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Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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Weight management is essential to people - not for aesthetic, but for health reasons. Weight Watchers (WW) helps to track food intake and wellness. Several Weight Watchers reviews claim its revolutionary, so we decided to see how good it is for ourselves.



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Best for: Personal weight management

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Weaknesses Digital lacks weekly group workshops

Battling weight issues is no joke. In fact, 83% of men and 72% of women in the US were overweight or obese last year. Both overweight and underweight people face serious health threats. 

The best way to avoid them and ensure physical fitness is by following a strict diet plan and measuring your progress daily. As Weight Watchers reviews claim, the app is unmatched in helping you achieve results. 

What Is Weight Watchers?

Weight gain is a much easier feat to achieve than trying to shed it. Whether it is childhood obesity, overnutrition, or an eating disorder, you must strive to stay healthy. Doing the latter to avoid regular trips to the doctor.

This is where Weight Watchers come in. It is one of the most common weight-loss programs globally. It helps people alter their body shape without dieting

WW has been on the market since the 1960s and has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. It began with Jean Nidtech in Queens, New York, as a weekly weight-loss plan group for her friends. 

It has grown into the dependable brand that it is today. In 2018, it went through a rebranding, changing its name to WW. It brought its users’ various Weight Watchers plans, for better efficacy. 

The Weight Watchers diet plan allows you to eat what you want when you want, but healthily. What more can you want? 

How Does Weight Watchers Work? 

In the beginning, WW was about counting food according to servings, like the exchange program for people with diabetes. It was a point-based system.

The program assigned values to foods and drinks based on fiber, fat, and calorie content. The three became the basis of the Weight Watcher recipes with point values for years. But in the past few years, it underwent several changes - digitalization being one of them.

In 2015, WW launched the SmartPoints system - a simplified calorie-counting method. It is personalized to match your age, weight, height, and sex

All you need to do is install the WW Reimagined app and take a personal assessment test. It covers your appetite, food consumption, sleep deprivation, and thought process. 

Once you complete the form, the app’s software will scientifically match you with a Weight Watchers meal plan. The available ones are blue, green, or purple. The arrangement will guide you toward food choices that match your preference. 

Your WW app will also have personalized trackers, FitPoints, tips and tricks, and recipes to make weight cutting easier. It is a win-win situation for you. 

As for the points - some foods score higher than others. The app lets you know what to eat more and what to limit. WW classifies them as complaint and non-compliant foods

Compliant meals include fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, beans and lentils, eggs, dairy, and grains. In reality, Weight Watchers doesn't have a non-compliant diet. What it has are foods that are high in point. 

Here’s a preview of the Weight Watchers point system:

  • Fruits and vegetables, except for potatoes and avocado, are 0 points.
  • Poultry and seafood score 0 points. The emphasis here is on lean proteins like skinless chicken breasts, turkey breasts, and fish. You can include other meats if the app allows it. 
  • Beans and lentils score 0 points for those on the blue or purple plan. On the green list, only string and wax beans will get you no points. 
  • Eggs score 0 points, whether hard-boiled or scrambled.
  • Dairy products and grains score you points, and you only get 0 if you take plain unsweetened yogurt. 

Features of Weight Watchers

WW’s app is one of the most feature-rich on the market. You can expect: 

Food and Activity Tracker

Weight scales are only an indicator of your overall wellbeing. Staying healthy requires continuous and conscious efforts, making tracking a vital tool. 

The Weight Watchers app helps you monitor your regimen and recognize factors that lead to weight gain. It is the easiest and quickest way to track your food, activity, and weight

Tap on your profile icon to access the settings where you can set your goal to shed or gain weight. There’s a meter that lets you view your daily and weekly SmartPoints

The daily icon shows you how many points you’ve used throughout the day. You can pick a meal to see what you’ve tracked. Below, you’ll see a rollover icon, where you can move all your remaining dailies into. When inputting details in the tracker, be as accurate as possible. 

Pro tip: Take photos of your food. It will help you calculate your points later.

You may not always meet your daily goals. But you’ll be able to oversee what you’ve achieved and stay focused.

Personalized Goals 

If you’re dealing with weight problems, and can’t seem to find a plan that works for you, worry no more. Weight Watchers plans are highly personalized. 

Enter your age, current height and weight, sex, and wellness plan. By answering the questions, you get a customized guide to follow. You can edit it as you make progress and set new goals. 

When you log into the app, you will receive a questionnaire. On the first page, you’ll indicate how you feel. Depending on your choice, you’ll answer a new set of questions.

It’s made with students, professionals, parents with a busy schedule, empty nesters, and multigenerational caregivers in mind. If you don’t identify with either, there are plans for you, too.

The app will ask you why you want to lose weight. Options include: to have more energy, to feel good, to do more physically, to have more confidence, live longer, and be healthier.

You’ll also get questions about weight loss coaching, movement, and sleep. 

Next, you will get your results and a meal planner where you can fill in your recipes. This might seem like a lot, but it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. After you’re done, you’ll gain access to over 9,000 dietary supplements and preferences. 

Weekly Group Meetings and Coaching

If it’s hard for you to find motivation, WW gives you access to a support group with weekly meetings. You can select a coach, either virtual or studio

Once you begin, you will get a free online kickstart orientation. You can ask questions, learn weight loss tips, and meet other members and coaches. If you opt for the virtual weekly meetings instead of the studio, you will have 30 minutes dedicated to only you

The new enhanced schedule allows you to join virtual meetings from early morning to late night. The session involves WW friends and family from around the world

Fifteen minutes before the meeting, you can weigh in with your WW coach and track your progress using the app. If you’re visiting a studio, you have the option of getting an in-person wellness check-in

SmartPoints Tracker

WW SmartPoints reviews show that users love this method. It makes healthy eating simpler

As a user, you get daily and weekly SmartPoints, making up your budget. They are values assigned to foods. That way, you avoid hunger and learn to eat simpler and healthier meals

With the SmartPoint system, every food and drink has value. Calories give the baseline, saturated fats and sugar drive the worth up, while protein takes it down. 

Note that if food has a high SmartPoint, it doesn’t mean it is terrible and unhealthy. It means that you need to balance the highs with the lows and aim for a deficient calorie diet. Strict adherence to the Weight Watchers diet plan will help you with this. 

You will get a personalized amount of daily SmartPoints to follow based on your age, height, and sex. To get them, pick a color from green, blue, and purple.

Green lists 100 0-point foods. It gives you a sizable SmartPoints budget to spend on other meals that you fancy. Blue leads to over 200 0-points, with a smaller SmartPoints allocation

Purple comprises over 300 0-point foods and a very modest budget of SmartPoints. 

When you don’t spend points, they are added to your weekly budget. 

Weight Watchers SmartPoint reviews show that users find this an easy and fun way to track their food intake. We loved it, too. 

What’s in the Fridge Suggester

To use this feature, click on the search bar to open the “What’s in Your Fridge? Suggester.” Enter the ingredients you want to use. Input the number of SmartPoints you wish to spend. You can add a note about any food you want to exclude. The app will generate Weight Watchers recipes with point values.

Meal Planner

If you can’t seem to follow through with a meal plan or choose the right food product, this feature is for you. You can use the Weight Watchers meal plan to make a selection of your favorite recipes. 

Once you touch the search bar, the “Your weekly plan” button appears in the horizontal navigation. You’ll also see a bar for all food, Weight Watchers shopping list, and meal details. 

Barcode Scanner

This feature comes in handy when shopping for food products from the Weight Watchers grocery list. The barcode scanner is at the top right side of your home screen

Tap a package against your phone screen to scan the barcode. It will give you the SmartPoints value. You can save it, put it in favorites, or track it. You will also have all the scanned items for future reference.


WW has a community of like-minded people looking to keep their weight in check while living their best lives. With the Weight Watchers online family, you get to connect, learn tips and tricks, talk about setbacks, and celebrate with fellow users

You can share your journey using videos and photos. It’s a very supportive community, and we quite enjoyed this part of the research for our Weight Watchers review.

Weight Watchers Pricing 

Everyone’s dietary needs are different, and Weight Watchers recognize this. The team has created four membership plans with separate prices to enable users to pick what suits their wants. 

Here’s what the cost plan looks like at the time of this Weight Watchers review:

  • Digital: $3.53 weekly 
  • Digital 360: $4.61 weekly
  • Workshop + Digital: $6.92 weekly
  • Personal Coaching + Digital: $11.08 weekly

There are no free Weight Watchers plans and yearly payments, allowing you to cancel whenever you want. The four plans offer you food and activity tracking, customized meal plans, and 24/7 online support. You get over 8000 recipes, curated articles, and an exclusive rewards program.

For the digital plan, you get 50% off your subscription. If you sign up for the monthly list, it will renew itself at the expiration unless you cancel. If it’s a three-month plan, the same rule applies. Early termination within the first two months warrants a fee of $39.95.

For the six-month plan, in the first month, you will pay a discounted fee until the completion of the subscription. After that, you’ll revert to the standard amount. Termination within the first six months warrants a cost of $39.95

Note that state and local tax additions apply

The new Digital 360 plan has one, three, and six-month subscription options. Each comes with a 50% discount.

The same rules apply to the workshop + digital plan. But the three-month and six-month subscription termination fee varies. You will pay $64.95 for not sticking with the contract till the end

The personal coaching + digital subscription has weekly and monthly plans. You will get a 50% discount. 

Weight Watchers vs. Noom 

Weight Watchers and Noom are two of the best commercial weight management programs in the world. The two help with moderation, portion control, and health at every size. 

They share a lot of similarities, and they also differ in a lot of ways. So, we decided a comparison is needed to give you an honest Weight Watchers review

Noom, like Weight Watchers, uses a color-coding system — green, yellow, and red — for tracking the type of food you consume every day. It encourages you to eat meals from all the categories. But you have to consume meat, sugary foods, salads, red meats, eggs, and avocados in moderation. 

Noom provides daily engaging lessons on your habits and food choices. It uses psychology to help you understand why you love certain food products over others

At the end of each week, you check in with a goal specialist. The expert’s job is that of a food coach, but they can also serve as a dietician or personal trainer. Depending on your needs, the weekly check-ins may be brief or comprehensive. 

On the other hand, Weight Watchers uses a point-value system. It assigns a number of food and drinks, letting you know how many calories you’ve consumed in a day. Weight Watchers owe its success to its SmartPoints method.

It gives you the liberty to eat anything you want. The solution encourages you to pick food with low calories and high protein. Weight Watchers use a color-coding system, just like Noom. You’ll fill in a questionnaire and get a plan. 

However, WW does not list the criteria you must meet before assigning you to a group. You can switch whenever you want. No matter the color you choose, you have access to weekly reviews with a coach. As a plus, you can connect with a huge community of like-minded people.

Weight Watchers reviews are written mainly by satisfied users, pegging it as highly effective for weight loss, and there is scientific evidence to back it. The same is true for Noom, but we recommend WW for its longevity and proven track record. 

Weight Watchers Review - Verdict

The Weight Watchers app is everything you need to keep your weight in check and get healthy.

The SmartPoints budget system is ideal for tracking what you eat. You can monitor every step of your progress. With the meetings and coaching program, you get the personal support and encouragement you need to keep you motivated. 

The pricing may seem a tad expensive and the SmartPoints system time-consuming. But the result is worth the price and effort - just take a look at all user-written Weight Watchers reviews!

Why not give it a try? We look forward to hearing your success story!


Does Weight Watchers really work?

Most definitely. WW is one of the most researched weight loss programs worldwide. The system adopted by the app is highly effective and works for people of all ages. 

How much can you lose in a week on Weight Watchers?

Unlike several diet plans that give you false hope and unrealistic projections, WW lets you know the exact weight you stand to lose. You can shed between .5 to 2 pounds (.23 kg to.9 kg) per week if you adhere strictly to the Weight Watchers diet plan. 

Which Weight Watchers plan is the best?

There are three Weight Watchers plans: blue, green, and purple. Choose one suitable for your body type and lifestyle. Listen to your body and do what’s best for it. 

Find out more in the Weight Watchers review above.

What is the success rate of Weight Watchers?

WW has recorded tremendous breakthroughs since it hit the market. It has an 88% success rate. Most of its users have maintained their weight adequately and kept themselves from becoming anorexic or overweight

Which is better, Weight Watchers or Noom?

Weight Watchers and Noom perform the same function, and determining the better one is a matter of opinion. The vital thing to note is that they are effective weight loss programs, but we recommend WW. 

What are the cons of Weight Watchers?

WW has a lot of benefits and very few drawbacks. Some of the less positive things about this app are the time it takes to track foods and SmartPoints, and the price is not convenient for everyone. Not all plans give access to a coaching program, and it’s not very strict for those who have a hard time sticking with healthy choices. 

But, as Weight Watchers reviews prove, those are small hiccups and the end results are definitely worth it.


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