Scala Hosting Review

Daniel Wabuge
Daniel Wabuge

Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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Best host ever? That’s what nine out of ten customers say about this vendor. For this Scala Hosting review, I put the vendor through its paces.

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Minimum Price $3.95/Month

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Best for: Professional bloggers

Strengths Unmetered website traffic
Strengths Staging/Cloning
Strengths Brute-force protection
Strengths Free CDN
Weaknesses High renewal prices
Weaknesses Questionable uptime
Weaknesses No dedicated servers
Weaknesses Limited storage

The cloud is the future of web hosting. Unlike traditional servers, it offers resources on-demand. You can upscale or downscale your system based on needs. And that gives you more control over your usage and spending. 

It’s for this reason that over 65% of enterprises use it to accelerate their businesses.

This company offers a wide range of shared and cloud hosting plans. It also backs its services with excellent support round the clock. So I couldn’t wait to test it.  

For this Scala Hosting review, I looked into its: 

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Customer support
  • Pricing


Let's jump right in.

What Is Scala Hosting?

Scala is one of the top-rated web hosting companies on the market. It was founded in 2007 with the mission of making cloud services accessible. Today, it's home to over 50,000 customers and 700,000+ websites.

The vendor draws its success from listening to the clients. As a result, it has a 99% satisfaction rate for a job well done. Of course, a few areas, such as its uptime guarantee, are questionable. But rest assured that it gets to the bottom of any issues fast. 

Scala’s site hosting services are attractive as well. It offers a wide range of pre-configured plans for personal and business needs. You can also build your server from scratch using its flexible calculator. All you have to do is select your resources, pay, and start working on your projects.  

Beyond that, the company is on an aggressive drive to develop in-house solutions. This is in an effort to cut costs and offer more value to customers. It now celebrates the development of world-class products such as SPanel and SShied. 

Scala Hosting Infrastructure/Network

Scala Hosting employs a multi-cloud strategy to offer services. It includes three data centers that are in the cities of Dallas, New York, and Sofia. 

A total of thirteen dual fiber cables deliver premium bandwidth to these regions. Intelligent routing is also in place to reduce service interruptions. It automatically redirects traffic to the available nodes when one connection breaks.

Scala also relies on the infrastructure of other top-rated hosting providers. It comprises DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services. Together, they give this host an extra thirteen data hubs globally. This ensures customers have flexibility in selecting regions of choice.

Let's dig a little deeper.

Scala Hosting Features

Scala’s web hosting and domain services come with the following features: 

Ease of Use

Server management on Scala Hosting is super easy, thanks to cPanel. The dashboard has novice-friendly tools for configuring your websites fast, including:

  • DNS editor
  • Site publisher
  • Domain manager
  • Webmail access

You can use the one-click installer for deploying over 250 apps. It works with some of the most popular ones on the market, like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and more. You can also make good use of the FTP toolkit to manage files on your server. 

Higher tier plans on Scala hosting come with the Spanel console. It’s lightweight, responsive, and built for speed. All in all, it provides the same features that you find on cPanel.

Here's the kicker:

The company has managed support for resolving technical issues. Likewise, it includes unlimited website migrations for free. So, it’s for this reason that Scala user reviews are full of praise. 

Hosting Resources

You get a free domain as a token of appreciation when you sign up. But you’ll need at least $10.00 to renew it after a year. The good thing is SSL certificates are available at no extra cost

All servers run on solid-state drives (SSD). Their storage varies from 20GB to 100GB on the shared tiers. In contrast, Scala Hosting VPS plans offer more space of up to 2000GB. 

You get unlimited bandwidth for running sites with heavy traffic. Likewise, there are no limits on the number of databases that you can create. Such a feature allows you to assign specific resources to all your applications. 

And it gets better:

You can speed up your site using the host’s content delivery network (CDN). The feature enables the quick transfer of your website’s assets. In turn, your visitors will experience a fast page loading time

And guess what? 

You don’t have to pay a dime to use it.

Daily Backups

Popular web hosting services provide backups as an add-on service. And this vendor is up there with the best. Its daily automated service helps keep copies of your server’s data secure. Best of all – you can access the files of the last seven days.

Snapshots are a better alternative. The tool creates duplicate images of your system for emergency use cases. Should things go south, you can restore your webserver to its previous state in seconds. On the downside, the archives are only available for two days. 


This full-service web hosting vendor offers SShield, with a 99.99% defense against online threats. These include bots, viruses, and malware attacks

ModSecurity doubles protection, making it harder for intruders to breakthrough. It uses a complex algorithm to shield you from brute force and DDoS. The application blocks malicious visitors from accessing your site as well. 

The company also has cybersecurity experts that audit systems manually. Their presence helps prevent any threats from going unnoticed. Furthermore, they provide configurations for maximizing safety across the entire network.  

Developer Tools

Scala Hosting offers user-friendly solutions for developers. The first one on the list is SSH for root access. As usual, you can install custom scripts on your system. It comes in handy for optimizing the performance of your applications.

The cron job is another utility for programming tasks to run on autopilot. It’s useful for scheduling backups, software updates, renewing SSLs, and more. You can also use it to run commands for monitoring your websites. 

WordPress users get staging for cloning their sites as well. It helps test new features before pushing them to the production website. In fact, Scala Hosting user reviews show customers can’t get enough of it. 

Ecommerce Tools

Customers can build ecommerce sites on WooCommerce and Magento. Both platforms have tons of free templates for creating outstanding storefronts. They also come with shopping carts for easy processing of customer orders. 

You can integrate Constant Contact for email marketing. On the downside, you’ll need to pay extra to access this service. To avoid that, you can use the Scala Hosting webmail service. It lets you send unlimited emails to promote your products.  

White Label Hosting

White label hosting is another option that caught my attention. While it’s not for everyone, it does come in handy. 

Here’s how: 

You can take advantage of it to resell Scala’s hosting services. That also comes with the freedom to customize plans and set the prices. Furthermore, you can rebrand the tools with your business name and logo

Now let’s cross over to something more hands-on.

Scala Hosting Uptime

Scala Hosting cloud network looks good on paper. It offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee that promises to keep your website running 24/7. So, I couldn’t wait to find out how it performs in real life.

The first thing we did is signup for a 30-day trial that costs $0.99. Next, we set up a single-page website with a weight of 3 MB. Most of the content was text, images, and iframes. We then used UptimeRobot to track the online status of our site.

The result?

Well, our website had an average uptime of 99.8%. The outcome was 0.1% shy of the promised figure. The vendor, however, has a user-friendly service level agreement (SLA). It offers credit refunds that range from 10% to 100% for such downtimes.  

Scala Hosting Speed

We also couldn’t resist testing the speeds for this Scala Hosting review. Our demo website came in handy for this one as well. 

The server’s performance was excellent during the trial month. It gave us a global average ping time of 200ms. For the record, countries such as Germany had outcomes of 30ms or less. 

GTMetrix came through for the page speed test. My 3 MB website took around four seconds to load. And that’s because I didn’t use any optimization technologies.

OK, I know what you're thinking. 

Using Cloudflare CDN and W3 Total Cache plugin gave us exceptional results. The page weight came down to around 700 KB. As for performance, the website took less than a second to load.

Now, let’s see what this top domain and web hosting vendor has in store. 

Hosting Services

Here are Scala’s hosting services:

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is an entry-level plan for beginners. As the name sounds, users get to share the same web server. The move helps to limit the system from overloading by the customers. 

There are three plans to choose from, namely Mini, Start, and Advanced. The WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce tiers are a rebadge of the same. Aside from that, all offer unlimited bandwidth, databases, and emails. Other goodies you get include the following: 

  • cPanel control panel
  • Brute-force protection
  • SShield (On Start and Advanced)
  • Free CDN
  • One-click installer 

Sadly, complaints of high renewal prices frequently appear in Scala Hosting reviews. That’s because the company offers discounts of up to 50% for a start. Then, the charges bounce back to normal once the honeymoon period is over. 

So, that’s something to consider before jumping on board.

Managed Cloud VPS

Developers and businesses can make good use of Scala Hosting VPS plans. Unlike shared tiers, these come with dedicated resources. The servers are also in a sandbox environment on the cloud. It ensures your applications run efficiently without affecting other users on the network. 

The features you get include: 

  • Spanel dashboard
  • Free snapshots
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • White-label support

Most importantly, you’ll get premium technical support all day and night. It includes server configurations, software updates, security monitoring, and more. Root access is also available for installing custom scripts, applications, and security rules.

Self-Managed Cloud VPS

Scala Hosting also offers self-managed cloud servers for power users. These provide more resources than managed plans and are 25% cheaper. Besides that, this tier doesn’t come with any support. You’ll need to configure everything as well as fix glitches.  

The service also lacks everyday tools. You won’t find cPanel/Spanel, applications installer, and security tools. But you can buy them if you have some extra cash. 

Another downside with this plan’s bandwidth maxes out at 3TB. Again, you will need to pay more to get extra resources. The prices range from $10 for 4TB to $70 for 10TB

VPS Builder

Scala Hosting has a VPS builder for configuring a custom server. The tool is available on both managed and self-managed plans. With this option, you’ll get to pay for the resources that you need. 

Here’s how it works:

It has a user-friendly calculator for estimating prices. The feature displays the total cost in real-time for every item that you add. From there, you can move forward to place your order. It sounds simple, right?

Such a toolkit would work great when setting up dedicated servers. Unfortunately, this vendor doesn’t offer such a service at the moment. 

Customer Support

I managed to engage with different agents while preparing this Scala Hosting review. One thing that’s consistent about them is response time. They are fast, friendly, and always ready to assist.

Customer support is available via chat, ticket, and email 24/7. There’s also a knowledge base where you can find answers to most issues. But when things get thick, consider asking for help. 

Scala Hosting Pricing

Here’s the breakdown of Scala Hosting pricing plans: 

  • Shared Web hosting – From $3.95/month
  • Managed Cloud VPS – From $9.95/month
  • Self-managed Cloud VPS – From $26.00/month

As earlier said, the company offers a month’s trial on the shared plans for $0.99. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee that applies when you upgrade.

Scala Hosting Review - Verdict 

Scala Hosting ranks high amongst top-rated hosting companies on the market. 

And here’s why: 

The company offers a wide range of cloud-hosted plans. These include shared, managed, and unmanaged VPS. It also has an excellent support service with a fast turnaround. 

Moreover, it provides customers with tons of freebies. Notable ones include SSLs, unlimited migrations, domains, etc.

As you saw in my Scala Hosting review, however, some areas are lacking. For example, the host’s 99.9% uptime guarantee is questionable. Also, not to forget, the renewal prices are high as well. 

But on the upside, server performance is rock solid. You can also take advantage of the free CDN to speed up your websites. And remember, there’s a 30-day trial waiting for you for just $0.99!


Daniel Wabuge

Daniel Wabuge

Daniel is a curious thinker that loves everything about tech. If he spots something interesting, rest assured that he’ll reverse-engineer it. Apart from being an internet addict, he loves building web servers from scratch. Well, it’s not his profession per se. But it’s a passion he picked up after a series of unfortunate events involving terrible hosts. He’s the “hosting guy”.

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