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Daniel Wabuge
Daniel Wabuge

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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If simplicity is what you value the most, you’re bound to love Justhost.com. It has a user-friendly dashboard, 100+ free templates, and a website builder. But that’s hardly all. Read our Justhost.com review till the end - we have all the details.

One-click app installer


Website builder

Yes, free

Domain name registration

Yes, free

Custom email support


eCommerce tools


Advanced scripts library


Easy-to-use interface


Customer support

Yes, 24/7


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Minimum Price $3.95/month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Novice users

Strengths Free cPanel dashboard
Strengths Free marketing suite
Strengths 100+ pre-built templates
Weaknesses Average server response time
Weaknesses High renewal fees
Weaknesses Poor backup guarantee

Getting started with hosting is a challenging task for first-timers. The good thing is most hosts understand this fact well. To address this, they offer a wide range of tools to smoothen your journey. These include drag-drop builders, free templates, and top-notch service.

In theory, Justhosting.com is a great option for newbies. Besides the usual - drag-and-drop builder, free templates, etc. - it also offers SEO marketing tools worth over $200 to jumpstart your site. You also get 24/7 phone support. 

But not everything that glitters is gold. 

Justhost.com user reviews speak negatively of this company. Most customers complain about poor services, high renewal fees, and lack of customer assistance. As if not enough, it bills users even after they cancel their accounts. 

We signed up for a VPS for a month to give it a try. During this time, we evaluated the: 

  • features
  • price
  • quality of service

So, is Justhost good for you?

Let’s find out. 

What Is JustHost.com?

Founded in 2008, Justhost.com is part of the Endurance International Group (EIG). The tech titan also owns other well-known hosts in the industry. Some of them include HostGator, Bluehost, iPage, and more. 

Justhost.com hosting isn’t any different from the rest of its brands. It offers affordable hosting that targets beginners. 

The vendor additionally has developer-friendly options for advanced users. These include VPS and dedicated servers that are fit for personal and business use. Likewise, it has a long list of eCommerce tools for supporting online shops. 

The company currently has its headquarters in Orem, Utah. It’s in this location that it claims to house a “friendly” support team. Justhost.com user reviews paint a different picture, but facts are facts - it has 1,000,000+ customers.

JustHost.com Infrastructure and Network

Justhost.com web hosting has thousands of web servers that come with cutting-edge technologies. Its features include multicore Xeon CPUs, RAID-1 storage, and dual-channel RAM.

Justhost depends on multiple carriers for the delivery of internet connectivity. They supply their data centers with premium tier-1 bandwidth. The set-up helps to maximize the delivery of services through enhancing uptime. 

The company’s facilities largely depend on electricity for power. It, however, has backup generators and batteries to maximize uptime. It additionally performs 24/7 monitoring to fix any glitches as fast as possible.

JustHost.com Features

While working on this Justhost.com review, we found the following features impressive:

Ease of use

Getting started on Justhost.com is super simple. It has one of the most colorful and novice-friendly custom dashboards that we’ve seen. Items are arranged easy-to-reach categories is what you’ll appreciate the most. You can quickly locate the necessary options for configuring your website fast. 

The control panel is the most helpful in configuring the Justhost DNS records. When correctly set, your site can go online in just a few minutes. Since it’s fairly technical, you can refer to the resources section for tips. It has hundreds of helpful tutorials. 

Justhost has a domain search tool. You can use it to register a unique web address for your band anytime. It is free for the first year. We think, however, that the $17/year renewal fees are rather steep.

Another downside of this vendor - aggressive upsells. You’ll find a few ads on almost every page of the dashboard. Despite their presence, the panel is still handy and easy to navigate. That’s unlike iPage that clutters your account all over with endless advertisements. 

One-click installer

Justhost.com hosting uses the MOJO marketplace to offer quick installs for apps. It supports popular applications such as WordPress, Magento, and OpenCart. You’ll also find developer-friendly scripts, including but not limited to CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5.

The one-click installation process is a breeze. All you need to do is locate the feature that you need and click install. Since they’re in the thousands, you can use the search tool to filter items swiftly. 

The platform also has a separate section for ordering premium services. These include logo options, themes, and professional design services. Sadly, most of these upsells are pricey for the average user. It will set you back at least $59 to order for service. 

Website templates

Justhost’s free templates offer a perfect way for setting up a website fast. It has 1,000+ professionally built themes, fit for any purpose. These cover a wide range of industries such as blogs, online shops, and businesses. 

Each of them is easy to customize, thanks to the drag-and-drop builder. You can use it to configure eye-catching layouts with zero coding knowledge, thanks to content blocks. Think images, text, videos, and more. 

On the flip side, it’s not as feature-rich as the builders that Ucraft and Squarespace provide. But it still functions well for setting up simple web pages for your site. You’re not limited in the number of pages.

cPanel dashboard

Justhost offers cPanel accounts for free in all of the shared plans. This solution is one of the most popular server control dashboards in the hosting industry. Some big names that use it include HostGator, GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.

The user interface is clean and, unlike the custom panel, colored with some toned-down shades.

On the feature’s side, you get a manager for everyday tasks such as backups, files, and databases. It also offers an easy way to configure your domains. You can edit, modify, or delete CNAMES and DNS records. 

You can launch your Justhost webmail account from here, too. It will give you the option of accessing your emails using either Roundcube or Horde. They function just like Gmail and Yahoo. Speaking of which, you can forward your mails to any email provider, so don’t worry about that.

Weekly Backups

You can use Justhost’s weekly backup service to keep your data secure. You can restore your site following unfortunate events. Think poor configurations, errors during server updates, and cyber-attacks. 

On the downside, Justhost.com user reviews feature quite a few complaints about this feature. For the most part, customers complain of losing data regularly. What’s worse, the host doesn’t offer any solution.

Pro tip: use cPanel to create copies of your projects easily. Once you do this, download the files on your device. Keeping the archives on the cloud is also a great alternative - it doesn’t matter if it's Google, iDrive, Dropbox, or something else.

Free marketing suite

Getting your website at the top results on search engines is a tasking affair. It requires you to manually work on SEO or hire an expert to do it. 

The good thing is Justhost hosting gives you free marketing tools worth over $200. You can take advantage of them to promote your site on Google and Bing. 

You’ll also find free webmaster tools at your disposal. You get tips on optimizing articles, images, videos, etc.

But that’s not all. 

Tons of Justhost user reviews praise its powerful analytics tool for performance tracking. You can keep an eye on everything - source, countries, and landing pages. The data is useful in tweaking content for increasing conversions and pushing sales. 

Ecommerce tools

If you’re planning to sell online, then Justhost has got your back. It offers feature-rich apps for supporting eCommerce businesses, including Magento, Merchant, and WooCommerce. You can effortlessly track inventory, stock, and sales.  

You’ll find a wide variety of shopping cart solutions as well. Some of the preloaded ones include ZenCart, CubeCart, and Agora. Your customers will have a quick and stress-free way of making payments. 

On the Justhost support center, they can submit a ticket with any issue they have. Furthermore, it helps you to speed up the process of tracking and handling queries.

The email marketing application is another feature worth mentioning. It’s useful for collecting leads and sending out unlimited emails to your subscribers. And unlike Leadpages, you’ll have endless choices for customizing the opt-in forms.

Website Security tools 

This host provides a good number of options for keeping your site secure. Justhost’s AutoSSL feature is the first one on the list. It offers end-to-end encryption of data exchange between the server and end-user. 

The next is 360 degrees automatic scanning. It performs regular checks on your website round the clock. The feature helps to keep malware, viruses, and bots away. It also scans your files, folders, and applications for vulnerabilities. If it detects any errors, it will notify you. 

Justhost.com additionally uses OpenPGP/GPG encryption for securing your shop. The tool does a perfect job of protecting the information of the registered users. It encrypts usernames and passwords.

The company provides support for the removal of malicious files. However, the Justhost SSH access is only available for advanced users. It gives you direct access to your server’s backend. That way, you can use it to fix glitches fast. Aside from that, the feature is suitable for configuring DIY security rules. 

Unlimited resources

Justhost hosting plans do offer lots of goodies. Other than the Basic plan, the rest of the packages support unlimited websites. It also includes an endless number of subdomains, which you can host. Great, if you need blogs, landing pages, knowledge bases, and forums.  

Justhost offers unmetered bandwidth. Such an allocation is ideal for users with high-traffic platforms. You can accommodate thousands - no limits. 

You can also enjoy limitless SSD storage while working on this Justhost.com review. It supports all types of files, such as images, videos, and scripts. Likewise, you can take advantage of it to sell digital items - eBooks, tutorials, software, and more. 

There are, however, limitations. The host restricts you so that you don’t exhaust the available resources. Sadly, it doesn’t provide any numbers for reference. It does threaten to terminate your account without notice, though. 

Justhost web hosting additionally blocks everything harmful - viruses, malware, and hack tools. Also, it highly discourages the use of servers to send out spam emails.   

JustHost.com Uptime

Justhost.com doesn’t offer any uptime guarantee, unlike the competition. Most hosts promise to keep your site running 99.9% of the time.

Curious, we used Pingdom to test it. It stores a public record of all the hosting companies. We found in its database that Justhost has an average of 99.8%, which is fairly standard.  

Apart from that, we did monitor our website throughout during testing. And to be honest, we didn’t have any issues. We read some Justhost customer reviews and more than half of users complained about frequent downtimes.

The host also doesn’t provide any compensation for outages. They describe the hosting environment as “complex”. As a result, offering credits of any nature to cover for the loss is next to impossible.

Whereas that claim is about shared plans, it indirectly affects other products. We were unable to find any statement that promises to compensate high-tier users, which is definitely a huge con.

JustHost.com Speed

When testing for this Justhost.com review, we started by checking the ping. That’s the duration it takes to connect to a network server. With Pingdom, we got an average of 950ms. 

Next, we tested for time to first byte (TTFB). That shows how fast your website responds to a user request. Our website scored an average of around 500ms. Google recommends 200ms. We’ll leave the conclusions to you.

Finally, we checked how long it takes for a website to load fully. And the outcome wasn’t any better. It took around 3 seconds to download a webpage entirely.  

From our tests, Bluehost, GoDaddy, and HostGator were almost thrее times faster. However, you can get better performance by using a content delivery network (CDN). It will improve your site’s speed by caching content close to your visitors.

JustHost.com Plans

Justhost offer the following hosting plans:

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most sought-after plan by novice users. It’s great for learning the ropes. Еxperts can use it to develop projects for customers. 

You have three options - Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus. Features include Justhost free SSL, custom emails, and unlimited bandwidth. Apart from that, you'll get spam prevention, marketing tools, and backups.

Justhost.com has fair pricing. A closer look, however, reveals that it has a history of doubling the fees. This means higher costs of renewal. The host doesn’t notify users in advance. 

To add salt to injury, resource limitations are high on this tier. That, however, is the vendor’s attempt to ensure fair usage. Overall, you should expect average performance. 

Pro Shared

This is definitely the better option. It comes with slightly more advanced features than its sister. Other than the usual ones, you get a dedicated IP

The plan also comes with the Justhost premium SSL. It’s perfect for websites that handle sensitive information, like eCommerce sites. The vendor promises double the strength of data encryption

You also get free weekly backups on this option. But as we mentioned earlier, the company doesn’t offer any guarantees. You’ll face the risk of losing your data from time to time. As a measure of caution, we suggest you store copies of your archives off-site.

On the brighter side, you’ll get domain privacy protection at no extra cost. The feature protects you from spammers and identity theft. It works by swapping your details on the WHOIS registry with those of the host. 

JustHost.com VPS Server

Justhost VPS plans perfectly fit customers that need more resources, like dedicated CPU, RAM, and IP. Unlike in shared, bandwidth is limited. Depending on the package, it ranges from 1GB to 3TB monthly. The good thing about it is it’s more than adequate to accommodate millions of users. 

All servers run in the cloud. This means instant provisioning upon purchase. You can get your new server up and running fast. But that’s not all – upgrades happen in mere seconds as well. 

You can use your Justhost.com SSH details to have root access. The feature gives you the freedom to modify the webserver to your liking. For instance, you can install custom software, apps and perform monitoring tasks.

Even though this product is for experts, first-timers can use it as well. The service is fully-managed, which guarantees 24/7 support. You can always seek the assistance of Justhost’s technical support to get things done.   

JustHost Dedicated Server

If you’re planning to set-up massive projects, then get a Justhost.com dedicated server plan. You get a standalone server with dedicated resources. It offers multi-core Xeon CPUs, RAID-1 SSD storage, and 5TB+ of bandwidth. 

But wait, there’s more! 

It has dual-channel RAM that offers ultrafast speeds for data handling. It works by providing multiple channels for processing information. Likewise, you’ll benefit from the fast caching for files on your server. Altogether, your visitors and app users won’t complain about response times. 

You can use Justhost dedicated server to add more space to your webserver at a fee. With the cost starting at $50/500GB, it’s only for users with deep pockets. Other than that, you’ll find it ideal for serving on-demand content. It includes media files, software, digital products, and so on. 

JustHost.com Support

This host provides support round the clock. You can contact the team via phone, tickets, email, and chat. The last option is the most preferred by customers. So, we chose to check it out for this Justhost.com review

Connecting to an agent is pretty fast – three seconds, to be specific. Despite the swiftness, the agents lack the skills of handling customer queries. For the most part, we had to repeat ourselves to be understood. 

The person also gave us broad and substandard replies. From the look of it, they seemed to use copy-pasted responses. In the end, we were left with more questions than answers. 

Justhost.com user reviews are filled with complaints of negative encounters. Most complaints are about the agents being rude, unresponsive, and unhelpful. The worst of all is they leave customers hanging with no solution.

On a positive note, the company has a rich knowledge base. It contains hundreds of articles for troubleshooting common issues. There is also a  search tool for narrowing down the issues fast.

JustHost vs Bluehost

Bluehost is among the most sought-after alternatives to Justhost hosting. Even though both are part of EIG, they operate differently. The former is more organized, offers cheaper plans, and, of course, better features. 

For a start, Bluehost’s pricing is fairly transparent. It lays down all the details that you need, and a few upsells on the side. That gives you the freedom to purchase the essentials depending on your budget. The company also hardly changes its pricing. 

Another strong side of Bluehost.com is in the backups. It backs up your projects based on daily, weekly, and monthly cycles. Furthermore, all your files are accessible for up to 30 days. And best of all – data is kept off-site. That reduces the chances of ever losing your archives. 

The same can’t be said about Justhost.com. It’s careless in handling backups. On the bright side, Justhost has a backup tool tied with cPanel. You can use it to create copies of your sites. 

Both companies offer customer support round the clock. However, you’ll find Bluehost’s agents more friendly, responsive, and helpful. They will also make follow-ups just to ensure that you’re satisfied. That’s unlike Justhost.com’s staff that beat around the bush before leaving you clueless.


About the uptime guarantee. 

Neither Justhost hosting nor Bluehost offer any assurance. Despite that, the latter host has an excellent record averaging 99.9%. It also has fewer user complaints about downtimes than its peer. 

Overall, Bluehost.com offers you better value for money. Its web servers are superb, the support is terrific, and the pricing, fair. 

JustHost.com Pricing

Justhost has four pricing plans:

Shared hosting


It offers unlimited space, bandwidth, and storage. You also get a free website builder, SSL certificate, and custom email support. 

Pro Shared


The plan comes with a dedicated IP, domain privacy protection, and free backups. You’ll additionally get access to marketing tools worth $200. 

VPS server


It comes with dedicated SSD storage, RAM, and bandwidth resources. The service is fully-managed as well, which makes it ideal for first-timers. 

Dedicated server


It offers powerful servers with multi-core CPUs, multi-channel RAM, and expandable storage. Likewise, you get root access for performing advanced configurations on the webserver.  

Justhost has a refund policy - you can get your money back in 30days. However, the rules change if you sign up for a free domain. The host will deduct a non-refundable fee of $15.99 from your repayment. That way, you’ll get to keep your custom address - no strings attached.

JustHost.com Review - Verdict

So, here’s the good and the bad.

The company offers incredible plans for first-timers and experts. Each of them comes with some pretty good features. It includes unlimited websites support, unmetered bandwidth, and endless storage. You also get other add-ons such as email hosting, backups, and domain privacy protection.

You’ll find its custom dashboard simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use. Likewise, you can use Justhost’s cPanel to manage your web server effortlessly. So that you know, it’s available for free across all packages. 

But that’s just it. 

Justhost user reviews are full of complaints about this host. It ranges from terrible customer service to frequent server downtimes. Another thing to worry about is the price increases. It doesn’t even notify the users in advance. 

It is additionally unreliable when it comes to backups, as mentioned earlier in this Justhost.com review

In all honesty, Bluehost is the better alternative. It offers a highly professional service that will save you a lot of trouble. 


Daniel Wabuge

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