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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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Our Rocket Languages review will reveal everything you need to know about the platform. 
Is it worth the money?
What courses to take?
Can you actually learn a foreign language with Rocket Languages?
And much more!
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Best for: Everyone who wants to learn a new language efficiently at an affordable price.

Strengths Online courses offer 14 languages
Strengths Works on desktop and mobile devices
Strengths One-time fee for lifetime access
Strengths Uses voice recognition technology for practice speaking
Weaknesses Some courses offer only basic knowledge
Weaknesses Clunky system
Weaknesses Culture lessons aren't that good

Are you one of those people whose list of New Year resolutions has always included learning a new language? And then something always gets in the way? Well, you’re not alone!

Many people want to learn at least one new language, but almost everyone has an array of excuses for not doing it. One of the most common reasons is that there are no classes at convenient times. 

Rocket Languages has got your back. I wrote this Rocket Languages review especially for people like you, so you can choose the best service and fulfill your resolutions.

What Is Rocket Languages? 

Rocket Languages is an award-winning digital platform dedicated to make the process of learning new languages easier and fun. The platform offers web-based courses comprising audio lessons and interactive exercises.

Rocket Languages was established in 2004 by Jason Oxenham, who had been struggling to learn French for a long time, along with his friend Mark Ling. The online portal now has over 1 million users worldwide, primarily due to the simple yet effective structure of their courses. In this Rocket Languages 2021 review, I am going to discuss everything that you need to know about the platform and its courses.

Language Courses Available on Rocket Languages

We’re going to review some of the 14 Rocket Languages courses, to give you an idea of what the whole hype is about. And by saying hype, we mean it. The e-learning market is set to reach $325 billion in 2025!

Rocket Languages Arabic Review

Rocket Arabic course consists of more than 120 hours of reading, video, and audio lessons with plenty of interactive exercises. Learners can improve their speaking and writing skills with its in-depth explanations and form diacritics.

It is great for beginners. However, the course is focused on Egyptian Arabic and only offers 1 level. This makes it unsuitable for intermediate and advanced learners. 

Rocket Languages Mandarin Review

This lesson is well-structured and comprehensive compared to most Mandarin online courses. As at the time of doing this review, level 1 had updates on language and culture. 

It delivers both in terms of quantity and quality of lessons. It is one of the two Rocket Languages courses that also include teaching written characters of Mandarin, which is probably the most difficult part of the learning process.

Rocket Chinese is available in 3 tiers of learning. The course delves into advanced-level speaking, reading, and writing lessons, which students, business persons, and people moving to China are likely to benefit the most from. It also has a tutorial to help you get around.

Rocket Languages Japanese Review

In a nutshell, Rocket Japanese online course is clearly the best option for those who want to develop conversation skills. However, it doesn’t do a great job with grammar and writing. That being said, according to people who bothered to write a Rocket Languages Japanese review, it is a lot more well-balanced than most other Japanese courses out there. 

Rocket Japanese has 3 levels, taking you from beginner to advanced level. As of the latest version, the platform mimics the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5 for level 1. Plans are underway to develop levels 2 and 3 to meet linguistic competence. 

Rocket Japanese online course also includes lessons on writing characters and has two Japanese participants. It covers N5 Kanji Katakana, Hiragana.

But there’s more:

Rocket Languages French Review

Rocket French is one of the most popular and top-rated courses on Rocket Languages. Not only users praise it in their Rocket Languages reviews, but it was also classified as the “Editor’s Choice” on PC Mag. 

There are three tiers of the course available, with lesson time ranging from 172 hours to 422 hours. To make learning easier, it puts notations such as gender, plurality, and formalities into account.

Overall, it is a highly effective solution if you want to learn all aspects of French, from comprehension and grammar to listening, reading, and writing. All the audios have subtitles to help you figure out the spelling of difficult words. Whenever you’re unsure of how things operate, you can always refer to this module’s tutorial.

Rocket Languages German Review

This online course falls in the middle of the quality scale; it’s neither exceptional nor bad. The course has a good structure with comprehensive grammar explanations, audio lessons, subtitles, and practice exercises. 

It allows you to check out your lesson’s summaries via the “Action Replay.” Lesson 1 has a survival kit and the program also allows you to see how the rest of it works via the easy-to-read tutorial, on your dashboard. 

As some Rocket Languages reviews have highlighted, the reinforcement activities in this course are a bit repetitive, which makes it somewhat boring. Despite these downsides, Rocket German is an overall decent and is effective if you can keep up with the uninteresting bits of content.

Rocket Languages Hindi Review

The comprehensiveness of the Rocket Hindi course is its biggest selling point. The course does not only offer plenty of content, but the quality is very high. The romanization makes pronunciation so much easier for non-native speakers.

The course is also specifically designed for non-native speakers and offers all the assistance one may need via its tutorials. However, the only downside of this online course is that there is only 1 level, which means it essentially focuses on comprehension, reading, and speaking, and not so much on writing.

Rocket Languages Inglés Review

Rocket Ingles is an English language course for Spanish speakers. Just like all other foreign language programs, the Ingles course also uses interactive audio lessons, language and culture lessons, and interactive exercises to help users learn and improve in all areas of the English language. However, the contents of this course are customized for Spanish speakers. There is only 1 level available for Rocket Ingles, which takes you from the basic to intermediate level. 

Rocket Languages Italian Review

Rocket Italian is a well-structured course that can take you from beginner to the advanced level with the help of interactive lessons and exercise. Overall, it is one of the most comprehensive online Italian courses with action replays and notations out there. 

The contents are engaging as well as effective complete with subtitles. If you’d like to learn accented Italian characters, this is the best place to do it.

Rocket Languages Korean Review

This e-course is only suitable for beginners as the foreign languages software only offers 1 level. However, since Rocket Languages primarily focus on practical language, the course can enable you to have a basic, everyday conversation in Korean. 

Rocket Korean doesn’t do as well in the reading part. But the company is always making improvements. As a matter of fact, be on the lookout for Korean formality notations coming up soon.

Rocket Languages Portuguese (Brazilian) Review

Portuguese is one of those few languages that suffer from the lack of good online language learning resources. But, Rocket Portuguese comes to the rescue! When I tested it for this Rocket Languages review, it left a pretty good impression. 

It was engaging enough and has a brand new lesson on how to speak in Rio. It also has a tutorial to help you get around without having to go through support.

The only downside is that there is just 1 level available, so users cannot develop advanced communication and writing skills with it. However, it’s a good option for those traveling to Brazil for a short time and needing to learn to communicate fast.

Rocket Languages Russian Review

Rocket Russian is aimed at people with zero to minimal knowledge of the Russian language. The program helps novice learners develop intermediate-level comprehension, reading, speaking, and writing skills. 

This online course has Cyrillic to help you learn how to write Russian characters with ease. 

Rocket Languages Spanish Review

The Rocket Spanish module offers well-structured and comprehensive content both in language and culture. It comes with an “Action Replay” feature that summarizes different lessons which makes it one of the best, Spanish language learning resources available online. 

If you’re looking for a solution with notations, try this one. It centers around formalities, gender, and plurality. There’s also a tutorial that makes it so much easier for you to know how things work.

The course contents a good, balanced mix of listening, grammar, speaking, and review activities. They not only provide plenty of information but also help you build enough confidence to strike a conversation in Spanish. However, an important thing to note here is that this online course is customized for Latin American Spanish.

Rocket Languages English Review

Offering a total of 124 hours of lesson time with 30 interactive audio lessons and 32 language and culture lessons, Rocket English is a well-structured and comprehensive language-learning resource for beginners. While the contents of the course are interesting and engaging, they only take you from beginner to intermediate level. There is no advanced-level available.

For beginners, this online course is highly effective as it is built upon Rocket Languages’ unique learning approach. It is particularly great for developing conversational skills.

Rocket Languages American Sign Language Review

Although American Sign Language (ASL) has the same linguistic properties as spoken languages, it has its own grammar and lexicon, which makes it challenging to learn. Rocket Languages offers a great resource for those looking to learn ASL fast. 

The course offers not only theoretical information but also useful tools and exercises with multiple choice answers. The ASL program of Rocket Languages includes easy-to-follow instructional videos, interactive practice sessions, and a comprehensive video dictionary containing more than 3000 words and phrases. It is a great resource for developing basic to intermediate level skills in the American Sign Language.

What Do Rocket Languages Courses Offer? The Best Features of Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages offers a variety of features to ensure successful language learning. Here’s my review of Rocket Languages’ best tools:

Unique Teaching Method

The teaching method that Rocket Languages uses is the opposite of what most language books and courses use. Instead of starting a language course with grammar and then gradually proceeding to communication, Rocket Languages courses begin with practical vocabulary that people can use in everyday life. The second part of the online course includes grammar lessons. But, they are not your average (read boring) lectures. Rocket Languages uses engaging language and culture lessons to teach grammar and vocabulary. The third and last part of the language course includes interactive exercises to help students practice what they have learned.

Voice Recognition Technology

Rocket Languages uses Google Web Speech API for speaking exercises. It compares your response to the pre-recorded answers of native speakers and then provides written feedback. This feature is available on all its apps, Chrome, Safari browsers, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Vocabulary Lists and Flashcards

Rocket Languages allows users to create personalized word lists. It also comes with engaging flashcards containing thousands of words and phrases. Both these features make it easier for learners to review and revise the words and phrases and find it difficult. 

Native Pronunciations

Learning the right pronunciation of words is one of the most difficult parts. Rocket Languages resolves this problem by providing audio recordings of native speakers that help you learn and practice pronunciations syllable by syllable.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Rocket Languages has a desktop version as well as a mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The Rocket Languages app and desktop versions are synchronized, which means you can continue to listen to your lessons anywhere, anytime. Amazingly convenient! 

Downloadable Content 

Unlike many other learning platforms, Rocket Languages allows its users to download all the course contents as MP3 and PDF files. This is one of the best-selling points of the foreign languages software. It allows users to access and go through course content even when they do not have access to the internet. And although most online learning platforms limit their users to exclusive online content, Rocket Languages stands out from the crowd by offering this feature. 

Progress Tracking

Another great feature of Rocket Languages courses is the personalized dashboard that allows you to keep track of your progress and evaluate your performance. The progress tracker also provides you with lesson suggestions by assessing your personal learning style.

Incentivized Learning

To keep the learners motivated and encourage them to perform better, the platform comes with a leader board where users can compare their performance with others taking the same course. Along with this, Rocket Languages also gives award badges as users achieve a learning milestone. These may seem very basic pros, but they help users stay motivated. 

Discussion Forum

There are two types of discussion forums – a general forum for all users and a specified forum for every language. These forums allow users to interact and practice their language skills with each other. Learners discuss things that they may find difficult and take help from other users. People seem quite happy with the forums, judging by the Rocket Languages reviews available online.

What makes these discussion forums even more helpful is that they are actively moderated by native speakers.

Rocket Reinforcement

Rocket Language offers a simple layout for its reinforcement activities. It allows you to rate each phrase that you come across with either “Simple”, “Easy” or “Hard.” You can send your evaluation to the company for future improvements in case of any issues.

Rocket Languages Ease of Use 

Both the desktop version and the app are well-designed and offer a good user experience. They are simple, easy to use, and straightforward – and this is one of the strongest points of Rocket Languages. When I was testing them both for this Rocket Languages review, I didn’t have any difficulties or feel the need for assistance.

Rocket Languages Mobile App

When you buy a Rocket Languages online course, you not only get access to their desktop version but can also download the Rocket Languages app for free. The app, as mentioned earlier, is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It has a great user interface and works flawlessly.

Pricing Plans

There are three plans available:

Level 1


120+ hours of audio lesson time, 30+ interactive audio lessons, 28+ language and culture lessons, 27+ writing lessons, 1891+ phrases with voice recognition technology, 1 bonus survival kit

Level 1 and 2


244+hours of audio lesson time, 66+ interactive audio lessons, 56+ language and culture lessons, 56+ writing lessons, 3731+ phrases with voice recognition technology, 2 bonus survival kits

Level 1, 2 and 3


366+ hours of audio lesson time, 98+ interactive audio lessons. 87+ language and culture lessons, 84+ writing lessons, 6127+ phrases with voice recognition technology, 3 bonus survival kits

Use the coupon code ROCKETDEAL to get the best deals.

And as a bonus:

Monthly Payment Plan

For some languages, Rocket Languages also offers a monthly payment plan at $19.00 per month.

Rocket Languages Free Trial

Rocket Languages allow their users to preview their courses, before buying, by signing-up for a free trial. However, unlike most other service providers, their free trial isn’t limited by time. Instead, it gives access to limited content.

Money-Back Guarantee

Rocket Languages offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days, with no questions asked. 

Rocket Languages Review - Verdict

Rocket Languages is one of the best language learning platforms out there. While they do have a few downsides or shortcomings, their courses are comprehensive and highly effective. This product eliminates the need to use multiple language learning resources and makes learning a new language an interesting and engaging process.

You might want to check out our Rosetta Stone review if you are considering a Rocket Languages alternative.


How good is Rocket Languages?

While some of the Rocket Languages courses may not be the best, most of them are pretty great. They help you learn practical vocabulary and also offer several useful features and tools to make the learning process easier. The structure of their courses is fresh and definitely effective.

How much does Rocket Languages cost?

Rocket Languages primarily offers three different pricing plans for most languages, ranging from $19 to $259.90. Refer to the Rocket Languages Price section above to learn more details about their pricing plans.

How much does Rocket Italian cost?

The standard price for the Rocket Italian course starts from $149.95 (for 1 level) and goes up to $449.85 (for 3 levels). However, Rocket Languages is running a discount offer at present, which allows you to learn Italian for as little as $99.95.

What is Rocket Japanese price?

Rocket Japanese price starts from $99.95 and goes up to $259.90. Refer to the Rocket Languages Price section above to learn more details about their various pricing plans. If you need a cheaper option, we suggest you try out LingoDeer

What is the best foreign language program on Rocket Languages?

Most of the language courses on Rocket Languages are good. However, most reviewers have rated Rocket French, Italian, Japanese, and Rocket Spanish courses to be the best. There are also decent Rocket Languages reviews for German and Korean courses. 

In my Rocket Language review, I have discussed all the essential features of the platform. With my help, you can choose the best foreign language program for you.


Deyan Georgiev

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