10 Best Reputation Management Software for 2022


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Updated: October 13,2022

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Looking for the best reputation management software available today?

You’ve come to the right place.

Here you will find:

  • Detailed insights into the reputation management industry.
  • Our comprehensive reviews of the top 10 software platforms.
  • Details on the special features, specific use cases, price information, and target market.
  • Information on the method that we used to compile this list.
  • guide on what to look for in business reputation management software.
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Top 10 Reputation Management Software for 2022

Best for: Social monitoring
Brand24 logo

1. Brand24

  • Social monitoring
  • Sentiment analytics
  • Tiered pricing structure
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2. Podium

  • Modern design and interface
  • Good review solicitations
  • Excellent texting platform
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Best for: Review management
NetReputation logo

3. NetReputation

  • Review management
  • Content removal
  • 360-degree solution
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Best for: Reputation repair
InternetReputation.com logo

4. InternetReputation.com

  • Reputation repair
  • Google Ads management
  • Mugshot removal
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5. Reputation.com

  • Excellent reporting
  • Well priced
  • In-depth data analysis
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6. BirdEye

  • Well established service
  • Perfect for any size business
  • Range of review-building features
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7. Mentionlytics

  • Excellent interface
  • Strong social media monitoring tools
  • Real-time responses
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8. Brandwatch

  • Popular online platform
  • Intelligence reporting features
  • Social media monitoring
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9. Mention

  • Influencer dashboard
  • Tiered pricing structure
  • Built-in sentiment analysis
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Review Ninja

10. Review Ninja

  • Creates positive customer testimonials
  • Mostly automated ORM systems
  • Broadcast reviews to multiple sites
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In compiling this article of the best reputation management software, I formulated a plan to ensure an impartial and comprehensive review process. Here’s what I did to come up with a complete picture of each software’s strengths and weaknesses:

  • researched as much information as I could find online regarding reputation software. This included all technical details, independent reviews, software retail websites, and customer feedback.
  • I used what I’d learned to compile a list of the essential requirements that good reputation management services should consist of. These include social media management, review management, listing services, brand awareness, and customer feedback responses.
  • I used the list to investigate which software has the best collection of features. Then, I created a shortlist of the most promising candidates for our final top 10.
  • signed up for a free trial or demo wherever possible in order to test the software interface and features. I would create fictitious companies and social media profiles to evaluate how well online reviews and mentions are managed.
  • Following the intensive testing and review process, I compiled my review of each piece of software, noting its unique features and use cases. I have also included previews of the customer support and training that is provided.
  • As a final step, I provided a verdict for each piece of software, stating its strengths and weaknesses. These include the type of business it would be best suited to, the company size, type of industry, and ideal use case.

Before compiling my individual reputation management software reviews, I tested and evaluated each software for the following functionality:

Features, Price, and Target Market

  • What main features does each software offer?

Typical features include review monitoring and generation, directory listing management, and social media management.

  • What size company would it be best for?

I evaluated how well the software scales and whether it would suit a specific business size better than others.

  • What does it cost, and how does it compare to the competition?

Reputation Management software costs tend to differ greatly from one platform to the next. To get an idea of value for money it’s important to know the financial benefits that each feature provides.

  • Is pricing available or only on a quote basis?

Reputation management software pricing is usually only offered on a quote-by-quote basis. In light of this, I did my best to gauge software cost from online reviews.

  • Is there a free version of the software?

While not many reputation software offer free versions, there are a few.

  • Does the software offer any mobile apps or third-party integrations?

Integrations are key to helping drive social media exposure. I also checked to see if any iOS, Android, or other mobile apps were available.

  • Are there any additional features not found elsewhere?

Extra features make a software unique and are often a key deciding factor in a consumer’s decision.

  • Is the reputation management software for small business or also enterprises?

Many large corporations require enterprise reputation management software for added security and support. I always checked to see which software offers these services.

Ease of Use

For a small business that lacks tech-savvy staff, it’s important to select an easy to install the platform. I evaluated the ease of use by answering some simple questions:

  • How easy is the initial installation and configuration? 
  • Is the user interface intuitive and easy to navigate, or complicated and confusing? 
  • Are reports easy to run and is the output clear and concise?
  • How much of the system is automated or can be scheduled?

Service and Support

Customer service and support are the cornerstones of any decent software package. So I needed to answer some questions before I could write the review:

  • Is customer support free with all packages or an additional cost?
  • What do independent reviews say about the quality of support? 
  • What types of support are there – live chat, email, phone, etc?
  • What additional support is available – video tutorials, FAQ, knowledgebase?

Detailed Reviews

Best for: Social monitoring

1. Brand24

Social monitoring

Sentiment analytics

Tiered pricing structure

Brand24 can crawl the entire Web and help you pick out mentions of the terms that relate to your operations. Then, you can take a better look at all relevant conversations and better understand the context behind them.

It works as reputation management software for individuals and businesses.

Key Features

The key features you get with Brand24 are:

Mention analytics

The platform’s dashboard lets you see a real-time count of how many times users have mentioned your brand on the internet. It can even distinguish between positive, negative, and unbiased comments in more than 90 languages.


Brand24 offers customizable alerts. It can let you know when your product or service is mentioned in a negative context. Then you can have a team member respond to it before the situation spirals out of control.

Data exporting

Another thing this reputation management tool can do is transform your data into automated PDF reports, .xls files, and infographics.

Extra Features & Business-specific Solutions

  • Hashtag analytics - Searches for hashtags that are effective and applicable in your field of business.
  • Filtering - Narrows down your results by mentioning the source, number of visits, sentimer, and more.

Ease of Use & Interface

The Brand24 interface is easy to grasp. All key information can be found in the home screen, with the main chart showing the exact number of mentions by day and estimated social media reach. As you scroll down in your project dashboard, you can see all your mentions.

Brand24 can also integrate with Facebook and Instagram and collect mentions to provide more data.

Integrations & Apps

Since Brand24 doesn’t have any cooperation tools, it solves the problem by offering an integration with Slack. It lets you set up channels for all your teams and present them with all important analytics.

You can run the Brand24 reputation management app on Android and iOS.

Pricing Plans

Plan name

Monthly price

Ideal for






Individual users






Startups and small businesses






Growing brands






Large businesses




Customer Support

There’s only one way to reach out to experts at Brand24 - through email (no ticket submission).

However, the company also has a help center on its website. It features dedicated spaces for dashboard help, FAQs, and similar.


  • Doesn’t offer as many integrations as some other reputation management companies
  • Doesn’t offer as much help as its rivals
  • No review generation available


Overall, Brand24 excels at gathering real-time data and analyzing it. It can even track your competition and let you know what they’re doing right and what areas they’re lacking.

It’s not the most powerful platform overall, but it’s at the very top when it comes to social monitoring. Customer support also could use some improvement.

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Best for: Reputation management software for hotels and hospitality industry.

2. Podium


Modern design and interface

Good review solicitations

Excellent texting platform

Podium is a reputation platform aimed at any size business, from 1 to 1000 locations. It focuses on consumer engagement and simplifying interactions on social media platforms. Podium features some additional sales features aimed at helping businesses to leverage good reviews on close deals instantly.

It is the best reputation management software for online retailers and providers in the hospitality, tourism, or professional services space.

Key Features

Below you'll see what Podium can do to help you with your online reputation.

Review management

Podium’s review management software includes sentiment analysis, review monitoring, response management, and handling of negative feedback.

Customer interaction

Connect directly with customers on multiple web-based channels and maintain a complete history of communication.


Create automated conversations to simplify and schedule review invites, feedback, and reminders.

Extra Features & Business-specific Solutions

  • Auto Responder: Direct leads from your website to your inbox with web chat even when you can’t respond in person.
  • Singular messaging: see messages from various platforms all in one place to better elevate positive content.

Ease of Use & Interface

The modern design of the Podium interface has received high praise from the vast majority of its customers. They love the ability to instantly see and track messages between employees and customers from any social media platform.

Integrations & Apps

Podium has apps for iPhone and Android.


Some users note that the apps don’t work on all phones.

Podium hosts a range of integrations for POS systems, chat services, and other software.

Pricing Plans

Pricing is not provided by the supplier.  Podium helps businesses to identify the tools required and designs tailored packages on a quote by quote basis.

Keep in mind that some customers have complained about the high cost to add extra locations.

Customer Support

Podium customer support is highly rated by independent online reviews. Customers note the strong level of knowledge that support staff has.

The company offers in-person training and a wealth of webinars and online documentation to assist with any issues.


  • The mobile apps are limited and don’t work on all mobile phones.
  • No campaign management tool.
  • Live chat lacks geotargeting.


Podium is a good reputation management solution for online reviews and review management. It is also aimed at increasing sales and helping businesses to better market products online. It has a host of excellent features to help sales staff achieve business communication objectives and follow up on each other’s progress. The modern interface is one of its best features, along with integrated payment channels and constructive review feedback.

The mobile apps still need a bit of work, and unfortunately, Podium loses points with its bad cancellation policy. Some customers have complained of difficulty canceling contracts and financial losses as a result. However, overall it proves itself as a powerful tool for scrubbing up your online image and securing more sales. Due to the reportedly high cost of adding additional locations, Podium may not be ideal for larger businesses.

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Best for: Review management

3. NetReputation

Review management

Content removal

360-degree solution

Not only does NetReputation has expertise in many industries, but it also offers an exceptional reputation management solution for online reviews. It has already helped its customers remove over 100,000 fake, negative, and harmful reviews from the internet.


NetReputation offers:

Reputation monitoring

The company knows how important it is to identify problems before they get out of hand. Its monitoring package ensures you get all the relevant info on your brand from over 13 billion sources per day.

Content removal

Improving the stature of your brand often involves removing content from the Web. Whether it’s reviews, videos, news articles, etc., NetReputation can get rid of it all.

Review management

NetReputation does even more when it comes to online review management. It helps you track your reviews and stay in control with information from detailed monthly reports.

Extra Features & Business-specific Solutions

  • Maximum transparency: The company doesn’t only manage your reputation for you, it also breaks down exactly what it’s working on and how it’ll affect your brand.
  • Industry-specific expertise: NetReputation has worked with businesses in various fields for years. It offers expertise in construction, cryptocurrency, automotive, healthcare, legal, retail, senior living, and VIP industries.
  • Channel-specific solutions: Another thing you get with the service are specific solutions for channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Wikipedia.

Ease of Use & Interface

NetReputation service includes its experts handling your reputation and brand management for you. Therefore, it doesn’t have a specific platform for your or your business to use.

The company’s experts, however, rely on its sophisticated software.

Integrations and Apps

Since it’s not technically a software, you don’t get any integrations with NetReputation. However, we mentioned above which channels the company offers specific solutions for.

There are also no NetReputation apps for mobile, but you can get notifications and reports through both email and SMS.

Pricing Plans

To get an idea of how much it costs to have the experts at NetReputation in charge of your reputation management strategy, you have to ask for a quote. Scheduling a free consultation is available through the company’s website.

Customer Support

NetReputation’s agents are available through email and phone (24/7).

If you opt for this service, you’ll often be in touch with the company’s experts, so there’s less need for customer support than with standard reputation management tools.


  • No dedicated platform for users
  • No structured pricing plans


NetReputation is unlike most other reputation management services you can opt for, since there are no platforms for you and your team members to use. The company handles almost all operations, but it doesn’t leave you in the dark. It sends regular reports and includes you in the process.

It excels at managing online reviews, but the service goes far beyond that. In fact, NetReputation delivers a 360-degree solution for building, improving, and repairing your brand.

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Best for: Reputation repair

4. InternetReputation.com

Reputation repair

Google Ads management

Mugshot removal

InternetReputation.com understands how overwhelming managing your online presence can be and offers to handle it for you. It can do everything regarding online reputation management for you, even respond to customer comments.

The company has helped hundreds of businesses improve their stature over the years. Some of them even had a poor history of interacting with customers before they hired experts to do it for them.


The key feature InternetReputation.com offers are:

Reputation repair

With the right approach, you can restore your reputation no matter how damaged it is. InternetReputation.com knows exactly how to handle such situations.

Review monitoring

Like most reputation management firms, OnlineReputation.com can keep an eye on customer reviews for you. Then, when an unjust review appears, it can flag and remove it in a timely fashion.

Content removal

It can browse the Web for other negative and harmful information, and try to remove it. If that’s not possible, it can also push it off the first page of Google search results.

Extra Features & Business-specific Solutions

  • Mugshot removal: Helps individuals improve their reputation by removing mugshots and arrest details from the Web. Also scours the internet for any other personal details that put your stature at risk.
  • Google Ads management: Digital marketing professionals help you get the most out of Google Ads.
  • Public relations: Builds important connections and showcases what sets you apart.

Ease of Use & Interface

Rather than letting you handle reputation management yourself, the company’s experts do it for you. There’s no dedicated platform for you to use, but they rely on the company’s leading reputation management software to gather relevant information and handle all kinds of tasks for you.

Integrations and Apps

Since there’s no InternetReputation.com platform, the company doesn’t offer any integrations. However, it offers expertise in Google Ads optimization.

Pricing Plans

InternetReputation doesn’t offer fixed pricing plans. However, you can schedule a call with the company’s representatives to get a quote.

Customer Support

The company’s customer support agents are available through email and phone.

There’s also a handy blog section on the InternetReputation.com website.


  • No dedicated platform for users
  • No structured pricing plans


InternetReputation.com offers top-notch reputation management for businesses and individuals, especially those encountering negative information online. Not many other companies offer the mugshot removal service, which may be crucial.

The company is also known for doing an amazing job when it comes to handling socials for its clients. It takes care of everything from tracking to responding to comments.

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Best for: Any size company or businesses looking to scale.

5. Reputation.com


Excellent reporting

Well priced

In-depth data analysis

Reputation.com is an award-winning reputation management platform. It is one of the longest-running software providers in the reputation management space. It provides services to more than 70 industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, real estate, and automotive. It helps businesses to improve their ratings through social media monitoring, updated listings, review collation, and high-quality reporting.

Key Features

Here's what makes Reputation.com stand out from the competition:

Optimize business listings and local directories

Reputation.com will ensure all business listings are up to date with accurate contact and location information. This helps drive traffic and clickthroughs.

Engage with social media

Reputation.com’s social suite helps you to monitor all social media activity and engage more effectively with users and communities.

Manage reviews and ratings

You can manage your company reviews on Google, Facebook, and many other review platforms from one centralized platform.

Extra Features & Business-specific Solutions

  • Survey management: create surveys and gather valuable information from customers. Surveys can be conducted by text or email, or ported to in-store kiosks for instant feedback.
  • In-depth data analysis: Reputation.com compiles information from many sources to provide customers with an overview of their business and pinpoints problem areas.

Ease of Use & Interface

Online reviews indicate the majority of users find Reputation.com easy to use. Some have noted difficulties setting up surveys but otherwise, feedback is positive. Reputation.com offers a managed services option for businesses that don’t have the resources to manage all its features. This simple, hassle-free interface makes it one of the leading reputation management software platforms.

Integrations & Apps

Reputation.com has apps for both iPhone and Android. The platform contains hundreds of seamless integrations with review and social sites, including Google, Apple, SalesForce, Trustpilot, and Yahoo!

Pricing Plans

Specific pricing information is not provided but estimated at around $99 / month. Reputation.com services are offered on a quote-by-quote basis depending on individual requirements.

Customer Support

Customers can contact support via:

  • Online chat
  • Ticket logging
  • Email

Reputation.com’s award-winning customer support service promises a response within 24 hours. While most customers rate the quality of support highly, the lack of phone support is annoying.


Reputation.com does not offer any telephone support.


Reputation.com is one of the longest-running reputation management platforms. It is often regarded as the #1 reputation management platform amongst businesses of all sizes. Its modular design makes it ideal for small businesses that expect to grow over time. In addition, it seems well priced to suit both emerging companies and well-established enterprises.

While it still suffers from some minor limitations, it benefits from a strong support team and regular software updates. I believe it is one of the best options out there and will satisfy the needs of almost any user. Its strong reporting features and wide social reach will undoubtedly help your company to improve its online reputation score.

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Best for: Ultimate reputation management platform for all-round use.

6. BirdEye


Well established service

Perfect for any size business

Range of review-building features

Birdeye is one of the top-rated reputation management services available. It serves thousands of companies worldwide and receives very high praise from independent reviewers. The platform’s main focus appears to be building brand awareness via increasing online reviews. It has a host of additional features including surveys, customizable branding opportunities, campaign management, and social media metrics. Something unique about this reputation management platform is it provides integrations with almost every kind of software you can think of.

Key Features

Below you'll find Birdeye's key features:

Review management

Review management is the driving force behind Birdeye’s success. Automatic alerts of negative feedback help businesses to respond instantly and open support tickets for unhappy customers.

Integrated webchat

Integrated webchat helps customers instantly connect with a business and convert visitors into potential customers.


Listings help to ensure you achieve your corporation’s branding objectives across 50+ platforms, including Google, Facebook, Bing, Apple, Yahoo!, and Waze.

Extra Features & Business-specific solutions

  • Surveys: send out personalized surveys to improve customer engagement and gain valuable insights.
  • Benchmarking: get an idea of how you rank amongst competitors in your industry. Quickly and easily read their reviews and social communications.

Ease of Use & Interface

The Birdeye interface has an attractive design and color scheme, making it easy to navigate and operate. View all your analytics data and reports from the dashboard and quickly change between features. Even users who are not tech-savvy report a pleasant experience navigating the system.

Integrations & Apps

This cloud-based reputation management software provides apps for iOS, Windows, and Android mobile devices.

BirdEye integrates with over 300 third-party apps. Some of them are:

And many, many more.

Pricing Plans

Pricing is provided on a quote basis depending on the number of locations and other factors. The following levels are available:

  • Standard: Listings, Reviews
  • Professional: Listings, Reviews, Messenger, WebChat
  • Premium: Listings, Reviews, Messenger, WebChat, Surveys, Ticketing, Insights, Benchmarking

Customer Support

Customer support channels include:

  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • Email

There are also several additional training and online resources to help with any issues, including:

  • Community forums
  • Knowledgebase
  • Social media
  • Online tutorials


Birdeye lacks geo-targeting information for reviews and social media mentions.


Birdeye is a very popular service that consistently ranks as one of the top reputation management software platforms. The well-presented user interface coupled with streamlined reporting and extensive features gives a strong first impression.

However, all this comes at a high price – Birdeye is one of the most expensive reputation management solutions available. This makes it less accessible to many small businesses.

So it makes one wonder… does it provide value for money?

If you have the budget you will not be disappointed, but smaller companies may desire more adequately-priced software.

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Best for: Web and Social Media Monitoring solution.

7. Mentionlytics


Excellent interface

Strong social media monitoring tools

Real-time responses

Mentionlytics is a platform for managing social media, designed to let companies view and instantly engage with online mentions. Considering that 71% of consumers recommend a brand after a positive social media experience, the software is worth considering.

Mentionlytics doesn’t have a strong focus on review management but rather on improving reputation through social media. It also monitors mentions in news articles, blogs, and online forums, offering responses in real-time. Mentionlytics can also track keywords and competitors’ online presence.

Key Features

Here are Mentionlytics' key features:

Social media monitoring

Keep track of online chatter and gain valuable insights into your customer’s feelings via social media analytics.

Web monitoring

See all online mentions of your brand in one convenient place. Analyze reviews, news sites, blogs, and articles that contain any mention of your company.

Extra Features & Business-specific Solutions

  • Real-time responses: reply in real-time to complaints or praise online.
  • Track your competitors’ reviews to stay in the loop regarding their progress.
  • Monitor relevant keywords online to secure new marketing leads.

Ease of Use & Interface

According to reports on top review sites, this web & social media monitoring solution has a user-friendly design and provides all necessary information. Users like the comprehensive dashboard.

Integrations & Apps

  • Mentionlytics integrates with Stripe and Chargify to provide secure payments.
  • Hootsuite integrates with Mentionlytics for social media monitoring.

Pricing Plans

Plan name Monthly Price Ideal for: Keywords Users Mentions/m
Startup $39 Startups/Small 5 5 5,000
Essential    $99 SMBs 10 10 30,000
Advanced    $199 Medium-Size 15 20 60,000
Pro     $299 Mid to Large 25 99+ 100,000
  • 14-day free trial available.
  • Yearly plans available (2 months free)

Customer Support

Support includes:

  • Live chat assistant
  • Business hours phone

Reviews online are limited but seem to indicate that Mentionlytics offers an acceptable level of support. The company also offers in-person training and the website hosts some additional support and training materials.


No review generation available, which limits the ability to spread brand awareness.


Mentionlytics is a more technical tool than most other reputation management software. Developed by a strong team of experts, it features an advanced real-time monitoring service and analytics tools. However, with the focus aimed purely at the reporting and analysis side of things, it lacks review generation – a key tool in reputation management.

If you are simply looking for detailed insights into the state of your business online, then Mentionlytics will serve you well. If you are looking mainly for brand growth and online awareness, then Mentionlytics would not be ideal. The review collation and response feature works well though and will help you to improve on any negative feedback.

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Best for: Reputation risk management.

8. Brandwatch


Popular online platform

Intelligence reporting features

Social media monitoring

Brandwatch collects online information regarding your company’s brand and helps to identify issues and extract data. It includes tools for brand building, crisis management, content strategy, competitor analysis, customer experience management platform, and influencer marketing. With its strong customer base and well-established online presence, Brandwatch is one of the best reputation management software platforms we’ve reviewed.

Key Features

Here's how Brandwatch can help you out:

Brand management software

Improve your brand health in real-time by monitoring online sentiment, understanding customer criticism, and tracking fluctuations. Brandwatch’s management software will give you industry insight by monitoring specific publications, regions, and influencers.

Vizia reporting

The advanced reporting tools provide real-time chart displays and live data reports across multiple platforms. The information will help to evaluate your company’s performance and make improvements.

Content strategy

Create customized content that will appeal to customers and build your brand online. Through a well-developed online content strategy, you can ensure your brand reaches the right target market.

Competitor analysis

Get a good idea of your competitors’ performance online. Monitor key metrics against your competitors to create better strategies and reveal risks or opportunities.

Extra Features & Business-specific Solutions

  • Influencer marketing: increase engagement by leveraging online influencers.
  • Crisis management: get real-time alerts and don’t let your brand be destroyed by a PR crisis.

Ease of Use & Interface

The interface on Brandwatch is clean and attractive. However, customers find the initial learning curve for Brandwatch quite steep. This means it could be difficult to configure and implement at the start.

However, it gets high ratings for its powerful monitoring tools and other features.

Integrations & Apps

Brandwatch integrates with the cloud-based reputation management suite Hootsuite for social media monitoring.

Pricing Plans

No pricing information is supplied but online reviews suggest the platform is more expensive than most.

Customer Support

Support includes:

  • Business hours telephone
  • Online chat support

Independent reviews suggest the customer support could be better. Brandwatch also offers live online training and webinars for additional support.


The reputation management software doesn’t include review monitoring our generation as it is purely focused on brand management.


BrandWatch is brand reputation management software aimed at large corporations looking to protect their brand and image. It features tools specifically designed to track and manage online presence and instantly react to negative feedback. The crisis management tool, in particular, is an excellent addition for companies that need an immediate response to brand-related issues.

While cost is not provided, it is noted by independent reviews to be higher than most. For this reason, Brandwatch will likely be best suited to enterprise business. It is a complex system with a steep learning curve, so users should take into account additional costs for training and implementation.

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Best for: Free reputation management software.

9. Mention


Influencer dashboard

Tiered pricing structure

Built-in sentiment analysis

Mention is a social media-focused reputation management platform with a variety of tools to keep track of online presence and spread brand awareness. It has a range of tools to monitor social media chatter and analyze industry impact. Collect data and plan an effective social media marketing strategy all from one dashboard.

Key Features

Below you'll find Mention's capabilities:


Mention’s reputation management monitoring software can monitor over 1 billion sources each day, from social media and review sites to forums, blogs, and other web content.


Receive detailed brand intelligence specific to your companies goals. Make better-informed business decisions with relevant data based on your business needs.


With automated reporting, you can spend time on other activities that really matter. Easily share results with clients, colleagues, and management.

Extra Features & Business-specific Solutions

Influencer tracking: find social media influencers that can help your brand.

Ease of Use & Interface

Independent reviews like how simple Mention is to use and consistently praise its ease of use. The dashboard is very well designed to accommodate all features in one place.

It is also very easy to configure at the start. The UI is intelligently designed to make all functions available from one location. The only drawback is that it doesn’t port as well to a mobile phone screen.

Integrations & Apps

Mention integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Zapier, Buffer, and Slack. It also has an RSS feed and an API for developers to support their own integrated apps.

Pricing Plans

Plan Price Alerts Mentions Social accounts Users
Free  $0 1 250 3 1
Solo $29 2 3,000 5 1
Pro $99 5 5,000 10 Unlimited
Enterprise $450 10 100,000 Unlimited Unlimited
  • Cheaper if paid by the year

Customer Support

  • Customer support is only available via an online chat representative and there is very little mention regarding the quality of support.
  • Training is provided in-person or online via documentation and webinars.


The free and solo versions do not have reports.

Social Media management lacks conversion tracking and contact management.


Mention is a decent online reputation management platform.  Many users will like how it is split into two individual use cases – Listen and Publish. Together they work to provide companies with information on their online presence and allow growth on social media. Using the insights provided by the Listen functionality, Mention helps you to distribute relevant social media content to multiple platforms.

It has a particularly good user interface that is simple and enjoyable to operate. However, the monitoring feature does occasionally pick up irrelevant results and doesn’t track blog mentions. The tiered pricing structure is good although cheaper plans are very limited on reports, alerts, and mentions.

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Best for: Customer review management tool for small businesses.

10. Review Ninja


Creates positive customer testimonials

Mostly automated ORM systems

Broadcast reviews to multiple sites

Review Ninja is white label reputation management software focused largely on generating reviews for customers. There are also some reputation management features but mainly it helps increase online reviews. Several automation tools are included to help reduce the work involved with sending emails and texts. The system automatically routes positive reviews to a business website and helps to reduce negative reviews.

Key Features

Review Ninja's key features are as follows:

Review generation
  • Strong customer review management solution
  • Improve your customer sentiment
  • Ensure brand awareness through widespread review sharing
Reputation management
  • Build positive brand awareness with search engine reputation management.
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Ensure prompt responses and assistance to negative reviews

Extra Features & Business-specific Solutions

Review marketing:

  • Broadcast positive reviews to multiple sources on the Internet.
  • The system automatically directs customers with positive reviews to certain websites while censoring negative complaints.

Ease of Use & Interface

The system is mostly automated and manages itself once configured. Lacks mobile app support but works well online. While the system is not widely reviewed online its existing customers seem happy with the simplicity of the application.

Integrations & Apps

There are no mobile apps or information regarding integrations.

Pricing Plans

Review Ninja pricing is only available on a quote basis. I was unable to find an estimate online.

Customer Support

Review Ninja offers a good selection of customer support channels.

  • 24/7 customer support is available via email and a live online rep.
  • Phone support is available in business hours.

Additional training is provided through webinars, documentation, and an online rep.


  • Review Ninja does not offer any sentiment analysis tools.
  • There are no mobile phone apps available for Review Ninja.


Review Ninja is a simple online reputation management (ORM) tool with an emphasis on review generation. It doesn’t have a lot of complex features and is mainly intended to spread lots of reviews online for upcoming businesses. It has a convenient free version that builds reviews on Google and Facebook, with the paid version covering a further 100+ platforms.

Some additional features include negative feedback management and social media metrics. For small businesses looking to boost their online presence for free, Review Ninja will prove very useful.

However, it doesn’t offer the advanced tools that most larger platforms would require from a true reputation management solution.

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Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose the Best Software for Managing Your Online Reputation

There are several key aspects that make up the best reputation management software. Before selecting your software you should consider the following points.

What To Consider When Evaluating Reputation Management Solutions?

  • Company size

While many software packages attempt to fit any size company, most platforms are better suited to businesses of a specific size. Always ensure that the software you choose can scale to fit your entire business, taking into account any future growth. It is best to determine a long-term reputation strategy before beginning your investigation.

  • Industry type

Some reputation management companies develop software built to fit multiple industries, while others aim to fit specific businesses. However, reading independent reviews and examining existing customers will reveal which type of industry the software is best suited to. It’s always best to select software that has a proven record of good performance within your industry.

  • Features

Ideally, you want software that will cover all your bases. If you have any unusual requirements make sure that the software you select covers these. Most software offers a few advanced features so there is no doubt you will find one that fits your specific needs. Some software even offer bespoke services for an individual’s reputation like mug shot removal sites.

  • Training and setup

Reputation management software pricing increases with advanced features due to a more complex configuration and additional staff training. Take this into account when making your selection as it may end up costing a lot more down the line. If you don’t need the extra features, try to find a simpler package or check whether free training and setup are provided.

  • Technical considerations

Independent reviews are a good source of information regarding the technical complexities of software. If your staff are not particularly tech-savvy you will have constant struggles with a complex platform. A simple, easy to use interface will keep staff happy, no matter their technical skills.

  • Customer Support

Even a simple reputation management platforms will require customer support at some point. It’s not enough to ensure various communication channels are offered, you should also take into account the quality of support. Take some time to contact support and get a feel for the software’s commitment to a customer satisfaction solution.

  • Budget

Last but not least, you will need a platform that is affordable while still offering all the features that you need. Reputation management companies in the US usually offer cheaper prices compared to those in Europe. Once you’ve shortlisted your options, request quotes to get an idea of price. It is best to find that sweet-spot between low-cost and high functionality.

What Are the Benefits the Top Reputation Management Tool Could Bring?

  • Achieve a competitive edge

When it comes to your business’ reputation, having a competitive edge can make all the difference. Reputation management software is a necessity for any company that wants to seriously get an edge in a competitive market. Without careful, well-planned brand awareness and monitoring your business could be lost amongst the multitudes of others. That’s why 89% of marketers claim building brand awareness is their top goal.

  • Increased profits and market share

Thousands of companies worldwide have directly attributed their increased profits and market share to their reputation management software. Some businesses report increased profits of up to 60% since the implementation of rep management tools.

  • Improved brand awareness

Reputation management software is all about getting your name out there in the best way possible. Many companies are not aware of their online identity and brand situation until implementing tracking and monitoring software. You may well be losing business due to a lack of awareness or negative sentiment.

  • Meet marketing objectives

Reputation management services don’t only monitor mentions and help mitigate negative reviews. Many include features to help drive your online marketing objectives and influence results. They will help you to get in touch with prospective clients or potential influencers that can represent your brand.

Wrap Up

There is no question that decent reputation management software will improve your business and profit margins. From the very start, rep management software will start revealing many things about your business that you didn’t know. With this information, you can plan a reputation management strategy to improve your image and increase awareness. Nowadays, brand awareness is driven largely by social media, so monitoring of these platforms is a necessity.

Getting a hold on review management is another key aspect. Negative reviews need to be dealt with effectively, and if done well enough, could even be converted to positive feedback. A widespread collection of positive online reviews should be the number one concern of any business.

However, there are many sub-par reputation management firms with software that will simply waste your time and money. It’s important to take time to investigate everything that is on offer, test various services, and read lots of reviews. If you choose one of the affordable reputation management services listed, you can position your company as a serious competitor in any industry.

We hope that our reviews have helped you to make a more informed decision towards selecting the best reputation management software for your business.


What is reputation management software?

It’s a software that works as a reputation defender online for both individuals and businesses. Organizations use such tools to search for negative reviews as well as promote brand awareness. 

Anything that online users post on the web regarding your business can make or break it. Besides, posts can go viral in a matter of minutes, fastly tarnishing the name that you've struggled to build. 

It is for this reason that reputation and brand management tools exist.

A quality solution can manage, monitor, and improve what people post on the digital space, helping you retain your customers. Also, once the software succeeds in helping you to reclaim your good name, it will assist in attracting even more clients.

How does reputation management work?

Reputation management works by influencing how others view you or your business. 

It's not unusual for malicious characters to spread falsehoods that can bring down corporations. It could also be a genuine review that a client left online when you dropped the ball.

Whatever the case, the software reaches out to a person that has left negative feedback. The goal is to offer them a better customer experience. 

The solutions also notify you if someone is bad-mouthing you on the Web. 

How can I monitor my online reputation?

You can monitor how others view you on the internet by seeking the help of reputation management tools. Here are some quality and reliable tools:

  • Reputation
  • Podium
  • BirdEye
  • MentionLytics
  • Brandwatch
  • Local Clarity
  • Mention
  • Review Ninja
  • Critical Mention 

How much does reputation management cost?

Reputation management costs anywhere from $8 for up to 100 locations to $2500 for large agencies.

Do online reputation management services work?

Yes, reputation management services work. Statistics show that potential buyers read reviews. Also, hostile or positive feedback can influence a customer's purchase decision, hence the reason to salvage your reputation using them. 

What is the best social media monitoring tool?

The best social media monitoring tool is MentionLytics. 

It’s also among the best reputation management software out there. 


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