Absorb LMS Review

Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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Are you searching for a learning management system (LMS) for smart administration and maximum efficiency? If yes, this Absorb LMS review is for you. We’ll break down all of its unique features. 


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Weaknesses Ineffective department functionality

This learning tool has made quite the name for itself. All of the Absorb LMS reviews we read were positive, with happy clients sharing just a few complaints. Intrigued, we decided to make our own research.

Take a look:

What is Absorb LMS? 

Absorb LMS is one of the best learning management systems on the market. It is cloud-based and designed for both administrators and learners.

The software is customizable to meet the specific training requirements of your company. It is useful for onboarding new hires and provides professional development to current employees

It can also be used as an e-commerce platform for selling your courses and generating revenue. The software combines its online learning system with innovative tech

There are over 17.5 million users and about 1,350 customers. The Absorb software is available in 29 countries and has received several awards

Top brands like Sony, Tiffany & Co., Johnson & Johnson, Swarovski, etc. have used the tool. So, you know that you can trust it to deliver what it promises

There's a lot it can wow you with.

Absorb LMS Features

The following are the components we tested for this Absorb LMS review

LMS Smart Administration

As an educational learning administrator, you can automate your way to maximum efficiency. You can customize the solution, so it operates on your rules and schedules

The Absorb LMS software allows you to twitch is to your employee’s training needs. Whether you’re an administrator of an upcoming SaaS company, a manufacturer, or an institution, you’ll love this.

You can customize the administrator’s dashboard to show the training data and analytics immediately after you sign in. There’s a drag-and-drop option. It’s for easy mixing and matching of dashboard widgets to create multiple templates

The dashboard templates can be assigned to departments, groups, or other admin-level users. The widgets include course enrollment that shows data by department, lessons, and logins.

The Absorb LMS dashboard gives you quick access to saved reports. You can view those shared with you by other admins and users. There’s a counter for tracking competencies earned on the e-Learning platform.

The widgets offer a custom display. You can use plain text or HTML to add a message or image to the dashboard

Absorb LMS Ecommerce

If you desire a learning management system where you can sell online courses, this software is what you need. It offers you the perfect solution, no matter the services you render. Be it discounts, preferred pricing, or a simple tax set up, the application has you covered.

The app is fully integrated, and a shopping cart comes with it. You have over 70 separate payment gateways to choose from. You can pick the one that is most compatible with your business. 

If you’re switching LMS providers, Absorb will make it as painless as possible. As a plus, it is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. The latter is often mentioned as a huge plus in Absorb LMS reviews.

With the ecommerce tools, you can sell bulk courses. You can sell several seats in a single lesson to one buyer using the dynamically generated Enrollment Keys. It also lets you keep track of those enrolling. 

Another thing this feature lets you do is set the price of your course at a flat rate. It’s all thanks to the Availability Rules and Department structure

You can input different amounts for members and non-members. It lets you show additional courses to a selected audience

The software is great for tracking, marketing, and delivering massive open online courses. If you have customers outside your country, you can charge them in local currency.

You get access to the course library without having an account

Absorb LMS Machine Learning

With machine learning, you get the best possible search result. You’re able to boost learners’ engagement and produce valuable strategic insight.

It connects students in a virtual learning environment. They get content relevant to them. This increases productivity and improves learners’ engagement. The application provides L&D leaders with actionable intelligence

The Absorb software uses Smart Ranking, available to all users.

Smart Ranking algorithm records users’ words as they input search terms in order to present better results for future searches. The results get re-ranked based on learners’ choices. 

Absorb LMS Public Dashboard

The public dashboard is configurable and available to users who have not logged into or registered to the platform. You can showcase featured Absorb LMS courses for public purchase from a catalog

To enable this feature, open the setup menu on your Absorb LMS app and select the template option. Once you click on it, it connects you to a department list. Pick the one you want on the control panel. 

Ensure you take time to think and decide which of your departments is best for the public dashboard. If you don’t want to use the ones you have, you can create a new template. Another option is using your primary one. 

After selecting the department template you want, click on the editorial icon. After picking that option, you’ll see several tabs - public and private dashboard, courses, login, settings, and theme.

Click on the public indicator board, and the enable button will show. Once activated, you’ll specify the route it will lead to it. If there’s already a parent destination, it will take you straight to it. 

If in doubt, reach out to the Absorb learning management system support desk. Keep in mind that if the dashboard is off or enabled with no content to display, it will revert to the login page.

Absorb LMS Learner Engagement

The key to successful computer-assisted learning is captivating your audience with engaging and rich content. Using Absorb LMS makes it easier for users to interact with your courses. 

With Absorb LMS instructor-led training, you will inspire, engage, and retain learners. 

The mobile app can showcase videos, documents, and Absorb LMS webinars. The software supports over 30 language options. 

When students complete their course, you can reward them with an Absorb LMS certificate or a badge. Students can download or print their diplomas. The certification is accessible from the person’s transcript.

You can post courses and programs on custom billboards. You can also start competitions with leaderboards. You can use polls and surveys for feedback. Connect learners to your organization’s social media and update them with news and articles. 

Intuitive Interface

You determine the interface seen by each user by their location, their department or group. There are several other options. This allows you to train your employees with one interface and outsiders with another. 

A vital component of this Absorb LMS software is Instructor-Led Courses (ILCs). Other goodies include: 

  • public dashboards 
  • search options with keywords
  • social learning 
  • educational technology to teach on different platforms 

Observation Checklist

This feature breaches the gap between the online classroom and on-the-job training

It helps you check a person’s knowledge and capabilities. The Absorb learning observation checklist instantly tracks your students’ progress. It keeps your records up to date. 

You can assign a peer, supervisor, manager, or independent third party to handle the progress reviews. 

Absorb Pinpoint

The solution uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural lessons. It instantly transcribes and timestamps video lessons, making them searchable. When you input a search query, you get a direct path to the recording or transcript’s needed point.

You’ll get improved training results and insightful reporting. It drives content engagement!


You can increase verification and legal confidence with Absorb LMS E-Signatures.  Learners have to sign off that they met all the vital requirements during their Absorb training

Signing electronically takes away the stress of manually tracking verifications. It will save your company or organization from adverse legal consequences

Absorb LMS Mercury Module

This feature enables administrators to create a more interactive learning environment. It engages learners on a personal level and enhances their experience. Judging by Absorb LMS reviews, it does so quite successfully. 

The Mercury Module helps you reach the audience you want. It makes content creation easy. With the Absorb Standard Availability Rules, you can send relevant materials to each student directly. 

Absorb LMS Infuse

This feature helps you train your team. It enhances corporate learning. It aids flexible reporting, automated workflow, custom configuration, and SSO and API integrations. 

Analytics and Reporting

Organize your data and make informed decisions using the LMS reporting and analytics dashboards. You’ll get vital insights for your business. 

As an educational LMS administrator, you can track several activities and see those who need one of Absorb LMS courses. 

The reporting system is highly configurable to match your preference. One thing you can do is show or hide relevant columns. You can reorder and include dozens of custom data fields

The solution lets you set dynamic date filters, fix reports as presets, and pick a default. You can create analytic accounts and install regular email updates for key stakeholders

Groups that use LMS reporting include C-Suite, department heads, and instructors. There are templates available. If they don’t meet your needs, you can customize them and save them as personalized records. 

The pre-built LMS reports include:

  • Learner activity
  • Learner progress
  • Course activity
  • Department progress
  • Learner competencies
  • Tasks
  • ILC activity
  • Course summary
  • Assessments
  • ILC sessions
  • Certificates
  • Course approval
  • Curricula activity
  • Course evaluations
  • Sessions approval
  • Other training

The application offers advanced data visualization and a personalized reporting indicator panel. You also get API access for data integration and more in-depth data analysis

Customer Support 

In theory, you get industry-leading support. It is available 24/7 all year round

You get a chatbot available on the website. There’s also an option for paid support

The bot will ask several pre-programmed questions. Based on your answers, it will ask for an email, which an Absorb LMS expert will contact you with.

Absorb LMS reviews, however, paint a different picture. It seems that users are quite unhappy with the support team. It’s the most often mentioned issue. Keep it in mind when investing in this platform.

Absorb LMS Integrations

The solution offers several integrations, but the most popular ones are:

  • Absorb LMS for LinkedIn: You can access LinkedIn Learning objects and import them to the LMS. The connection enables the tracking of users’ progress. Just ensure you have a Single Sign-On connection and an active LL subscription
  • Zoom Integration: Connecting the two takes the fuss out of setting up meetings and managing online training. You can also have hybrid classrooms or webinars. Simply choose Zoom as the venue. Absorb software seamlessly populates the session information and creates the meeting room. If there are changes, it will update instantly
  • BambooHR Integration: Absorb LMS onboarding function works perfectly with BambooHR. It syncs course data and ensures accurate record keeping.
  • Salesforce Integration: The learning management system delivers content directly within Salesforce. Beyond that, you can send lessons to your partner companies and their employees.
  • Namely Integration: The two seamlessly combine to provide companies with a reliable, centralized view of human resources. You get data training, eliminate manual information entry, and record duplication. It eliminates costly administrative errors. 
  • ADP Integration: The educational software offers turnkey synthesis for ADP Vantage HCM, NexGen HCM, and Workforce Now. The two seamlessly connect HR and training data to give you all the benefits of an application suite. 
  • ClearCompany Integration: Onboard effortlessly! You can keep talents thriving and empower your team to meet their goals. 

Absorb LMS vs. Docebo

Absorb LMS and Docebo make the top of the list of learning management systems. The two offer free trials and subscription plans. Docebo provides a 14-day unpaid usage to test the features. The Absorb LMS free trial lasts for 10 days.

The two cater to large enterprises with up to 10 000 employees or members. Small and medium-sized businesses. Absorb LMS works for non-profits, public administrations. 

Absorb has mobile deployment and a cloud service. Docebo has the added bonus of a desktop application. The former is available on iOS and Android devices, while the latter works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. 

The two solutions have training in documentation, in person, live online, webinars, and online tutorials. Regarding support, the learning management systems offer 24/7 help but differ in some ways. 

They both provide phone and email support and Knowledge Bases. But Absorb LMS has an online community and active support during business hours. 

Both have automatic board reporting, role-based templates, assessments, and quizzes. They offer instructor-led training, communication, and notifications, and assignment schedules.

The Absorb LMS mobile solution offers better quality and components. It is easier to use, understand, set up, and administer. 

Absorb LMS Pricing

As mentioned earlier, the solution offers a free trial

You can choose between Premium, Elite, or Enterprise plans, depending on your needs. You’ll have to ask for a quote, though. 

The first comes with support available to all customers. It gives you access to the Absorb LMS Knowledge Base and the Absorb Assistant in-platform chat

The second is for organizations ready to leverage training and learning to drive growth. You will get a dedicated Client Success representative. They will ensure LMS takes you towards the desired goal.

The third drives convenience, speed, and LMS performance. You will have access to on-site training, RESTful API integration setup, and a Client Success Manager. cover the number of people the course is for and how long you want it to last. 

Other things that factor into LMS pricing are whether you are hosting or integrating. Note that you can pay as little as $1,350 per month for 500 users or as high as $4,850 for 5000 people

For Elite and Enterprise Support, you pay $5,000 and $25,000, respectively.  

Absorb LMS Review - Verdict

Absorb LMS is an easy to navigate tool and has reliable mobile support.

The user interface is intuitive, and you do get top-notch features

Our biggest complaint? The slow customer support. We asked very simple questions as part of the research for this Absorb LMS review, and the agent took their sweet time to answer.

We’d still recommend the software. Why not see for yourself? There’s a 10-day free trial!


How much does Absorb LMS cost?

The LMS cost varies, depending on individual needs. You’ll have to ask for a quote.

Is there a free LMS?

There is no free LMS; they all come at a price, including Absorb. What you get is an unpaid trial for several days. For more information, see our Absorb LMS review above.

What are the advantages of LMS?

Advantages of LMS include organizing e-learning contents in one location. You also get unlimited access to learning materials and can easily track a learner’s progress. You can reduce studying and development time, keep your organization up-to-date and expand online courses. 


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