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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 18, 2022

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Owned by a company trusted by many, Mint has become one of the biggest money management platforms out there. So, naturally, I had to test it. Read my Mint review to find out the good, the bad, and the meh.

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Best for: Suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

Strengths Free to use
Strengths Links all financial accounts in one place
Strengths Strong security
Strengths Alerts and notifications
Weaknesses Wrong categorization at times
Weaknesses Transactions can’t be deleted
Weaknesses No shared accounts

What Is Mint?

Mint is a personal finance software, owned by Intuit – a global financial company, known for programs like TurboTax and QuickBooks. Through the years, the service has become one of the leading money management solutions.

You can use the Mint budgeting software as both a web-based solution and a mobile app. 

A downside to the program is that it only supports financial institutions in the US and Canada. So, sadly, it can’t be used by international users. After asking Mint’s team, however, I was told they’re working on expanding to the United Kingdom.

Here’s how it works:

After creating an account you’ll be asked to link to your:

  • banks 
  • credit cards 
  • personal loans
  • other financial accounts of any kind 

This way you’ll be able to see an overall picture of the course of your money. Keep in mind that setting up may take a while.

The Mint finance app will assist you in:

  • tracking your expenses and savings 
  • creating a monthly budget 
  • monitoring your credit score 
  • tracking monthly bills
  • other finance-related actions

The websites’ interface is divided into nine categories: 

  • Overview 
  • Transactions 
  • Credit Score 
  • Bills 
  • Budgets 
  • Goals
  • Trends
  • Investments
  • Ways to Save 

The lack of an account reconciliation feature, however, might be a disadvantage to some.

The Overview screen shows you an overview of your account balances, budget, transactions, upcoming bills, etc.

One of the most important pages in the Mint budget tool is the Transactions one. It will categorize yours automatically. Sometimes, though, that can be a bit off, so you might have to fix it manually. 

Transactions can be split between different categories as well, which can be very useful. You are able to edit subcategories, but the main ones can’t be changed.

In the Credit Score section, you can get a free credit score, that’s based on you Equifax credit report.

You can keep track of due dates and available money in the Bills tab. Unfortunately, you can’t pay through the Mint financial software anymore.

Another very important tab is the Budget one, where you can create custom categories that suit your needs and assign budgets for all of them. The program will visualize your spending through colorful bars. But:

You can’t budget for future months, which is a huge limitation.

Through the Mint budgeting software, you have the option to set Goals. Pay your debt, save money, establish an emergency fund – whatever it is, you can create a plan and follow it. Alas, you are only allowed to set one goal per account (and that’s often not enough).

Go to the Trends page to get reports on your spending, assets, income, net worth, etc. Select a time period to view these and filter them by category, tag or merchant.

In the Investments section, you can track your investments' value, performance, and allocation.

Click on Ways to Save in the Mint interface to view any personalized suggestions the software has for you, like credit cards, insurance, etc. You might find these ads helpful, but make sure you do your own research before paying for anything. 

If you, however, find them annoying, there’s an ad-free option.

Is it safe, though?

Mint uses bank-grade security, so it can’t even access what you type. The app utilizes multi-factor authentication, strong encryption, security codes, etc.

But that’s not all:

Mint Features

Let’s now discuss the features that stood out during the tests for this Mint app review.

By the way, some of the things present on the website can’t be found on the app. So, it’s worth checking out every once in a while.

Bill Negotiation

Mint teams up with ApexEdge’s Billshark to help users lower their bills. The tool negotiates better rates on behalf of the clients in exchange for a cut of their savings (40% to be exact) for up to 24 months. This feature allows you to potentially save hundreds of dollars.

Financial Coaching

You can now connect with suitable advisors to improve your financial health. The experts use the information provided by the client in the Mint app to create a plan for them.

After a 15-minute free session, the user is able to choose what price to pay for further coaching. The bigger the amount, the more benefits received. The package offered by the Mint finance software consists of two one-hour sessions. If needed, more sessions can be added.

Through this feature, you can receive a review and an analysis of your habits,  personalized spending, and a step-by-step financial plan.

Bill Payment Tracker

Mint tracks everything from your credit card to utilities. That also includes your subscriptions. The software notifies you when your due dates are approaching. In addition, it lets you know if there are any price increases or fees detected.


With the Mint expenses tracker, you can create categories and set spending limits that will be closely monitored by the platform. You’ll get a notification before you overspend. Also, you’ll be offered recommendations that’ll help you spend less.

Use this feature to keep track of how much money you spend on different areas of life.

Free Credit Score

Your credit score can be affected by multiple factors like: 

  • payment history 
  • types of credit 
  • credit utilization 
  • total balances and debt 

And more!

With Mint budget software, you can receive a free credit score and work on improving it. In addition, you can save on loans, insurance, and more.


You’ll be alerted whenever you go over budget, if there are any suspicious transactions, and if there are any upcoming bills. Also, you’ll be shown how much money you pay on ATM fees.

Budget Categorization

Use the default categories or make your own, and add tags. This way your spending goals will be clearly visible and easy to manage. Feel free to separate purchases into different categories.


The Mint computer app offers portfolio and investment tracking

It allows you to compare your portfolio to market benchmarks and see your asset allocation. The feature also helps you distinguish unnecessary fees from necessary ones, so that you don’t waste money.

Ease of Use

Mint’s interface is pretty straightforward and it’s not difficult to find what you’re looking for. The desktop version, however, is more detailed and organized.  

Something that a lot of people, who use the software for free, find upsetting is the plethora of intrusive ads. Also, according to customer Mint reviews, accounts often get unsynced, and sometimes glitches appear.

Overall, the software is user-friendly and suitable for beginners.

Customer Support

The platform has a Help page where many frequently asked questions are answered. You can look up yours in the search bar. 

If you still need help, the Mint has support agents available via chat, all week long, from 5 AM to 9 PM PT. If you’re unable to see a chat button, then they might be closed or at full capacity at the given moment.

When I reached out to customer support, I immediately received an automated message, letting me know I’ll shortly be talking to an expert. And, true to their word, in two minutes, I was chatting with a very kind and helpful employee. After giving me a case number, they proceeded to answer my query.

The Mint website says they don’t have a phone number.

Mint Pricing

The exact cost depends on the package you choose:



This is the original version of Mint and it was the only one available until recently. With it you get all the platform’s classic features, however, you’ll be constantly seeing ads and recommendations.



If you subscribe to this plan, you’ll stop getting ads or third-party offers. The only place they’ll be present will be the Marketplace tab. This is an option created for the mobile application, but you’ll still see fewer suggestions on the website. This plan is available for both iOS and Android.



You get all the features of the ad-free version, together with some additional ones. For example, Mint can manage finances, teach you your money’s growth potential, and show projected monthly spending. For now, this plan is only available for iOS.

Mint Review - Verdict

Mint keeps evolving and it seems like its goal is to satisfy its users’ every financial need. The abundance of features makes sure you don’t need to look anywhere else for information regarding your money.

There are disadvantages that are worth mentioning. Sometimes they can stand in the way of you properly understanding how your money flows. Nevertheless, from most customer Mint reviews you can tell that most of the time, the app achieves its main purpose.

Since all of the software’s main features can be accessed for free, there’s nothing to lose in just testing it out. 

Why not try it today?


Is Mint free?

The Mint finance app used to be 100% free until recently. Now, it offers an Ad-free version and a Premium version, both missing the (often annoying) advertisements. There are additional features available if you pay for the Premium plan. Still, you don’t need to pay anything for access to the platform’s main tools.

Is Mint reliable?

I thoroughly tested it for this Mint app review and I can safely say that yes, it is reliable. It offers users pretty much everything they can think of, concerning finances. Apart from some (inevitable, I believe) bugs, the software does its job well.

Is Mint budgeting app safe?

Intuit offers bank-grade security offered, which prevents the program from seeing what you type. Besides that, it includes things like:

  • multi-factor authentication 
  • strong encryption 
  • 4-digit security codes
  • Touch ID 

For more information, check out my Mint review.


Deyan Georgiev

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