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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 18, 2022

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BoldGrid is a drag-and-drop website builder for the WordPress platform. It lets people create beautiful sites without extensive technical expertise. There are many similar solutions, and people are often confused about which one to choose. 

That’s why we’re reviewing BoldGrid to help you decide if it’s the proper choice. We put in much effort to give you one of the most detailed BoldGrid reviews you can find.

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MINIMUM PRICE $2.50 per month

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Weaknesses No direct hosting
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What Is BoldGrid?

BoldGrid is a visual website builder for WordPress. You can use it to create responsive, mobile-friendly sites with little web design and coding expertise.

WordPress is a content management system powering 40% of all websites. It’s free, open-source, and highly customizable. Customizability is WordPress’s strength but also a weakness since it makes the platform complicated to use, mainly for non-technical people. Hence, there’s a great need for software like BoldGrid.

We carried out exhaustive research and testing to give you a thorough, impartial BoldGrid review. We’ll dive deep into its features, pricing strategy, ease of use, customer support, and related criteria.

BoldGrid Features

BoldGrid Drag-and-Drop Editor

BoldGrid offers an intuitive method of building websites by dragging and dropping various content layouts called “Blocks”. These could be images, videos, text, and many more. 

The first step to accessing the drag-and-drop builder is to sign up on the official website. You can create a BoldGrid account using your email or Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Once you open the dashboard and select Create New Site, BoldGrid takes you through the initial steps. The first one is to choose a theme design for your site. The one you select is critical to your site’s content layout and outlook, so choose wisely. BoldGrid has over 200 designs you can pick from, which we’ll delve into later.

The second step is to select the specific pages for your website. By default, every theme comes with a homepage and “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages, but you can include more – gallery, blog, etc. You can also add the “W3 Total Cache” functionality to speed up your website for search engine optimization

The third step is adding the Essentials to your website, referring to contact information and social media usernames. This step is optional, and all you have to do after it is click Finish and Install.

BoldGrid Themes

BoldGrid’s themes make up the foundation of every website on the platform. They’re ready-made, so all you’d need is some edits to create a functional and appealing WordPress site. This process is much easier than programming your own website’s layout from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

In all, there are over 200 BoldGrid themes you can choose from. They cover many categories, including fitness, real estate, photography, fashion design, music, etc. BoldGrid’s themes are easy to customize with the drag-and-drop editor. They’re also mobile-optimized, so any change you make on a desktop automatically fits into mobile devices.

BoldGrid offers a noteworthy SuperTheme called “Crio,” which is a highly customizable and versatile theme for WordPress sites. You can use the free package or subscribe to Crio Pro for just $3.25 monthly. Crio Pro allows significantly more customization than its free counterpart. 

There are many ways to customize the Crio theme to beautify your website and make it easy to use. They include styling links, adding a "scroll to top" button, and customizing page titles. Link styling entails adjusting the color of your links, so they stand out. A “scroll to top” button lets visitors immediately head back to the top of a webpage at any time. Customizing page titles entails setting the design for the page titles throughout your website. You can adjust the color, position, font size, etc. These are just the basic features of the Crio theme. You can do much more than that. 

Every BoldGrid theme is compatible with specific plugins that add functionality to your website. An example is the WooCommerce plugin that unlocks ecommerce features and lets you create an online store. You can also use WeForms to add contact forms for your website. Likewise, you can use Total Cache to optimize your site’s loading speed. 

BoldGrid Custom Codes

This functionality is available under the advanced Customizer options. To access it, click on the Customize button on the website builder and select Advanced. At this point, you can add CSS and JavaScript codes to your website. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and, as the name suggests, is used to style web pages. JavaScript lets you implement complex features on your web pages, e.g., interactive maps and animations.

However, be careful when using this feature. The wrong codes can cause some hard-to-revert problems for your websites. We advise you to only use it if you have sufficient web programming experience.

BoldGrid Backup

BoldGrid lets you backup your sites and restores them in case of data loss or corruption. This feature is available through the Total Upkeep WordPress plugin. You can create and store backups on Amazon S3, Google Drive, or any other FTP/SFTP cloud storage service. 

Total Upkeep is an all-in-one backup solution that helps prevent site crashes. It has tools to constantly monitor your website for errors. If it catches one, the add-on sends you an email to restore your site to its latest backup. You can also enable Total Upkeep to automatically install any WordPress theme and plugin updates available. Outdated plugins and themes may have security mishaps and misconfigurations, so it’s advisable to enable automatic updates.

You can set Total Upkeep to backup your websites at specific times, e.g., hourly, daily, or weekly. When it’s time to restore, you can upload the whole backup or specific backup files. With regular backups, you don’t need to worry about losing your website’s content.

Total Upkeep isn’t free – it’s a separate tool that costs $2.50 monthly.

BoldGrid SEO

BoldGrid provides tools to help your website rank high on search engines like Google and Bing. For this purpose, the platform includes a dedicated Easy SEO plugin. This add-on analyzes your website’s content in real-time and gives SEO recommendations. You just need to provide a target keyword or phrase for the plugin to work with.

BoldGrid ensures your targeted keyword appears at the optimal frequency for search engines to recognize it. The tool checks your images’ alt tags and lets you control how your pages appear in search engines with its title and description editor. 

Easy SEO lets you make specific links invisible to search engines, which is useful for pages containing restricted information. Also, you can indicate canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines. 

Easy SEO is a free-to-download tool.

A photo gallery is a practical tool for an individual or business to showcase their portfolio. BoldGrid offers a plugin for inserting photo galleries into your website.

The platform’s WordPress Gallery add-on enables you to create eye-catching galleries, which you can customize to a large extent. You can specify the columns, image size, display style, caption placement, text styles, etc.

To add images to your BoldGrid Gallery, upload them to your WordPress media library. Then, select the photos you wish to use. You can select multiple images, and each will get a checkmark in the top right corner. Small thumbnails of the chosen images will also appear at the bottom. Then, click Create a New Gallery, and you’re good to go. You can use a BoldGrid slider to add movement to your gallery and showcase it in an appealing way.

BoldGrid Custom Backgrounds

A custom background is a simple way to personalize and distinguish your website from the competition. To do so, you can upload and use any image you like. BoldGrid also lets you search for free or licensed images online.

BoldGrid Cloud WordPress

BoldGrid offers a tool to test themes and plugins called Cloud WordPress. As the name implies, this is a cloud-hosted version for demo WordPress sites

Whenever you make any change, you can immediately see how it’ll look live. It’s essential to test your website before deployment so you can spot any errors in advance.

Cloud WordPress is a differentiating feature, placing BoldGrid ahead of the competition.

Ease of Use and Interface

BoldGrid has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It lets you create an account with an email or a Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. The registration process is quick and straightforward. 

BoldGrid then takes you through the steps of creating a website. 

  1. You select a theme. 
  2. You choose specific pages for the website. 
  3. You specify the “Essentials,” referring to your contact information. 

After completing these steps, BoldGrid installs the WordPress theme, and you can start editing.

The platform’s editor is fairly simple. You just need to drag and drop content blocks into your website, and you’re good to go. The software doesn’t provide direct hosting, so you’ll need a third-party solution. You can use BoldGrid Cloud WordPress to test your site before deploying it live.

BoldGrid Review - Cloud WordPress

BoldGrid Review - WordPress

BoldGrid Pricing

You can buy BoldGrid’s products individually through subscriptions. It offers three product bundles:

Post and Page Builder

$2.50 monthly

This plan provides access to the basic drag-and-drop editor and premium customer support.

WordPress Website Builder

$5 monthly

This plan gives access to 200+ page designs, 15 Cloud WordPress installs, and Total Upkeep for backups.

Crio Pro + BoldGrid premium

$8.25 monthly

This plan includes all of the above features plus the Crio WordPress SuperTheme.

BoldGrid has a free plan but with limited features. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for every purchase.

BoldGrid Customer Support

BoldGrid extends 1:1 customer service to premium users only. You can contact the company’s support through email and expect a response within two business days. There’s also an extensive knowledge base and video tutorials available on the official website. Likewise, there’s a support forum where BoldGrid’s staff constantly monitors and provides answers to customer inquiries.

BoldGrid support is available during working hours (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM) from Monday to Friday.

BoldGrid vs Elementor

Elementor is a well-known WordPress website builder and BoldGrid alternative. It includes a drag-and-drop editor just like BoldGrid does. However, Elementor offers more customization options. It also makes it easier to tweak your website with your own code. Nonetheless, it’s harder to use and has a steep learning curve to get used to its ins and outs.

There are over 200 BoldGrid templates, compared to around Elementor’s 150. However, the latter’s themes are more versatile and offer more functionalities. 

Elementor doesn’t ship with native site maintenance tools, unlike BoldGrid. You’d need third-party WordPress plugins to get features like backups. BoldGrid, on the other hand, has a native backup tool – Total Upkeep.

Elementor is significantly pricier. Its highest plan costs $999 annually, while BoldGrid tops out at $60. However, its most expensive version lets you create up to 1,000 websites – much more than BoldGrid can. Elementor is best suited for professional users (freelancers and design agencies), while BoldGrid is more oriented toward everyday users.

BoldGrid vs Wix

Wix is another well-known BoldGrid alternative. It’s a standalone web building and hosting platform with comprehensive features. On the other hand, BoldGrid is just a builder and doesn’t offer direct hosting. 

Wix is much more feature-packed than the BoldGrid post and page builder. It has more content blocks, animations, fonts, advanced controls, etc. Because of its broad feature set, Wix’s drag-and-drop editor isn’t as easy to use as BoldGrid’s. 

Wix leads by a wide margin in the variety of templates it offers. There are over 200 BoldGrid templates, but Wix has thousands.

Wix offers SEO tools to help your site rank higher on search engines, just like BoldGrid does. However, the former gives new users up to $300 worth of search engine advertising credits. Running ads increases the chance of a website getting found, making Wix’s ad credits valuable.

Wix has native ecommerce features, unlike BoldGrid. You can easily use it to set up an online store. It also integrates with various payment gateways (e.g., PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout). Moreover, Wix has tools for creating custom shipping rules, automating taxes, and managing inventory. On the flip side, you’ll need to install a separate plugin to add ecommerce features to your BoldGrid site.

BoldGrid Reviews – Verdict

The WordPress platform is very versatile but complex, so we can’t overemphasize the need for a tool like BoldGrid. This website builder takes away a lot of the stress involved in creating a WordPress site. The platform’s standout features include the Cloud WordPress testing tool and its Total Upkeep backup solution. 

BoldGrid is pretty affordable compared to a lot of its rivals. It also offers excellent customer support for premium users. However, it’s not without flaws. The BoldGrid website builder lacks several features present in competitor platforms, e.g., a mega-menu. It also lacks direct hosting. You must find a WordPress hosting service that supports BoldGrid, which is quite inconvenient. 

Nonetheless, our review proved that BoldGrid excels at being an easy-to-use tool for building attractive WordPress websites.


Should I use BoldGrid?

Yes, you should. The BoldGrid website builder is a perfect platform for setting up WordPress websites quickly and easily.

How do I get rid of BoldGrid?

You can get rid of BoldGrid by deactivating or uninstalling it from your WordPress plugins section.

How do I create a website using BoldGrid?

The first step is to create a BoldGrid account. Then, select Create New Site on the user dashboard. Afterwards, pick your theme and page layout and proceed to the drag-and-drop editor. You can then place BoldGrid blocks into your website and edit them. Publish the website when you’re done. 

For a more detailed guide, feel free to check out our comprehensive BoldGrid reviews.


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