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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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This software has been a time-saver for experts dealing with search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) for years now. But is it the best data fetcher your money can buy? Read this Supermetrics review till the end to find out.





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Best for: Ongoing reporting

Strengths Offers a free trial
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Weaknesses Fails occasionally
Weaknesses Has relatively few connectors
Weaknesses Limits queries and accounts per data source

What Is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a data fetcher. It can import siloed data from dozens of platforms into: 

You can pull any metrics and dimensions with ease. Thanks to this tool, you no longer have to waste your energy copying and pasting data or exporting and uploading CSV files. 

The story of Supermetrics began in a programming contest.

When the Google Analytics API was rolled out in 2009, the search giant challenged a forum community to connect its freshly released computing interface to Microsoft Excel. The prize? A Google T-shirt.

Mikael Thuneberg, a then–research analyst at Sulake, won. Four years later, he turned his data-fetching solution into a business. Hence, Supermetrics.

Today, Supermetrics has a user base of over 500,000. At least 16,000 companies across more than 120 countries use it. Nestlé, Pfizer, HubSpot, Shopify, Samsung, the BBC, Warner Bros., and Google itself are just some of its high-profile clients.

The organization is headquartered in Helsinki and has offices in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Atlanta, Georgia. Across three locations, about 200 employees make up the Supermetrics family.

Mikael and company claim that 10% of all ad spend worldwide goes through Supermetrics. Likewise, this software owns the distinction for being the top data marketing app for Google Data Studio and Google Sheets.

But is this consistent with the Supermetrics online reviews?

Only one free license user shared a negative testimonial on Trustpilot. But on Capterra, the 39 Supermetrics user reviews are with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5. On Google Workplace (formerly G Suite), 894 users have rated it 4.4.

So, what’s so great about Supermetrics? 

Let’s find out.

Supermetrics Features

Supermetrics is just one of many solutions for optimizing digital marketing reporting tools. But thousands of brands (including highly valuable ones) gravitate toward it because of what it brings to the table.

Here are its most important features:

Data Source Connectors

Supermetrics connectors blend data sets from particular sources and move them into centralized locations.

Right now, Supermetrics has 65 data source connectors. And you can browse by type, such as:


At the time of writing this Supermetrics review, the software can integrate with:

Despite its name, Supermetrics Uploader is engineered to move ad spend data from leading advertising networks to Google Analytics only. Here are the data sources this product supports:

  • AdRoll
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Quora Ads
  • Snapchat Marketing
  • Taboola
  • Twitter Ads
  • Verizon Media Native Ads
  • Yandex.Direct

Lastly, Supermetrics API is designed to extract marketing data and feed it into third-party BI tools and data warehouses that support JSON and CSV file formats. They include Qlik, Power BI, and Tableau.

Something to keep in mind - Supermetrics Data Grabber and Supermetrics Functions are no longer available. They do have successors, though - Supermetrics’ Google Sheets and Excel editions.

Reporting and Analytics

Supermetrics products facilitate cross-channel data integration and aid analytics. They exist to speed up data extraction and consolidation.

Furthermore, the Data Studio, Google Sheets, and Excel editions address the pain points of creating and updating marketing reports. To ensure report accuracy, they can get unsampled data from Google Analytics. This means your metrics will be as detailed as possible.


With three of the software’s editions, you can build marketing reports and dashboards in minutes. So far, there are 90 Supermetrics templates for Data Studio (48), Google Sheets (37), and Excel (5) overall.

The company crafted its designs with specific advertising, email, SEO, PPC, organic and paid social media, and web analytics platforms in mind. With such extensive selections, it must be hard to choose a template, right? 

No, it isn’t.

The software recommends which ones are ideal for which data sources. It’s particularly useful when browsing through the widely diverse gallery of Supermetrics Data Studio templates. All items in the libraries for Data Studio and Google Sheets are customizable.

With the plug-and-play Supermetrics Excel templates, you can render Microsoft’s classic spreadsheet as good as the most popular online marketing reporting tools.


If you want to automate AdWords reporting, Ahrefs data extraction, YouTube marketing report updates, or the emailing of Moz SEO reports - you’ve come to the right place.

Depending on your chosen product, you can set scheduled file transfers, data refreshes, and/or email delivery with just a few clicks.

Da Vinci Tools

Acquired in early 2020, Da Vinci Tools is a Supermetrics Chrome extension that enhances the functionality of Google Analytics, Ads, Data Studio, and Tag Manager.

A robust source of Google Marketing Platform power tools, this free Supermetrics extension introduces extra features to said tools. It empowers digital marketers and data analytics to glean more insights from numbers.


The software uses the OAuth method to initiate data source integration. Before it can fetch your data, you’ll have to log into the source. It won’t ask your username and password to proceed. Instead, it will ask the source to show its own login screen where you can enter your credentials.

If you enter the correct login details, the source will ask for your permission to and move your data into third-party social, SEO, or PPC reporting software.

Once you give your approval, the source will give Supermetrics a special token to retrieve all of the data you need.

With the use of OAuth access tokens, your login details won’t reach any of Supermetrics’ servers. The source will handle the entire ID verification process.

If Supermetrics loses the special code to a hacker, the token won’t put your marketing data in jeopardy. It’s meant for Supermetrics only, so no other entity can use it for theft.

Of course, the OAuth method works only when the data source supports it. But as a policy, the software will use it whenever possible.

Data Encryption

Supermetrics temporarily caches the data it fetches for you. The company encrypts all files on its system, so they’re useless to cybercriminals if they get leaked out.

While researching for this Supermetrics review, we learned that the software also stores access tokens to quickly fetch data when needed. But they are also subject to strong encryption while in the company’s custody.

Ease of Use and Interface

Supermetrics is incredibly easy to use Its interface more or less remains the same in any integration.

Admittedly, there were instances where some of its connectors took some time to load or forced us to reconnect during our tests. We found similar complaints in many Supermetrics user reviews. But outside such minor technical hiccups, the software was awesome.

The fact that we didn’t have to reach out to the company first to start our trial was super convenient.

Supermetrics Integrations

Supermetrics serves as a conduit for marketing data between at least a dozen technologies and more than 60 third-party sources.

The most popular Supermetrics integrations are those for Google Sheets and Excel.

To get started with either of them, go to the Start Trial page on to get the download links. Once you click the product you want to use, you’ll be asked to log into your Google or Microsoft account and then give permission to Supermetrics to establish the connection.

After downloading the Supermetrics add-on for Google Sheets, it will appear on the tab. From there, you can launch the sidebar and run data source connections.

Supermetrics will create a new sheet for storing all of your queries. You can manage them with or without a sidebar. The Supermetrics menu on the Add-ons tab contains functions like setting refresh schedules, opening the template gallery, and creating a duplicate file.

For the most part, the same mechanics of launching data source connectors and managing apply when using the Supermetrics plugin for Excel. The only difference is that you can find it on the Data tab.

You can choose to install this Supermetrics plugin and start the trial online through Microsoft OneDrive or through your desktop Excel app.

Supermetrics API is a hot commodity too. To practice with it, go to the same Start Trial page and click the product. Then you have to select a data source to try.

Depending on your chosen connector, you can find options to manage your queries and schemas on the Query Manager page on the Integrations tab.

Irrespective of the integration you decide to test, there’s so many features to explore. The only way to truly get a handle on this data fetcher is to practice.

Supermetrics vs Funnel

Supermetrics and Funnel are both based in the Nordics. They deliver practically the same number of integrations too. But the similarities pretty much end here.

Whereas the total number of Supermetrics data sources is less than 70, Funnel has an astounding 500+ connectors.

Either can provide you with templates, but Funnel’s are limited to Data Studio. Besides the Supermetrics Data Studio templates, you can also use pre-made report designs for Google Sheets and Excel.

Supermetrics and Funnel offer free trials, but the latter requires you to watch a demo first. Supermetrics let you test out some integrations right out of the gate.

Both companies provide email support. However, only Funnel has a live chat.

When it comes to pricing, Supermetrics and Funnel are fundamentally worlds apart. 

Funnel likes to bill users by media spend. It renders its advertising connectors accessible whatever plan you choose at no extra charge. After all, The Swedish company calculates your charges based on your overall monthly ad spend through your connections. If you want Funnel to fetch data from marketing and sales platforms, you’ll have to pay extra per source.

Naturally, you can set up an unlimited number of ad accounts and non-ad ones come with additional fees.

Supermetrics isn’t interested in ad spend. The only thing it cares about is the kind of integration and number of connectors you need. Supermetrics pricing tiers are rigid, so expect no surprise costs.

Few seats, query quotas, and occasional account per data source limits are caveats, though. Nevertheless, you can customize your plan to get everything you need if none of the plans are good enough.

In terms of flexibility, Supermetrics offer monthly and annual billing options. With Funnel, you have to commit for 12 months whichever plan you choose.

Supermetrics Pricing

Four out of 10 Supermetrics products are available in fixed-price licenses.

Some Supermetrics solutions come with more pricing options to suit the different needs of individuals, power users, and marketing agencies.

Supermetrics cost of the plans currently is:

Supermetrics for Data Studio


$49.92/Month or $39/month (annual subscription) 

Offer includes one user, connection to one data source and three accounts/data sources.


$126.72/Month or $99/month (annual subscription)

Offer includes connection to 33 data sources and 20 accounts/data sources.

Super Pro

$382.72/Month or $299/month (annual subscription) 

Offer includes five users connection to 46 data sources and 100 accounts/data source.

Unlike other Supermetrics Data Studio licenses, Enterprise is quoted-based.

With it, you can have either multiple users or a domain-wide license. You can integrate it with up to 53 Supermetrics data sources too. There’s also no limit to the number of accounts per data source you can have.

Supermetrics for Google Sheets


$126.72/month or $99/month (annual subscription)

Offer includes one user, connections to 34 data sources, weekly and monthly scheduled refreshes, maximum 1,000 rows/query, and 1,500 queries/day.

Super Pro

$254.72/month or $199/month (annual subscription) 

Offer includes one user, connections to 47 data sources, daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled refreshes, maximum 1,000 rows/query, scheduled emailing, and 3,000 queries/day.

Primarily, what differentiates Supermetrics Google Sheets Enterprise from the Pro and Super Pro versions is its support for multi-user usage. This edition also lets you pull data from 55 sources and allows hourly scheduled refreshes in addition to the above intervals.

With this quote-based license, you can customize the maximum number of rows per query and the number of queries you can do per day.

All Supermetrics Google Sheets licenses have no restriction to the number of accounts you can have per data source and let you avoid Google Analytics data sampling.

Supermetrics for Excel


$126.72/month or $99/month (annual subscription) 

Offer includes one user, connections to 30 data sources, and weekly and monthly scheduled refreshes.

Super Pro

$254.72/month or $199/month for an annual subscription 

Offer includes one user, connections to 43 data sources, daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled refreshes, and scheduled emailing.

The Enterprise edition comes with unlimited accounts per data source and helps you avoid sampling issues in Google Analytics. The unique thing about Supermetrics Excel Enterprise is that you can have more than one user or get a domain-wide license.

With this quote-based license, you can connect to as many as 51 sources of data and schedule refreshes on an hourly basis. Scheduled email is part of it too.

All the above licenses come with unlimited reports. Individual, Pro, and Super Pro editions, however, include email and forum support only. If you buy any of the Enterprise editions, you’ll get premium support.

Supermetrics Uploader

This fixed-price product is an outlier. The Supermetrics cost for this product depends on the number of uploads per data source. Generally, it correlates to the number of ad accounts you intend to upload from. The prices are the same across all data sources.

Here they are:

  • 5 daily uploads for $39/month
  • 20 daily uploads for $79/month
  • 200 daily uploads for $299/month

If you wish to upload more than said daily limits, you can talk to the Supermetrics sales team to get a custom price and enjoy a volume discount.

The other six products are purely quote-based. By definition, they’re not self-service options.

You have to talk to the company’s sales team first to determine your exact needs before finalizing the price you have to pay. A good example is the Supermetrics API pricing.

Although not all are for sale at a fixed price, you can test-drive any of them to lower the risk of your purchase. You can take advantage of a 14-day free Supermetrics trial for every product you want to try.

The deployment of Supermetrics’ integrations isn’t the same. Sometimes, your trial can start when you download the add-on. On other occasions, the countdown begins the moment you authorize your first data source connector.

Generally, the trial for products that are mainly for data integration like Supermetrics Snowflake is available by request. You have to fill out a form and message the company about the license you’d like to test first.

This free trial is neat, for it requires no credit card information and provides access to the full-functionality of your chosen product.

Due to this free Supermetrics trial, the company doesn’t provide refunds anymore. In other words, you subscribe to any of its products and agree to automatic recurring payment at your own risk. The only time Supermetrics will refund you for the unused portion of your subscription is when it has to terminate your account because of its indemnification obligation.

Other than subscribing to monthly or annual licenses, you can also ask Supermetrics for training sessions.

By consulting the company, you can learn how to use the Supermetrics connectors to maximum effect without trial and error. Likewise, you’ll be able to leverage Supermetrics templates and build reports and dashboards from scratch.

If you don’t have the time to learn how things work from the ground up, Supermetrics itself can consolidate your marketing data or create reports and dashboards on your behalf.

Moreover, you can attend a live or on-demand Supermetrics webinar to advance your knowledge of marketing reporting tools and boost data analytics skills.

Supermetrics Review - Verdict

Supermetrics may not offer hundreds of connectors and unlimited queries and accounts per data source. But it supports adequate integrations and offers flexible pricing options to satisfy the needs of most marketers.

Its Data Studio, Google Sheets, and Excel templates as well as free Da Vinci Tools extension can enhance your experience, too. Although this software tends to be buggy at times, as we found when testing it for this Supermetrics review, it won’t make you pull your hair out.

Can Supermetrics save you enough time to merit the cost of its subscriptions? Give its free trial a try and be the judge!


How does Supermetrics work?

Supermetrics fetches your marketing data from different sources and moves into your analytics, data warehousing, online marketing reporting tools, etc. Likewise, it can automate processes like file transfers.

The software is serious about security. It encrypts whatever data passes through its system and doesn’t save login credentials.

How do you do Supermetrics in Google Sheets?

Once downloaded and launched through, you can find Supermetrics on Google Sheets’ Add-ons tab. You can run different functions like setting the time interval for scheduled emailing and data refresh through drop-down menus or its own sidebar.

How much does Supermetrics cost?

The prices start at $0, which is good for the first 14 days of use. The Supermetrics free trial is applicable to any product.

Four out of 10 Supermetrics products come with fixed-price licenses. Each one is available in at least two plans and two billing options.

The lowest Supermetrics cost you have to pay varies by product. The initial prices are $49.92 a month for the Data Studio Individual edition. You’ll have to pay $126.72 a month for Google Sheets Pro. It’s $126.72 a month for Excel Pro and $39 a month for Supermetrics Uploader. You can save 22% if you opt for annual billing.

For more information about this premier data fetcher, read our full Supermetrics review.


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