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Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Need more than a typical landing page? We might have the answer! In this Carrd review, you’ll learn how to build an advanced one-page website with all key functionalities.





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Best for: Small businesses and individual professionals

Strengths Unbeatable pricing
Strengths Three sites for free
Strengths Easy to use
Strengths Professional templates
Weaknesses Limited ecommerce solutions
Weaknesses No analytics in the free plan
Weaknesses Too basic for some

What Is Carrd?

The Carrd website builder is an online tool that lets you create professional websites and landing pages that function without having to navigate to other pages. It’s ideal for businesses, individual portfolios, marketers, and virtually anyone who wants a simple modern site but lacks coding experience.

The service was launched in 2016 and has grown into a formidable entry into the website builder market. Making a Carrd website is fast, easy for beginners, and has enough widgets and features to suit most users.

It even has a generous free version!


Despite technically falling under the landing page builder category, in this Carrd website review, we’ll take a closer look at all the features and types of sites you can build. It’s a step beyond what you might first expect. 

Base Templates

Carrd templates cover: 

  • Company profiles 
  • Marketing landing pages 
  • List building forms 
  • Professional portfolios 

And more. 

There are over 100 to choose from, with some locked behind different plan tiers. There are also premium templates created by third parties.

carrd available templates

Templates form the basis for your one-page site. Carrd allows considerable customization, so don’t be put off if a particular template looks like it’s aimed at a different niche from your own. 

You also don’t have to use a template at all. You can start from scratch and add the elements and color scheme yourself. 

Modern Landing Pages

Landing pages are entryways into a larger site or a method for selling a product or collecting user data. Traditionally they’ve been static and often spammy looking. The Carrd landing page is an entirely different animal, offering clean, modern templates with media elements and eye-catching forms. 

The downside is forms are only available from the Pro Standard plan.


Carrd wasn’t initially intended for blogging, so if you’re looking for something like WordPress, you’re in the wrong place. However, you can accomplish blog-like results by simply adding new text elements as you go.

Since all templates support infinite scrolling until you reach your plan’s element (feature) limit, you can get quite a bit of content on that single page.

Your second option for a Carrd blog is to purchase the premium “Mini Blog” template for $19, which gives you basic short-form blog capabilities out of the box. It requires the Pro Plus plan, as it uses more than 50 elements.

Media and Other Elements

Elements are the features you can add to your site. They include: 

  • Text boxes
  • Buttons 
  • Forms
  • Images 
  • Embeds and widgets

And many more.

Everything you could need for a standard website is here, and it’s impressive how simple it is to add anything you desire. Everything functions as intended, and even the range of Carrd fonts is endless.

It’s worth noting that you can embed both video and audio from other sources, either as embed codes or using a direct URL. The latter is then converted into Carrd’s own simple player.

What knocks off half a star is that while you can upload your own videos directly to your site, you cannot do the same with audio. This doesn’t make much sense as video is typically larger in size and more difficult to work with. 

Widgets and Integrations

Carrd natively integrates with certain services via the Widget element. Supported widgets include payment services like PayPal and Stripe, social media connectivity, and other tools like Typeform and Gumroad.

Keep in mind, however, that despite offering payment options, Carrd isn’t suitable for building advanced ecommerce sites.


Carrd prides itself on being device-responsive. Your site can function perfectly on either desktop or mobile. There’s also a preview option to see what the site would look like on a smaller screen.

carrd responsive design

You can then choose whether to alter the mobile site manually or leave it to Carrd’s automation. 

Single-page sites often rely on animation to jump between sections or pull different elements into focus. Carrd does it smoothly, and you can choose between different animation effects like: 

  • Fade 
  • Blur 
  • Tilt 
  • Flip 
  • Slide 
  • And Zoom 

You can even adjust the duration, intensity, and delay of certain animations.

Custom Domains

The Carrd custom domain feature lets you publish your sites to any domains you already have. To do that, simply set the URL to “use my own” when you hit publish and enter the domain you own from your registrar. 

Whether you enter HTTP, HTTPS or www, all versions will automatically redirect to a secure HTTPS protocol. 

At this stage, you’ll also receive the required IP addresses to enter at your registrar for A Record and CNAME purposes. 

Password Protection

One interesting feature is the password protection. It lets you lock your site behind a password, so only those in the know can log in to view it. This isn’t advanced enough for the creation of a subscription-based site as only one password can be used, and there are no access levels. However, it’s handy if you’re building a site for a client and it’s not ready for them to view yet.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for any website to rank well on Google and other search engines. What’s more, single-page sites sometimes lack the reach of multi-page ones.

Fortunately, Carrd has meta tags available. They let you customize the site’s title, description, and keywords. 


Currently, the only option to track and analyze your Carrd website traffic is with an existing Google Analytics ID. Fortunately, this is the industry leader.

You can add your ID into a simple field in the dashboard’s settings tab.

However, it’s a bit disappointing that this isn’t available until the second-tier plan.

Speed and Uptime

Carrd is hosted on company servers. If you pay for the Pro Plus plan, you can download your creations for hosting elsewhere, but a typical user will be relying on Carrd.

It boasts 99% uptime, and I had no issues with speed, both using the dashboard and browsing a live site. 

Curiously, Carrd doesn’t publicize storage or bandwidth limits, and it’s not clear how resources are allocated. It seems that limiting the number of sites and elements you can add is its way of tamping down overuse.

Ease of Use and Interface

The Carrd dashboard is where the magic happens. Everything is clean and straightforward, and the labeling and icons make it easy for beginners to pick up and play right away.

Upon logging in, you can see a list of your sites or a quick button to begin creating one. There are also icons for your profile, notifications, and support. 

Carrd’s editor is among the best we’ve seen. Adding text and almost all elements is as simple as dragging and dropping them where you want on the page. Moreover, instructions are overlayed to help teach you the basics. You need zero coding or web development knowledge to build a professional site.

The text itself is entered in a WYSIWYG fashion, though the actual box you type in is outside the design window. All the fancy fonts and its true appearance is shown in the main window where you’ve dropped the text box.

Templates form the basis for how your site will look. There are enough editing options in terms of colors, background, and element positioning that you can always design something unique.

No matter what you do, there are useful undo and redo buttons, as well as desktop and mobile view buttons to see how your site will look live.


You can contact Carrd’s support team via email using the form on the site. The company guarantees a 24-hour response time. Based on our experience and user-written Carrd reviews, you’ll get a helpful reply within a few hours; however, it would be nice to see a live chat feature in 2022.

Nonetheless, Carrd tutorial content is brimming across its documentation pages. This includes full step-by-step guides to complete almost any task. The search function works well if you’re not sure where to browse to get answers. So, if you’re a self-learner, you should be able to pick up most things by yourself.


Carrd is extremely affordable with a single flat fee per plan. You can try all Pro features for seven days before upgrading. Meanwhile, there’s a forever-free version that lets you build three sites. Here’s how its plans compare:



3 sites/carrds, auto device responsiveness, templates, and more.

Pro Lite


Everything in Free, plus 3 sites/carrds, premium URLs, video uploads, unlimited elements, all templates, template customization, and no Carrd branding.

Pro Standard


Everything in Lite, plus 10 sites/carrds, embeds, widgets, forms, meta tags, Google Analytics.

Pro Plus


Everything in Standard, plus password protection (for visitors), redirects, advanced settings, and full site backup.


There are various Carrd alternatives on the web, though what the platform can accomplish using single pages is pretty impressive. Nonetheless, here’s what you might want to consider:

Carrd vs Linktree

The main difference between Carrd and Linktree is that the latter is mainly intended for basic personal profiles. Professionals use it to display a bit about themselves and showcase their social media links in an appealing manner. 

This has expanded to include any type of link, such as music, videos, donations, etc. However, its core purpose is quite limited. It’s essentially a nice-looking list – the modern version of a business card.

Carrd is much more versatile and has many more features. Choose Carrd if you want to build a full, albeit basic, one-page website. 

Carrd vs Webflow

Webflow is much higher on the list of Carrd alternatives. It lets you create a more complete site than Linktree and has even more options than Carrd with regards to your site’s look and feel. The trade-off is the designer dashboard can be overwhelming to beginners.

You don’t need to understand coding, but you can easily get lost in all the settings. This could be a pro or con, depending on your experience level.

It supports online stores, blogging, multiple pages, and has more SEO options. You can also negotiate an enterprise option and hire an expert to complete difficult tasks.

Webflow is also much more expensive than Carrd. Choose Webflow if the simplicity of a single-page site isn’t good enough for your goals. 

Carrd Review – Verdict 

Carrd is a superb choice for individuals and small business teams that lack coding expertise and don’t need advanced customization or particularly large websites. For example, you wouldn’t run an online store with Carrd, but the Carrd dashboard can help create a beautiful profile for your business in minutes.

On the other hand, we’d like to see live chat support and the ability to use Google Analytics from the first-tier paid plan.


For an intuitive single-page builder with incredible pricing and a workable free option, Carrd is hard to beat. 


Is Carrd Good?

Carrd is a good option for sites that present and promote a professional or business, not function as the business or service itself. The website examples Carrd itself displays are profiles and portfolios, landing pages, and sign-up forms.

How to use Carrd?

Carrd is all managed from an easy web-based dashboard. Limited to zero coding knowledge is required. You simply use templates, the various design options within them, and a drag-and-drop editor to include different website features. 

Is Carrd Free?

Yes, Carrd has a generous free plan that lets you build 3 sites with all its core features intact. For extras, like custom domains, additional sites, or Carrd branding removal, you’ll want to upgrade to a paid Pro plan, as outlined in our Carrd reviews on pricing.

How to make a Carrd with multiple pages?

Carrd technically doesn’t support multiple pages in the traditional sense. However, the effect is easily simulated by using “sections”, which split up content and allow users to click links and jump around the website. 


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