Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Oct 09, 2022

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Being able to find anyone’s professional email address in just a few clicks could do wonders for many businesses out there. If that’s the case with you, I have a tool you’ll love. The best part - you can even use it for free. Let’s check how good it is in this review.

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Best for: Scraping websites for contact information

Strengths Practical features
Strengths Extremely easy to use
Strengths Handy browser extensions
Strengths Available for free and with scalable pricing plans
Weaknesses No tools for social media
Weaknesses Some plans are expensive
Weaknesses Works only with professional email addresses

What Is is a tool for finding and verifying professional email addresses. It has been designed to support businesses with their lead generation and email outreach processes.

Whether you’re looking to locate and contact other business owners, webmasters, or even employees, has your back. It even includes bulk functions that can save you much time when conducting mass-email campaigns.

What’s more, its online dashboard and browser plugin comes in a minimalist design that makes the entire process highly convenient.

So, is this tool the right choice for your business?

Let’s check it out in this extensive review. Features

Let’s check out the features offers:

You can use this function to track down all email addresses associated with a domain

With minimal effort through a two-step process, will develop a list of people registered to a specified domain. Simply paste the domain details and hit the search icon. Voilà! Domain search

For major websites, you don’t even have to go through the trouble of copying the domain address. As soon as you start typing, it’ll spawn suggestions, and chances are - it’ll get it right.

But there’s even more to this feature.

In a matter of seconds, it’ll sort the entire list based on the email address type (generic, personal, and other types) and specify associated departments.

When trying to contact the right person at a large company, this can become quite challenging. Turning to the company’s founder may seem like a great idea, but there’s also a chance your mail will be left in the spam folder. With, you can simultaneously learn who is best to contact, along with their email address.

For example, if you want to take your link-building efforts to the next level, you may want to turn your focus on identifying contacts within editorial teams. And if you’re selling automation services for customer support teams, your best chances are getting in touch with someone from that department.

Email Finder

Connecting with the right person is a fail-safe way of getting your foot in any company’s door. With a few clicks of the button, this feature will provide you with their email address, allowing you to take that first step.

Your search will be most successful if you enter both the name of the person and the associated email domain. Upon entering these variables, you can expect to promptly provide you with a recommended result (email address) and its “confidence score”.   The higher the number is, the more accurate the result. There’s also a visual display of the score, making it easy to feel confident with your results.

Email Verifier comes in handy, even if you already have the email address of the person you seek to contact. 

The email verifier function gives you an option to paste an email address and determine if it’s receiving emails or not.

It also gives you some useful details about the address, like whether it can be found online and the domain’s server status.

The function works for emails belonging to specific domains, but not for the more commercial ones, like those ending in @gmail or @yahoo. This makes sense since specializes in professional emails.

The email verifier feature is an extremely useful tool for bigger campaigns, especially when used in conjunction with the bulk option. It does wonders for your data hygiene and helps you achieve a better ROI.

Author Finder

The name gives away what this feature is. It lets you enter an article URL and helps you identify the author’s email address.

It’s important to keep in mind that this function doesn’t work with book authors.

Along with their email address, it also provides the author’s full name.

Bulk Tasks

When using the bulk task feature, you can efficiently and effectively achieve the most results.

It’s a search tool that works with long lists of leads. It lets you run each of the four functions I mentioned above, but instead of scanning just one email, article, or domain, it does it in bulk.

Let’s check out how the bulk domain search function works:

It lets you enter multiple domain or company names (one per line), and scrape them for relevant email addresses. It also works with more than one CSV, Excel, TXT, or Numbers files. bulk search

You can also specify the search’s maximum number of addresses per domain you want. If it finds more, the tool will filter and provide only the most reliable results.

While slowing the process slightly, there’s the option to run email verification on the results. Additionally, you can choose to have the source URLs included.

Upon clicking the upload button, the process is completed and a list of emails with requested additional details is provided. bulk search 2

Just keep in mind that downloading the results is only available to premium users.

When searching for numerous email addresses, it’s a good idea to run them through the bulk email verification feature as well. This way, you can reduce the amount of bounced emails you receive in your campaign.

Leads has its own tool to help manage relationships with your customers. Through integration with popular CRMs, you can easily share leads between platforms. 

This valuable tool helps you manage all tasks run on and conveniently stores all email addresses identified in a single location.

With access to various options, users can easily filter their stored email addresses by industry, company, website, or position. These results are compatible with email marketing applications like Mailchimp.

If you want to import leads and further manage the data, the entire process is quite simple.

When using for link-building and similar activities, this is more than enough, and you don’t need a separate tool. For more complex projects, you might have to rely on more specialized CRM software.


Just like the leads feature, the campaign management tool isn’t overly complex. The simplicity it offers can actually be an advantage if you want to deliver short emails without any opt-in forms.

Working with your Gmail account, the tool lets you compose campaigns and schedule follow-ups. It resembles a standard email form with a few additional options.

For example, you can send a test email to yourself, allowing a preview of how it’ll look when a lead opens it.

I also really liked that you have access to cold emailing templates, similar to ones used currently by many companies.

The tool also makes it very convenient to set up a follow-up email. After composing the email, simply set the number of days later that you want the follow-up email to be sent. 

There are more complex tools that provide more options, like what should be done if a user clicks on your link but doesn’t convert and other similar situations.

However, for small link-building outreach campaigns, this is more than enough.

Ease of Use and Interface is all about making it easy for users to receive their results. Not only are all available features mostly intuitive, but the company has also opted for a purely minimalist design.

The internet-based dashboard features a simple orange-and-white interface and self-explanatory options. And when there’s an option not all users may be familiar with, there’s a tiny question mark next to it that opens a bubble with additional details.

Each function includes a search bar you can paste domains, article URLs or email addresses into. And if you want to type a company’s name yourself, you’ll always get suggestions along with the number of results you can expect.

The extension is available on Chrome and Firefox. It makes the entire process even easier, saving you the trouble of going back and forth to the dashboard on the company’s site.

Once you’re on a website that you want to scan for email addresses, you can just open the plugin, and it’ll scan the page for related email addresses. chrome extension

When you see an email address you want to add to a campaign later, just click on the “Add Lead” button.

That way, you do lead generation separately and can then go back to the dashboard. Once there, you can sort and verify the leads you’ve found.

The extension offers the same high level functionality for free and premium users.

There’s a separate Google Sheets add-on for users who prefer to work with their data directly from Sheets.

The plugin can scan websites and create Google Sheets files with all discovered email data. It also offers the option to copy first and last name data from your spreadsheets in the email finder tool and have their contact information pulled into your sheet.

The company also offers an API (application programming interface) that can be used to integrate data when using an in-house lead generation solution.

Unlike many of its competitors, doesn’t have any tools for social media.

With that said, its intuitive web-based dashboard and extensions prove time and time again,  just how easy it is to use. With its perfect Ease of Use rating of 5/5, scraping email addresses never got easier. 

Customer Support has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. If you know your way around CRM tools, you shouldn’t have any trouble using this app.

However, this doesn’t mean you won't ever need some type of tech support.

Fortunately, when clicking on the help center on the website, you’ll find an entire list of tutorials, video guides, and FAQs that may answer your question or resolve your issue.

Finding details and solutions couldn’t be any easier with its topic specific sections. For example, there’s an entire category dedicated to finding and verifying addresses. It’s then further split into two parts - one for standard and another for bulk features.

If this part of the website doesn’t offer you enough info, you can get in touch with the company’s representatives.

The easiest way to do this is through the direct chat icon in the bottom-right corner of the website.

The customer support experience begins with a chatbot that helps narrow down the help topic.  Once you choose the type of help required, you’re asked to write your question and wait for the first available agent to answer.

The info on the site mentions they typically respond in a few hours.

My test showed that you could expect to hear from them even earlier. An agent messaged me about 30 minutes after I submitted a question. I got a detailed response, and they even sent me an example of the Excel file I was asking about.

According to the information in the blog section, the live chat feature is available 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

Under the “contact us” section of the website, there’s an email ticket you can also use to seek clarity and additional details.

Premium users have priority support, meaning that the company’s agents respond faster on average to their requests.

With a near-perfect 4.5/5 Customer Support rating, users can expect to resolve their issues efficiently. Pricing

Rather than providing a free trial, has a free version. It’s a great way to check out this tool if you want to see whether buying a premium plan is a good idea or not. Free users get 25 searches and 50 verifications per month.

Your profile will provide you with an accurate understanding of your monthly search and verification counts. You will also be kept aware of the days left until the monthly quota resets.

Paid plans come with more searches and verifications, as well as a few additional features that aren’t available to free users.

Let’s check out how the pricing plans look.



25 searches, 50 verifications.



500 searches, 1,000 verifications, domain search full results and exports, campaigns premium features, priority support.



2,500 searches, 5,000 verifications, and all the features of the Starter plan.



10,000 searches, 20,000 verifications, plus the features of the Growth plan.



30,000 searches, 60,000 verifications, and the Pro plan features.

As you can see, there’s virtually no difference between the premium plans, except for the number of searches and verifications. That’s great because you can easily choose the plan that best fits your outreach needs. Then, you can upgrade as you start scaling up beyond your current plan.

If you choose to pay yearly, you can even save 30%, regardless of which plan you’ve opted for. Review - Verdict

So, would I recommend


Overall, it's a very easy-to-use tool with several huge features for any business looking to acquire more leads and run outreach campaigns.

The minimalist design and straightforward functions make the entire process much easier. 

That said, it's a good solution, no matter if you are seeking more professional email addresses or simply checking the ones you already have.

Add to this, great customer support and simple pricing plans, and it’s easy to understand why so many professionals have fallen in love with

So, if you’ve been thinking about taking it for a test drive, go for it. After all, there’s an amazing free plan that can do a lot for your business. Then, if you end up achieving desired results,just upgrade your plan for more searches, verifications, and some additional features.


Is safe to use?

Using is completely safe. It scours the internet for email addresses and helps you step up your lead generation and outreach campaign efforts. Of course, you have to abide by data rules when using the results in your campaigns. But that goes for every lead generation tool you come across.

How good is is a great tool to have in your arsenal. It helps you scrape websites for email addresses and assists you in making professional contacts at targeted companies. The dashboard and plugin are both easy to use, while the bulk search function can save you many hours.

How does make money?

While there’s a free plan available, the company also offers several premium paid plans. These are designed for companies that require greater monthly search and verification capacity. The cheapest option is the starter plan which is available at $49 per month.

Is free?

There’s a free plan that includes 25 searches and 50 verifications per month. This plan has fewer features than the paid ones. Google, Firefox, and Google Sheets plugins are available to both free and premium users.


Dejan Cvetnarevic

Dejan Cvetnarevic

Dejan is a techie at heart who always dreamed of turning his fascination with gaming into a career. He finds working for TechJury a perfect opportunity to express his views of all kinds of different software. Being an avid reader, particularly of fantasy and sci-fi, Dejan pursued a degree in English Language and Literature. When not at his computer, he’s watching sports or playing tabletop games.

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