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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 11, 2022

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Are you looking for an easy and affordable solution to backup data? Then this Backblaze review is just for you! This post will provide you with detailed insights and transparent information about Backblaze backup and how it can help you save and store unlimited data easily. Read on! 

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Unlimited cloud storage

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All types of data

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Backblaze Review

MINIMUM PRICE: $5.41/month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Those who are looking for cheap and safe backup storage.

Strengths Can keep file versions forever
Strengths Unlimited cloud storage
Strengths Two-factor authentication
Strengths Automatic back up
Weaknesses 1 device per license
Weaknesses No live chat support
Weaknesses 30MB download limitation for mobile
Weaknesses File restoration takes time

Launched in 2007, Backblaze is quite popular among both individuals and businesses for online backup services. It provides affordable and easy to manage and set up backup storage. Moreover, Backblaze helps you backup everything. It is a convenient and straightforward service.

The Backblaze online backup program instantly scans the hard drive and provides an overview of the files to backup. Apart from that, it monitors your PC and updates the backup files anytime when changes may occur. It does so while maintaining a minimal presence on your system -  it doesn’t interfere with whatever you’re doing.

Backblaze Features

It wouldn’t be a good Backblaze cloud storage review if we don’t talk about the features. Here’s what it has to offer:

Unlimited Backup

Backblaze gives you the power to store and backup an unlimited amount of data. This means that you can save all your files, including photos, documents, movies, and music. Whether you have 1 MB or terabytes of files, you can create a backup super fast.

It is an invaluable feature, especially for only $6 charged per month, and the fact that most of the backup services come with a space limit. Backblaze ensures that all your files are stored completely and safely. Although sometimes creating a backup can be time-consuming, depending on your internet connection and file size, you can speed things by increasing the number of backup threads.

Extended Version History

All Backblaze reviews in noted that the extended version history is a value-adding feature. It is newly introduced but definitely performance boosting. The program, by default, saves old as well as deleted files. Previously it saved for 30 days. However, now it saves the files for one year or forever, depending on the setting you select.

When you change, edit, update and delete a file without changing its name, it creates versions of a file. The version history feature allows you to recover previous versions of your data, thereby allowing you to restore the old versions without any hassle. You can simply go back in time and recover your crucial data and any versions or deleted files. It’s an easy way to backup files and restores data.

Two-Factor Authentication

This feature comes with factors, Backup codes, and Fallback to SMS. Both these features are accessible by all their customers on all accounts, thereby making their already strong account security better than ever. Since both features are crucial, we think we should discuss them in detail in our Backblaze backup review. So, let’s take a deeper dive to understand both factors:

Two-Factor Fallback to SMS

Before introducing this feature, users could choose to have a text message sent to them that would verify their identity. Some users prefer the security and convenience of an authenticator application, but if they lose access to their phones, they’d be unable to verify their identity. To provide flexibility to such users, Backblaze has introduced the two-factor fallback to SMS. This enables people to request a text message as an alternative to not having their authenticator app.

Two-Factor Backup Code

This feature comes in handy if you lose access to your phone and can’t receive an SMS or don’t want to use text. Once you select the feature ‘Get Backup Codes,’ on your account settings page, you can receive ten codes that can be used for identity verification. All you have to do is copy these codes to your password manager, a file, and a notes program on your PC. Each of the ten codes, however, can be used only once.  But if you use up all the ten codes or want to revoke them, then you can quickly request a new set in your account settings.

Secure Encryption for Amazing Security and Privacy

As any good Backblaze review, we’d like to discuss the secure encryption provided by this program. Backblaze has robust security tools. It shields the stored data and the data that is transferred within the application.

The program uses AES military-grade encryption. Once compressed, data is moved to the cloud server through the SSL (secure socket layers) connections. With Backblaze, users have the power to implement the encryption key.

Locate Lost Computer 

Another amazing feature worthy of mentioning is ‘Locate My Computer.’ This feature helps you find and locate your lost computer super fast. All you have to do is sign in to your account and then select the option ‘Locate My Computer.’ After that, click on ‘Mapping,’ so that it is turned on. Below it, you will be able to see your computer’s last reported location. It is updated hourly. You can also find your IP address as the Backblazereports the network address your computer is using. 

Backblaze sees the identifier of the Wi-Fi network available to the computer. It then cross-references the Wi-Fi network identifier against the location database. However, for this feature to function, your Wi-Fi should be enabled. If it’s disabled, it can be difficult to find the computer. 

Restore Lost Files by Mail 

With Backblaze, you never have to worry about losing precious data even when your computer dies and can’t be fixed. Backblaze provides new ways to restore and recover files back. So, whether you lose a single file or millions of them, with Backblaze best cloud storage, you can rest assured files will be recovered. 

To use this feature all you have to do is sign in to your Backblaze site and click on the option ‘View/Restores Files’ on the page to prepare a mailed restore. This way, you can have a USB drive with your backup files and have them shipped to you by FedEx, no matter where you’re located.

But what is important to note is that the size of the data to be restored matters and can take several days to prepare it and then get it shipped. Therefore, you must be patient.

Business Backup 

Apart from personal Backblaze cloud backup, it also offers Business Backup. The Business Backup option is exclusively designed keeping vulnerabilities that businesses are exposed to these days. You can easily protect your business and back up your critical data from all your devices. That way your files can be safe, even if your network gets infected with ransomware

The Veeam Backup feature helps business users to flawlessly tier your Veeam backups into Backblaze B2 with cloud tier. This ensures that there are no workflow related interruptions because all restores and backup jobs occur directly within Veeam backup and replication.

Business Backup also provides server backup. The company understands that servers are complicated, therefore they have strived to make things easy and simple. With the help of the joint light-touch solution and MSP360 business, users can now access a fully functional and powerful backup solution.

Apart from that, Backblaze also supports NAS backup. This means that using native integrations from QNAP, and TrueNAS, you can sync and create NAS data to B2. With Business Backup, you can easily protect your official data through their centrally managed admin. Save unlimited data safely and securely.

Backblaze Mobile Apps

Backblaze offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.  The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate.  The main screen of Backblaze shows all the backup devices that are linked to your account. It makes it super easy and quick for mobile users to access their backed up files on the go.

On the app, you can access any file you wish to download from your backup. Don’t lose your log-in details! For added security, the app also provides biometric login.

Backblaze syncs smoothly with other programs. From sharing photos on Facebook to previewing MS Word documents, listening to songs, Backblaze ties smoothly with iOS and Android devices. It opens almost every type of downloaded file thereby giving you maximum control. Put simply, with Backblaze, all your data will be at your fingertips. From accessing to downloading and sharing, you can do whatever you want on your phone without worrying about backup. It gives you the power to access any file that is backed up to your Backblaze account from your Mac and PC computers.

When testing it for this Backblaze review, we found it doesn’t slow down our devices.

However, it is an access-only application. This means that you can access and download files that are backed up, but you can’t upload any data from your mobile device. But don’t worry if your Android device is synced to your PC, the program will allow you to backup all of the synced data to your system. Also, file size is a limitation. You cannot download files of more than30MB.

Interface and Ease of Use 

This online cloud storage is user-friendly and intuitive. It provides the ideal backup solution for freelancers, IT professionals, developers and corporations, alike.

All that you need to do is simply set up the program on your Mac or PC and let it manage all your backup tasks while you do you. Once you configure the program, it will automatically back up data to the cloud server without user intervention. Backblaze also allows users to assist with data transfer between Mac and Windows PC.

Once it gets installed, Backblaze will scan your hard drive for different types of files and accordingly, calculate the total backup size. It will show a continue button, which will allow you to launch the backup process.

Backblaze’s interface is well-organized and compact. Reviews of Backblaze say it’s not as sleek as some of the competitions’, but it gets the job done. However, to configure backup settings, you may have to tweak the settings panel. By default, backups are scheduled to occur continuously. You can watch for file changes and then update the stored file versions in real-time. You can set it according to your needs.

Options like a certain time for backup or daily backup are best for people that are limited by bandwidth speed or system resources. This is because it creates a backup of everything. Although it doesn’t affect the cloud storage limit, it can make it difficult for you to preserve system resources and your bandwidth.

Try to limit the backup selection. Here’s why: users need to understand about the Backblaze interface is that it mirrors the hard drive structure. Therefore, the folders that are rarely used, like Recovery and ProgramData are automatically backed-up. Hence, narrow down the initial backup selection to your specific user folders for best use and optimal performance. 

Customer Support

Backblaze provides GIGA support as part of their plans. However, you can add on PETA and TERA support plans for every service. GIGA support includes:

  • Email support (9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time)
  • Knowledge base access

The target response time is 1 business day.

  • On the other hand, TERA support has knowledge base access, email support, B2 cloud storage service, and 24-hour hotline throughout the week. The target response time for Backblaze is 4 business hours.
  • PETA support is faster. It offers not only knowledge base access but also email support. The target response time is 2 business hours. You also get round the clock service availability hotline.

In addition to this, they also have a detailed FAQs page for customer support. The page lists down answers to all the common and most frequently asked questions for personal and business backup.

Backblaze Pricing

In comparison to other backup services, Backblaze online backup is cost-effective. The program costs $7 per month. However, you can sign up for a year for only $70. It’s the equivalent of $5.83 per month or $130 for two years, which is $5.41 per month.

The Backblaze personal plan pricing is the same as the Business plan, but you can get different quotes, depending on the number of computers and servers. 

If you’re still on the fence wondering whether to invest in a yearly or monthly plan, then don’t worry. You can sign up for a 15-day free trial. All you have to do is provide your email address and create an account with them to use the online backup services.

The Backblaze free trial will help you assess different features like automatic backups, unlimited storage, unlimited file size, unlimited speed, and external drives.

Please note that these prices are per computer. Also, Backblaze provides you with complete flexibility to change any device that is associated with Backblaze by inheriting or transferring the backup state on the new device. However, when you transfer the license, it deletes the backed-up files

Backblaze Review - Verdict

Backblaze online backup is a new and robust cloud storage solution that is designed to help individuals and businesses to back up critical data. This is a reliable and advanced file storage system that offers low-cost backup solutions. Some of the top features of Backblaze include unlimited storage, file size, and backup.

The program is user-friendly and provides superior data protection by implementing military-grade encryption with SSL connections. In a nutshell, it’s one of the best backup tools on the market.


What is Backblaze?

Backblaze cloud storage service helps users and businesses to save their crucial data as a backup in the cloud. With Backblaze, you can safely store everything from one computer to its external drives. 

Is Backblaze secure?

Yes, Backblaze is a secure file storage. It has a robust security system in place. Backblaze relies on AES 128-bit encryption as well as an SSL connection. These security measures ensure that your data does not get intercepted as it passes over the web. They also offer a private encryption key feature. This feature is designed for an added layer of data protection.

How does Backblaze work?

The program works smoothly and efficiently once it is downloaded to your Mac or PC. It creates backup from one computer and external drives. There’s no file size limit and no data limit.  All the backup data is saved in the cloud.

Why is Backblaze so cheap?

Among the top reasons why Backblaze is cheaper is that it doesn’t have multiple data centers. Data centers are centralized locations that collect, store, process, distribute, and allow access to large data amounts. However, this is a limitation because you can’t choose a center that is closer to you geographically. At present, Backblaze has data centers in Sacramento, California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. When you sign up with them, you can choose a Backblaze data center location that is close to you.

How much does Backblaze cost?

The cost of their personal plan is affordable. Backblaze personal yearly is priced at $70. When you dig around in Backblaze reviews, you’ll see that it’s definitely worth every penny.


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5 months ago
TL;DR Backblaze is awful, and so is their (lack of) support. I've had Backblaze for several years with no complaints, but then it started skipping my two other internal drives that had previously backed up without issue. (And I had not made any changes on my end.) After dealing with it for a few weeks, I finally spoke to the help desk who identified the problem and admitted it was nothing I could have fixed on my own, and it we got it resolved. Things happen, and I was happy to have a solution. Then a few months later it started skipping the drives again, and I spent a few WEEKS trying to resolve it using all the help info the automated help process offered, and I couldn't fix it. So I finally sent in another support ticket, and POOF!, the issue magically disappeared a few days later. I never got a response to my support ticket, but oh well, at least it was working again. Now a few months later it's doing the exact same thing yet AGAIN, so I send in another support ticket. I knew I was up for renewal soon and tried to delete my credit card so it wouldn't auto-renew, and I couldn't. (Because I would be an idiot to keep a service that isn't working.) So in addition to asking for help to resolve my issue, I told them please make sure my account doesn't auto-renew, and their response was that it was impossible for them to fix anything remotely, and that simply didn't happen the last time. (Basically called me a liar.) Then, without offering any help or asking any questions about my reoccurring issue so they could resolve it, they just said they'd cancel my account. Obviously, Backblaze has gotten big enough that they don't put much effort into retaining customers, and it was easier just to get rid of me instead of apologizing for a reoccurring failure and working to fix it.

David R Colan
3 weeks ago
I agree with comment below. Backblaze support has no interest in helping with problems. I've been trying to deal with them for months. It is one problem after another. All they do is send links to their website. After I go through the steps they recommend, another problem crops up. And they have no interest.