the effects will apply.


You can use Powerpoint as a web and desktop app. The first web version is free, as long as you have a Microsoft account. However, there are feature restrictions, like file sharing.

To unlock its full functionality, you will need the paid desktop version. Here are your options:

  • Microsoft Powerpoint - $159.99 (one-off payment)
  • Microsoft 365 Business - starts at $3/user/month

If you subscribe to 365, you get access to the whole Office suite. Both packages come with a 30-day free trial.

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Best for: Educators

12. Haiku Deck

Many templates

40M+ stock images and graphics

Live Presentation mode

Haiku Deck is a simple and easy-to-use presentation software developed by Giant Thinkwell, Inc. Anyone can use it for any project, but educators can get the most out of this platform. There are interactive tools for teachers, like a dedicated classroom and e-learning integration.


These are the standout features of the software:


The program has a wide selection of templates for different use cases. From startup pitches to press releases to company profiles, all the basics are covered. Its education templates are particularly impressive, as they are designed by actual educators. 

Stock Library

These are fully-designed layouts, but you can still do minor tweaks. There’s an in-program library where you can get stock images, icons, graphs, charts – millions of them.

Live Presenting

In Live Presentation mode, you can use the interactive presentation software with multiple screens. You can control the playback from your web browser. If you’re teaching virtually, this is a great way to keep your class in sync with your presentation slides.

Google Classroom Integration

If you’re using Classroom to facilitate your class activities, you can integrate it with Haiku Deck. You can share your slide decks using the platform. 


Haiku Deck’s Public pricing structure includes two plans:

  • Pro - $9.99/month. Includes unlimited decks and custom branding
  • Premium - $29.99/month. Includes Pro features and in-depth analytics

There is no free version, but you can test the software within the 7-day trial period.

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Best for: B2B sales and marketing teams

13. CustomShow

Custom slides

Built-in simulcast

Online collaboration

CustomShow is a business presentation software for creating great proposals and pitch decks. It caters to marketing professionals who want to make their brand appealing to potential investors. Sales teams can also use this tool to create product launches and demos.


Aside from its presentation maker, you can use this software for creating marketing collateral too.

Custom Designs

The tool provides a blank canvas for creating your slides. There are no templates, but there are automated functions that make designing a breeze. Enhancing a presentation with multimedia is also easy. You can insert images, content blocks, and graphics, and apply one-click animations and transitions.

Built-in Simulcast

Presenting remotely? 

Not a problem.

With this feature, you’ll be able to broadcast your presentation smoothly. No lags, delays, and other inconveniences. You can also create multiple meetings for simultaneous presentations.


If you have multiple people working on a presentation, online collaboration is key. You can set up a dedicated workflow in the program for a hassle-free experience. In a team, you can assign roles that determine actions for the project. Specific individuals can design, edit, and approve slide decks.

Powerpoint Compatibility

Do you have existing Powerpoint presentations? You can load them into the system for a seamless transition. Just drag-n-drop your slides into the main workspace. It preserves the original format, and all elements are directly editable.


Unfortunately, CustomShow isn’t a free presentation and video software. But on the bright side, its subscription plans are quite affordable for business use.

Consider these options:

  • Essential - $29/user/month
  • Professional - $49/user/month
  • Enterprise - $69/user/month

There is no free trial either, but you can request a free demo from the website.

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What Is Presentation Software?

Presentation software is a computer or mobile application where you can create digital slide shows. Its primary function is to display information through creative and interactive decks. On top of that, you can also:

  • arrange information through content blocks
  • insert visual elements like images, vectors, graphs, and videos
  • showcase presentation slides systematically

With these functions, this has become the modern alternative to traditional modes like blackboards, whiteboards, flip charts, and so on.

How To Choose the Right One for You?

There are lots of presentation programs out there. But how do you pick your match?

You can take these things into consideration:


The first thing you should look at is the template library. Good presentation tools offer ready-made layouts so you don’t have to start from scratch. Programs like Prezi and Canva are good examples. They offer industry-specific templates you can effortlessly design.

Choosing a specific presenter mode is also crucial. Do you want to do live presentations or pre-recorded ones? Can you have a separate screen for your notes or not? The best slideshow presentation software should be able to cater this.

Another important feature is the content library. If you don’t have the resources for it, it’s best to have thousands – even millions – of readily available stock content. That includes images, videos, graphics, and music.


The best presentation maker must provide enough flexibility for customization. Being able to change images, fonts, and colors is good. But it will even be better if you can make extra edits. Canva and Ludus are some great examples. These programs allow you to execute advanced photo editing like image masking, blending, etc.


File sharing is a must for presentations. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it virtually or face-to-face. You should be able to easily share your presentations to other platforms! Most solutions on this list, like Google Slides, Canva, and Prezi, can share content anywhere via quick links.


Programs like Zoho Show allow teams to work well with each other remotely. Look for features like role assignment, which lets you control file access and who-does-what. Real-time collaboration also eliminates project delays and makes editing more fluid.

Powerpoint Compatibility

It’s no secret that Powerpoint is still the most widely-used app for presentations. That’s why most solutions have extensive PPT support and integration. All programs on our list can work seamlessly with Powerpoint slides. You can easily do imports, exports, and file conversions.


Great news – there are tools you can use free of charge. The best free presentation software we’ve found are Canva, Prezi, and Apple Keynote, among others.

If you have the budget, you can invest in pro-grade software like Powtoon, Ludus, and Powerpoint. These solutions cost anywhere between $30 - 60 per month. This is a great option if you’re working with a team.

Wrap Up

The best presentation apps are the ones that can give you:

  • creative freedom
  • an easy design process
  • tools for data visualization
  • different presentation modes
  • the ability to collaborate

And most of all, a fluid and seamless experience.

Check these boxes, and you’ll have a slide show that will surely wow your audience.

So, which one will you pick?


What is the best software to make presentations?

Prezi is the top program for making presentations. Unlike most tools that follow a linear or sequential slide show, it uses a map layout. Presenters can navigate the content by zooming in and out of topics. This allows for a more conversational and seamless experience.

Is Powerpoint still the best presentation software?

Powerpoint is the OG presentation tool, but it’s no longer the best. Other solutions like Google Slides, Apple Keynote, and Zoho Show offer similar and more features. And they are more accessible and affordable than PPT.

Is Canva better than Powerpoint?

Yes, if you want to create presentations fast. Also, Canva has thousands of free templates, photos, and graphics – way more than what Powerpoint offers. The drag-n-drop interface also makes Canva easier to learn.

What is the most commonly used presentation software?

Powerpoint is the go-to software for making presentations. But because of its creative limitations, there are other programs that offer more functionality. Prezi, Canva, and SlideDog are some of the best presentation software with lots of tools for slide shows.


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