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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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Long Tail Pro is an excellent keyword research tool used by many digital marketers to improve their SEO and PPC. Our Long Tail Pro review will show you the ins and outs of this software and explain why it may be a good option for you.

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Best for: Niche website managers

Strengths Free trial available
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Strengths Advanced keyword research features
Strengths Comprehensive SEO courses available
Weaknesses Slow chat support
Weaknesses Limited daily searches
Weaknesses Free trial requires credit card information

What Is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a popular keyword research tool trusted by more than 70,000 marketers worldwide. Although many advertisers use it to launch pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, the software is primarily built for search engine optimization (SEO).

Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits created this product in 2011 for his company, Long Tail Media LLC. He used his experience building and selling affiliate sites since the mid-2000s to fine-tune the software. He sold his keyword finder in 2016 to focus on other projects like Amazon FBA, Table Labs, Link Whisper, and Motion Invest.

Long Tail Pro is now part of Growth Stack Inc. Although this tool continues to be geared toward niche sites, it’s also useful for online stores, blogs, and personal and business websites. 

Our Long Tail Pro review will look at how to use the tool and whether its features are worth your time and money.

Long Tail Pro Features

It would be unfair for Long Tail Pro reviews to compare this software to tool suites like SEMrush. But it has many elegant features that make keyword research a breeze for beginners, including:

Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro can generate up to 400 long-tail keyword ideas out of one head/seed terms in a matter of seconds.

In the world of SEO, “head” keywords refer to terms at the most basic level. When you add more words to it, the added keywords represent the “tail.” Because long-tail keywords tend to drive targeted traffic, they are very valuable. Many of these keywords are aimed at users who are ready to make a purchase.

This software provides personalized keyword information in three ways:

  • Come up with suggestions based on a seed keyword. You can pre-filter the seed keyword to control the number of results and avoid exhausting your daily quota.
  • Suggest keywords based on your competitor’s work.
  • Manually type in keywords to find specific information about them.

Average Keyword Competition

Most Long Tail Pro reviews show that Keyword Competition (KC) isn’t unique to this software. But unlike others, this tool goes beyond the basic “low,” “medium,” and “high” labels when measuring difficulty. Instead, it calculates the average KC on a scale of 0 to 100 - 100 being the most difficult.

The app can determine how hard it will be to outrank the competition using vital metrics such as page authority, domain strength, and the page title.

You can calibrate the KC after entering your domain. This long-tail keyword software uses color-coding: green stands for easy, yellow stands for moderately difficult, and unshaded blocks show that this keyword is out of reach.

With the Target KC graph, you can quickly identify the easiest keywords for your website.

Search Volume

This metric shows the number of monthly searches a keyword receives on average. It can be a good measure of whether the term is worth pursuing.


Long Tail Pro Words makes it easy to browse through your suggested keywords by length. It’s most useful when looking for the broadest terms closely related to the seed keyword.

Location (Loc)

The “Loc” option allows you to sift through local keywords only. Thanks to their geographic modifiers, these terms can help you lower competition and bring more quality leads to your website. Keep in mind that a whopping 46% of all Google searches are local.

Filters and Favorites

With so many suggestions, it can get confusing to know what keywords to target. That’s why you should use the app’s filters to concentrate on the Long Tail Pro keyword that meets your unique preferences. You can organize your long-tail keywords using different criteria, including KC, rank value, number of words, and search volume. 

It’s even possible to save your favorites, so you don’t lose them for future projects. Storing them also makes it easy to compare them to make sure you pick the best keyword possible. You can tag items individually or put them into groups.

Rank Tracker

This long-tail keyword software shows the rank history of specific keywords for domains or individual URLs. The dashboard displays your chosen keyword’s current rank, but you can review the historical rankings on multiple search engines by week, month, or year. 

Further, the app can inform when the rank was updated and when the next update will be. The dashboard also shows you the number of your tracked keywords that fall into different rank brackets.

SERP Analysis

When you click on any keyword suggestion, the software loads the top 10 results on Google. It lets you analyze each one using 13 key metrics.

The Target KC graph is also present on this page. But more importantly, each URL comes with its own KC score to show you how tough it would be for your domain to outrank it.

Page- and domain-level Citation Flow and Trust Flow scores are also included. The former is based on the links pointing to it, whereas the latter measures page or domain trustworthiness based on the backlinks’ quality.

Also, the app shows a keyword’s SERP availability. This illustration depicts the percentage of organic results, featured snippets, local search, ads, or Google Knowledge Graphs. It even reflects the number of pages that rank for the keyword organically.

Rank Value

In terms of return on investment and profitability, this metric gives you the best idea of a keyword’s potential. The software determines a keyword’s rank value using the suggested bid price on Google AdWords and the estimated click-through rate. As stated in many Long Tail Pro reviews, this is one of its best features.

Competitor Keyword Research

Besides seed and manual keywords, you can also search for the terms your competitors are targeting. By entering a competitor’s URL, you can pull up their keywords and analyze them.

This feature shows the total number of backlinks each of your competitors has. It can tell you the exact target URL and anchor text. This information makes it easier to find authoritative sites for guest posting to gain quality backlinks to your website.

Personal Domain Analysis

Since the Long Tail Pro software tracks your Citation Flow and Trust flow scores and keeps tabs on your site’s referring domains and backlinks, you can continuously monitor your domain’s strength. Once your authority grows, you can start ranking for more competitive keywords.


You can export keyword data in CSV or download graphs in PDF, SVG, JPEG, and PNG formats.

How To Use Long Tail Pro

To get started on this software, you need to enter a seed keyword. This term should be related to your niche or business. The tool will give you hundreds of long-tail keyword ideas in return.

You can carry out a thorough competitor analysis to find the top pages currently ranking for the keyword suggestions. The rank value will show you the most profitable ones.

The app tracks the keywords you decide to target so you can monitor the rank histories and determine whether your SEO strategy is working.

This tool simplifies the otherwise tedious process of keyword research. Apart from providing you with an abundance of suggestions, the app helps you see each keyword’s competitiveness.

Fortunately, the app doesn’t have a steep learning curve. That’s why you can quickly figure out how to economize on your daily keyword lookups quickly and research more efficiently.

In case you need help, you can consult Long Tail Pro’s in-depth knowledge base. Alternatively, you can speak with the customer team using live chat, email, or ticket support. While testing it for our Long Tail Pro review, we had to wait a while for a reply.

Long Tail Pro Pricing

Long Tail Pro has three subscriptions: Starter, Pro, and Agency. Each plan comes with a 10-day money-back guarantee. There are monthly and annual billing options, allowing you to reduce the Long Tail Pro cost if you commit long term. Here are the available plans:


$24.75/Monthly (annual subscription)

Or $37 monthly - 800 keyword lookups, KC calculations, and SERP checks per 24 hours, 30 tracked keywords, unlimited tracked domains, daily rank updates, and one user.


$44.75/Monthly (annual subscription)

Or $67 monthly - 2,500 keyword lookups, KC calculations, and SERP checks per 24 hours, 200 tracked keywords, unlimited tracked domains, daily rank updates, three simultaneous logins, and access to templates.


$98.08/Monthly (annual subscription)

Or $147 monthly - 6,000 keyword lookups, KC calculations, and SERP checks per 24 hours, 1,000 tracked keywords, unlimited tracked domains, daily rank updates, five simultaneous logins, and access to templates.

The seven-day Long Tail Pro free trial lets you try the tool before committing financially. You get 100 searches per day and can track the rank of one keyword. But here’s the catch: you need to provide your debit or credit card details and select a subscription to access the free trial.

Besides its paid subscriptions, the company offers training courses to help you gain a deeper understanding of SEO. These courses are sold for a one-time fee, and the prices are:

Long Tail University


Learn the step-by-step process of finding winning keywords and rank for content to grow a steady stream of organic traffic to your site. The course includes ten modules and three recorded webinars.

Foundations of SEO Success


Teaches you how to set up your site for SEO success and how to make the most out of on-page SEO. The course includes three modules, covering website foundation, the silo structure, and how to develop rich and features rich results.

Technical SEO


The ultimate course on technical SEO will teach you how to run site audits, how to create effective UX for SEO, and how to fix technical SEO issues. Buying the course also gives you access to Long Tail Pro’s in-house SEO experts and the Technical SEO System, Google Tag Management training, and the SEO audit checklist.

The Content Domination System


Learn how to develop your content planning, outsource your content, and optimize for on-page SEO. Additionally, you get access to Long Tail Content Domination and Content Planning Made Simple.

Alternatively, there is a seven-day free SEO course called the Long Tail Bootcamp. If you haven’t built a website before, this course helps you lay your SEO proficiency foundations.

Long Tail Pro Review - Verdict

It’s not a surprise that Long Tail Pro continues to be relevant a decade after its launch. Its current set of features is proof that even an established long tail keyword finder never stops evolving.

Although we would prefer not to give our credit card credentials to test it, we still appreciated the available free trial

We may not need refresher SEO courses since we live and breathe digital marketing every day. But we can see that novices can find immense value in the premium lessons.

Overall, the app certainly got the ability to render keyword research painless. Despite the credit card requirement, some incohesive content, and not-so-responsive support, we still swear by the software’s utility.


Why you should use long-tail keywords for SEO?

Long-tail keywords are easier to rank for compared to head keywords. Despite the lower search volume, these keywords are often aimed at converting and bringing in more sales. Keyword tools like Long Tail Pro help you discover long-tail keywords with ease.

How do I optimize keywords?

Keyword optimization is a non-negotiable ingredient in digital marketing success. The most important part of it is choosing the right keyword. Solely focussing on keyword popularity is bad practice; you also need to keep the user intent and competition in mind.

When identifying the right keyword, you need to optimize it in the:

  • Title tags
  • Body text
  • Anchor text when link building
  • The file names and alt attribute of your images
  • The meta tags
  • The URLs of your pages
  • Site structure

How much is LongTail Pro?

Long Tail Pro’s prices start at $25/monthly. To unlock more features and additional searches per day, you can upgrade to the Pro plan ($45/monthly) or Agency plan ($98/monthly).

Is Long Tail Pro worth it?

Every honest Long Tail Pro review is a testament that this paid app isn’t a waste of marketing money. This software generally delivers the goods, and its subscriptions are nicely priced.

It does take some practice before you can meaningfully do proper keyword research without exhausting your daily search quota too quickly, though.


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