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Georgi Karaivanov
Georgi Karaivanov

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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If you are looking to have your skills certified, ExpertRating provides hundreds of options. In this article, we take a thorough look at the service, its benefits, and features. Are all the positive user ExpertRating reviews warranted? Read on and find out.

Number of certifications


Free trial


Suitable for

Job seekers, students, employers

Average test duration

30 to 50 minutes

Number of courses


Six sigma certification


Course length

2-6 weeks

Customer support



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Best for: Pre-employment testing

Strengths Straightforward process
Strengths Huge variety of specializations
Strengths Some tests are free
Strengths ISO-certified
Weaknesses Non-accredited
Weaknesses Some courses are low-quality
Weaknesses Spelling mistakes in tests

What Is ExpertRating?

We can all agree on one thing:

Job searching can be a nightmare at times.

But one thing you can do is strengthen your CV to increase your chances of advancing your career. And this is where certifications come in.

In simple terms, ExpertRating offers certification tests you can take. Passing them earns you a document that serves as a demonstration of your skill in a particular field. Furthermore, there are over a thousand courses to choose from, covering just about any professional topic.

Who is it for?

The service is ideal for job seekers and students looking to improve their job prospects. But also, it serves as pre-employee testing if you’re a business.

The ExpertRating personal training programs cover a huge variety of professional fields. From fitness to programming and anything in-between.

Here’s what else you get:


Although primarily targeted at job candidates, ExpertRating offers far more than tests and courses.

For example:

Pre-employment Testing

If you are an employer, ExpertRating has skill-testing programs that evaluate prospective employees’ level of expertise.

Worried your field may not be included?

The skill-testing includes over eight hundred tests covering nearly every major discipline.

What’s more, it saves you money. The exams are affordable and you won’t have to spend extra resources on bulk-hiring. Instead, ExpertRating lets you test multiple employees simultaneously, and customize the try-outs as you see fit. 

You can even create your own tests with custom questions!

Online Courses and Training

Looking to spice up your CV?

ExpertRating has online courses and training which you can use to increase your chances of leaving a positive impression. Courses are self-study and generally last a few weeks, although their length is up to your personal studying speed.

Each course’s syllabus is freely viewable on the website, week-by-week. The list of fields is vast, so you will no doubt find something that suits you.

Now, of course, the question is, are the courses worth it?

The answer varies depending on the field.

Many programmes are of high quality and teach helpful knowledge and skills, no doubt. But some ExpertRating reviews mention outdated information, especially those in regards to IT disciplines.

Other users criticize the courses as being too basic and not really teaching anything of value.

My recommendation?

Take the time to research the particular program you want to enroll in before you commit yourself fully to it.


Say you’ve picked out a course, then what?

At the end of the program, you will be given an exam based on the material you’ve learned. These tests are usually of the multiple-choice variety and take around forty minutes to complete.

If you manage to pass, you will qualify for an official ExpertRating certification. If you score 80% or more, you will receive your certificate with an Expert Level distinction.

But what happens if you fail?

If you score below 50%, you will not pass the test. But worry not, you are allowed to retake it within a certain time. The catch, however, is that you will be subject to a retake fee, which is usually $10.

One more thing you should know:

The certifications are not accredited, however, the ExpertRating classes are developed under ISO 9001:2015 procedures. This means the courses do meet the international quality management standard, so having them on your resumé definitely can’t hurt.

Top ExpertRating Certifications

Having a diverse list of categories, ExpertRating’s assessments have proven to be quite popular. According to the website, an average of ten tests get performed every minute.

Here are some of the top trending certifications on offer.

Six Sigma

In today’s job market, six sigma is a highly desirable set of techniques.

What is it?

It is a set of methods that aims to improve the efficiency and quality of business processes. Said methods usually involve a series of phases whose primary purpose is to identify, analyze, and find solutions to problems.

ExpertRating has many six sigma courses at hand, such as Green Belt, Black Belt, and Lean Management certification. The company proclaims they are among the most comprehensive ones available.

If you are someone looking to advance their career in manufacturing, these are the certifications for you.

Project Management

This particular ExpertRating certification teaches you the intricacies of planning, execution, and monitoring, among other things.

The course syllabus includes topics like risk management: tools and techniques to identify and address risk factors. Also, resource planning and cost estimation techniques, plan execution, and other subjects.

ExpertRating claims its training is designed to be understood by both beginners and experienced professionals.

Public Speaking

This course will prepare you to present your speech and ideas in a striking and charismatic way. Effective public speaking can be the difference between getting the audience on your side and not.

The course will show you how to engage with the audience, convey enthusiasm and connect with the crowd. When to rely on tools such as pauses to let your words sink in. Even aspects such as your appearance play a role in perception. All of this and more are part of the syllabus.

The ExpertRating online certification on public speaking will act as a testament to your skills. If you are someone who feels unsure about giving speeches, this course is for you.


One of the featured healthcare-related training classes on offer is the CPR certification course.

Like with any other field, being certified will make you stand out from other candidates. The course itself teaches aspects like the Heimlich Maneuver, as well as performing CPR on adults, children, and infants.

Here’s the best part:

The CPR course is one of the more affordable ones on the website at $30.

Are you a job seeker, student, or healthcare professional looking to renew your certification? The ExpertRating CPR certification course is a fine option.

Doula Certification

This course will train you to understand the job of providing emotional support to mothers-to-be.

What does the syllabus go through?

The ExpertRating doula certification course will teach you the physiology of pregnancies, and how to develop your communication skills. Furthermore, included in the package are a variety of materials like course readings and expert advice.

And there’s more:

The COVID-19 pandemic has understandably left its impression on the healthcare sector. Those certified as doula stand higher chances of being permitted in the delivery room during this period.

ExpertRating Benefits

Why this one and not an alternative?

You see, ExpertRating services provide benefits that few other solutions have. These features aim to make your experience in obtaining certifications and pre-employment testing easier than normal.

What are these benefits?

Customized Test Solutions

If you are an employer, you don’t have to stick to the website’s preset tests. You can create your own instead.

ExpertRating certification tests can be customized to your liking with your own questions and answers. What’s more, you can alter pre-existing assessments with custom topics, add or remove questions, or change the time duration.

Web Monitoring

Are you an employer in charge of pre-employment testing, or a job seeker doing self-study? The service can proctored tests via webcam monitoring to ensure no cheating takes place.

How does this work?

While a candidate is taking a test, the system can capture periodic images of their workspace at regular intervals. If you are taking advantage of the ExpertRating pre-employment testing program, you can monitor candidates even while offline.

Candidate Reports

ExpertRating’s pre-employment tests are capable of giving you direct, detailed reports on a candidate’s performance.

What do these reports include?

Everything from overall performance, to how a candidate did on each given section of the test. You can also review their work efficiency, as well as their apparent strengths and weaknesses based on the evaluation.

All these aspects are there to help you make an educated decision about whether a candidate is fit for the job.

ExpertRating API

The system provides a flexible and robust API that can be used to integrate ExpertRating services into various web portals.

What does this mean for you?

Simply put, you can deliver ExpertRating branded tests directly through your own website. Then, your candidates can take the pre-employment assessments without having to be redirected to a separate web page. It all happens seamlessly.

You can even customize the look of the tests to match your website’s color scheme and design.


While the ExpertRating online certification courses aren’t accredited, they are developed by ISO 9001:2015 standards.

What does this mean?

Each test is developed in collaboration with sponsors to verify its credibility and target audience. The subject matter is written using strict quality control standards and is then proofread for any errors or typos. 

Finally, each test is analyzed to make sure it passes global standards before being published.

Customer Support

In case you are having trouble with their services, ExpertRating offers customer support in various forms. I had questions related to this ExpertRating review and the agents were quite helpful.

First things first.

The primary way of contacting support is by filling out a form on their website with your name and email. Similarly, the company’s own email address is listed on the same page. Sadly, there is no option for live chat or phone calls.

The customer support representatives are both professional and helpful. The service is also timely, as you will not have to wait very long before you receive a reply.

That’s not all, however.

The website also lists three physical addresses for correspondence, should you need them. These offices have locations in India, the UK, and the United States.

ExpertRating Pricing

Now the important part.

ExpertRating classes and tests are advertised as being affordable. But just how true is that?

Courses and certifications can vary in price. The babysitting certification course, for instance, is among the cheapest on the website, going for $19.99. However, other certificates can reach triple-digits. A Makeup artist certification course will cost you as much as $300.

The average price for most certifications is around $70.

This price includes everything from the syllabus, readings, as well as the final test at the end of the course. Resits are not included.

Discounts are also offered.

You can sign up for two ExpertRating online courses at once and receive a 50% price reduction.

Now, if you would like to purchase individual tests only, without an included course, you also have that option.

Exams usually go for $9.99 apiece. This includes only one take, so if you want to resit, you will have to buy it again. There are also a few tests you can take for free, such as the ExpertRating Aptitude test.

There is no money-back guarantee. However, refunds may be issued on the basis of an error on the company’s part.

ExpertRating Alternatives

While ExpertRating is used by many businesses today to conduct pre-employment testing, how does it compare to its competition? 


Compared to ExpertRating personal training certificates, Coursera follows a much more committed approach. Its platform offers not only certificates, but also MOOCs, guided projects, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree options.

Coursera classes generally last much longer than ExpertRating’s. Depending on the syllabus, they can take anywhere from several months to years long.

However, all this comes at a price.


Using Coursera is generally more expensive, as you’re unlikely to find a course below $50. Compare this to ExpertRating and its training which can go as low as $20.

Of course, all this reflects on its quality. ExpertRating does not offer Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees as part of its features. Then again, Coursera does not have pre-employment testing. So these two services are quite distinct from one another.

Another point of difference is the focus. Coursera’s courses are mostly centered around IT and technology. Many of its programs are officially presented by tech giants like Google, Meta, and IBM. Most importantly, its certificates are accredited.

In contrast, ExpertRating features a much wider variety of certifications, ranging from IT to fitness, to business management.


What sets apart Udemy from ExpertRating is the former’s sheer number of free courses available.

How much, you ask?

Approximately 10,000 free courses in various categories like music, design, programming, and others. Now, earlier in this ExpertRating review, I also mentioned a few free tests on offer. But in terms of actual options, Udemy is the clear favorite.

What about its paid offerings?

The price of an average Udemy course is about on par with ExpertRating. The difference here is the number of courses - at over 130,000, this is far above what ExpertRating has to offer.

The courses are split into thirteen major categories. Among its most popular programs are Python development, Financial Analysis, and Photoshop. However, with very few exceptions, these certificates are not accredited - much like ExpertRating.


This is probably one of the most popular platforms for e-learning.

With over 27,000 courses spread across its website and mobile applications, Skillshare is easy to use.

However, while ExpertRating provides global certifications, Skillshare offers none. Its courses are not accredited, nor are you awarded with a certificate upon completion. It is not an established course provider like Coursera, instead, it is simply a learning community.

As a result, its courses can be quite basic in terms of information.

However, like Udemy, Skillshare has thousands of free programs available.

What fields does it focus on?

Mostly in the creative variety. Its major categories include animation, writing, and design. Many courses offer general guides like how to overcome creative blocks, or how to speed up your workflow.

If you are looking for casual tips and tricks on how to develop your creative skills, then Skillshare might suit you more than ExpertRating.


In closing, ExpertRating provides solutions for pre-employment testing or for those looking to make their resumé more appealing to employers.

What is it useful for?

With over a thousand courses to pick from, ExpertRating is ideal for demonstrating your expertise in a certain field. Whether it’s computer science, lifestyle, or business, the service has you covered.

Upon completing a course, you are awarded a certificate that can be used to further advance your job prospects and career.

But that’s not all!

If you are an employer, ExpertRating offers pre-employment testing solutions which are fully customizable. Each candidate test can be tweaked with your own questions, topics, and time limits. Candidates can even be monitored through their webcam to ensure no malpractice takes place.

While its courses are not accredited, ExpertRating user reviews often praise the usefulness and legitimacy of its certificates. And most importantly, they are affordable and can be taken in just a few weeks, contrasting alternatives like Coursera.

ExpertRating will suit your needs, no matter the field you’re in.


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