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Georgi Karaivanov
Georgi Karaivanov

Updated · Oct 18, 2022

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Are you looking for your child to learn to code? This CodeAdvantage review will familiarize you with its online classes and whether they’re worth it.

Suitable for

Kids aged 5-13

Number of courses


Online education


Free trial


In-person classes

Mid-Atlantic states only

Summer camps

One and two-week

Private 1:1 lessons


Free class trial



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Minimum price $180.00

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Visit Website

Best for: Teaching children coding

Strengths Affordable rate
Strengths Teaching through games and toys
Strengths Free trial
Strengths Private classes
Weaknesses No free courses
Weaknesses Non-accredited
Weaknesses No classes for teenagers

What Is CodeAdvantage?

On the surface, teaching kids a computer language seems nearly impossible.

But CodeAdvantage aims to do just that.

These aren’t your regular online classes. These courses use video games, toys, and other kid-friendly programs to make coding and AI easier for children.

CodeAdvantage utilizes Minecraft and Roblox to teach basic coding. These serve as a gateway to more sophisticated applications like Scratch, Python, and even basic Lego robotics.

The programs are primarily for children ages five to thirteen. Younger groups attend simpler classes, while older students explore more advanced topics. 


CodeAdvantage classes come in several categories. Many are online, but there is also the option for in-person learning. Additionally, private one-on-one sessions are possible.

In-Person Classes

If residing in one of the Mid-Atlantic states, your children can take advantage of in-person after-school programs. This extracurricular activity aims to teach computer language in a more traditional school setting with a similar curriculum to its online opportunities. 

To teach computer language skills as an extracurricular activity, CodeAdvantage partners with regional schools and educational facilities.

So how are classes managed?

Like the online classes, students participate in one of three age groups - Lower and Upper Elementary and Middle School.

As for the locations?

CodeAdvantage afterschool classes are available in the following states:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington D.C.
  • Maryland

Online Classes

Maybe attending classes in person is not feasible - no worries!

The main strength of this organization is its online teaching component.

Every in-person course is also available as an online class. And there are more.  

How does signing up work?

CodeAdvantage’s course schedule is available on its website, and you can easily select the class that meets your needs. Each class listing has its dates, time, and age group. Most CodeAdvantage online coding classes last about seven weeks.

As for the subjects?

They can be casual and fun, like Minecraft modding, or more practical and serious, like Python or web development. It’s up to you to explore and find the one that best suits your child. Most classes consist of around seven or eight students, depending on the age group.

However,  despite mostly positive CodeAdvantage reviews, you should know their website does not mention accreditation. So if you insist on taking a certified course, this might not be the best option for you.

Private Classes

But what if the class schedule isn’t working for you? Or maybe you do not see the subject you want on the timetable.

Have no concerns because CodeAdvantage offers private classes.

These consist of one-on-one, or two-on-one sessions with a private instructor, depending on your choice. The classes are fully customizable. You can select the subject, session length, schedule, and course duration.  

You can even keep private classes going for indefinite amounts of time!

After you specify all your details, a representative will contact you within one or two working days.

Private classes are available online and in-person, depending on your location.

My Friends Online

As an extension of private teaching, CodeAdvantage classes can include your child and their friends. The My Friends Online program accommodates six or more students.

The benefits of such classes are that your kid learns about computers while also connecting with their friends.

These custom classes can be personalized just as much as one-on-one private sessions.

And to keep on track, you receive text reminders for when classes begin.

Summer Camps

Finally, there are CodeAdvantage summer camps.

Much like all other programs, they can be both online and in-person. They are divided into one-week and two-week summer sessions, with classes from Monday to Friday, except for holidays.

As the name suggests, they are available during the summer months to coincide with kids’ holidays. The updated schedule is available on the CodeAdvantage website.

The one-week program comprises five daily two-hour-long sessions. In comparison, the two-week courses are ten one-hour-long classes. So regardless of their duration, the total class time is ten hours.

Summer camps are available for the same age groups as any other class.

Course Structure

Throughout this CodeAdvantage review, we discussed the student age groups. Let’s go over them in detail and see what you can expect. 

Grades K-2nd

This group is for kids in kindergarten up until second grade. It includes Scratch Jr, a child-friendly program for visually learning programming. Then there is Minecraft Club for ages six to eight, which teaches kids about architecture and physics

Minecraft is also used to teach basic computer language. Other classes utilize Roblox to advance children’s computer skills.

Grades 3-5th

This group focuses on ages eight to ten. Like the K-2nd grade category, it features special CodeAdvantage Minecraft classes like Java modding. Likewise, it includes Roblox.

For something more serious, kids can stretch their programming skills with Scratch and Pygame to develop video games. Or, if you want something different, AI and Machine Learning is also an option.

Grades 6-8th+

These are the most advanced classes for kids aged ten to thirteen. CodeAdvantage courses include web development, Python, and Minecraft modding. There is also a robotics course that uses Lego’s educational WeDo kit to teach engineering.

As for accreditation, the website does not mention it anywhere. However, you receive a certificate upon course completion - regardless of whether the classes are private or not, virtual or in-person.

Customer Support

Many online CodeAdvantage reviews express satisfaction with few criticisms.

But if something is unclear, the website has an extensive FAQ section covering most topics. These range from class details to questions about the web portal and which computers are appropriate for which programs.

But what about more specific questions?

In that case, you can fill out the website contact form and expect a prompt reply. You can also sign up to the CodeAdvantage mailing list to receive special offers and news regarding its courses.

CodeAdvantage Pricing

Let’s talk costs - how much are the programs?

Before we get into that, it’s worth mentioning that CodeAdvantage offers a free trial. You are entitled to a one-hour computer language class simply by signing up. This class can be for whichever course you like, and on whatever date you choose.

But what if you want more than this initial hour?

Online class prices vary. Most are around $200, but you can find courses for as little as $180. What’s more, you can often find discounts. So if lucky, you can sign up for one of the many CodeAdvantage summer camps for as little as $155.

Now for private classes.

These are relatively more expensive, with the rate for one-on-one sessions being $59.50 per hour or $595 in total. For two children with one instructor, it’s $39.50 per hour per learner, or $395 total per student.

Those prices are for the online sessions. For in-person CodeAdvantage afterschool classes and camps, it’s best to inquire directly.


CodeAdvantage is an organization that aims to teach computer skills and programming to kids aged 5-13. It specializes in doing this through using video games and child-friendly programs like Minecraft and Scratch.

And that’s not everything.

Its professional instructors teach courses, both online and in-person. And with a wide variety of programs and summer camps available, you can surely find something that suits your child.

And if not?

Then you can schedule private classes for your child. As pointed out in this CodeAdvantage review, private sessions are highly customizable and can be one-on-one or two-on-one.

After completing a course, your child receives a certificate. And while they are not accredited, the rates are affordable. There is even a one-hour free trial in a class of your choosing.


Georgi Karaivanov

Georgi Karaivanov

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