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Nero Peña
Nero Peña

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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We’ve heard good things about Boom 3D – an app that’s known for its unique sound-enhancing abilities. But are these claims true? We took it for a spin and came back with clear answers in this Boom 3D review. 

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Boom 3D Review

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Best for: Home Entertainment

Strengths Immersive sound
Strengths Powerful equalizer
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Strengths Slick interface
Weaknesses Limited mobile version
Weaknesses Mac-only features
Weaknesses Limited audio player

What Is Boom 3D?

Boom 3D is audio enhancing software that elevates the sound from any media. When you play songs, video games, or stream movies, this app uses music technology to boost your audio playback.

It’s a great application developed by Global Delight. Since launching in 2007, the company has been pioneering in audio, video, and photography software. It’s the tech giant behind award-winning apps like Capto, Vizmato, and now – Boom 3D.

This 3D audio app works system-wide, so the overall sound quality is enhanced before the signals reach your speakers.

Over 30 million users globally use these apps as their go-to tools. This one, in particular, has found its way into the hearts of audiophiles, DJs, hi-fi enthusiasts, producers, and musicians. Everyone across the sound spectrum! Numerous Boom 3D reviews have been singing praises about its features as well.

But is it worth a try? Let’s see.

Boom 3D Features

This program has a simple goal – to give users an upscaled sound experience. Some call it the Boom sound booster, and it’s all because of these features: 

3D Surround Sound

One of the most impressive specs of this program is its ability to turn regular sound into full-range surround sound. It’s the kind of quality you would get in a cinema or a home theatre system!

Using computer algorithms, the program tweaks the track’s elements to produce a more detailed frequency response. You’re free to adjust aspects such as the audio intensity or subwoofer gain. These settings are the key to getting a rich and immersive sound. 

Boom 3D is a great tool to use for gaming or watching movies. But since the app also works as a 3D sound music player, you can apply surround sound to your jam sessions.

The significant edge is that you can experience this virtual surround sound through any device. You can use your earphones, speakers, gaming headset, or even just your laptop speakers. The sound enhancer works consistently.

Advanced Equalizer

Boom 3D is also widely used as an equalizer app for Mac and Windows. The 31-Band Boom Equalizer helps to calibrate your audio to ensure each frequency is modulated.

This tool is packed with 31 preset options that fit various music genres. You’ll find tailored equalizers such as Gameplay, Acoustic, Movie, Classical, 60s, Electronic, Dance, EDM, Dance, Flat, Hip Hop, Bass Boost, Treble Boost, Vocals, and more. 

And if these pre-made settings don’t flatter your taste, you can set the equalizer to your preferences. The intensity sliders let you play around with the audio levels until you find the right mix. Then, you can save your adjustments.

If you’re into music production, like audio mixing or audio mastering, this tool will help you get the right kind of playback.

Volume Booster

Are you someone who likes to amp up the volume of your sound output? Boom volume booster is the answer. But heads up – you’ll only find this feature if you use Boom 3D for Mac. Why it’s missing on the app’s Windows version is a mystery.

Nonetheless, this tool works wonders for those who are up for an intense listening experience. And the great thing about it is that it increases the volume non-destructively. You won’t hear that annoying hiss filter or white noise when you turn the volume up. When you’re playing a game or watching a movie, you’ll listen to every detail with no distortions of any sort.

App Volume Controller 

There’s more you can do than boosting the Boom volume for Mac. You can also control the loudness of your apps

Whether you’re playing your music in the background, adjusting notification alerts, or simply calibrating your desktop volume, this feature will come in handy. You can use this tool for controlling the sound output from apps like iTunes, Spotify, Netflix, Google Chrome, Skype, and so on. 

Like the Volume Booster, this feature isn’t available on the Boom app for Windows.

Built-in Player

If you want to play tracks or stream some songs, you can use the Boom music player. On your computer, you can drag-and-drop audio files into the app and play them right there. It’s possible to do it in singles, all at once, or group the tracks to make your own playlist.

There’s no option to integrate music streaming platforms with the desktop version. But if you’re using Boom for Android or iOS, this feature is available. You can access your music library and load them through Spotify or Tidal. However, due to Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions, you won’t be able to apply Boom effects on your Apple Music tracks.

Radio Stations

This app lets you tune in to the radio too. You can access over 20,000 radio stations from 120 countries.

Since that’s quite a lot to choose from, the program has a Favorites section. Here you can save your go-to stations and your favorite radio shows. The Explore section also groups the different stations into categories like Music Genre, Moods, Shows on-air, Topics, Spotlight, and more.

Boom 3D Effects

Apart from 3D surround sound, you can also choose from five different audio styles to match your preferences. Boom 3D for Windows and Mac both offer these options, and they completely change the way you hear your sound by adding electronic effects. Here they are:


Gamers and movie buffs will enjoy these filters. It’s all about highlighting the sound in every ambient movement. As a result, the stereo output is much more detailed and realistic. Natural reflection and instrument enhancement are part of this effect. The sound is just as immersive as 3D surround, but the focus is more on the surroundings.


Like listening to turntable decks, this effect will allow you to enjoy tracks just as they were recorded. You’ll be able to hear an accurate playback. It will enhance the weaker frequency bands of your audio. This way, the Boom sound booster can refine the overall sound quality. The sound output is vibrant, thanks to the balanced gain and calibrated audio rendering.

Night Mode

Night Mode decreases the intensity of bombastic sounds, like explosions or hot pursuits. At the same time, it highlights soft sounds such as whispers or breezes so you can hear them. Plus, it comes with its own intensity slider – both present in Boom audio for Mac and Windows. 


This effect enhances the stereo image, which adds more clarity to the left and proper audio channels. With this setting, you’ll be able to get a sound field with more depth. You’ll also hear sound locations much clearer. Ultimately, it paves the way for a more detailed 3D soundscape


When you’re dealing with sound recording and reproduction, manipulating the pitch levels is a standard procedure. In this case, the Pitch effect in this 3D audio app is a handy tool to maneuver. With it, you’ll be able to play with the pitch of your tracks by five semitones. Now matching other instruments or fine-tuning on the app will be easier. 

Boom Mobile

If you wish to get the same immersive sound experience through your phone, you can download and use Boom for Android or iOS. It isn’t as feature-rich as the desktop software, and you won’t get a full-blown equalizer for your tracks. However, it’s still got some pretty cool features when you use it as a 3D sound music player

Just like in the PC version, you can set up a surround sound output for your playlists. It works on any headphones and speakers.

It also comes with an advanced equalizer that contains 27 presets. From the get-go, you can preview some presets like Blues, Rock Music, Heavy Metal Music, Pop, EDM, etc. These are all customizable, so you can configure the output to match your preferences. You also get the same number of radio stations as on the desktop version.

But one unique feature you’ll find in the Boom sound app is its streaming platform integrations. You can easily connect your Spotify or Tidal account to access your playlist on the app.

In the free mode, you can only use the app as a music player. It’s a bit limited, which we found consistent among a handful of Boom 3D reviews. To get the full suite of features like the ones mentioned above, you’ll have to pay for a premium subscription.

Ease of Use and Interface

For an audio program loaded with features, Boom 3D is light and user-friendly. On the website, you have the option to buy or try the software. All it takes is a quick download and a desktop installation.

Once you get into the interface, maneuvering the tools and sliders is easy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Boom 3D on Windows 10 or Mac – the UI is consistently responsive. Configuring your audio preferences offers a lot of flexibility but not too complex. The main effect controls and graphic equalizer can be tweaked comfortably.

The ready-made presets also make it easier for you to find the sound output you like. If you’re using it alongside a digital audio workstation for mixing or mastering, the variety of equalization settings will help you hear your tracks better.

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this Boom 3D review, the built-in audio player isn’t as advanced as the program claims it to be. But it still has a leg up over any computer’s default media player. It works seamlessly with the sound enhancer, and the convenience of the drag-and-drop option when adding your files makes it even easier to create your playlists.

Boom 3D Pricing

If you’re wondering what’s the price to pay for this audio software, here it is.

There is no Lite version available, so you won’t be able to use Boom 3D for free. However, the 30-day free trial period gives you plenty of time to fiddle with the equalizer and all the tools you can find on the program. 

And that’s beside the fact that buying the software isn’t very expensive.

Just check out this pricing:

It’s a one-time payment – all features included. So once you pay for the package, you can use it without worrying about monthly subscriptions or locked specs. A single purchase lets you run the application on two devices.

When it comes to the mobile app, you can download it for free. But if you want to unlock all the features, you can add a paid subscription from $2.99/month.

Boom 3D Review - Verdict

Audio enhancing software sounds like a tool for the pros, but not this one. Boom 3D’s sole function is to make all forms of media sound exquisite – that’s it. And it does that successfully.

The fact that you can make a regular track fully immersive is a real game-changer. And we’re talking about a few switches and sliders. No tech skills are required here! You don’t have to buy expensive equipment to watch your movies, listen to your tunes, play games, or work on music in true hi-fi fashion.

The Boom audio player may look quite typical. But with the sound booster locked in, it completely changes the way you listen to your audio content.

The Boom app for Mac contains extra features, like the Volume Booster and App Volume Controller. So if you’re on this side of the spectrum, you’re getting a lot more functionality than a simple Mac system equalizer

However, that’s not to say that this program is built in favor of Mac users only. The software’s core is its audio enhancing abilities, which remain robust regardless of the version you’re using. Windows users can still take advantage of its sound boosters just the same.

So, we’ll end this Boom 3D review with a simple note:

If you want to elevate your sound experience across any audio device, Boom 3D is worth a try!


Is Boom 3D legit?

Yes, Boom 3D is an effective tool for achieving high-fidelity sound. With it, you can have a virtual surround sound experience through your headphones or speakers. Its digital equalizer also tweaks your tracks’ sound output to match a certain mood, genre, or style. The audio effects are tailored to enhance various content pieces such as movies, songs, or video games. Based on our test runs and the numerous Boom 3D reviews, it offers an easy and affordable way to upgrade your overall listening experience.

Is Boom 3D free?

No, Boom 3D has no free version. However, it does come with a generous trial period of 30 days. You can use all the software’s features until your trial expires. You can use the Boom mobile app for free as a plain music player, but you have to upgrade to the paid subscription to enjoy all features.

How much does Boom 3D cost?

Boom 3D has a Mac and Windows version that’s both available for a one-off purchase. Boom is its simplified mobile version. Here’s much each variant costs:

  • Boom 3D for Windows - $14.99
  • Boom 3D for Mac - $14.99
  • Boom app (mobile) - From $2.99/month

Does Boom 3D work with Spotify?

Yes, but only through Boom iOS or Android. Based on our Boom 3D review, the mobile app works well with streaming platforms – Spotify included. You can access your Spotify playlist through the app and use some audio enhancement features to elevate your sound experience.


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