WPX Hosting Review

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 18, 2022

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To keep your site perpetually online on the world wide web, you need a reliable web hosting provider. In this hands-on WPX Hosting review, you’ll learn all about how this service can help you with that.

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MINIMUM PRICE $24.99/month

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Best for: Hosting high traffic business websites

Strengths Excellent speeds
Strengths Dynamic CDN
Strengths Email service
Strengths Impressive uptime guarantee
Weaknesses Slightly expensive subscription plans
Weaknesses No free trial
Weaknesses No free domain registration

What Is WPX Hosting?

WPX Hosting is one of the most popular web host providers around. As a premium WordPress-based platform, it aims to enable seamless scaling, speed, and security. 

The Bulgaria-based web host management was founded on 1st January 2013 by Georgi Petrov and Terry Kyle. The idea was to provide exceptional web hosting services to businesses and entrepreneurs. 

WPX has a wide network of software, hardware, and virtual assets contributing to cloud computing. Goodies include:

  • disaster recovery and backup
  • security services 
  • load balancing
  • server automation options. 

WPX web hosting also provides/sells domain names. Thus, it carries out a dual role, leasing out server space and acting as a Domain Registrar.  

The platform offers application support on the Wordpress CMS only. As such, you can’t use it for websites designed privately. However, since it’s open-source, you don’t really have to code. 

The company’s developers promise three things:

  • Top speed
  • 30-second average support response time
  • Simplicity in web hosting management

But does it deliver? Let’s see:

Infrastructure and Network

WPX managed hosting service makes use of Lakeside Datacenter, which is the world’s largest. From its Chicago base, it serves several websites. Also, the platform has another data center, this one based in London. 

The company has its own custom-built content delivery network (CDN) to fast-track the serving of web files through proxy servers. 

Thanks to it and the servers, you can boost your overall website load speed.

The infrastructure also relies on SSD storage, as opposed to outdated HDDs. In addition, it uses the Litespeed web server software, instead of the more popular Apache. 

To simplify - it’s very reliable. 

WPX Hosting Features

Although competition in the industry is fierce, WPX Hosting gives a good account of itself with these interesting characteristics:

GDPR Compliance

Web servers store information. Therefore, managed hosting companies like WPX Hosting are custodians of data. 

GDPR states that customers must be able to withdraw consent. In addition, data breaches must be reported to the controllers within seventy-two hours. 

The WPX Hosting tools are fully compliant with GDPR.

Website Migration 

Nearly all hosting providers allow you to migrate your site from other services. WPX Hosting does it for free

You’re also not at all likely to suffer link breaks in the process. Whenever you decide to, the platform will complete the transfer in a maximum of 24 hours. 

WordPress Installation

The WPX Wordpress installation procedure is quick and straightforward. The platform claims that installation is one-click - it’s not, but it’s easy nonetheless.

At worst, you will be required to input your web account details like password, username, and email


The platform provides a framework for you to test out new code updates on your site without touching the live version

For this, the WPX web hosting service supports staging, a virtual platform to develop the site in an isolated environment. After you’re done tinkering with the code,  you can easily join your live website with the staging one. You can find the setting in the Hosting Panel.  

If you’re a developer working with different clients, you might want to consider getting the tool for this feature. 

However, there are limits. If your site is image-heavy, you’ll find it to your disadvantage that you have a 5BG and 1GB cap on data usage.


WPX Hosting Wordpress service stores website data on separate servers for up to 28 days. Backups are done daily.

Free Content Delivery Network

The WPX Hosting CDN  - custom-built by WPX for WordPress - is not exactly new, having been launched in the autumn of 2018. However, it’s recently been revamped and ramped up a notch. 

The new version has thirty endpoints globally.  The developers test the new network and make regular upgrades for peak CMS performance. 

To this effect, its content delivery network is exceptional. With it, you are guaranteed top speeds. All for free

No matter where your visitors are coming from, there will be no lag. This is because the XDN copies your website content to proxy servers globally for the benefit of remote visitors. 

WPX Cloud CDN 

The WPX Hosting CDN is custom-built by the company’s developers. It’s been created to handle high traffic and high-volume requests.

Just as well, the network has more than 20 mini-servers worldwide. In addition, it guarantees your website top-grade cyber security. 

The feature is launched by default. 

Free SSL

To simplify - SSL is the S in HTTPS. The secure sockets layer acts as encryption in file transfers between servers and web browsers. 

WPX Hosting SSL certificate is free for subscribers. In addition, the company provides a tool from Let’s Encrypt that allows you to automate the process. The installation process takes just a minute.

Note that this feature won’t prevent malware or bot attacks. However, the hosting provider has a solution to this:

Security, malware removal, and scanning

WPX WordPress hosting plans comes with a free malware cleaner that fixes existing bugs within the server. The tool eliminates malicious backdoors, script injections, and redirects on the webserver. In addition, you get site audits from the developers. 

The server security regulations are updated daily. There’s also a Web Application Firewall. 

In addition:


The WPX Hosting DDoS protection feature makes it possible to withstand repeated attempts to block or divert incoming website traffic. It relies on one of the industry leaders - Incapsula. 

Incapsula itself is very expensive to use. But WPX Hosting allows its subscribers to use the service for free

Email Service

For all its subscription plans, email hosting comes as part of the bundled package

This sounds like extra since there are already several third-party plugins that offer email services. However, the WPX website hosting platform is one of the few that offers it natively.


FTP is the standard file transfer protocol between your computer and server space. With it, installing WordPress becomes very easy. Although this function is easy-to-use within the WPX Hosting panel, the platform offers support for clients like FileZilla. 

In addition, you can use it to download and upload other documents to the server

SSD Storage

There is WPX Hosting SSD storage support on the physical servers in the data centers. 

Solid-state drives are more reliable than regular HDD, as they have immovable parts. Thus, they are less likely to crash. 

This guarantees extra data security for the hosting provider. 

WPX Hosting Uptime

According to WPX user reviews, the service not only promises 99.95% uptime, it also delivers.

This has greatly helped the company’s stellar reputation. 

WPX Hosting Speed

To boost speed, there the platform has dedicated CDN proxies across Australia, North America, and Europe. This feature combines with the SSD servers to ensure that users worldwide can always reach your site.

Compared to other providers, WPX hosting speed delivers blazing speeds of 350 ms. 

Customer Support 

One of the driving motives of the company was to address customer support responses. 

Today, WPX Hosting support services are top-notch, with an exceptionally high response level. On the main website chat channel, agents reply within a mere thirty seconds. The service is available 24/7/365.  

In addition, there’s a ticketing system where you can forward your complaints for escalation and resolution by agents. 

When I contacted the agents for this WPX Hosting review, they were extremely nice and answered my questions in a timely manner. I just wish there was phone support available.

Also, the website has a comprehensive knowledge base divided into useful sections. Everything you need to know from set up procedures to relevant FAQs is available on the platform. 

In addition, you can speak to a representative on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


WPX Hosting pricing options are quite expensive, compared to other services.

There are three different plans, each including free CDN and one-click WordPress installation. The refund policy includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

However, there is no free trial. 

Here are your options:


$24.99month and $249.99/year

This plan comes with 100GB of bandwidth, 10GB storage, and support for 5 websites. It is good for small businesses looking to start up online marketing.


$49.9/month and $499/year

You get 200GB of bandwidth, 20GB storage, and support for 15 websites. With so much much bandwidth, it’s a good choice for websites with up to 100,000 visits monthly.


$99/month and $499/year

This is the best plan, as it offers unlimited bandwidth, 40GB storage, and support for up to 45 websites. An enterprise-level plan, it’s great for agencies that manage multiple websites, and developers.

There is a two-month free incentive if you pay yearly, instead of monthly.  If you’re not satisfied, you can take advantage of the refund policy. 

WPX Hosting vs. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is an Arizona-based web hosting provider and domain registrar. With over twenty million users around the world, it’s one of the most popular services globally. 

To begin with, it’s much cheaper than WPX.  In addition, it has a VPS feature that allows users to build more powerful websites and apps. You get root access and CPU/RAM resource to maximize server capabilities. With it, you can tweak performance and run custom software. 

The two services support backup and email. Also, they are both domain registrars. However, GoDaddy offers one free domain

Nevertheless, WPX Hosting tools appeal to new users due to their able and willing customer support. The agents are highly responsive.

As a result, the platform is more appealing to small-sized businesses, who find the functionality impressive. Among mid-sized enterprises, GoDaddy has a slightly higher demand. 

Overall, it appears to be a tie here. Although WPX Hosting is more expensive, it packs a punch, holding its own in the face of GoDaddy’s popularity. 

WPX Hosting Vs. Bluehost

Bluehost is perhaps the best-known web hosting company in the world. They host more than two million unique domains in the world, placing them in direct rivalry with WPX Hosting. 

When it comes to server response durations, both platforms perform admirably well. They both load web pages in less than a second, often under 300 ms. Near-maximum uptime is also guaranteed, at 99%. 

They both offer SSL certificate issuance, too. 

When it comes to security, however, Bluehost comes out slightly on top. 

All WPX Hosting plans feature: 

  • DDoS Protection
  • 2FA (two-factor authentication) 
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers
  • advanced account security 

With Bluehost, users get all that and additional options like IP blacklisting. 

Also, it works with Spam Hammer, Apache Spamassassin, and Spamexperts. In addition, your directories and inboxes are fully secured with passwords. 

Bluehost features one-click integration with CloudFlare for DDoS mitigation, while WPX Hosting has Incapsula. 

The latter has better hosting options, making it the better option for building fast websites. Bluehost cannot handle as much traffic as its competition can. However, it makes up for this with support for WooCommerce, VPS, and dedicated server hosting.

It’s also slightly cheaper than its competition, offering a one-year free domain. 

Despite this, it lags behind in terms of customer support. Nevertheless, it is WordPress’ own no.1 recommended web host, so that must count for something.  

WPX Hosting vs. SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the oldest names in the web hosting industry. Founded in 2004 in Bulgaria, it hosts more than two million domains worldwide today.

With data centers in six different countries, SiteGround tops its competition. 

It also has better support for CMS. WPX Hosting is available for only WordPress sites. On the other hand, SiteGround works well on Joomla, PrestaShop, Drupal, and Magento. 

The WPX Hosting staging feature gives it a slight edge over its competitors. However, despite its much-lauded customer service, it doesn’t have phone support. Even with this, it tops the web host in terms of overall support responsiveness. 

The web host also features its own custom-build CDN (XDN), something absent in the competitor platform. But, it makes up for this with a beginner site builder for WordPress. 

However, it ranks low due to its hefty pricing options. On the other hand, SiteGround is a cheap platform with subscription plans starting at $5.95 monthly. 

Nevertheless, it edges out its competitor in regard to speed. As far as the managed web hosting industry is concerned, WPX Hosting speed is one of the most impressive. 

Overall, both providers are quite similar in offering interesting features. There’s only a handful of differences. However, sheer speed gives WPX Hosting a slight edge. 


WPX Hosting is expensive. There’s no beating around the bush.

But it also has a lot to offer - free SSL certificate, custom-build CDN, and a great support team.

And that’s just scratching the surface. So, if you deem it suitable for your goals, definitely give it a chance. You won’t regret it.


Is WPX Hosting any good?

Yes. It has excellent speed and security features and is fully GDPR-compliant. Also, it has a great support team, offers free SSL certificate and comes with a lot of goodies. Check out my WPX Hosting review for more info.

Is WPX Hosting shared?

No, it’s not. You can’t use it with other CMS platforms, and there’s no VPS. 

How do you connect Stripe to Gravity Forms?

First, you have to install the Stripe add-on from the dashboard. From there, navigate to settings, click on the Stripe tab, and activate the plugin.

Who owns WPX?

The platform is owned by K Media Tech, and is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. 


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