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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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Are you looking for an easy and cost-effective way to build a website? Wix is here to help. Its drag-and-drop features make web-design a walk in the park.
In this Wix review, we’ll cover all the fantastic features this platform has to offer.

Free trial

14 days

Ease of use

Very easy

Drag-and-drop page builder


Free templates


Wix app market

300+ apps

Unlimited bandwidth


Custom domain


Media streaming support



apple linux mac-os android windows
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MINIMUM PRICE: $16.00/month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Everyone who wants to create a stunning website easily.

Strengths Wix website builder
Strengths 500+ free templates
Strengths Free backup and restore
Strengths Optimized for mobile devices
Weaknesses Some apps cost extra
Weaknesses Websites aren’t transferable
Weaknesses Wix ads on free and basic plans
Weaknesses Non-interchangeable templates

What Is Wix?

In 2006, consumers didn’t have many options when it came to web-design. That’s why Israeli entrepreneurs Avishai Abrahami, Giora Kaplan, and Nadav Abrahami teamed up to develop a platform that would simplify the process of building beautiful websites.

Wix is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to build and host sites with simple tools that eliminate the coding challenge. The service is perfect for first-time bloggers, freelancers, businesses, and ecommerce stores.

The platform supports 160+ million sites, and we found the interface to be very intuitive and easy to use. Such is the opinion of other Wix users, judging by the thousands of positive Wix reviews.

Wix Features 

The Wix site editor comes with many handy tools and services that don’t require any technical expertise, including:

Wix Hosting

Wix offers web hosting for both personal and commercial usage. Storage space for the plans ranges from 500MB to 50GB. Wix has web servers distributed across the US, Europe, and Asia, speeding up page loading time and website performance wherever you are.

Wix’s business plans come with additional features, including extra video streaming capacity, point of sale (POS) terminal, and ecommerce analytics.  

Wix Website Builder

The Wix website editor allows its users to create web pages with its easy drag-and-drop functionality. You can move, adjust, and reposition elements to the desired area without ever having to edit the code, making it perfect for first-timers. In fact, it's one of the best website builders available today.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) uses machine learning to select the best layout for your website if you need additional design help. If you want a more advanced experience, the Wix Code allows you to customize templates without any restrictions. 

Wix Templates

Wix comes with hundreds of free templates suitable for various websites, including ecommerce, personal blogs, and online portfolios.

Every theme is customizable, and the multi-device support ensures that every page fits any screen perfectly. The only downside is that once you settle for a template, you can’t change it.

Wix Domains

Each of the Wix plans comes with a free domain during the first year, except for the basic subscription. During this period, you can't transfer it to a different host. Once the initial 12-month period elapses, you have to pay an additional fee to receive ownership rights.

SEO Optimization

The easy-to-use SEO features allow you to edit meta-data and structure your pages accordingly. Wix templates enable search engines to crawl the website and understand the details on your pages, allowing it to rank for relevant keywords with ease.

Beautiful Fonts

Wix comes with 100+ different fonts. Wix reviews confirm the possibility of using custom fonts, giving you unlimited opportunities to brand your site.

This Wix review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the media gallery. It enables you to present images and videos spectacularly, while the organizer and timestamp keep everything structured in the back.

Backup and Restore Services

Wix web hosting offers free backup and restore-services, adding an extra layer of security. The service is automatic and runs weekly, allowing you to save up to three copies. You can also create a manual backup. There are no restrictions on when you can use it, and it works hand-in-hand with the auto-backups.

Scroll Effects

The scroll effects are one of the best features of the Wix site builder, giving a professional look to your site. You can choose the following formats:

  • Fade-in – Fades the background in and out when users scroll up or down.
  • Zoom-in – Elements zooming in/out during browsing.
  • Reveal – Gradually shows and hides content depending on the visitor’s position on the page.
  • Parallax – Allows you to present your site in a 3D manner.

Wix App Market

The Wix marketplace is a one-stop-shop for adding features to your website, offering 300+ apps and plugins. While most apps available in the Wix app store are free, some come at an additional cost. On the bright side, most of them offer a free trial.

Wix apps save time and resources, allowing you to add desired functions without hiring a developer.

Wix Mobile App

Wix’s mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android, and allows you to manage your website on the go.

You can access the Wix editor from your phone, allowing you to add content, track orders, and manage galleries. For events and activities, you can use it to schedule customer bookings and create invitations.

Wix Pros and Cons

Every Wix review has to analyze the pros and cons of the service. When testing out its features, here’s what we found out:

Easy to Use Website Builder – Pro

Wix’s website builder is easy, flexible, and intuitive to use, allowing you to drag, drop, and reposition content without needing any coding experience.

Wix provides you with a step-by-step process of configuring your site. Before using the editor, the team walks you through several steps for selecting the best possible interface. It's also one of the best website builders for UK businesses

Beautiful Templates – Pro

The first impression of a website is crucial, which is why Wix gives you 500+ customizable designs to choose from in the Wix site builder.

Wix ADI – Pro

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) is perfect for those who need a hand in the designing process. This tool will create a website for you from scratch based on your preferences.

Wix Marketplace – Pro

The Wix marketplace gives you endless possibilities for customizing your website, with 300+ apps available for adding extra functionalities.

All-In-One Solution – Pro

Wix website hosting offers all the services you need to manage a site under one roof. All plans also come with a free business email address.

Pricing After the First Year – Con

Wix hosting gives you a free domain for the first year, allowing you to build an online platform and gain an active audience. Once this period elapses, you pay an annual fee to retain the address on top of your existing hosting plan.

Inability to Change Templates – Con

The inability to swap themes is perhaps Wix’s most significant disadvantage. Especially with many newly-released themes, it’s frustrating to start all over again when you want a change.

In contrast, CMS platforms like WordPress allow you to change themes freely. It will be ideal to see Wix provide such a feature in the future, even at an additional cost.

Websites Are Non-Transferable – Con 

Wix doesn’t allow you to migrate your website to another host. If your site outgrows the available resources, such as the 50GB limited storage, the only alternative is to rebuild your site from scratch with a different host.

Slow Editor – Con

The Wix editor is resource hungry and works best on fast internet connections. We saw numerous Wix reviews where users complained about experiencing lags, which slowed down their progress.

Wix Customer Support

Wix has excellent customer support,  offering help in a variety of languages. The support tickets allow you to keep track of your requests for future reference and attach documents to help the technical team resolve the issue. 

The agents were professional and responded to our queries in under two hours. You can also request phone support. Unfortunately, customer service is available 24/7 in English only, while support in other languages is limited to office hours.

A vast knowledge base can be found in the Wix website creator documentation, covering areas like the site builder, domains, and SEO.

Who Is Wix Best For?

Wix.com website builder services enable you to create platforms that meet personal and business needs, perfect for:


Wix is ideal for first-time bloggers who want to have a personal website. Tools such as the ADI and live editor allow you to set up a site in seconds, and the mobile app will enable you to update content when you’re on the move.

Business Websites

Wix offers excellent services at an affordable price, which is perfect for start-ups on a budget. The simplicity allows you to quickly set up a professional website using free templates and apps. 

Freelancing and Consultancy Services

The Wix web builder can help you grow an online presence with a stunning site for advertising your services. The built-in SEO features will improve your site’s visibility on search engines to attract more potential customers.


As the Wix designer has pre-built themes for processing customer bookings, it’s the perfect place for promoting events. The Schedulista app allows you to manage appointments and sends automatic reminders to your customers.

Wix Ecommerce

Wix offers excellent templates and apps for supporting ecommerce businesses, allowing you to process orders, print labels, and provide discounts.

How To Create a Wix Website

Even though they are easy to use, the Wix.com templates should be set up in the following order:

1. Define the Purpose

Before creating your website, you need a strategy. You have to know what type of site you want to run, your targeted audience, and what your competitors are doing.

2. Create a Wix Account

Head over to Wix.com and create a profile. You can either register or use an existing Facebook/Gmail account. If you have any questions, you can check out the FAQ on Wix’s website.

3. Selecting Your Template

Before selecting your template, Wix will walk you through a couple of questions to choose your site’s name, category, and color profile. You can then choose one of the free templates to match your intent. Users can also utilize Wix ADI.

4. Design the Website

Now it’s time to start customizing with the Wix editor. You can edit backgrounds, menus, logos, texts, and add CTA buttons for selling products and services.

5. Optimize User Experience 

To ensure the user experience is fully optimized, make sure your website is compatible with mobile. The Wix website maker allows you to switch the live editor between desktop and mobile view. Note that the adjustments won’t affect the desktop version.

6. Improve Your Website’s SEO

To grow your traffic and online visibility, Wix comes with integrated Search Engine Optimization features. Under the advanced SEO tab, you can configure meta-tags, alt text, and more. 

That’s how you create a Wix website in six simple steps. Now, let’s check out one of Wix’s biggest competitors.

Wix vs. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most popular Wix alternatives. It offers affordable hosting, a free SSL certificate, 24/7 customer support, and works with the world’s most popular CMS: WordPress.

But is it better than Wix? 

Let’s find out!

The Similarities

Both Wix and Bluehost give customers a free domain for the first year with any of their hosting packages. The free templates help you build your site and ensure your users will experience fast loading speeds.

Both vendors impress at the delivery of after-sales service. While Bluehost has a live chat, Wix offers call-back support. The technical teams are knowledgeable, friendly, and swift in handling issues.

The Differences

The Wix pricing plans are transparent, while Bluehost excludes essential features such as site security that have to be additionally purchased. Whereas Wix is available in monthly plans, Bluehost only offers yearly subscriptions.

Wix allows you to build and host websites from one platform. But hosting with Bluehost requires you to install WordPress, on which you can design your site.

WordPress’s free templates are basic, and premium themes can easily set you back $50+. WordPress themes also take a considerable time to set up, especially if you’re not familiar with the interface.

Wix comes with integrated SEO features and themes that are designed to please search engines. While WordPress sites can excel in search engine visibility, they do require more work.

Bluehost offers more resources and hosting plans to meet your needs. Should your allocation deplete, you can request an upgrade at any time. That’s not the case for Wix CMS, which we find inadequate for high traffic sites.

According to our experience and numerous user-written Wix reviews, the inability to transfer sites is one of the most significant drawbacks. Bluehost allows you to move your website without any trouble, which is much more suitable for users who plan to grow their sites.

Bluehost vs. Wix In a Nutshell– Which Is Better?

For those who are new to website building, Wix is your best pick. The easy-to-use editor and the template library require little effort.

Bluehost is better for larger sites with growing traffic. Despite that advantage, the hidden charges can be a turn-off. This service also requires you to have some WordPress knowledge and experience.

Wix Pricing

There are multiple Wix.com pricing plans to match your website’s needs. While there is a free tier to test the features, you won’t be able to use a custom domain. Instead, your site will have a Wix-branded URL in this format – yoursitename.wixsite.com. 

Here are the prices:

Combo plan


3GB bandwidth, 3GB storage, free domain, and up to 30 minutes of video playback.

Unlimited plan


Unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage, free domain, and 60 minutes of video playback.

Pro plan


Unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage, free domain, professional logo, and 120 minutes of video playback.

VIP plan


Unlimited bandwidth, 35GB storage, free domain, 300 minutes of video playback, and VIP customer support.

Basic business


Online payments, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, 20GB storage, sales analytics, and five hours of video playback.

Business unlimited


Online payments, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, 35 GB storage, ten hours of video playback, and pro ecommerce tools.

Business VIP


Online payments, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, 50GB storage, unlimited video playback, and VIP priority support.

All plans have a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

Wix Review - Verdict

Building a site doesn’t have to be rocket science. 

The Wix web builder has an easy drag-and-drop tool, free professional templates, and hundreds of apps that will eliminate any challenges that come with creating a stunning website. Wix is an excellent solution for both personal and business use, from first-time bloggers to ecommerce websites.

Unfortunately, you cannot change your templates once chosen, and sites are non-transferable.

We hope that our Wix review helped you gain some insights into this fantastic provider. We think it’s the perfect choice for many novice web designers.

Till next time!

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Is Wix any good?

Wix is a great tool to help you build professional websites without any technical skills. It offers 500+ free templates, 300+ plugins, and 24/7 support. The Wix website designer comes with an easy drag-and-drop system, allowing anybody to use it with ease.

Can you sell on Wix for free?

No. Still, the Wix ecommerce plan has affordable options for businesses that support online payments. These plans start at $23.00/month and come with unlimited bandwidth and a free domain.

How much is Wix monthly?

Wix has pocket-friendly prices across seven monthly plans:


  • Combo plan – $14.00/month
  • Unlimited plan – $18.00/month
  • Pro plan - $23.00/month
  • VIP plan – $39.00/month

Business & ecommerce

  • Basic business – $23.00/month
  • Business unlimited – $27.00/month
  • Business VIP – $49.00/month

How much does Wix charge for a domain name?

Wix domain names cost about $12-$16 per year. You get a free Wix domain name during the first year of hosting. After the first year, you’ll have to renew your website’s address for an additional fee.

Do professional Web designers use Wix?

Yes. The Wix code editor allows expert users to add custom elements. You can work with iFrames, the HTML editor, and insert third-party widgets. Unfortunately, you can’t edit the CSS, which can be a problem for professional web designers.

Are Wix websites fast?

Websites created with Wix are responsive and fast due to their lightweight templates. The service uses a swift global CDN network, lowering the loading time.

Is Wix bad for SEO?

No, Wix isn’t bad for SEO. The Wix templates are optimized for SEO and come with features to edit your site’s appearance on Google.

Is Wix better than WordPress?

Wix is better for beginners, allowing anybody to make a professional-looking site. It also offers attractive templates, productivity apps, and excellent customer support.

WordPress is a CMS platform that’s ideal for intermediate and expert users. For developers, HTML/CSS editors are available to optimize your website to the maximum.

Why is Wix the best?

Wix provides an affordable and easy way of owning and managing a website. It offers hundreds of beautiful themes, an easy-to-use builder, and unlimited bandwidth. For more of this solution’s capabilities, check our Wix review.


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