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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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It might be one of the world’s most popular domain registration companies. But GoDaddy reviews sure are contradictory. We decided to test it and see first-hand what’s good and what can be improved. 

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GoDaddy Review

Minimum Price $4.99/Month

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Best for: Professional websites

Strengths 30-days free trial
Strengths Free SSL website encryption
Strengths Easy-to-use web page builder
Strengths iOS and Android apps
Weaknesses Not the best support
Weaknesses Costly renewal rates
Weaknesses Essential add-ons sold separately
Weaknesses Limited money-back guarantee

GoDaddy offers out-of-the-box solutions for hosting personal and business websites. First impressions reveal its low-cost and feature-rich plans that you’ll love to use. That’s why over 17.5 million customers trust its services worldwide. 

Everything looks good on paper. So, we dug deeper to find out more. For this GoDaddy review, we signed up for a free trial account to test its features. We evaluated it based on the following criterion: 

  • Performance
  • Price
  • Security
  • Customer support

But that’s not all. We also compared it to the likes of Bluehost, HostGator, and Wix.  

Ready? Let’s go!

What Is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is a premium host that’s headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company began operating in 1997 by providing affordable web hosting services. By the year 2000, it received ICANN approval to sell cheap domains to the market. In just under a decade, it managed to surpass 8 million customers

The same trend is reflected in revenues. As of 2005, the company generated $500+ million dollars from its expansive client base. With a healthy financial performance, GoDaddy was on to conquer the horizon. The company set an ambitious expansion program to extend its global presence. This began with India as its first international office outside the United States in 2012.

As of today, this top-rated hosting vendor has localized plans in 35+ countries. Its best services include domain registration, WordPress hosting, and website design options. Apart from that, it offers VPS and dedicated servers for running high-traffic sites or applications. All these come at pocket-friendly prices.

GoDaddy Infrastructure and Network

GoDaddy has 37,000+ servers spread across 9 data centers worldwide. Its largest site is located in Phoenix, Arizona, which occupies 320,000sq feet of space. On top of that, all facilities are backed by a gigabit-speed network backbone. This ensures fast delivery of websites/applications to the end-users.   

GoDaddy’s hosting runs on OpenStack technology. It comprises open-source software for handling large computing equipment. Likewise, it gives administrators greater control of managing systems through an easy-to-use interface. It’s for this reason that hosts are able to quickly deploy services to customers.  

This vendor also uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud options. This means it can expand capacity at a low cost. Reducing the overhead expenses gives it an upper hand for competing in a fierce market.

This top domain hosting company utilizes multiple sources of power. It includes UPS battery banks, 750kW generators, and up to 24 megawatts of mains electricity. The hybrid configuration ensures servers run optimally with minimal interruptions. 

GoDaddy employs a 24/7 manned security force to protect its facilities. You’ll also find a team of highly-trained security specialists. They help to keep watch for any malware, virus, and DDoS attacks.

GoDaddy Features  

Here are the features that impressed us while preparing this GoDaddy review.

Ease of use

GoDaddy makes onboarding easy through its intuitive cPanel dashboard. You can configure servers, add domains, manage emails, and more. The application installer is what we liked the most. It offers one-touch installation for web apps, plugins, and templates. Some of them include WordPress and Joomla

You’ll find a file manager for keeping your database organized. It makes things simple by ordering data based on file types. You can create FTP accounts from here as well. This way, you get to swiftly upload/download content on your server. 

For advanced users, you can run commands remotely via SSH. The integration is handy for installing and managing custom applications. Likewise, you’ll appreciate using the phpMyAdmin to tweak the performance of your website. 

There’s a statistics tool for activity monitoring. It gives you an overview of resource usage. This includes disk space, CPU/RAM, and a list of active processes. GoDaddy reviews reveal that users found this quite useful. A constant spike in traffic or low storage serves as an indicator for you to upgrade.

GoDaddy domain checker

GoDaddy domain check allows you to search for the availability of web addresses. It supports top TLDs such as .com, .net, .org, and more. Other than that, you can localize your presence by choosing from 760+ gTLDs. This includes the likes of .shop, .pay, .cars, and so forth. 

This host offers a brokerage service to help you secure premium domains. These are usually short and easy to memorize. In addition, they help to drive traffic to a site effortlessly. These are quite expensive due to high demand. Once you contract GoDaddy, they’ll contact the owner to negotiate the best possible price. Upon a successful transaction, you’ll part with a 20% commission fee.  

GoDaddy smartphone apps 

Managing a website while on the go can be challenging. But no one makes it as easy as GoDaddy web hosting. It provides smartphone apps for both iOS and Android devices. You can update content, change site templates, and engage with visitors via chat. 

It’s not lacking in productivity tools either. Online shops have a feature for adding products and processing orders. Likewise, updating events and customer bookings is as easy as pie. 

You can pay for services, upgrade/downgrade, and update customer details from your user profile. You can also lodge and make follow-ups to support requests.  

GoDaddy website builder

Creating a site is an uphill task, especially for newbies. The good thing is all of GoDaddy’s hosting plans have a web page builder. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly create a professionally-looking site. It features 1,000+ easy-to-customize templates for your blog/business. 

A drag-and-drop tool is available for repositioning elements. The live editor is the icing on the cake. You can use it to optimize the pages to fit on devices of different screen sizes. Filters are present as well. This helps to change theme colors, font types, and adjust the overall layout. 

You’ll find a banners tool for creating eye-catchy advertisements. Likewise, a smart content creator gives you beautiful templates for use on social media. Email marketing additionally lets you keep your visitors up to date.

All changes that you perform are automatically compressed using gzip. It usually assists in accelerating your site by reducing the size of web pages. Overall, users are bound to have a good user experience while browsing your website.   

This is why we've included GoDaddy in our best website builder options for the UK market.

GoDaddy Insight

Only a few website hosting providers give users tips for enhancing their sites. GoDaddy has Insight that uses artificial intelligence for that. The feature works by comparing your site to millions of web pages across the internet. 

It assesses you based on social media presence, online reviews, visitor activity, and more. GoDaddy reviews reveal that it also evaluates your marketing strategy. From here, it gives actionable recommendations for you to use. 

GoDaddy ecommerce tools

GoDaddy website hosting provides a number of features for supporting ecommerce businesses. For starters, you can use the online store set up to add 5,000+ products. It includes a file organizer for integrating up to 10 images per item. With such a huge catalog, navigating around is challenging. But thanks to the category manager, you can keep everything neat and organized. 

A shopping cart lets your customers shop for products and services at ease. When it comes to payments, they can choose from multiple options. You have Apple Pay, PayPal, and Stripe. And when you want to reward shoppers, just generate discount coupons.

Regardless of where your clients are, they’ll receive their goods. GoDaddy collaborates with Shippo to offer up to 90% off in shipping. It supports the likes of DHL, UPS, and UPS for logistical support. Each order comes with a tracker

Search engine optimization (SEO)

GoDaddy gives users an SEO wizard in all hosting plans. It provides a walkthrough process for increasing online visibility. 

Here’s how that works: 

When preparing content, the tool generates keyword ideas for attracting visitors. Apart from that, you can easily track your ranking on Google. GoDaddy includes a locations feature as well. 

The best thing is, everything is automated. Just approve the suggestions that match your site/business and you’re good to go. Do note that the service comes at an extra cost of $5.99/Month

Security features

A free SSL certificate encrypts data between your server and visitors. This keeps data private making it hard for hackers to steal. 

You’ll find a firewall for blocking malware and viruses. It perfectly takes care of DDoS attacks as well. It blocks port scanning by default. This limits intruders from looking for areas to exploit on your GoDaddy server

IP whitelisting/blacklisting gives you the freedom of restricting access to your website. To top it all, there’s hotlink protection that prevents bandwidth stealing. It disallows other webmasters from linking content to your site without permission.

You can use automatic daily backups as an added layer of protection. Everything is backed up in the cloud. Should your server crash, you can jump back online in a split second. This feature is equally ideal for switching hosts. All you need to do is download the archives and migrate to a different vendor. 

GoDaddy Content Delivery Network

GoDaddy offers a built-in CDN. It caches content across strategically-placed data centers globally. Such a set up comes with a number of benefits for your website. The first one is an enhanced user experience through fast loading of webpages. 

Improved uptime availability is the next one. When one server is down, others in line will kick into action to serve visitors. GoDaddy also handles traffic spikes efficiently. It distributes huge loads across the network resulting in minimal service interruption. 

A CDN additionally shields you from DDoS and brute force attacks. Normally, hackers use multiple computers to target your website. At such times, the login pages for webmasters will automatically be disabled. It also prevents the scanning for vulnerabilities. All in all, you’ll sleep peacefully knowing that your site is protected at all times.  

GoDaddy Uptime

GoDaddy servers have a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Should the company fail to achieve it in a month, you’ll get a 5% discount. 

Sounds good but the devil is always in the details. Upon further review, we found the figure is tax exclusive. This means that the benefit it brings is inadequate. There are other issues that are excluded from compensation. This includes scheduled maintenance and challenges arising from unexpected events.  

However, the company has managed to uphold its promise for the twelfth month in a row. This means that network-wide issues shall be hard to come by. We did note a few complaints about servers going offline from GoDaddy reviews. But just as with any other host, minor glitches from time to time are to be expected. 

GoDaddy Speed

We did a number of tests to determine the reliability of this host. The following factors were taken into consideration while preparing this GoDaddy review:

  • Network ping
  • Time to first byte (TTFB)
  • Port speeds

Ping measures the duration it takes to connect to your website from the end-user. Results from gave us an average of 250ms. The next one was TTFB that determines the response time of a server. This one gave us an average of 200ms

Port speeds are another thing that’s worth mentioning. We couldn’t find this figure in the web hosting plans provided by GoDaddy. But with the help of, we managed to obtain the figure of 60Mbps. That’s amazing for handling traffic spikes and large file uploads/downloads.

Hosting Services

Here are GoDaddy’s hosting plans:

GoDaddy Shared hosting 

If you need a cheap website hosting solution get the shared option. It’s ideal for beginners. To keep the prices low, users share the same pool of resources. 

Only the storage space is limited - you get to enjoy unmetered bandwidth. Of course, there’s the risk of abuse. And that’s why a fair usage policy is in place to keep things in order. In case you exceed the allowed limits, you’ll be notified via email to minimize usage. 

It’s recommended that you keep track of your server via cPanel on GoDaddy. You’ll obtain useful insights on the traffic load that you’re receiving. Should it be above the normal limits, consider upgrading to avoid being penalized.   

Other features include easy-to-use dashboard, one-click app installations, webmail, and more. Not to forget, users get a free domain worth $10.99/year

WordPress hosting 

GoDaddy WordPress hosting plan is a user-favorite. It offers a number of useful tools for both novice and expert users. One of the things to look forward to is its rich marketplace. You’ll have access to 50,000+ templates and 5,000+ apps to create a high-performance website. 

Some of the key features include SEO optimizer, malware scanner/remover, and daily backups. Users additionally get a one-click migration plugin for bidding their current host goodbye. In case you get stuck, support is always on standby to help you. 

The highlight of this plan is the temporary domain. You can use it to develop your website offline until it’s ready for launch.

On the downside, users get a free business email only for the first year. This is quite unusual. Most of the top-rated hosting providers offer it for free. All in all, it will cost you an additional $23.88/year to keep enjoying this service.  

GoDaddy VPS

VPS plans give advanced users more power and flexibility to build high-performance websites/apps. Unlike in shared hosting, you get dedicated CPU/RAM resources and root access that gives you full control of the server. It allows you to run custom apps, tweak performance, optimize security, and do much more. 

GoDaddy offers Linux hosting by default. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can install Windows, CentOS, and Ubuntu. It takes just a few clicks from the control panel and you’re good to go. Once you set up your machine, you can choose between cPanel or Plesk. 

You’ll also get unlimited email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, and weekly backups. You get to choose between managed and unmanaged hosting. The former is for experts that know how to get around with minimal help. If you’re not one of them, settle with the latter. GoDaddy’s technical team will do the heavy lifting.

GoDaddy Business Hosting

GoDaddy has custom business plans for small businesses and enterprises. It provides adequate resources for handling a large number of visitors. These include dedicated CPU/RAM, 60GB+ of SSD storage, and free SSL

You get unmetered bandwidth with this service. But that’s not all. You get a free business email with a value of $23.88/year. A one-click installer makes setting up apps a breeze. The available platforms include WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and more. 

This is the only plan that we found to be PCI compliant when researching for our GoDaddy review. It enhances the safety of your website in handling credit card payments. You get a badge as a show of trust to display on your site.

Reseller hosting

GoDaddy has affordable reseller plans for freelancers and agencies. It supports white-labeling, which allows users to rebrand the services. You can set the prices, customize hosting offers, and set the terms.

Managing clients is tricky. To make that simple, you get a branded storefront with an invoice manager. Еverything is automated. Customers can make purchases and jump on board in a snap. 

You’ll find an intuitive dashboard for tracking sales and process support requests. For a business that’s growing, just add more staff from here as well. The advantage is you can assign specific roles to users. 

GoDaddy doesn’t provide a dedicated server that’s fit for managing a large number of users. Instead, you get a standard VPS with support for up to 250 users. One major drawback of it is resource limitation. Not ideal for high-traffic websites. On the brighter side, you can reach out to the sales team to request an upgrade

GoDaddy Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting is ideal for developers that look forward to deploying resource-intensive apps/websites. Unlike in VPS where clients share a server, you’re given a standalone machine to use. It eliminates the risk of facing downtimes arising from the intense usage of other users. 

Since you’re in total control, you can install and run custom applications. This is made possible through the use of root access. It gives you administrator-level permission to modify the server to your liking. With such privileges, you get to tweak performance and security to the maximum. 

The best thing about this plan is you get on-demand snapshots for backups. This works by cloning your server’s configuration. In the event of any glitches, you can restore everything as it was before. 

There’s so much flexibility with this option. Users are allowed to pick a data center of preference. At present, you can choose from three regions namely the United States, Europe, and Asia. 

GoDaddy reviews also praised the scalability of this service. You can request for upgrade/downgrade at any time. On the flip side, this product doesn’t come cheap. It costs $99.99/month, making it more suitable for established businesses.  

Customer Support

GoDaddy hosting provides multiple channels for addressing issues. You’ll find a knowledge base with hundreds of topics spanning different categories. What we liked about it is the quick search tool. You can quickly filter content using keywords. If what you’re looking for isn’t here, you can post in the community forums. It’s active and full of geeks ready to give a helping hand. 

One thing we always appreciate is a live chat. You can reach the support staff round the clock on any day. We found them to be friendly, lively, and helpful. However, for technical issues, you’ll be advised to open a ticket

So, we saw what GoDaddy can do. But is it better than the competition?

Let’s see:

Bluehost vs GoDaddy

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies on the market. Users get 99.99% uptime, scalable services, and top-notch customer support. You’ll have access to an easy-to-use web builder, robust visitor analytics, and SEO tools.

On the flip side, it requires customers to pay upfront for up to a year. As if not enough, there are hidden add-ons, which other hosts offer for free. Such an arrangement is a huge turn-off for users working on a budget. 

Unlike Bluehost, GoDaddy is a one-stop shop for all your hosting needs. It offers affordable monthly plans for beginners and small businesses. What we love about it is transparency in product pricing. To top it up, you get a free domain to get started. Its outstanding features include unlimited bandwidth, ecommerce tools, and free SSL.

Some essential services such as on-demand backup and webmail are sold separately. To make up for this weakness, you get GoDaddy Insight. It uses artificial intelligence to give you useful tips for boosting your search engine ranking. Aside from that, you can reach support 24/7/365 for assistance. 

HostGator vs GoDaddy

HostGator is another top contender in the hosting industry. Its wide product variety and low pricing give GoDaddy a run for its money. Both offer unmetered bandwidth on top of free domains. But it’s the unlimited disk space that makes HostGator stand out. Even though there are no hard limits, terms of service still apply. 

In contrast, GoDaddy’s products are friendly, especially to newbies. Its web builder is intuitive and offers meaningful suggestions to create a stunning site. You can take a shortcut too by using any theme from the list of 100+ free templates. Should things get thick, just reach out to the active community forums. You’ll find a significant number of experienced users ready to assist you. Both companies offer live chat support round the clock

Now let's talk ecommerce. In HostGator, all you’ll get is a shopping cart and dedicated IP address. However, if you aspire to make customers happy, then consider hosting on GoDaddy. You’ll get customized plans built to skyrocket your sales. You’ll find a shopping cart, a payments processor, inventory manager, and so on. 

Wix vs GoDaddy

If you want to set up a website fast, get Wix. This host has one of the best site builders in the industry. It’s not only easy to use but also feature-rich. You can pick from 300+ free themes, edit content, and go live in under a few minutes. You’ll also have access to the marketplace with 100+ apps for boosting your site’s functionality. 

Whereas you get unlimited bandwidth, we find the storage space of up to 50GB is basic. Running media-intensive platforms won’t be ideal with this host. The inability to change your website’s user interface is another drawback. 

Then, there’s GoDaddy that gives you the freedom of building anything that you want. If you’re a novice, there are pre-built templates for you. Don’t like the feel of what you’ve created? No problem. Just swap the themes. As for advanced users, there are VPS and dedicated servers for running power-hungry websites/apps. You’re allowed to move your website to a different provider as well.

GoDaddy Pricing

GoDaddy hosting prices are as follows below:

  • Shared hosting – From $5.99/Month 
  • WordPress hosting – From $8.99/Month
  • VPS hosting – From $4.99/Month
  • Business hosting – From $19.99/Month
  • Dedicated server - From $129.99/Month 
  • Reseller hosting – From $39.99/Month

GoDaddy doesn’t have free hosting tiers. But you do get a 30-day trial to test the waters. It offers a 48-hour and 30-days refund policy for the monthly and yearly plans respectively. 

GoDaddy Review - Verdict

GoDaddy is a great host. It has flexible plans for both starters and novice users. One thing you’ll appreciate in the unlimited bandwidth and storage space. It’s ideal for deploying many projects at once. Some of the standout features include a web builder, free domain, and email customization

Security is equally top-notch. Users get an aggressive firewall for filtering DDoS and malware attacks. It equally does a good job of keeping hackers at bay by blocking malicious requests. You get an IP blocker tool for restricting access to your site for certain users. 

GoDaddy reviews do praise the efficiency of customer support. You can reach them round the clock for assistance. Regardless of your issue, you’ll be sorted fast with a working solution. 

If you still aren’t convinced, there’s a 30-day free trial to give you a taste. What are you waiting for?


Who is GoDaddy owned by?

GoDaddy is owned by American billionaire techpreneur, Bob Parsons. In the beginning, he sold his financial services firm Parsons Technology with the intention of retiring. But his love for technology won’t let him enjoy a peaceful retirement. Armed with $65 million in the bank, he decided to venture into the world of hosting. At present, his company ranks among the best domain hosts with 17.5 million customers globally.

Why is GoDaddy so cheap?

GoDaddy offers low-cost plans that target the mass market. This is ideal for attracting a large number of users. In doing so, it’s able to split the high cost of maintaining infrastructure between the customers. It’s for this reason GoDaddy hosting is so cheap.

Is GoDaddy worth the money?

Yes, it’s most definitely worth your money. With this host, you get a wide range of hosting plans. It offers a free domain, business email, and 100+ templates to use. You get a web builder with a live editor and drag-drop functions as well. These features help you save cash by cutting down the costs of hiring a full-time developer.

Is GoDaddy reliable?

Yes, it is. This full-service web hosting company has an average uptime of 99.99%. You’ll get a 5% discount on your next bill should it fail to uphold this in a month. But there’s a catch. Issues arising from planned maintenance and natural disasters aren’t covered in this guarantee. On the bright side, they haven’t experienced any major incident in the past 12 months. 

Is GoDaddy or Wix better?

GoDaddy website hosting is better – here’s why. While both vendors offer affordable hosting solutions, they differ in terms of flexibility. Wix gives you a simple way to build your site. It has 300+ free themes that are easy to customize as per your needs. Users also get unlimited bandwidth enough to support thousands of users. However, storage is on the lower side. You get a maximum of 50GB. In addition to that, users aren’t allowed to switch hosts. That means once you sign up, you’re locked on their service for good. 

In comparison, GoDaddy gives you endless possibilities for configuring your website. Apart from its simple-to-use web builder, you get WordPress CMS with 50,000+ free templates. Likewise, storage isn’t an issue with this host. It’s unlimited. And as GoDaddy reviews say, you can move to another host effortlessly, if you’re looking for something else.


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