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Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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Not a big fan of Excel? Choose an online accounting software - namely, Freshbooks. Maybe you’ve never heard of it or are still on the fence about buying it. Our FreshBooks review has all the important details to help you make an informed decision.


Modern, easy to use

FreshBooks apps

Android & iOS

Electronic payment




Double-entry accounting


Import & Export files


App Integration

Wide-range (106 software)

Customer Service



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Minimum Price $7.50/month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Freelancers & small business owners

Strengths Accepts online payments
Strengths Double-entry accounting
Strengths Outstanding invoice & expense tracking
Weaknesses Limited number of billable clients
Weaknesses Inadequate mobile apps features
Weaknesses Lacks inventory & vendor management

FreshBooks has been shaping the world of freelancers and small business owners since 2003. It’s among the best business accounting software and more than 24 million users across 160 countries trust it. 

With FreshBooks, you can automate client billing and expense tracking. You can also create proposals and negotiate with contractors on a single platform. Plus, accepting online payments and setting up recurring invoices is much easier with this software. 

FreshBooks Features

From invoicing to double-entry accounting, FreshBooks is armed to the teeth with innovative features. We tested them all for this FreshBooks review.

Ease of Use

FreshBooks is the easiest accounting software for a small business owner to use. There’s no need for paid training. Attending their free webinars and exploring the knowledge base is absolutely enough.

FreshBooks software is also clean and intuitive. All the main functions are separated in tabs on the left. If you’re confused, it has short instructions per feature. It’s the perfect combination of a product walkthrough and hands-on experience.


FreshBooks invoice templates are customizable and easy to edit. You can add your logo and change the color to match your branding. Partial installments are possible thanks to Payment Schedules. Repetitive and ongoing works can be automatically charged through Recurring Invoice

The Retainers tool lets you manage services with an allotted budget and time. It combines billing, time tracking, and reporting functions to create FreshBooks invoices depending on the arrangement. The software can also send Late Payment Reminders via email to every client with outstanding invoices.

Expense Tracking

FreshBooks has powerful tools to make expense tracking simple. Forget about manual entries - you can import daily expenses from connected credit cards and bank accounts. You can also upload old expenses in bulk through CSV files. Snap and store your receipts on the cloud for easier access. Categorize each expense so all data needed in tax forms are organized and can be searched by groups. Mark expenses as billable and forwards the converted invoice to the client. 

FreshBooks is multi-currency too! Just set up a particular currency per client and it will be the default. As an online accounting software for small business, FreshBooks supports your growth by expanding the list of currencies it supports.


Monitor business health through insightful FreshBooks reports. Each report is color-coded and can be filtered by client, team member, or date. You can also save, extract, and print the results. 

However, as other FreshBooks reviews have mentioned, the tool has simpler reporting metrics than other cloud accounting software. The types of reports it provides are limited and you can’t customize them.

FreshBooks can generate reports for:

  • Profit and Loss
  • Sales Tax summary
  • Accounts Aging Report
  • Payments Collected
  • General Ledger, Trial Balance, Chart of Accounts
  • Expense & Invoice Details

Time Tracking

Ensure every hour you spent working is logged and billed. FreshBooks time tracking helps you record your hours per client and per project. Just start its built-in clock and your time is automatically listed on the Day sub-tab. You can add details about the client, project, service type, and the total time tracked for each list. 

Logging your hours per week is also possible on the Week sub-tab. Overall, FreshBooks time tracking gives you daily, weekly, and monthly breakdowns of your work hours. With FreshBooks cloud accounting, you can turn all unbilled hours into invoices in one click! Just select ‘Generate Invoice’ and it’s a simple point and click from there.

Estimates & Proposals

A client is asking for quotations? FreshBooks Estimates can help you give a quick outline of your services and rates. Plus, you can immediately convert Estimates into invoices once approved. 

Showcase your business value with in-depth FreshBooks Proposals. Their templates are editable, saving you time creating in other programs. You can attach testimonies and previous works in addition to project details and cost to prove your credibility. All FreshBooks reviews highlighted how helpful all those tools are. Other functions include status tracking, responding to client’s feedback, and adding discounts. 

FreshBooks Payments

The best part of FreshBooks? You can accept electronic payment! Let your clients pay online as soon as they receive their invoice. Allow bank transfers and debit & credit card transactions through FreshBooks Payments, PayPal, and Stripes.

You can also add Advanced Payments to your plan. Store card information and create subscription-based billings to automatically charge all recurring services. 

Projects & Team Collaboration

FreshBooks effectively combines team collaboration and small business accounting software into one service. Collaborate by adding employees and assigning their roles. Your team can also share files on centralized cloud storage. Communicate beyond invoices - invite clients and contractors to review Estimates and Expenses among others. 

Take note that these features are add-ons for FreshBooks project management.  

Double-Entry Accounting

Because single-entry accounting only records the cash flow, it’s easy to miss errors in your general ledger. Thankfully, FreshBooks is a double-entry bookkeeping system too!  It automatically counter-checks and highlights discrepancies in your debit and credit books. This gives you more accurate financial statements for fiscal year-end. 

Freshbooks Apps and Integrations

FreshBooks mobile apps are excellent bookkeeping solutions for on-the-go users. Both FreshBooks for Android and iOS can do everything except Payments and Reports

Staying in sync is not a problem as FreshBooks is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. Plus, it can be integrated into 106 business tools, providing you with more helpful functionalities. Some of these include:

Customer Support

FreshBooks has a comprehensive help center for new and existing users. It explains each feature and provides step-by-step guides on how to use them. Free webinars are also available.

FreshBooks doesn’t offer live chat but its phone and email support are responsive. You can contact them during business hours from Monday to Friday. During our FreshBooks review testing, we’ve noticed they provide quick responses even in app stores. Moreover, most of them aren’t copypasted prompts, rather complete answers about inquiries and ways to contact them with reference tickets. Other user-written FreshBooks reviews also showed high praises and most of them rated the support with 5 stars.

FreshBooks vs QuickBooks Online

For this FreshBooks review, we excluded other QuickBooks versions and only compared the online accounting capabilities of both services.

FreshBooks has a faster and more intuitive web console. QuickBooks Online’s workflow in the portal and Help Center is scattered and overwhelming. But unlike FreshBooks, it has live chat support as you’ll definitely need an agent to understand the software. 

FreshBooks is more affordable than QuickBooks Online. Yet, FreshBooks add-ons can also be expensive if you have a large team. Luckily, FreshBooks isn’t stringent in its feature offerings. Almost all functions are available even in the lowest subscription plan. The only notable difference is in payment options and the number of billable clients. 

FreshBooks invoice, expense & time tracking, project management, and team collaboration functions are superior to QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online is ahead in terms of reporting, business analytics, chart of accounts, and stock/inventory capabilities. Moreover, its number of clients isn’t limited, unlike FreshBooks. 

With reporting and analytics functions, QuickBooks offers more features than FreshBooks. However, QuickBooks can only run on Windows and macOS. It also has fewer third party-apps integrations. 

FreshBooks Pricing

FreshBooks plans are separated into four tiers. All plans have unlimited FreshBooks invoices.

The following prices are for an annual plan. You can see the monthly prices in our FAQ section.

  • Lite - $108.00/year, 5 billable clients
  • Plus - $180.00/year, 50 billable clients
  • Premium - $360.00/year, 500 billable clients
  • Select - Custom plan

Below is the cost of FreshBooks add-ons:

  • $10/month - Per team member invite
  • $20/month - Advanced Payments

FreshBooks Free Trial

To get a FreshBooks free trial, you only need your email address. After signing in, you can enjoy all features for 30 days.  FreshBooks also has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy valid in the first month of your subscription.

FreshBooks Review - Verdict 

At the end of our testing, it became obvious that FreshBooks is an excellent cloud accounting software. It’s a great tool to track clients, invoices, and expenses. Plus, it has great apps and extensive third party-app integrations. Customer support is also reliable. You can enjoy it all at a reasonable price.  

Sadly, FreshBooks doesn’t have unlimited billable clients and inventory management. The reports lack some robust metrics that are available in other online accounting tools. While the FreshBooks apps are missing some features from the portal.


Who owns Freshbooks?

Mike McDerment, the company’s CEO and developer, is behind FreshBooks.

Is Freshbooks easy to use?

Yes. The interface is intuitive with an easy-to-understand workflow. Instructions are also provided.

Is Freshbooks good for accounting?

Yes. As highlighted in our FreshBooks review, it is a feature-rich bookkeeping and cloud accounting software.

Is there a free version of Freshbooks?

No. It only has a free trial.

Does Freshbooks do payroll?

No. FreshBooks isn’t an accounting and payroll software. However, it can be integrated with Gusto.

How much does Freshbooks cost a month?

FreshBooks cost $7.50 per month for the Lite tier. The Plus and Premium tiers are priced at $12.50 and $25.00 per month respectively.

Is Freshbooks better than QuickBooks?

Yes, in terms of invoicing, expense and time tracking, team, and project management capabilities.


Jacquelyn Bulao

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