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Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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Sendible is a popular social media management tool with tons of fantastic features. In a sea of Sendible reviews available online, we decided to look at everything this software has to offer and show you whether it’s the right option for you.

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Best for: Quick and easy social media post scheduling

Strengths Easy to use
Strengths Quick post scheduling
Strengths Great analytics and insights
Strengths Solid team collaboration feature
Weaknesses No calendar view
Weaknesses Expensive upgrades
Weaknesses Limited app integrations
Weaknesses No attractive pricing plan for solopreneurs or freelancers

What Is Sendible?

Sendible is one of the most popular social media management tools out there. The platform looks like it is a mixture of all social media networks, allowing you to publish posts, communicate with people, plan your social media strategy, get detailed analytics, and work on your email marketing.

It exceeded our expectations as it allows you to measure the ROI of each social media campaign or channel. The dashboard enables you to reinvent your social strategy and explore many new functionalities.

Below, we review the Sendible app in detail and discuss its main features, ease of use, and integrations.

Sendible Features

There are many features that we need to cover in this Sendible review, including:

Social Media Publishing

Sendible lets you schedule individual and bulk posts and keeps your social media accounts active by setting your most engaging content on repeat mode. The interactive calendar makes it easy to arrange your social media campaigns via drag-and-drop.

Many Sendible reviews highlighted that images can also be dragged and dropped for posts. You can get photos from Google Images and Flickr or design custom ones through Canva.

Team Collaboration

Team members can access the interactive calendar to schedule tasks, prepone and postpone campaigns, and manage actionable items as a team. We thought that this feature is very nifty and brings a lot of value to the platform.

Besides team members, the Sendible app also lets you collaborate with clients. They can see your campaigns, give their feedback, and use the ‘Custom Workflows’ feature.

Analytics and Insights

Most social media users won’t expect analytics this detailed. The tool can create ready-made reports and helps you get a full image of your social media activity.

While most social media management apps have analytics, Sendible comes with over 250 designs for reporting alone. Creating a report is incredibly easy, and it can be sent to a client directly from the platform.

Google Analytics is integrated with this social media tool and helps with cross-channel analytics.


Sendible has a great CRM which allows you to schedule social media posts and use the app as a lead nurturing tool. You can boost prospects as a team manager or allocate others to transfer the ownership of contacts. 

When testing the service for this Sendible review, we loved the ability to create notes. This is very important when adding new contacts and keeping everything organized within your CRM.

Email Marketing

Sendible’s built-in email marketing tool is intuitive and targeted. You can segment contacts from your CRM to put in a mailing list and create personalized emails with templates from within the app. 

The platform removes the need for third-party email automation services and keeps everything under one umbrella.

Social Listening

The social listings let you track what your customers or followers are sharing, liking, or mentioning about your client or brand. In addition to this, you can react to comments and conversations.

Mobile Platform

Sendible offers mobile support on iOS and Android. The push notifications work on mobile and are great for ensuring that no important messages or mentions are overlooked. The only thing to note here is that you need to be logged in from your desktop to use the mobile app.

Overall Performance: User Interface and Ease of Use

The Sendible dashboard is where the real social media fun happens. Many other Sendible reviews agree that the dashboard is modern and easy on the eyes.

Since Sendible is web-based, there is no need to install any third-party software for campaign management. This platform is one of the most straightforward social media management tools, and the Android and iOS apps are designed in a similar fashion.

The social inbox feature is excellent for clearing all clutter and helping you streamline your social content. You can also track and manage your online reputation and look at mentions that need to be addressed immediately.

For the purpose of our Sendible review, we tested all of these tools. One of the things which fascinated us was the built-in digital marketing platform that lets you nurture leads without switching to another platform.

We were also impressed by the email marketing base, with many Sendible newsletter templates ready for use. However, to fully leverage this, you will need to purchase SMS tokens.

Advantages of Using Sendible 

This tool has an excellent user interface and dashboard. Its Priority Inbox is also great for making sure that no priority messages or mentions are missed.

With its social listening, you can also tune in to what people say about your brand. Another handy feature is the influencer marketing integration with Majestic, making it easy to find influencers relevant to your industry or brand.

The email marketing platform, dynamic reporting, and analytics prove that Sendible is better than most of its competitors. 

Disadvantages of Using Sendible

While we enjoy using the platform, certain things can be improved. In the extensive list of Sendible features and functionalities, some things are missing. 

There is no free plan, and the $29/month is not suitable for many solopreneurs or freelancers. We’d like to see a Sendible subscription without team collaboration, priced more competitively.

The limited review tracking and the lack of a calendar view to see scheduled posts are other considerable downsides.

Sendible Integrations

This web-based software integrates with many popular apps, including:

  • Facebook: The Sendible Facebook integration lets you save time when managing campaigns and play around with the different publishing options.
  • Pinterest: You can manage your likes, pins, and clicks on your Pinterest profiles. The Sendible Pinterest integration lets you publish new content with ease to keep your audience engaged.
  • Instagram: Interactions, messages, and posts on Instagram can be achieved through the Sendible Instagram scheduling.
  • Twitter: The Sendible Twitter integration lets you schedule tweets, monitor mentions, and reply to direct messages.
  • Medium: Sendible offers seamless integration with Medium, and publishing content is a great experience using the platform.
  • WordPress: The Sendible WordPress feature will automatically syndicate your WP content across your social media channels. There is also an RSS feed feature for a better search engine ranking.
  • Tumblr: Images, videos, and GIFs are supported on Sendible, making it a great social media management tool for Tumblr users.
  • Linkedin: The professional social media network is also supported: the Sendible LinkedIn integration allows you to publish, check analytics, and use the contacts in the CRM for your next email campaign.
  • Dropbox: If you have a Dropbox account, you can use it to attach images and videos to your dashboard directly.
  • Google Chrome: There is a Sendible Chrome extension, making it easy to publish or schedule content that you come across on the Web directly from your browser.
  • Canva: Sendible uses Canva as an in-app service, allowing you to create content without leaving the app.
  • Google Drive: Like Dropbox, you can also use Google Drive to import content to your Sendible dashboard directly.

While these are the most popular integrations, the full list includes many more.

Who Is The Sendible Social Media Platform For?

Sendible can save you a lot of time when publishing new social media content, but that’s not all. It can also deep-dive into analytics and send personalized emails to custom audiences. These features make it a perfect tool for small to medium-sized businesses.

Even though many Sendible reviews claim that the platform is expensive for solopreneurs, journalists, or bloggers, it is worth considering if you manage multiple social media accounts or businesses.

Overall, Sendible does a great job at increasing website traffic, content engagement, expanding your audience, and managing your online reputation. It has all the features you need to automate your social marketing and take it to the next level.

Sendible Customer Support

When testing the team behind the Sendible social media solution for various technical issues, we had a great experience overall. There is an extensive knowledge base that answers many common questions, a live chat, or you can open a ticket by submitting a request.

If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for in the knowledge base, the live chat is probably the best place to go. Our questions were answered in minutes, and the customer support agents were very friendly.

There is also a weekly Sendible webinar, hosted every Thursday at 12 PM Eastern time, where speakers address user queries. This impressed us a lot, as you can quickly learn more about this tool and make most of it.

If you are entirely new to Sendible, you can schedule a demo with a support team member. They can teach you more about customizing your content, starting with email marketing, seeing what the CRM feature can do, checking out the Social Inbox feature, and more.

Sendible Pricing

The pricing model is attractive but lacks a free or cheaper option for solopreneurs or freelancers. The Sendible plans look like this:


From $25/month

One user, 12 social profiles, eight quick reports, direct posting on social networks, reply to comments, iOS and Android apps, and more.


From $76/month

Three users, 48 social profiles, 15 reports, everything in the Starter plan, and agency directory listing.


From $170/month

Seven users, 105 social profiles, 35 reports, everything in the Traction plan, and cloud integrations.


From $340/month

Twelve users, 192 social profiles, 60 reports, and everything in the Scale plan.

There is a 14-day free Sendible trial. The platform won’t authorize any charges during this time, and credit card information is not required.

Sendible vs. Hootsuite

The battle between Sendible and Hootsuite is visible on many online forums. Many positive Sendible reviews are tied to the Hootsuite reviews. Both apps offer an excellent user interface, integrations, and next-gen features.

However, Hootsuite makes you follow streams, where each of your social media networks shows its own messages, mentions, and posts. Hootsuite outshines Sendible on this front, as the streams setup is well-organized

Plus, Hootsuite has a calendar view, which makes it easy to preview your content marketing schedule. Also, the customer targeting and conversion tracker in Hootsuite let you make the most out of your landing pages and posts.

The fact that Sendible has Android and iOS apps beats Hootsuite, which doesn’t offer mobile support.

When it comes to content curation and post scheduling, both of the apps are great. Sendible is slightly better with its Social Listening feature, where you can find out if the content is positive, negative, or neutral. The Hootsuite social listening is good but comes at an additional cost.

Speaking of costs, the $19 per month price tag for Hootsuite’s starter plan is cheaper than Sendible’s. For larger packages, Sendible wins the battle because of its features and the fact that they don’t come at additional costs.

Sendible vs. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is another big Sendible competitor. In terms of the number of social networks that it supports, SocialPilot wins. For instance, Xing and VKontakte aren’t supported by Sendible but have easy integrations with SocialPilot.

When we compare the Sendible cost with that of SocialPilot, we can see that the latter is cheaper as it has a $10/month package.

The scheduling, post customization, and making changes in the timetable are something both apps excel at, not to mention the RSS Feed Automation that works like a charm in both.

Both platforms have a Social Inbox, but Sendible’s collaborative features are better than SocialPilot’s. Lastly, Sendible’s dashboard looks more modern.

Sendible vs. Buffer

Buffer is another popular social media management app. It is an excellent tool for social media post automation but is quite limited.

With Sendible, there are built-in tools such as the Canva templates, Mailchimp email automation, and CRM. Buffer requires you to sign up for some of these. 

Also, Buffer has fewer integrations than Sendible, which is another disadvantage. Sendible also offers keyword filtering and in-person as well as live online training.

The only advantage of using Buffer is the starter package’s price point at $15 per month. But even with this, you will get fewer features than you will get with Sendible’s cheapest plan.

Sendible Review - Verdict

Sendible is very impressive and has an extensive list of features. It is no wonder why it is ranked among the leading apps for social media management.

It is best suited for small to medium-sized businesses and their unique social media needs. If you fall under this category, we urge you to schedule a demo to see how Sendible can help you with your social media post creation.

Features like Social Inbox, team collaboration, CRM, and email marketing are great for executing a winning social media strategy and increasing your brand authority. Many user-written Sendible reviews agree that there aren’t many drawbacks to this app. Even if there are, its comprehensive list of features and new updates will assure you that Sendible is the right tool for you.


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