Hostwinds Review

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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Looking for an easy way to build a website? Say “Hello” to Hostwinds. It offers a wide variety of budget-friendly plans, suitable for all. Whether an expert or a complete beginner, this solution will impress you. We tried it and wrote all about it in our Hostwinds review.

Free domain name


Ease of use

Yes, cPanel

Unlimited bandwidth/storage


Free website encryption

Yes, SSL

Malware/virus scanning

Yes, Free

Customizable hosting service

Yes, Cloud

Uptime server guarantee

Yes, 99.99%

Customer support

Yes, 24/7


apple linux mac-os android windows
Hostwinds Review

MINIMUM PRICE: $5.24/Month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Best for Linux and Windows users

Strengths Free Softaculous application installer
Strengths Hostwinds Free SSL certificate
Strengths Website builder available
Weaknesses Not the best for gaming
Weaknesses Not great customer support
Weaknesses Overselling shared plans

Hostwinds is a web hosting company, founded in 2010. It first began operations in Oklahoma before settling for Washington. In under a decade, it has managed to grow into one of the most reputable vendors globally. 

Providing quality at an affordable price is at the heart of it. This host thrives by offering high-end products at a low cost. 

One of the jewels in Hostwinds’ crown is the White Label service. This allows users to start their hosting services while riding on Hostwinds’ resources. It includes customer assistance, technical support, and more. 

You’ll find a wide variety of plans to host high-performance websites. It includes shared, cloud, dedicated, and VPS hosting. After-sales services with a fast turnaround are available round the clock as well. This has enabled the host to receive an A+ rating based on hundreds of customer Hostwinds reviews.

So, is it worth it? 

Keep on reading to find out. 

Hostwinds Infrastructure/Network

Hostwinds LLC has a robust infrastructure that allows it to deliver efficient services. Its 3 data centers are spread across Amsterdam, Dallas, and Seattle. Internet connectivity is provided by a 300Gbps network backbone. This ensures fast webpage loading times and efficient delivery of app services. 

Power failure is a major cause of downtimes. Hostwinds has an enterprise network that’s powered by batteries. An A+B energy system is also in place for providing redundant energy. This delivers a 3-layer backup integration that ensures Hostwinds provide 99.99% server uptime

Security is essential when handling customer data. Hostwinds knows that. All data centers are under 24/7 CCTV surveillance. The vendor has also installed check-in stations to control movements in and out of facilities. Best of all, armed security guards are there to provide maximum protection at all times. 

All these wouldn’t be possible without the presence of solid partnerships. Hostwinds LLC has teamed up with some of the best suppliers in the industry - Level 3 Communications, NTT, Cogent, and so on. Altogether, the efforts of these vendors make it possible for customers to receive the best possible hosting services. 

Hostwinds Features 

The following features caught our attention while preparing this Hostwinds review:

Free Domain Name

Hostwinds offers free domain name registration in all their hosting plans. This service helps you to save an average of $15.00/year. As a user, you can upgrade hosting, get premium SSL certificates, and so forth. 

In some hosts, this approach is used to glue a user to their services. But that’s not the case. This vendor offers its product with no strings attached. This means that you're free to transfer your web address to any host. Users that have a tight budget will surely love this.

Ease of Use 

Getting started with any service is challenging. However, Hostwinds web hosting has a wide variety of options to get you on track. The first one is Weebly. This is a website builder that allows you to easily create web pages. It has 50+ templates that fit different purposes such as online stores, blogs, and events. Moreover, you’ll find a drag/drop tool with a live editor for customizing content on your site.   

You can also make use of the cPanel. It has a feature-rich user interface with essential options for managing your website. Using it allows you to easily set up domains, email accounts, and update your website. You also get advanced features, such as analytics and server root access. It lets novice users fulfill expert-level tasks with minimal effort.  

Softaculous applications installer is another noteworthy addition of Hostwinds site hosting services. It allows users to quickly install a number of site management apps - WordPress and Joomla, to mention a few. You’ll also find other productivity tools for monitoring traffic, conducting polls, and collecting emails.   

Top-Notch Security 

The security of your website is a priority to Hostwinds You’ll find free Let’s Encrypt SSL for encrypting connections to and from your site. It uses AES-256bit encoding that prevents the exposure of data in plain text. With this approach, hackers will have a hard time stealing your sensitive information. But that’s not all – websites with this integration are search engine friendly.    

A typical web hosting setup involves hundreds of websites using the same internet address. When one user engages in crime/spam, all the sites become at risk of being blacklisted. You don’t want to wake up only to find yours washed down the drain. To avoid this, Hostwinds includes a dedicated IP in shared hosting plans. 

A dedicated address means your site runs on its unique IP. You can maintain a clean bill of health online. Other benefits include fast response during traffic spikes and FTP access to your server. 

The enterprise firewall is the icing on the cake. This top-rated hosting vendor has a network that monitors all traffic. It’s able to screen, filter out bad bots, and stop DDoS attacks by hackers. For cloud services, Hostwinds allows you to customize security rules to your satisfaction. 

Website Monitoring

This feature enables users to keep a close eye on server status. With this option, you’ll be informed of any incidents that arise. 

Some of them include: 

  • Network downtimes
  • Site failure
  • DNS blacklist
  • SMTP/IMAP connection errors

You’ll find the monitoring tool flexible, allowing you to choose the web services that you wish to observe.

One thing really made a huge impression on us, when testing for this Hostwinds review. Whenever issues arise, it will create and submit tickets to support for resolution. Additionally, you’ll be notified about it via email. This approach lowers the burden of monitoring the long list of services. Huge plus!  


Losing your website due to malware and server failure is heartbreaking. But with Hostwinds plans that will remain a bad dream. It offers nightly backups for keeping your site secure. The feature runs on a daily basis ensuring that the most recent copy of your site is kept intact. During disasters, you’ll be able to go back online in the snap of a finger. 

Fully-Managed Services

Top website hosting companies must offer the best customer support to their users. Hostwinds doesn’t disappoint. It offers a fully managed service for the non-tech savvy. It’s available in select plans and comes at a zero cost. The vendor will handle the technical and maintenance side of things. You’ll be left with the task of building/updating your site. 

The biggest benefit of managed services is security. During malware and cyberattacks, narrowing down on the issue can be painstaking. This is where managed hosting services shine. It allows the technical team to troubleshoot all incidents and provide a speedy resolution. You’ll surely enjoy peaceful nights knowing everything is well-cared-for.  

Unmetered Hosting Resources

Most top-rated hosting providers usually limit the use of resources. Once your allocation runs out, your website is switched offline. If you’re lucky, it will remain online but at the expense of slow performance. To be honest – this is a quick way of losing visitors. And this isn’t what you desire. 

Hostwinds does things differently.

This vendor offers you limitless bandwidth for guaranteed uptime. You’ll be able to keep up with millions of users without any worries. The best use scenario includes hosting a dozen websites across multiple domains/sub-domains.  

However, doing that requires plenty of hard disk space. That’s where limitless storage comes to play. It gives you the advantage of providing media streaming, ecommerce services, and files for downloads. 

For marketers, Hostwinds email hosting has got you covered. It allows you to create an endless list of contacts for keeping your customers engaged. It’s great if you’re working with a team, too.

Hostwinds Uptime

Hostwinds data centers run on an enterprise network that guarantees 99.99% uptime. It’s made up of multiple servers connected to redundant routers and network switches. This helps to act as a backup in case of any failures. When one line goes off, another kicks into action.

That’s just a part of it. 

The backup system serves as a multi-path system for speeding performance. It ensures your visitors experience minimal disruptions during traffic spikes. This works by feeding additional capacity to the core network. You’ll always deliver high-quality service.

Should downtimes exceed over 31.6 seconds/year, Hostwinds LLC will issue an Account Credit, for the cost of the whole day. Yes – you read that right. Still, the process isn’t automatic. Users are required to raise the issue and make follow-ups. What’s certain is that for as long as your complaint is valid, you’ll receive compensation.  

Hostwinds Speed

Hostwinds sits among the best top-rated web hosting companies when it comes to performance. During tests, we were impressed by both the response time and read/write speeds of the servers. We credit this to the use of fast SSD drives alongside a gigabit network backbone. 

One of the measurements that we were interested in is ping. This determines the time it takes to connect between the user and Hostwinds’ data centers. On the company’s website, the value is set at an average of 325ms.

So, we dived in to test the waters for our Hostwinds review. We managed to get approximately 300ms for servers located in Seattle and Dallas. The one in Amsterdam, however, hit below 200ms. For normal browsing, these speeds are flawless. As for gaming, anything above 150ms will result in undesirable outcomes.

We then checked out the download speeds. You’ll find a couple of files on their website for this purpose. Just click on any of them to see for yourself. Upon doing it, we managed to hit up to 50MB/s. Now that’s fast! 

Overall, performance is dependent on a number of conditions. For instance, users on Hostwinds shared hosting will experience slower speeds during busy times. The ones on the VPS/cloud and dedicated plans can expect near-zero disruptions

Hosting Services

Regardless of what you wish to set up, Hostwinds has something for you. Here’s are the hosting plans offered by this vendor:

Shared Hosting

Hostwinds shared hosting is the most basic plan. It offers an affordable solution for users that are just getting started. All users share the same resources. This allows the cost of maintenance to be split among 60 clients per server.

Price is one thing but performance is another. Since it’s shared, your visitors will experience average speeds from time to time. Likewise, there’s a fair usage policy in place. During traffic spikes, your website might temporarily be switched offline. This is a measure that prevents abuse and the overloading of servers.

WordPress Hosting

Good news, WordPress fans - you get three plans for your hosting needs.

Softaculous Instant installer will take care of the whole installation process. The customer support team is available 24/7 to take care of all your needs.

And - Hostwinds promises superior performance. It honestly sounds too good to be true.

Business Hosting

This plan is great for users that want to establish a website for their business. Unlike shared hosting, it offers more resources and comes with fewer limitations. In comparison, excessive resources won’t result in any suspensions. It also supports a maximum of 50 clients per server.

Users should expect a high PHP value, 250 emails hourly limit, and up to 600,000 inodes for files. Expect your business operations to run flawlessly! If you exceed this limit, Hostwinds will give you the right recommendations to upgrade

VPS Hosting 

Hostwinds VPS is meant for users that want to have more power and control. Clients get a virtual server to use in whichever way. It’s best for hosting high-performance websites for ecommerce, gaming/streaming, and file sharing.

You’ll find it in both managed and unmanaged plans. The former is for experts that wish to install and run custom applications. If you’re not one of them, consider opting for the latter option. All you’ll need to do is sit back and let support work their magic.

Cloud Hosting 

Cloud hosting is a robust plan for users that need high performance at a low-cost. It works by distributing your website/application resources across multiple servers. With such a configuration, your users will experience fast response times always. It is suitable for running social network platforms, smartphone apps, and more

And the best part? 

Cloud services enable you to upscale and downscale based on demand. The pricing is flexible. It allows you to only pay only for the resources in use. During high traffic times, you can upgrade your CPU/RAM with minimal downtimes whatsoever

Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting caught our eye when we were researching for our Hostwinds review. Unlike other plans where servers are pre-configured, it allows you to customize your machine. Developers that are fond of working on specific platforms will appreciate this feature. 

It supports operating systems such as Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. Users can also choose between SSD/HDD storage, set CPU/RAM resources, and configure bandwidth capacity. Not to forget, the base package comes with a minimum of 8 IPs. You’ll be able to assign dedicated addresses for up to 8 websites

Reseller Hosting 

Hostwinds provides plans for users that want to set up a web hosting business. It comes in two options that include Reseller and White Label plans. The first one allows users to conduct bulk purchases at low prices. If you pick one, you can get up to 30% discount for 50+ accounts

In contrast, with the second one, you’ll have the freedom to establish a full-service web hosting company. For example, users can set their pricing, rebrand the services, and provide front-line support.

For technical issues, all requests are forwarded to Hostwinds’ support team for handling. The interesting part is – your input isn’t required at all. You’ll have plenty of time to work on your other tasks.

What more can you ask for? 

Customer Support

This top-rated hosting vendor offers multiple options for resolving customer issues. The knowledge base is the first line of support. It has how-to-do guides, quick troubleshooting tips, and general compliance policies. A search tool is included as well, so you can filter queries based on keywords. 

You can reach out to agents via live chat and phone. They offer basic support for non-complex challenges. For issues out of their expertise, you’ll be required to submit a support ticket or send an email. Even though it takes some time to receive a response, the wait is worth it. Not to mention, all these avenues of interaction are available to you 24/7. 

We couldn’t wait to submit a support request via online chat. The specialist that handled our query was welcoming and responsive. He was also patient. His answers were straight to the point and resolved the challenges we faced. 

However, web hosting services reviews painted a completely different picture of Hostwinds support. 5 out of 10 users complained of receiving poor/unhelpful responses. We encountered no issues at all – but as they say, numbers don’t lie.  

Hostwinds Pricing

At the time of preparing this Hostwinds review, the pricing plans stood as follows: 

Shared Web Hosting 

  • Basic – $6.74/Month You get unlimited bandwidth, free website transfers, and support for up to 1 domain. 
  • Advanced – $8.24/Month Offers support for 4 domains, free SSL certificates, and dedicated IP address.  
  • Ultimate – $9.74/Month You’ll get nightly backups, Softaculous auto-installer, and unlimited domains. 

Business Plans

  • Basic – $10.49/Month Comes with Weebly website builder, unlimited FTP accounts, and free cPanel account.  
  • Advanced – $11.99/Month You get unlimited databases, Hostwinds free domain registration, unlimited accounts, and more. 
  • Ultimate – $14.24/Month Offers fast LiteSpeed web server, SSD storage, free website transfers, and support for unlimited domains. 


  • Basic – $5.24/Month Supports 1 domain, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, and Weebly website builder. 
  • Advanced – $6.74/Month You’ll get free website transfers, instant setup, 24/7 tech support, and more.
  • Ultimate – $8.24/Month Offers monitoring services, nightly backups, and full management. 

VPS Hosting

You can get Windows or Linux VPS hosting for as low as $8.24/month. For this price, you'll get a server with 1 CPU, 30 GB of storage, 1 GB RAM, and 1 TB bandwidth. Naturally, if you need more, there are available options, but the price goes up.

White Label

  • Starting at $10/Month. You get a control panel to manage your clients, products, and services. Payments go directly to you.

On top of that, the hosting provider offers cloud and dedicated servers for those who need them. Unfortunately, Hostwinds doesn’t offer any trial for its site hosting services. All you’ll get is a 30-days money-back guarantee to explore features. So in case you’re unsatisfied, you can always get your refund.   

Hostwinds Review - Verdict

Hosting a website shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. With Hostwinds, you’re guaranteed to benefit from a wide range of affordable plans. Despite the low prices, you’ll receive top-notch services at all times. 

On the list of features, you’ll get unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage, free domain registration, and daily backups. In addition to that, a website builder is at your disposal for use. You can rely on its simple to use of a drag-drop tool to create eye-catching sites

If that’s not your cup of tea, 50+ professionally-looking templates are available for free. Using them will enable you to get up and running within a few minutes. The best thing is – they’re easy to configurе. 

Advanced users are also not left out. You have the option of using VPS and cloud hosting. These offer more power, guaranteed uptime, and priority support. Dedicated plans that come with customizable servers. 

The reseller plans really wow-ed us, when writing this Hostwinds review. They allow anyone to provide web hosting services without the need of owning infrastructure. To top it all, the vendor backs you up by offering technical support to your customers. 

Overall, Hostwinds is a one-size-fits-all service provider. Regardless of your needs, they’ll always have a solution for you. 

Why not take advantage of the 30-day refund policy to see for yourself?


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I'm a client of Hostwinds since 2019, I use their services for personal and business projects. I guarantee for you that they have the best costumer support ever