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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 09, 2022

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Our expert MasterClass review will reveal whether these classes are a good investment. Find out the most popular courses, pricing, and more!

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Best for: Individuals looking for independent learning

Strengths Wide range of topics
Strengths Thoroughly created course structure
Strengths A-list celebrities as instructors
Strengths Outstanding video quality
Weaknesses Communication engagement is low
Weaknesses No interaction with instructors
Weaknesses Can't download video lessons

MasterClass has created waves due to its innovative approach to online education. This platform has successfully gathered the most influential and talented experts in the world to teach a wide array of topics.   

The platform has efficiently recorded the knowledge of these instructors on their subject of expertise and produced high-quality courses for users all over the world. 

The courses available on this platform are in groups of lessons, starting from 3 to 15 minutes. It creates an exciting learning environment with some of the most popular experts as teachers, taking online learning to a whole new level.  

This MasterClass review offers a detailed look into this platform to help you determine whether or not it is right for you and how to take full benefit of it. 

What is MasterClass?

MasterClass was founded by Aaron Rasmussen and David Rogier in 2014 and has since then successfully offered courses to more than a million students.   

It is an e-learning platform with A-list instructors of their respective fields teaching you the basics of the particular subject. Unlike other online education programs, like Khan Academy, Udemy, and Skillshare, MasterClass gives in-depth lessons on creative fields, including poker and ballet. 

Even though the course is online, when I was writing review I was pleasantly surprised at how the platform manages to add in that personal touch and make you feel like you are with the instructors. Like actually planting along with Ron Finley or cooking with Gordon Ramsey!  

This platform has gained popularity for two significant reasons:

  • World-Famous Instructors – The high caliber of the teachers make this platform more efficient than any other. You can learn from legends and household names right in the comfort of your own home. These instructors offer exciting insights, fantastic knowledge, and useful tips to help you learn the art. 
  • Mind-Blowing Video Quality – The high-quality videos that are certainly at the same level as Hollywood productions are a standout feature. You can easily binge-watch it like you would any series, but you would actually be learning some skills this way. 

It is an ideal way to spend your time at home and learn from the best in the industry. Reviews of MasterClass have shown increased popularity of this platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many individuals are subscribing to MasterClass to learn new skills by learning from the experts. 

Who Are the Instructors on Masterclass?

MasterClass platform only offers celebrity-taught online courses, which makes it even more interesting and exciting for the people. There are 11 categories: 

  • Food
  • Design & Style
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Music
  • Business
  • Sports & Gaming
  • Writing
  • Science & Tech
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Community & Government
  • Wellness

Clicking on any of these categories will show you the list of classes and the instructors. MasterClass review shows that among the most popular classes are the writing class by Neil Gaiman, cooking class by Gordon Ramsay, tennis class by Serena Williams, and acting class by Samuel L. Jackson. All categories have around nine classes on average. The least populated category is Science & Technology, with only two classes included by Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chris Hadfield. 

This on-demand learning service is binge-worthy, thought-provoking, and educational. The quality content is outstanding. The instructors’ lineup is fantastic. From culinary arts (Gordon Ramsey) to basketball (Steph Curry) – there are A-list professionals teaching you crucial lessons. Moreover, MasterClass has also included women instructors and people of color in the past few months, making it more compelling and diverse. 

It is an excellent way of engaging your mind to study something creative to increase your productivity, even if it doesn’t impact your job. 

How Does MasterClass Work?

The classes on MasterClass offer lessons through a series of videos that range from 5 to 15 minutes, or some even an hour long. Each class includes ten to thirty lessons, along with workbooks, assignments, and community activities. All the videos are pre-recorded by the instructor. 

The total time for every class is around two to five hours. However, the knowledge you gain from these classes will last a lifetime. 

The MasterClass online reviews are filled with praises for the instructors and the lesson structure. All classes include three main elements:


As mentioned before, videos are the best feature of this platform. The production quality will blow your mind. It clearly shows the hard work put in producing each and every video. The music, lighting, camerawork, and the instructors make it a treat to watch and learn.

The videos are mostly between five to fifteen minutes long, with a few being up to an hour-long.  It can easily be accessed anytime, anywhere, during your lunch break or your commute. Each course has a slightly different format depending on its industry. For instance, the writing MasterClass videos include more talking, along with some drawings and illustrations on paper. The chess and cooking classes include practical demonstrations that you can easily follow while watching the video.


The video lessons also include workbooks that can be downloaded as PDF files. These are efficiently made and include a summary of the particular class, additional references, and more. This means you don’t even have to worry about taking notes during the lessons. 

Some workbooks also include assignments that would help you practice what you learned in the lesson, like mimicking the voice of an actor, heading out to buy ingredients, or conducting research in the library. These can give you a hands-on learning experience. 

Most of the workbooks offered in MasterClass online classes also include links to resources to help you understand the subject or topic even more. It is not just reading material. For instance, Christina Aguilera MasterClass includes the link to an app where you can test your vocal range. It even explains how to utilize it to assess your progress. Gordon Ramsey’s MasterClass includes a link to an interactive guide in which you can add in the date, and location and it tells you what seasonal vegetables to buy. 

Access to the Community

This platform has also created a community named The Hub to network or interact with other students. The Hub can be used in the following ways:

  • Upload your demo tape, photographs, or writing assignments to get feedback
  • Discuss and analyze a class or a topic with other students
  • Get practice buddies for poker and chess

Honest reviews of MasterClass claim that while the comments and discussions on the community are helpful and thoughtful, the interaction is rather low. There are people who genuinely want to improve and also give feedback on other people’s work. The engagement has to be higher to get better feedback. 

Who Is Masterclass For?

The MasterClass is ideal for individuals aiming to become creative professionals -  painters, singers, designers, cooks, photographers, artists, etc. It is also a great platform to advance to a new level if you already have basic skills. 

While the other e-learning platforms focus on technical skills, MasterClass offers an engaging environment that is focused more on the artistic side. It is for individuals looking from hands-on methods from experts in their fields. While doing the research for this MasterClass review, we found the platform to be an excellent opportunity for people to get inspiration from industry leaders.  

In other online learning platforms, you can learn hard skills, like digital marketing, business, web design, or programming. With MasterClass, you get to step out of your comfort zone and explore the creative and artistic fields through premium video lessons conducted by leading professionals. 

MasterClass is not for individuals looking for a regular online class or an academic classroom setting. It is more for individuals looking for a practical learning approach where you get to set the rhythm of the lessons.  

MasterClass Pros

Let’s have a look at the advantages of MasterClass: 

Outstanding Video Quality 

MasterClass video quality is impeccable, making it a truly unique learning platform. It incorporates outstanding videography that is entertaining, not to mention informative, to watch. The video lessons are carefully filmed, methodically organized, and highly attractive. They show the teachings and personality of the artist. 

You can check out the demo classes to see the quality of the videos yourself. Each lesson comes with a two-minute class trailer and even a class sample to give you an idea of what the lesson would be like.


MasterClass pricing is reasonable for the premium lessons from industry leaders it offers. The All-Access pass comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

It includes support from The Hub that offers an ideal way of connecting with other students and getting valuable feedback on your work. It works as an interactive learning setting that motivates students to share their viewpoints and ideas. 

MasterClass All Access cost is worth the investment, considering you get access to all lessons throughout the year, including new ones that are added.

A-List Celebrity Instructors

All the courses are loaded with intimate anecdotes by the instructors that enable you to get a closer connection with them. It truly gives out a one-on-one vibe that makes learning even more enjoyable. 

For example, Neil Gaiman shared his experience when yellowjackets stung him when he was protecting his kids and how this inspired a story with the central theme of courage. 

There many more such entertaining stories and experiences that give you a behind-the-scenes look at the celebrities’ life, making them more relatable.

Wide Range of Topics 

There is a wide variety of topics to choose from, and each category has different classes with different instructors. There is a total of eleven categories, including music & entertainment, writing, and film & TV. Moreover, new videos are regularly added. 

Thoroughly Created Course Structure 

When we were testing for this MasterClass review, we saw that each class is divided into a series of lessons from five minutes to an hour, depending on the topic. All classes have around ten to thirty lessons and include a PDF workbook. You can easily watch the lessons and use the workbook on your own time. 

MasterClass Cons

While MasterClass sounds like a fantastic e-learning platform, it does come with a few disadvantages as well:

Community Engagement is Low 

MasterClass emphasizes community engagement and is aware of the challenge that comes with online learning. The Hub is a community created by MasterClass to motivate students to interact, ask questions, share their work to get feedback and have general discussions on the classes.  

However, there hasn’t been an impressive amount of interaction among the students in any of the classes. Students rarely interact in the community, which could even discourage the ones who actually want to communicate. There is a possibility of engaging with the instructors too, but with the recent drastic growth in MasterClass subscriptions, the chances have decreased. 

No Interaction with Instructors 

MasterClass reviews highlighted another major shortcoming of MasterClass - the lack of interactions with the teachers. It is understandable that these celebrities can’t possibly provide personal feedback to all of the students but feedback is still an essential part of the learning process. The classes are one-way communication. They do include worksheets that summarize the points learned in the lessons and include assignments. However, no one grades the work, so you have no idea how well or how bad you did. 

What Makes Masterclass Different?

MasterClass is unlike any other e-learning platform, mostly because of its excellent product quality and celebrity instructors. The team of this platform clearly spent a drastic amount of time with every instructor to plan the sequence of the class as well as the setting. 

For example, you get to see a glance of Malcolm Gladwell’s house, including his home bar and library. James Patterson sits in a local café as he gives you valuable writing tips. You also get to see the breathtaking kitchen of Gordon Ramsay. How great is that?! This is not something you get with other online education platforms.  

The audio and lighting quality is consistent throughout all the classes, which further enhances its overall production. It is not only informative but also very entertaining as you get to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrities teaching from the comfort of their homes. 

How Much Does Masterclass Cost?

At the time of writing of this Masterclass review, you can only get one plan:

  • All-Access Pass – through this option you can take as many lessons as you want. You also get the flexibility of stopping and starting a class whenever you want or completely changing the class. You can watch on-demand videos, get access to worksheets, and the online community in this plan. It costs $15.00/month, billed annually, making it a budget-friendly option. 

Every class has about 20 to 40 lessons. You can make use of the 30-day refund policy. There aren’t any monthly subscriptions for MasterClass.

There is no MasterClass free trial, you do get to access the content free for three days after your details have been verified by MasterClass. 

MasterClass is currently running a "Gift a friend" promotion.

Which MasterClass Courses Should You Take in 2022?

Bet you can’t wait to get started with MasterClass courses! There are so many to choose from so it can get confusing where to start. It mostly depends on your personal preference, including which category you are most interested in. 

With so many options available, it can get hard to pick one. Fortunately, you can always pause your lesson and start another one. 

To make things easier for you, here are the best MasterClass courses you don’t want to miss:

Acting - Samuel Jackson’s MasterClass

This class is indeed one of the gems of MasterClass platform. It is ideal for character actors to look to enhance their acting skills. Samuel begins the lessons by explaining the way you can create your character. He talks about everything from getting the right physique to dressing, moving, and speaking like the character. 

He then goes through collaborative working methods, along with other practical skills, like growing your career, breaking down scripts, and more. 

Samuel has truly packed this lesson with insightful and useful information that will surely leave you wanting more. You won’t regret choosing this one. 

Writing - Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass

Neil Gaiman is one of the most talented authors, and honestly, a phenomenon in mystery, science fiction, and fantasy books. His classes are inspiring and insightful. You can’t miss them if you have a flair and interest in writing. It is essential to keep in mind that when signing up for the Neil Gaiman MasterClass, you need to put in the effort and commit to achieving your writing goals.  

The class includes a total of nineteen videos, with an overall time of around five hours. It also comes with several workbooks to help you understand the writing concepts. These contain a piece of text from the videos, intensive assignments, and suggestions for further study. 

Would it help you become a published author?

It might, but only if you are committed and willing to put in all the work. Therefore, before you sign up for this class, ask yourself whether or not you are committed to writing, and if you have the zeal to go through with it. If yes, then this is one of the best writing classes ever. 

Cooking - Gordon Ramsey’s MasterClass

It wouldn’t be a good MasterClass review without Gordon Ramsay’s class mentioned. Honestly, if you love food or are Ramsay’s fan, then this one is a must. This lesson is an excellent introduction to cooking and perfecting your skills. 

Gordon Ramsay is a well-known name around the globe. His restaurants have earned 16 Michelin stars, but his food isn’t pretentious. The delicious dishes he cooks can be served at a dinner party or even a normal family dinner. 

There are two courses by Gordon on MasterClass. This review is about Cooking 1, which teaches essential kitchen skills that will help you in getting more command over your basic cooking skills. You will learn numerous tips and lessons, including breaking down a whole fish or whole chicken the right way. 

Gordon also explains knife skills and ways to kit out the kitchen. You will also learn 13 delicious recipes in this course, including his famous scrambled eggs. 

This is an ideal course for individuals who are new to cooking and want to learn the basics. However, even professional chefs are bound to enjoy it and learn something new. Not gonna lie, it was one of our favorites - and we saw a lot to give you the best MasterClass review.

Storytelling and Humor - David Sedaris’ MasterClass

This storytelling class is indeed a delight for fans of David Sedaris’ essays and books. He shares interesting tips and explains what it is like to pen down stories about people – those you don’t know and those you do. David shares how he used to write daily for 15 years straight before his first book got published. It highlights the point that writing is a daily process. 

His hilarious personality shines throughout the lessons, especially when he mentions how boring questions will only get you boring answers. That is what will give you better story ideas to incorporate in your writing. While it may sound so simple, you would realize it is something many fail to do. 

His lessons made us laugh-out-loud not once or twice while we were writing this MasterClass review. He explains why one must write and continue to write and includes his personal regrets and stories. His classes are definitely worth the time. If you are venturing into comedy and storytelling, then you shouldn’t miss this class. 

Singing – Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass

If you are interested in improving your live performance, then this lesson is perfect for you. The subject is thoroughly covered by Christina. However, this lesson is mostly about improving performance once you have learned the art of singing to a reasonable standard. If you want to get started with singing, then this might not be the right choice. 

She also explains how you can overcome performance anxiety, advice on singing in front of a live audience, overcoming mistakes, mastering vocal techniques, and so much more. Don’t forget to check this one out! 

Electronic Music Production - Deadmau5’s MasterClass

Interested in electronic music? Fan of Deadmau5? This MasterClass review of the Deadmau5 class is just for you, then. 

Deadmau5 teaches djing and performing, along with the production of electronic music in this MasterClass. While this lesson is more towards the technical side, it is still entertaining and extremely informative. Who would want to miss the chance to learn from the highest-paid music producer in the world!

In his electronic dance music lesson, Deadmau5 showcases how patience and time are essential in composing amazing electronic dance music. It is undoubtedly one of the most impressive lessons available on MasterClass. He even covers other subjects like getting started in the music industry, which is helpful for aspiring musicians. 

Interior Design – Kelly Wearstler’s MasterClass

From furnishing your first home to conducting major renovation projects, this MasterClass will teach you all. Kelly teaches ways to efficiently utilize your space and how to use different design elements, like furniture, art, materials, and colors, to create a stunning interior design. 

The lessons offer plenty of concrete examples to give you a better idea of the concepts. It is a perfect class to get visual inspiration as it works similar to going through an interior design magazine with an added bonus of Kelly’s explanation. 

You will find amazing ideas to experiment with the décor of your room or even your entire house. The class teaches you how to pair contrasting colors and what goes well with what.  

If you are into designing or love to spruce up your house with creative ideas, then Kelly Wearstler’s MasterClass is great for you.

Verdict - Is Masterclass Worth It?

MasterClass is indeed worth the investment. It offers high-quality production video and industry leaders as instructors. It is among the top online education platforms available in the market. The production and video quality make it a treat to watch.  

However, it also depends on the type of experience and courses you are hoping for. If you prefer independent learning and creativity, then MasterClass is the right option for you. All the classes are tailored for individuals who learn at their own pace, something many users praise in MasterClass reviews

It is also a great Netflix alternative if you want to spend your time productively. You can easily binge-watch the entire course in one go just like you can binge-watch episodes on Netflix

However, if you prefer engaging with your instructors or fellow students during a learning experience, then MasterClass might not be suitable. There’s been a MasterClass lessons review or two that indicated that you don’t learn any practical skills to be applied to professional life. 

Other than that, you would rarely find such excellent value. The lessons are indeed educational, inspiring, and even entertaining. If you like learning something interesting during weekends or prolonged time at home, then you should definitely go for MasterClass.


Is MasterClass worth the money?

MasterClass is undoubtedly worth the money if you go for the All-Access Pass. This annual membership offers you access to every class available on the platform, including any newly launched ones. Given the high production quality and the top professionals teaching the classes, MasterClass is surely a great option. 

Which is the best MasterClass?

It depends on the topic you are interested in. But various MasterClass reviews have indicated that the following classes are among the best:

  • Margret Atwood Creative Writing MasterClass
  • Annie Leibovitz Photography MasterClass
  • Thomas Keller Cooking MasterClass
  • Samuel L. Jackson Acting MasterClass
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson Scientific Thinking and Communication MasterClass
  • Serena Williams Tennis MasterClass

Can you get MasterClass for free?

No, you can’t get MasterClass for free, but you can try the 3-day free trial with the All-Access Pass. It gives you sufficient time to determine whether the platform works for you or not. You would have to add in your information, and MasterClass will verify your information first before you can start using the free trial.

What is the cost of MasterClass?

The annual membership costs $15.00/month, billed annually, and gives you unlimited access.

Can you pay for MasterClass monthly?

No. There aren’t any monthly packages offered by MasterClass.

How many devices can use MasterClass?

You can use MasterClass on multiple devices after you have subscribed by using the same credentials.

Is MasterClass legit?

MasterClass is indeed legit. It is a one-of-a-kind education program because it includes Steve Martin, Gordon Ramsay, and Aaron Sorkin. It offers high-quality videos with additional resources and carefully created structure.

Can you cancel MasterClass?

Yes. You can cancel the MasterClass subscription by either getting in touch with the support team or by canceling the plan through your account settings. You will get instructions on how to do it.

How long does a MasterClass subscription last?

The All-Access Pass is valid for a year, letting you see all the classes available on the platform. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The plan automatically renews once the year is up unless you cancel the subscription.


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