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Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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Gusto is a payroll and benefits platform perfect for small businesses. Many Gusto reviews only cover the interactive interface and uncomplicated features, but we’ll take it a step further. Here is all you need to know about this service.



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Best for: Small businesses, accountants, and experts

Strengths Electronic signature
Strengths Excellent user experience
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Strengths Top-notch customer support
Weaknesses Weak dashboard
Weaknesses Certain reports must be downloaded

What Is Gusto?

Gusto launched in 2012 as Zen Payroll and has transformed into one of the best platforms for payroll, benefits, and HR control for small businesses and accountants. Regardless of the user’s experience level, everyone will appreciate the easy-to-navigate set of payroll setup, reporting tools, and processing style.

Gusto software is cloud-based and backed by expert support. Its exceptional user experience is what sets this service apart from the crowd. The intuitive navigation scheme and clean interface make an otherwise tedious and time-consuming process much smoother.

The platform serves more than 100,000 businesses globally with employee benefits such as 401(k) accounts and health insurance. Thanks to Gusto, you’ll spend less time managing payroll and human resources and have more time for your work.

Gusto Features

It’s almost impossible to be disappointed with Gusto’s features. The service gives you all the tools needed to navigate HR, payroll, and administration, including:

Benefits Administration 

Although BA is standard with all payroll software, Gusto takes it a step further. If you have existing benefits providers, you can transfer their management to this platform to enable easier payroll deductions.

You will find standard retirement plans, dental, medical, vision, life insurance, and disability coverage. But Gusto benefits has more features, such as commuter benefits, matching charity, and you can even add custom ones.

With Gusto, employees can request up to 40% of their estimated net wages in advance through the company’s Cashout program. The funds will be deducted from their next pay.

Another BA feature is that employees can take advantage of the self-service functionality. They can select their health plans, schedule changes according to upcoming life events, and add dependents without involving human resources. We also love that lifetime employee accounts allow users to access information after leaving the company.

Gusto Payroll Services

Processing payroll is easy with Gusto. The platform has managed to simplify the set-up process, lasting 45 minutes to a few hours depending on how many employees you have and whether you have all the information, you need.

Running a payroll with Gusto is simple and easy. A standard payroll showcases a list of employees with their annual salary or hourly rate. Entering overtime hours is easy, and there are also options to add commissions, reimbursements, bonuses, and other earnings.

You have to open a new screen for recording time-off, which can be slightly inconvenient. You can also enter public health emergency leave hours.

Based on the policies you’ve established with Gusto, you can see how many days off and PTO hours each employee has. You can also download this as a PDF version or as a CVS when needed. Many Gusto payroll reviews like how this is entirely paperless.

Hiring and Onboarding

Whether you’re working in an office or remotely, you will be able to quickly hire and onboard employees. New hires will receive customized letter templates that reflect your company’s style and culture. Gusto has a simple onboarding checklist that will help employers set up benefits, get the right forms signed, simplify more onboarding tasks, and more.

You can share, send, and store documents online and request electronic signatures where needed. All forms are stored in your Gusto account for easy access. Creating organization charts, employee directories, virtual birthday cards, and surveys helps create a more engaging working environment. 

Gusto Wallet

There is a free Gusto Wallet app for all your employees, providing them with a safe and more accessible way of storing and spending money. You can create up to five savings goals and add money to these sub-wallets without additional or hidden fees.

Withdrawals are free at around 32,000 ATMs around the world. By getting a debit card, you can set up a spending account and earn interest. On the mobile app, you can easily access secure transaction records. Ours isn’t the only Gusto review to state this is a fantastic feature.

Gusto Time Tracking

Employees can clock in and out from their account dashboard in real-time or add/edit hours at a later time. Once hours are approved, the software automatically saves employee spreadsheets.

Gusto Apps and Integrations

Officially, Gusto does not have a mobile application that lets you use the platform, but it offers iOS and Android apps to navigate your wallet. The lack of a dedicated Gusto application is a significant drawback, though.

As Gusto is a cloud-based platform, all your data is stored on a remote server network. Gusto also works with several integrations, including:

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the main advantages of Gusto. The platform’s support is exceptional, with extremely helpful and friendly representatives. 

Gusto has two offices in the United States, in San Francisco and Denver. The best way to get in touch is by logging into your account to contact the team directly. If you don’t have an account, you can phone them. Phone support is available from 9 AM to 2 PM, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can send them a message by filling out a small form on their official website.

We’ve reached out to customer support and can only praise them and their professionalism. After filling out the form, they typically respond within a day or two. Overall, they seemed knowledgeable and fixed our problems quickly. You won’t find a contradictory statement by reading other Gusto reviews.

For less urgent issues, the FAQ section can be a great help. The help center is neatly organized in sections. For example, you can open Gusto accounting, benefits, payroll, team management, and integrations to find a helpful solution to any inquiries you might have.

Gusto Pricing 

While this platform is a bit pricier than its competitors, the many advanced features make it worth it. Currently, there are four available base plans available:

  • Basic plan — $19/month base plan + $6/month per person
  • Core plan — $39/month base plan + $6/month per person
  • Complete plan — $39/month base plan + $12/month per person
  • Concierge plan — $149/month base plan + $12/month per person

The basic plan is a beta plan with payroll basics that are typically good for one or two teams. On the contrary, the most advanced plan offers certified HR pros, a resource center for HR, time tracking, HR on autopilot, and many more advantages.

There are additional plans and packages available, including Gusto health insurance benefits, health reimbursement ($15/month/employee), and 401(k) retirement integrated plans ($39/month plus $6/month/employee). Gusto can also help you pay up to 1099 contractors for $6/month/person. There are 529 college savings plans, flexible spending accounts, and health savings accounts.

Gusto Review - Verdict 

Gusto is a fantastic and efficient platform for small businesses looking to simplify how they handle payroll, HR issues, and benefits administration. The lack of a mobile application is a downside, although there are compatible iOS and Android apps for Gusto Wallet. 

Where Gusto services redeem itself is with its many useful features. While the prices are a bit high, the packages include everything a small business needs. With a combination of easy navigation, sleek design, and helpful customer support service, this platform is one of the best on the market.


What is Gusto used for?

Gusto helps small businesses with their payroll. However, even experienced people can take advantage of Gusto’s well-founded set of payroll setup, processing, reporting tools, and excellent customer support.

How much does Gusto cost?

Gusto’s plans start at $19 per month for the base plan and an additional $6 per month per user. You can take advantage of additional features by upgrading to a more expensive plan. The core plan is $39/month and $6/month/employee; the Complete plan costs $39/month and $12/month/employee; the Concierge plan costs $149/month and $12/month/employee.

Does Gusto have a time clock?

Yes, it does. Gusto has a time tracking feature where employees can track time, clock in, add overtime hours, edit, and more.

Is Gusto payroll safe?

Gusto is extremely safe as all information and data are preserved on a reliable network of remote servers. The platform’s security is updated to the latest standards, so you don’t have to worry. Many Gusto reviews join us in praising the platform for its safety.


Jacquelyn Bulao

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