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Daniel Wabuge
Daniel Wabuge

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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BionicWP touts itself as a best-in-class WordPress hosting provider. It offers managed services, powerful optimization tools, top-notch security, and more. Find out what we thought after testing this host in this BionicWP review.

Free trial


Auto backups

Yes, Daily

Customer support

Chat, 24/7

High-performance CDN

Yes, Free

Core Web Vitals guarantee


Proactive malware scanning

Yes, Daily

Unlimited website migrations

Yes, Free

Website Application Firewall (WAF)



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Minimum Price $27.50/month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Small business enterprises

Strengths Top-notch security tools
Strengths Hack promise guarantee
Strengths Free staging environment
Strengths Google Cloud Compute servers
Weaknesses Expensive
Weaknesses Lacks email hosting
Weaknesses No server root access
Weaknesses Essential add-ons cost extra

Finding a WordPress host can be a tiresome task. With thousands of providers, you are spoilt for choice. And since many vendors make unrealistic promises, it’s tough to pick the right one.

BionicWP is here to help. With managed hosting services, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and top-notch support, it’s easy to scale your online business. BionicWP offers premium add-ons for boosting performance, including the Bionic speed tool, automatic core updates, and a global CDN. These ensure your site is not only fast but also highly responsive.

Let’s find out if it suits you in this BionicWP review.

What Is BionicWP?

Founded in 2020, BionicWP is a fully managed WordPress hosting platform. Despite being relatively new, it’s part of the larger 51Blocks internet technology firm. Its parent company has over ten years of experience in providing digital marketing solutions, including SEO services, online ads management, and lead generation.

BionicWP touts itself as a one-stop hosting provider for upcoming businesses. It primarily targets freelancers, agencies, and SMEs. Part of its strategy is offering unmatched support to attract customers.

But there is more.

BionicWP has a long list of features, including high-performance servers that allow for flexible scaling. All servers run on Google Cloud Compute, which are robust web servers designed to withstand heavy workloads.

At present, the BionicWP Inc. headquarters are in Englewood, Colorado. It employs a small team of around 50 well-trained employees. They work tirelessly round the clock to keep 1,000+ clients happy. While it’s nowhere near as large as GoDaddy’s 20 million client base, it’s still a commendable achievement in such a short period.

Now let’s take a look at all it has got to offer.

BionicWP Infrastructure and Network

The BionicWP network runs on the robust Google Cloud Compute (C2). It joins the list of other popular hosts that use the same platform, including Cloudways, Flywheel, Kinsta, and more. It’s known for delivering high agility for running demanding tasks and offers easy flexibility for up- and downscaling.

Thousands of virtual machines power the C2 infrastructure. These provide highly customizable server instances. With this arrangement, customers can scale resources without breaking a sweat. Apart from that, its servers are spread across hundreds of data centers worldwide.

But that’s not all.

BionicWP website hosting plans also come with premium tier-1 bandwidth. It leverages C2's 100+ point of presence (PoPs) globally for faster speeds. Additionally, it supports load balancing capabilities for better performance. The feature provides fast routing for low latency high-speed connections, promising a smooth flow of traffic with minimum interruptions.

Wondering what features BionicWP offers? Let’s dive into them.

BionicWP Features

BionicWP hosting features are as follows:

Ease of Use

BionicWP has incredible tools to help you get started fast. Once you sign-up, you’re taken directly to the control panel. It’s important to mention that this host doesn’t use cPanel or Plesk, but has a custom dashboard that’s simple to use.

Launching your website on BionicWP is super easy. You can start by building a WordPress site from scratch with a step-by-step guide. If you have websites on other hosts, you can use the ‘migrate my site’ option. It supports unlimited migrations of websites at no extra cost.

BionicWP offers a lifetime free trial. Yes, you’ve read that right! You can take advantage of this to silently work on your projects. It uses a staging environment, and the project will be accessible via a BionicWP’s sub-domain only. You’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan if you wish to go live.

Top-Class Security Features

Every day, 30,000 websites are hacked. And cyber attackers don’t show any signs of slowing down. They are responsible for creating 300,000+ new pieces of malware every single day. As you can tell from these statistics, the risk of falling prey to cyber-attacks is high.

But worry not.

BionicWP website hosting provides a wide range of tools to secure your site. For starters, you’ll benefit from free malware scanning by Sucuri. The vendor ranks among the topmost cybersecurity vendors in the industry. It’s effective for blocking viruses, spam bots, and malicious scripts.

Next on the line is a web applications firewall (WAF). The integration works by adding an extra layer of security to your website. It filters incoming traffic to protect you from DDoS attacks, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are frequently mentioned in BionicWP reviews. It helps with encrypting all info on your web pages, making it challenging for anyone to steal.

Sometimes, security measures fail. That’s why BionicWP offers all customers a hack promise guarantee. Should you get hacked, its technical team will fix it for free. The staff will additionally monitor your site closely to prevent repeat incidents.

BionicWP CDN

A slow-loading website can break your business. If it takes more than three seconds to load many visitors will leave. You can prevent that from happening using the BionicWP CDN. The feature offers free add-ons to help accelerate your site’s performance.

Here’s how it works.

BionicWP uses the NitroPack WordPress service to speed up client sites. The application helps to cache your website’s elements across a network of web servers. As these are usually available in regions closer to your audience, it provides speedy connections to and from your pages.

Another advantage is the aggressive compression of assets such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. On top of that, it applies adaptive image resizing to all photos.

Bionic Speed Optimization

Core Web Vitals is now an essential ranking factor in SEO. It’s an initiative by Google that pushes web admins to create user-friendly websites. Google outlines basic principles for developers to follow for better positions in the search engine results.

No cause for alarm, though.

With Bionic speed optimization, you’re going to be on Google’s good side. It uses NitroPack’s all-in-one solution for improving user experience. The tool optimizes three items that Google uses to check for user-friendliness.

Here’s a summary of them:

  • Longest Contentful Paint (LCP): It checks how long the page's main content takes to load. A perfect score should take 2.5 seconds or less. With the BionicWP website speed tool, you’ll get 2.0 seconds or lower. 
  • First Input Delay (FID): This metric measures the time it takes for a website to be interactive. Pages should be ready for interaction under 100 milliseconds (ms). With BionicWP’s service, it takes a stunning 1.2ms. 
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): The web page’s elements shouldn’t significantly shift when loading. Your site needs to have a CLS of 0.1 or less. As for BionicWP, you’ll get a figure of 0.005 or better.

The only downside is that this add-on costs an additional $9.00/month/website

Automatic Backups and Restore

BionicWP backups offer an additional way of securing your website. The feature performs automatic backup tasks once per day, and you’ll get up to 30 days of free storage for each archive.

Hosts that act as a BionicWP alternative usually store the archives locally, which increases the risk of losing data if a server fails. Thankfully, BionicWP stores all records to an offsite location securely, ensuring backups are available at all times.

If things go south, you’re always guaranteed to jump back online instantly. Just use the one-click restore tool to rebuild your system. It provides all the convenience you need to work on your site with confidence.

Automatic Core Updates

Many BionicWP reviews show that users like the automatic updates feature. You’ll never have to worry about updating your website’s components again. The host uses proactive monitoring to detect outdated elements, including themes, plugins, and the WordPress core.

The solution is flexible as you can deactivate it if necessary. Keep in mind that when active, it can cause incompatibility issues from installing poorly coded products. When inactive, BionicWP gives you the option to update out-of-date items manually. It’s best to test any object on a staging site so you can fix any issues before applying changes.

Developer Tools

Having a safe area for testing new features is key to running a successful website. And this host offers several tools to perform experiments. 

For this BionicWP review, we began by examining the staging environment. The feature duplicates your website in readiness for development purposes. You can use it to test scripts, modify layouts, and customize functions.

Aside from that, the host has a file transfer (FTP) tool for managing files efficiently. You can access your server login details straight from your dashboard and use any FTP desktop client to configure your server’s data. Popular ones include FileZilla, Cyberduck, CuteFTP, and more.

On the downside, BionicWP doesn’t offer sFTP or WP-CLI. These two are ideal in providing root access to a web server for installing custom apps, adjusting security, monitoring performance, and so on. Sadly, the lack of root access will keep advanced from using this host.

Unlimited Site Edits

Updating new content on your site can be tiresome. But with unlimited edits, BionicWP website hosting support will handle everything for you. Some of the tasks include:

  • Take your content and update it on posts and pages 
  • Make minor adjustments to CSS files
  • Update contact information on your site
  • Upload and install plugins

But wait – there’s a catch.

The add-on service costs almost the same as your current hosting plan. Considering the benefits you get, the pricing is a rip-off. The best option here is to stick with updating your web pages manually. It may take a few minutes of your time, but it’s worth it.

BionicWP Uptime

Testing for uptime is where it got interesting when working on this BionicWP review. On paper, the host provides a guarantee of 99.9% every month. That means service interruptions shouldn’t exceed a total of 45 minutes monthly.

But is that true? Let’s find out.

First of all, the company has a dedicated page that keeps track of services. It lists the health status of all systems for the past 90 days. From a closer look, only 2 out of 37 data centers miss the mark. The rest show consistent results all through.

Apart from looking at the data provided, we configured a simple site to perform independent tests. From our set-up, we installed the WordPress Jetpack plugin. It has a feature for sending timely email alerts to notify you of downtimes.

Our site didn’t go offline at any time. For the most part, we performed manual checks just to be sure. We did this daily for around 45 days.

It’s a shame that it costs $1/month extra to monitor your BionicWP website separately. It simply sends email notifications of any activities that take place.

On that note, the host doesn’t provide any web mail services. We find this very odd, as most hosts offer the service for free. That means you’ll have to pay extra to access it from other providers.

BionicWP Speed

Speed is another area where we love to get our hands dirty. For this BionicWP review, we set up a test site to perform several checks. 

The first test covered the server ping time. It determines how long it takes to connect a web server. By using GTMetrix, our site gave me an average of 30ms. That shows the power of using Google’s Cloud hosting network. Regardless of location, your visitors are bound to experience lightning speeds.

The time to first byte (TTFB) was the next one on the line. It shows your web server’s responsiveness in fulfilling visitor requests. After making several runs, we got an average of 200ms. That means your website will start to load in the blink of an eye.

But that’s not all.

Remember the LCP I spoke about earlier? Well, we had to confirm that too. Our site got 500ms. That’s 400% faster than the host’s promise to paper. And best of all, our website’s total loading time took 1.2 seconds to render fully.

BionicWP Hosting Plans

BionicWP Inc. offers a simple pricing approach and provides you with a calculator to determine prices. The tool helps you to budget correctly depending on your needs. All you have to do is adjust the number of sites to get a quote. For one website, the price starts at $27.50/month.

The plans offer a handful of resources. For example, there’s a limitation on the number of visitors that you can accommodate. The entry-level tier starts at 20,000 visits per month. That’s okay when starting a new site, but it will get challenging when your audience grows. The hosting charges will almost double as you go up.

Another downside that appears in most BionicWP reviews is costly add-ons. It includes items such as unlimited edits, transactional emails, and the Bionic speed tool. This host is great if you have deep pockets as you’ll benefit from quality services, excellent uptime, and priority support.

BionicWP Customer Support

BionicWP customer support is accessible via tickets, emails, and 24/7 live chat. The support team is friendly and fast. During our evaluation, the representative we spoke to took seconds to respond, and they did their best to provide correct answers. However, for challenging queries, they will open a ticket for you. From here, you’ll have to wait for a response from the technical team. On average, it takes them around three hours to resolve issues.

While the agents are great, BionicWP Inc. doesn’t have a knowledge base. Most hosts use the feature to provide quick guides to customers. Without it, BionicWP’s customers will have to wait on the support team.

BionicWP Pricing

BionicWP offers a scalable pricing plan. You pay for the number of websites, bandwidth, and additional features you require:

  • From $27.50/month - The plan provides 5GB storage, 50GB CDN, and support for 20,000 visitors for one site. Other features include unlimited migrations, malware scanning, website application firewall, and more. You can use it to host a maximum of one website only. If you need more resources, you’ll have to select a tier that supports multiple websites.

BionicWP has a full refund policy of 30 days. Of course, you still get to keep your free trial staging site forever.

BionicWP Review - Verdict

BionicWP Inc. is a top-class WordPress hosting provider. It offers managed services that target individuals and small businesses. For the most part, it provides customers with superb support round the clock. It’s for this reason that it boasts itself as a ‘truly managed’ platform.

The plans come with a ton of features, including Google-powered servers. These run on the Google Cloud Compute, which is well-known for handling heavy workloads. The service also comes with the advantage of flexible scaling. You’ll find a calculator that makes it easy for anyone to manage their spending.

All plans come with BionicWP CDN, helping you boost your website’s performance. You also get a Bionic speed optimizer to make it even better.

But unfortunately, this host doesn’t provide email services. Besides that, it charges extra to access the majority of its essential add-ons. And, as you’ve read from this BionicWP review, advanced developer tools are missing. It doesn’t provide root access that’s useful for modifying web servers.

Overall, its services are worth appreciating. What’s more? It’s probably the only vendor that has a lifetime free trial. You can take advantage of it to test everything and upgrade when necessary.


Daniel Wabuge

Daniel Wabuge

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