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Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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Having a brain fog can be embarrassing and confusing. Superbrain can help improve cognitive reserve, i.e., focus, memory, and productivity. After experimenting with the program and combing through numerous Superbrain reviews, I prepared a piece with all the important info.

Age limit

Children and adults

Skills required


Lifetime access


Course duration

34 Days

User testimonials


Installment payments


Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, 15 Days

Amount of time per lesson

15-20 minutes


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Minimum Price $159

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Visit Website

Best for: Improving brain function for students and busy professionals

Strengths Flexible learning
Strengths Four bonus lessons
Strengths Deferred payment plans
Strengths Has practical techniques
Weaknesses Pricey
Weaknesses No binge learning
Weaknesses Not a quick fix solution

What Is The Superbrain Course by Jim Kwik?

The Jim Kwik memory course is a 34-day program that you can access on Mindvalley. Mindvalley is an edutainment (education and entertainment) platform specializing in personal development courses - Superbrain being one of them. 

It centers around opening up your brain’s potential to help sharpen your focus, retain information, and improve your productivity. 

Lessons are in small chunks of between 15 to 20 minutes (8.5 hours in total) that Mindvalley refers to as quests. Each day, you unlock a lesson and the system only lets you proceed to the next session the following day.

Although it takes 34 days, Kwik only dedicates some of them to Superbrain. To be specific, he sets aside 30 days for the course, and the four additional days are for bonus lessons like:

  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Speed Reading
  • Remembering your Dreams
  • Your 8 Cs to Muscle Memory

This quest will help dispel the myth that only a small fraction of people are born smart. You’ll realize that you too can do it after undergoing the training that Jim Kwik expertly uses to help you get the best out of your brain.  

As at the time of writing this Kwik learning review, the program had enrolled close to 2.5 million students.  

So, before we go any further, let’s find out more about the trainer. 

Who Is Jim Kwik?


Yeah, I know.

Its pronunciation is similar to “quick.” Since he helps people think and read QUICKer, it might appear like he changed it for business purposes.

But no. 

His name has been Kwik since birth. 

Jim Kwik is a world-renowned expert with 20+years of experience in the brain improvement niche. He is the founder and CEO of Superbrain. 

Besides the online courses, he also has other memory-focused products such as: 

  • a Superbrain-inspired book (Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster and Unlock your Exceptional Life)
  • podcasts
  • apparel 
  • videos 
  • events. 

He has trained big names like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Forest Whitaker, amongst others, on making the best of their working memory.

He has even mentored educators and learners in top universities like Havard, Stanford, NYU, and Columbia to improve their cognitive ability.

There’s more:

Leading publications like CNBC Success Magazine, Inc, and Forbes have featured his work. On iTunes, his podcasts are #1. Additionally, his book is a bestseller in the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. 

You might be wondering how he got about helping people. 

Well, Jim Kwik from Mindvalley got the inspiration to create the program after suffering a severe brain injury at five years old. He had to relearn many things that the accident wiped out, and that’s when he discovered that it’s possible to remap it.

He was on a mission to switch from the guy with a broken brain to the man that fixes other people’s. 

And the fact that you can dig up things you’ve forgotten is not a fantasy tale. Scientific studies support this theory. 

Users often comment in their Superbrain reviews that the instructor knows his stuff and simplifies complex ideas

Well, it’s all true. 

He has gone the extra mile to make his courses accessible to everyone regardless of their education level. 

One thing I loved about this trainer is his very down-to-earth attitude. 

His demeanor is warm, inviting, and easy-going, which makes learning from him so much easier. His training fuses simple and fun techniques with practical lessons to help you remember anything.

Superbrain Course: Main Areas of Learning

Here is a curriculum of Jim Kwik’s courses.

Develop an Invincible Memory

You will acquire an excellent memory to help you remember things like passwords, shopping lists, anniversaries, names, birthdays, etc. 

Supercharge Your Productivity

If you’ve ever had to struggle throughout your day because the last thing you want to do is work, this quest is for you. It will refresh your brain so that you become more receptive to work, and procrastination will become a thing of the past. 

Accelerate Your Career

You know how sometimes doing simple things at the office takes you forever? 

This course can help you improve your memory to think on your toes and do things like writing memos, sending emails, reports, etc., quickly. You’ll also get tips on making your memory work better so that you don’t forget important meetings, buying office supplies, amongst others. 

Upgrade Your Habits

Everyone has a habit they’d like to drop, even if they don’t say it openly. Whether you want to work faster, stop gossiping at work, or procrastinating, this quest will work for you. 

Learn Faster And Better

If you want to read a book quickly and internalize its contents, the Jim Kwik speed reading course will help you do just that. He teaches students, actors, or even people seeking to learn a new language to absorb information like sponges.

Gain Unbreakable Focus

Distractions are productivity killers. Restlessness is also another culprit for the loss of concentration. Kwik can train your brain to focus on the task at hand without getting the temptations to drift away from it. 

Be Your Most Confident Self

A lack of confidence can negatively impact your work. But you can refuse to be part of the statistics by upping your game in this area using Kwik’s training. It can boost your self-esteem, such that you stop doubting yourself and become more assertive. 

Boost Your Grades And Ace Your Exams

Ah, the exam period when everyone is rushing to try and cram everything last minute. This course can reduce your study time and help you retain more so you don’t have difficulty when exams come around.

Kwik Learning Techniques to Turbocharge Your Brain 

I’ll share with you some of the practical lessons that I learned.

Here are the tactics that Kwik uses to teach.

1. The FAST Method

This is the very first class towards helping you learn any subject faster. 

  • Forget all distractions, limitations, and everything you already know to help you acquire more knowledge.
  • Activate your mind by being more proactive instead of passive by asking questions and taking notes.
  • State - Change your state of negative thoughts to enable you to consume new information by believing that you can.
  • Teach what you know to someone else, and that way, you learn twice.

2. Motivation Observation Mechanics (MOM) For Remembering Lists

  • M - Motivation is the reward that one gets from learning, i.e., to pass exams, get a promotion, and so forth.
  • O- Observing what’s going on around you makes learning so much easier.
  • M  - Mechanics like tips, techniques, and strategies that will help in remembering.


This is yet another technique for the memory that coach Jim Kwik uses to help you recall names.

  • Believe that you can and push away negative and self-limiting thoughts.
  • Exercise all the tools in the quest.
  • Say the name again, for example, “nice to meet you, Mary.”
  • Use people's names severally throughout a conversation with them.
  • Ask where the name is from or what it means.
  • Visualize something that goes with a name, for instance, Mary and the lambs or Mark with a checkmark.
  • End meetings or conversations using the person’s name, e.g., “It was a pleasure talking to you, Dennis.”

4. Learning by Association (PIE)

Have you ever had to memorize a huge list, and after a few hours of hard work, you couldn’t remember a thing?

Or you perhaps forgot an investor’s name while introducing them to your employees? 

Downright mortifying!

Learning by observation can help you remember your text with ease. The brain expert uses the mnemonic PIE. 

PIE is an acronym for Pick, Imagine, and Entwine. I came across it while reading different Superbrain reviews, and when I listened to Kwik expound on it, it made so much sense.

This is what you do:

If you’re meeting a person for the first time, look at their face, pick a feature, imagine it on them, then entwine or associate it with them.

For instance, if you meet Brandon, look for a feature on his body that stands out the most. Maybe it’s his blue eyes. 

Now imagine something that’s normally blue, like the sky. Associate blue with Brandon, and the next time you meet him, one look at his blue eyes, whose color resembles a blue sky, will remind you of his name. 

5. FDR Technique

This one might sound funny.

But writing people’s names on their foreheads can help you recall them later.

Well, not literally, but by using your imagination. 

Use discreet micro-hand movements to do it. In that case, no one else in the room will know what’s going on apart from you. 

6. Chain Linking

Another thing that you might have read from Superbrain user reviews is the chain linking method. It involves memorizing long lists like a pro.

Here, the trainer will teach you how to connect everything on your list using a story.  

Let’s imagine a list with the following random words:

  • Sit
  • Ocean
  • Sun
  • Paper
  • Family
  • Boat

This is how to do it:

Imagine you’re sitting on a patio near the ocean.

The sun is out, and you’re reading the morning paper when this family comes along and gets into a boat and sail away.

Memorizing the words outright might be hard. The story will stick in your head, however, making it easier for you to remember. 

7. The Peg Method

This is yet another Jim Kwik learning formula that will help you remember lists. It’s similar to chain linking, only that it shows you how to relate objects and words to each other. 

Imagine this is your list:

  • Jewelry
  • Rice
  • Phone
  • Bin
  • Bird
  • Building

So imagine this:

  • Jewelry in a bag of rice
  • Phone with a recycle bin icon
  • A bird flying into a building

*Always relate items in descending order. No matter how ridiculous the sentences sound, this Kwik reading formula will work like a charm. 

Kwik also advocates for lifestyle changes to improve memory functions, and here they are:

  1. Eat a brain-friendly diet - Blueberries, wild salmon, dark chocolate, avocado, and water are his top recommendations.
  2. Kill negative thoughts -Kill Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS). 
  3. Exercise - jogging, yoga, cycling, swimming, brisk walking, Zumba, e.t.c.
  4. Brain nutrients - Take B vitamins, Omega 3, and have a blood test regularly to show nutrients you’re missing.
  5. Have a positive peer group - Be mindful of people that drain your energy, influence you negatively, and kick them out of your life.
  6. Be organized - Once you clean the outside, you clean your inside.
  7. Get adequate sleep to help you convert short-term to long-term memory.
  8. Brain protection - avoid extreme sports, and wear a helmet when necessary, such as when riding a bike.
  9. Learn new things consistently.
  10. Stress management - massages, meditation. 

Superbrain Bonus Courses

After the completion of the Kwik memory quest, you will have access to some free programs, such as:

Overcoming Procrastination

The brain is sometimes stubborn, making us keep postponing events. Before we know it, there’s a long list of things we have to do in a short amount of time, and that’s when panic sets in. 

This brain coach can help you do what you’re supposed to do at the right time. He gives easy and actionable steps to improve productivity.

Remembering Dreams 

I don’t know if you’ve ever been here, but trying to remember a dream can be a frustrating experience. Especially if you believe that it might be holding a message...or you just have a fear of missing out.

Studies show that you’re likely to forget 90% of what you dreamt about within 10 minutes. This lesson helps you vividly recall your eye-shut stories every morning when you wake up.

Jim Kwik Speed Reading

Whether you’re a student, an actor trying to quickly memorize lines, or a book fanatic, this bonus course is for you. It can help increase your speeds by up to 50%.

Building Muscle Memory

This mini-quest helps you discover frameworks of your brain that you never knew existed. It’s like going to the gym to gain muscle, only that this time you will learn how to acquire more information with little effort. 

Is Superbrain a Scam?

Absolutely not.

But you’re not wrong for questioning this.

I was also skeptical at first.

After taking the classes, I quickly realized that Kwik delivers on his promises of improving comprehension, concentration, productivity, and memory. His techniques work and testimonials on the Mindvalley website are also proof. Unlike other brain training programs, his is easy to understand and full of practical examples. 

Superbrain Pricing

Jim Kwik has a masterclass (not to be confused with Masterclass) that is free and lasts around 90 mins. The program also provides a 15-day money-back guarantee, whereby you can request a refund if you feel like it’s not working for you.

The in-depth classes last about 8 hours in total (The trainer delivers them in small chunks of less than 20 minutes), and their rates are as follows:

  • Single program - $449
  • Superbrain+Mindvalley courses - $499/year
  • 3 Superbrain installments - $159 each

Superbrain Review - Verdict

When preparing this Kwik learning review, I experienced firsthand how revolutionizing the sessions can be on the brain. The trainer is a master in mnemonics, and I found his teaching style very easy to understand and remember.

He uses simple techniques like MOM, FAST, FDR, chain linking, the peg technique, pie, amongst others. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to read faster, recall people’s names, memorize lists, increase your productivity, etc.

He splits his lessons into bite-sized classes of between 15-20 minutes. That makes it so much easier for even busy people with little or no time to spare time to attend. 

To be honest, the information might be a little overwhelming at first. But the good thing is that once you sign up, the videos are yours for life. That way, you can always go back and watch the cognitive training at any time.

The program is admittedly expensive. Mindvalley’s Jim Kwik gives you tons of value, however, since he teaches you to rewire your brain without surgery or drugs! 

I also loved the course because it allows you to pay in three installments of $159 each.


You get four free bonus mini-courses for personal development! They are Overcoming Procrastination, Remembering your dreams, Speed Reading, and 8c’s of Muscle Memory.

Although the price might seem scary, I urge you to give the course a try. It’s definitely worth every cent.


Is Kwik learning worth it?

Most definitely. The course displays customer stories to show that it truly works. Even famous industry shakers like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk testify its magic in transforming the brain.

Is Kwik learning free?

As you must have seen from different Superbrain reviews, the cognitive training has a free Masterclass that takes 90 minutes to complete. It also has premium packages where the instructor shares all his techniques. 

How do I activate my Superbrain?

You can activate your Superbrain by enrolling for the Superbrain quest on Mindvalley. If you’re not sure where to start, check the website to see the next intake date. 




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