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Daniel Wabuge
Daniel Wabuge

Updated · Oct 11, 2022

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If you're looking for a top-class cloud hosting provider, count yourself lucky. HostArmada user reviews praise it for offering fast, reliable, and scalable services. So tag along as we unwrap more goodies that it has in store for you.

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Minimum Price $3.59/month

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Best for: Businesses

Strengths Easy to use interface
Strengths Free cPanel accounts
Strengths Fast technical support
Strengths Dedicated hosting resources
Weaknesses High renewal prices
Weaknesses Limited storage space
Weaknesses SSD cloud storage only

Every minute of network downtime equals an average of $5,600 lost. The figure, however, varies depending on the nature of your business's environment. But it paints a gruesome picture for those, using unreliable website hosting providers

Lucky for you, HostArmada is here to help. It offers a wide range of cloud services for any business need. They comprise shared, VPS, and dedicated server plans. 

The vendor provides free cPanel accounts for easy management. The dashboard makes handling billing, ordering services, and requesting support as easy as pie.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In this HostArmada review, you'll discover: 

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Security tools
  • Customer support

So let's get this show on the road. 

What Is HostArmada?

HostArmada Inc. is a new player in the industry. It was founded in 2019 with the mission to provide reliable site hosting services. In a short time, it has grown to become a force to be reckoned with. 

The company's head office is in Delaware, United States. But it has data centers in Canada, UK, Germany, India, Singapore, and Australia. Regardless of your choice, you'll enjoy global flat rate prices. 

The vendor has built a solid brand out of providing exceptional services. These include Apache, Nginx, and the ultrafast LiteSpeed servers. Apart from that, it supports popular platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc. 

HostArmada customer reviews are filled with praises. As it turns out, it provides dedicated technical support via chat 24/7. Likewise, its broad knowledge base has tons of tutorials for fixing problems. 

Wait till you see what else it has in store.

HostArmada Network

HostArmada's infrastructure comprises nine data centers spread across four continents. Inside these hubs are thousands of AMD EPYC servers that power the customers' websites. They come with dedicated RAM, bandwidth, and cloud-based SSD storage. 

HostArmada network

Each data center has an incoming capacity of 40Gbps. The outgoing speeds are, however, five times less - 8Gbps. Despite that, this top-rated hosting vendor relies on different network carriers. It boosts service availability even when one provider experiences outages. 

The company uses KVM virtualization to run many virtual machines (VMs) on a single web server. Next, its systems use CloudLinux OS that's stable, secure, and fast. You can also import and use OSs from Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, and others. 

HostArmada Features

HostArmada offers the following web hosting and domain services

Ease of Use

Users get a custom dashboard for managing accounts. Here, you can control your hosting plans, web domains, and process invoices. 

HostArmada Dashboard

There's a separate section with a summary of your account's activities. You can view usage statistics, access webmail, create backups, and so on. What's more, you can launch your cPanel account with a single click. 

HostArmada speed reaper

This full-service web hosting vendor also offers a quick way to request help. You can either create a ticket or launch the chat option. Either way, you'll find the support fast and engaging. But more about this later. 

HostArmada support

Moving on, the app is mobile responsive. It offers all options just as the web panel without sacrificing performance. 

You will find mentions of free migration services in HostArmada user reviews. You can take advantage of it to bid an unreliable host goodbye. Once complete, the vendor will continue to provide you with technical assistance throughout. 


cPanel is available for managing server-side tasks. It perfectly suits newbies, as well as experts in hosting.

HostArmada cPanel

The user interface is simple and feature-rich. It offers over 50 tools for handling backend operations hassle-free. Some include backups, cron jobs, and management, etc.  

One-click Apps Installer

The Softaculous one-click installer is the main highlight of the cPanel dashboard. HostArmada Inc. uses this utility software to provide customers with over 300 productivity apps

HostArmada one click app installer

Every tool is arranged neatly under categories for easy access. There's also the option of using search to filter results. Another thing you can do is preview apps before installing. 

HostArmada Website Builder

Website builders will help you create jaw-dropping sites - no coding abilities needed. That way, you'll be able to save time and money when deploying projects.

HostArmada Website Builder

HostArmada’s one looks identical to Elementor. It comes with loads of options to create pages fast. 

HostArmada create pages

The drag-and-drop editor comes with modules that make the whole website building mission fun and easy. All you have to do is drag elements into place for editing.

HostArmada drag and drop editor

HostArmada's template library also deserves your attention. It has a collection of over 760 free website themes

There are 29 categories. The top ones include business, ecommerce, photography, and blogging. Once you find something exciting, you can customize it using the builder.  

Multiple Server Options

Another huge plus - multiple web server options. The preconfigured plans are installed with Nginx or LiteSpeed. But you also request Apache when deploying a VPS or dedicated server

All are capable of handling high-traffic websites. LiteSpeed's performance, however, shines when it comes to running WordPress and Magento sites. As its name suggests, it's 2X faster in serving user requests. 

Dynamic Caching

Caching is a process that stores the most requested files on a server's RAM. That way, the website delivers resources to visitors without pinging the webserver. This works well for static content that hardly changes. Examples include HTML, CSS, images, etc. 

But here's the problem: 

Some platforms, such as ecommerce websites, generate lots of non-static content. These comprise data that frequently changes to enhance customer experience. Creating cache for such files is a huge challenge. 

The good news is HostArmada provides dynamic caching out of the box. This boosts server response time for sites with demanding applications.

SSH Root Access

If you're a developer, you can make good use of SSH. The tool grants you root access to perform backend tasks on your server. For instance, you can run custom scripts, optimize performance, and boost security. 

While that sounds good, the configuration process is a hustle. You first need to generate a secure private key for use. You'll then still need to provide a password when accessing the web server. 

There's no doubt that it maximizes security. This top-rated hosting provider has a straightforward guide to assist you on the topic.

Security Features

Hackers take control of over 300,000 websites daily. Worry not - HostArmada has you covered. 

You can start by activating cPanel SSL to encrypt visitor connections.

This vendor also positions itself among popular web hosting services that have DDoS protection. It prevents attackers from taking down your site by overloading your server. 

There's ModSecurity to lock out malicious users that search for loopholes on your website. In addition, a firewall strengthens security by blocking XSS and MySQL injection attacks.

You can use IP-throttling to limit visitors from sending many requests. It prevents any automated activity that may slow down your servers. If need be, a reCaptcha challenge can assist filter bots from real traffic.

I’d also recommend:

  • Malware scanning – Automated network scans take place to prevent malware attacks.  
  • Intrusion prevention – The host closely checks server logs to block malicious login attempts. 
  • Live events tracking – HostArmada has standby personnel to monitor and fix any threats.
  • Daily backups – This service backs up your server daily to prevent loss of data. 

HostArmada Uptime

HostArmada has a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% - exclusive to top-rated website hosting companies

To test this claim, I signed up for the Speed Reaper plan for 30 days. Then, I created a simple site for testing purposes. 

I recorded zero downtimes over a month. Truly amazing.

But what about the speeds?

HostArmada Speed

HostArmada also recorded world-class performance in the page speed tests. For your information, I used the same website under uptime for consistency.

HostArmada connect speed

Ping is the first check that I did using KeyCDN's performance tool. It measures the server response time from different locations globally. The results average around 125 ms, which is pretty fast.

HostArmada ping

Next is TTFB that shows how long it takes the server to fulfill user requests. From the image above, you can see the figure averages around 250 ms. This is decent considering that the CDN was off during testing.

HostArmada response time graph

Thanks to the free Cloudflare CDN, I managed to cut down the response time by over 200%. You can also see that the server holds 1,000+ visitor requests/second like a boss. This gives other top-rated hosting companies a run for their money. 

HostArmada Scores

For the final test, I used Geekflare to measure how fast the website loads. The 1.7 seconds I got is impressive for a non-optimized site. With a few tweaks, you can get a higher SEO and performance score. 

Let's now find the perfect plan for you.

Hosting Services

HostArmada's web hosting services are as follows:


HostArmada offers WordPress plans that are ideal for beginners and professional bloggers. They offer dedicated resources such as RAM and CPU cores. The bandwidth, though unmetered, is shared amongst users.  

You get features such as cloning, staging, and daily backups. You also get cPanel SSLs to boost the trust of your websites. And the free domain registration/transfer service is the cherry on top. 

You can create unlimited databases, FTP, and email accounts. While that sounds great, the storage limit of 40GB is disheartening. But if you exhaust it, the vendor will request you to upgrade. 

The lack of monthly payable plans is another disadvantage. You're required to pay a whole year, which locks out cash-strapped customers. Other than that, you'll enjoy top-notch support round the clock.  

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting on HostArmada has exact specifications with the WordPress plans. The only difference is it gives you the freedom to install other platforms. You can choose it if you're interested in PrestaShop, Magento, or plain HTML sites. 

As for the features, you get a cPanel dashboard, free SSLs, and daily backups. Your server comes preconfigured with dedicated RAM, CPU, and SSD storage. Likewise, you have the option of choosing between Nginx and LiteSpeed. 

You can host up to unlimited websites depending on the shared plan. But you should be ready to fork out a whole year of hosting fees. Once onboard, you can request a premium domain for free. 

VPS Hosting

HostArmada customer reviews show the VPS plans are popular amongst power users. They offer robust resources for hosting demanding projects. Examples comprise ecommerce sites, NodeJS apps, and remote databases

Customers get up to 6 CPU cores, 16 GB RAM, and 8 TB dedicated bandwidth. The vendor also gives you a free IP address for your webserver. Moreover, each server comes bundled with five cPanel accounts at no extra cost. 

Other goodies include off-site backups, one-click apps installer, and webserver caching. Advanced users will appreciate root access as well. With this option, they can fine-tune app performance to their liking. 

ModSecurity, DDoS protection, and a server-side firewall shield you from hackers. Furthermore, you have access to activity logs to point out suspicious events.  

Sadly, storage allocation seems to be a problem in HostArmada's site hosting services. You'll get up to 320GB for plans that cost upwards of $134.95/month. This is a fraction compared to what VPS providers like GoDaddy, HostGator, and Liquid Web offer.

On the good side, the VPS plans are payable monthly or quarterly. Additionally, the host will offer you priority support for technical issues. 

Dedicated Server

HostArmada's dedicated plans offer beefy resources for powering demanding apps. With this tier, you'll get a whole server to use all by yourself. You can host websites, cloud applications, gaming, and others. 

Your webserver can have up to 16 CPU cores, 32GB RAM, and 640GB SSD space. As a cloud provider, however, the vendor should consider providing NVMe storage. It has double the read/write speeds for accelerating performance. 

HostArmada Inc. offers you premium bandwidth to handle millions of monthly visitors. It varies from 5TB to 7TB, depending on the dedicated plan that you select. 

The server options include Nginx and Apache. You'll, however, be required to pay at least $10/month extra for LiteSpeed. Other additional charges for that option include a $4.95 one-time setup fee.

The good news: 

This host provides technical services to ensure your server works optimally. Part of the support includes software upgrades, security updates, and monitoring.  

Customer Support

HostArmada is among the top website hosting companies that offer technical support via chat. You can also open a ticket if you wish to keep track of conversations.  

The agents are friendly, fast, and available day and night. They are patient and provide detailed responses at all times. It's for this reason that customers pay a premium to be with this host.

So how does this host compare to the competition? 

HostArmada vs SiteGround 

HostArmada user reviews mention SiteGround as a good alternative. The host positions itself as a vendor of WordPress hosting on the market. Besides that, it has a wide range of cloud services for small enterprises. 

Both companies have shared plans that start at $3.59/month. However, it's HostArmada's resource allocation that stands out. It comes with dedicated RAM, CPU cores, and at least 15GB of storage.  

In comparison, customers on SiteGround have to share the available resources. But it offers unmetered traffic, unlimited databases, and daily backups. You'll also notice it has higher renewal prices than its peer. 

HostArmada Inc. leads on VPS and dedicated cloud as well. It has packages that start from $43.96/month for personal use and business startups. You'll get free cPanel accounts, a one-click app installer, and SSH access. 

A similar tier on SiteGround starts from $100/month. The webservers on this plan are perfect for high-performance WordPress and WooCommerce sites. Similarly, you can scale up resources to meet emerging needs. 

Overall, these vendors have quality services backed up by superior support. If you want value for money, though, go with HostArmada. While it's not cheap, its products are slightly affordable than its rival’s. 

HostArmada vs Bluehost

Bluehost is another top-rated hosting provider on the market. It's part of the Endurance International Group (EIG) that owns over 20 popular hosts. Unlike it, HostArmada doesn't have a big name behind its brand. Despite that, it has won the hearts of thousands by providing excellent services. 

Here's how they compare: 

Bluehost is a WordPress-first vendor that's beginner-friendly. It has amazing tools that make website ownership feel like child's play. For example, it includes a one-click installer, website builder, webmail. What's more, you get cPanel for the easy management of your server. 

On the other hand, HostArmada provides similar features as its peer. But it offers more hosting resources. As said earlier, it comprises dedicated CPU cores and RAM. You additionally get cutting-edge security tools to secure your sites. 

But that's not all. 

Customers highly rate HostArmada's website hosting services in user reviews. The vendor provides lots of freebies that make it outshine most rivals. Some include free migrations, domain transfers, and templates. 

On Bluehost, however, it costs $149.99 to move up to five websites. But you can console yourself with the zero-cost SSL, CDN, and web address registration. As for the prices, it has annual plans that start from $59.40/year. That's slightly higher than its rival's entry-level charges of $47.91/year

HostArmada vs FastComet

FastComet is a high-flying web host that also appears in HostArmada customer reviews. It offers cloud tiers that are similar to HostArmada's plans. But its products are cheaper with tons of features. 

To start with, it has a starter kit to help customers jump on board. The package includes free server configuration, a website builder, and a one-click installer. It also provides clients with cPanel, daily backups, SSLs, and CDN for free. 

The shared plans on FastComet start from $3.48/month. Besides, the renewal prices are much lower than what HostArmada demands. 

The vendors, however, charge almost the same for VPS and dedicated packages. Both will give you AMD-powered servers with preconfigured RAM, CPU cores, and bandwidth. In addition, you get technical support 24/7/365 with a fast turnaround time. 

It's a challenge to choose between these top website hosting companies. You can go with FastComet if you need cheap shared services. But if you value exceptional support, then settle with HostArmada.   

HostArmada Pricing

HostArmada pricing plans are as follows: 

  • WordPress – From $3.59/month (Payable annually).
  • Shared Hosting – From $3.59/month (Payable annually).
  • VPS Hosting – From $43.96/month. 
  • Dedicated Server – From $149/month.

These prices include discounts of up to 70% at the time of writing. You should, therefore, expect higher charges when renewing. Even so, the WordPress and shared packages have a 45 Days money-back guarantee

A 7-day refund policy backs the VPS and dedicated plans. They also attract one-time setup fees of $10 and $9.95, respectively. And as mentioned earlier, the LiteSpeed webserver will cost you $10/month extra

You can get 25% off any shared hosting plan if you use our exclusive code "TJ75".


HostArmada is one of the fast-rising top-rated web hosting companies around. It has responsive servers, excellent uptime, and outstanding customer support. Likewise, the vendor offers lots of freebies as a show of appreciation to clients. Some include backups, SSL certificates, website builder, etc. 

Sadly, its pricing is on the higher side than the competition. It also requires users to pay yearly for its cheapest shared plans. This can lock you out if you're working with a tight budget. 


Judging from the HostArmada user reviews, you can't go wrong with this host. It has a dedicated team that's always committed to making you satisfied.


Daniel Wabuge

Daniel Wabuge

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